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Stu talks with a powerful woman of God Jill Osborne

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 9, 2018 8:03 pm

Stu talks with a powerful woman of God Jill Osborne

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Talk we can of Stu Epperson in it's great to have you with us what your listing on the radio in real time, or will your listing on the smart phone app the Truth Network app is free. You download it you listen to 20 through 24 seven.

Just Google or put in your app store Truth Network radio. This is also going to be on a podcast and it better be because the only were interviewing is a media mogul so she's already asking questions about how you social you know posting this so crystal Artie took a picture of us to put on a social media will put on Instagram will put it on the grandma put it on Facebook, twitter maybe make us due to video.

I don't know but Ellen and I students as well. Still, grandma says it's is that it's it's social media get her to the Graham Steve Graham like anything Instagram yeah I I'm averaging Jill not to brag jaws were taxes in the media is her book not to brag, but I'm regarding 15 to 20 like supposed me know it's I know sounds a lot and it sounds like were boasting, but you're pretty big deal were not posting or posting those good while nobody is fun to cut up with other media need only read read Dr. Seuss to the kids.

Well, I did actually the cat had to my daughter Hope's class not doing group was teacher appreciation day I'm in LA like an apple because Beazer daddy can read my class. I would rather class. It was so cool yeah maybe the teacher said I think you would have a hat. No idea what is going to read is a long but it's a long book but it's funny and raise money so yeah but tomorrow yes that's right, Jill, and even from a Dr. Seuss book to a very stoic interview.

We have a young rising star. Another one of my daughters is here. She's kind of our truth were interned for summer and the beginning of each show. Truth to talk weekend to talk live. We have same culture through youth where she can interview missionaries young managers rode his bike 600 miles out of one of our pastors at Calvary.

He easily come in. The young man is to talk about that Saturday night was of it was a Christian ministry that he was raising money to fund missions so pro-life has a cool ministry thinks she'll be doing that so she's watching us now, but shall be taken, the Mike soon and should be asking you a very important question and just occult minutes, everyone. Stay tuned. But Jill Osborne's our guest and I want to go back to that the seismic events in the culture like 9/11 or massive hurricanes, even where some Christian leaders don't do as well.

You, your you're an expert, consultant and author in the area of media and you were a contributor to Fox News your report or even a broadcasting now your writing prolifically in all kinds of different areas in this book I'm holding is really cool will put aside all the sites so if you can know how to get it. It's going to be in airports to so accessing the media how to get good press forward by Pastor Rob peters, our pastor Calvary just kinda cool.

You have a passion for a book on media right so even pastors need to come know what happens when a community hits with the tragedy when someone bust burst into a church and start shooting like have in Texas. Rightly many a year ago right.

The passage of repair to speak so to ask you that Mike is in front of his face right and we have heard pastors say things like, well, this cataclysmic event is the judgment of God on this particular sin and we heard things that maybe didn't go over so well right, maybe either how they were set or cut but would how do you advise a pastor when something like 9/11 hits when something really crazy happens. What you step back, put yourself in their shoes. What we can advice you give these guys short sale on a first about now that the medias can have two types of interview is there going to have a subject matter expert who is in a someone like the priests are minister we also need to have someone here who is the man on the street was the MLS and that's someone who is affected by it. So, for instance, my example is in the book. If it's a high school shooting subject matter expert could would be like the doctor updating us on the status of the students in the dictums and how they're doing.

The MLS might be the mom who was receiving text messages from her daughter and wasn't sure if she was going to stay alive or not. And that tells the soul in the mission of the story sees me to maybe the advice I would give as talk to the MLS is first get the feeling the emotion, the soul of the story and what's really going on in the heart at the ACF and then when I would deal as I would maybe jot down some notes. Give yourself some bullet points of what went that the sense of the community is feeling.

What's really going on at that in the heart of the issue and then I'm practice a little bit about what you're gonna say on so it's not off the cost and you're not regretting what was recorded and spread across social media and the news and then on and then you know if you need to take a minute. During an interview. It's okay to pots and say what I money collect my thoughts. So I like that that's really helpful Hope everyone is listening and I hope everyone prays for their pastor. Their leaders and anyone they know influences that could have that Mike thrust in her face.

You know, especially believers, because were to be so light is a word use early opportunity to give an answer when they ask us about the hope is within us. Now they don't know their asses about Ovitz within us and I love how Christian leaders Billy Graham to this exceptionally well break windows that were they bring it back to Christ and bring it back to you know if we need the Lord to shows us that we need. If you haven't received Christ and suddenly you know Larry king thought he was just going down this trail of you of bashing the terrorist and suddenly Frank was talking about, you know, will the terrorist need Jesus to so really what your help we will think through is in the heat of the moment tickets are back, take a step back focus. Many think through what people directly feeling maybe try to connect with with parchment right right yet connect with what's really going on because I think sometimes people get lost in the round, thoughts, or at the excitement are the mission of the situation, but I found see when I interview people.

It really brings you down to what's really going on and so I think it's important to talk and come do your research before you say a Calgary to this interview because quite frankly, if you are a good interview on that report are the journalist will take a moment and wait for you to collect their thing your thoughts anyway because they want you to be prepared for what you're going to say to you, not stuttering.

So what if you walk into a trap with you know this guy is notorious this gal is notorious for asking that question is going to really be no defaming of you and your ministry right know they're going to go that way. What you do through the pastor. Now I don't know if I have a good answer for that eunuch is there sometimes where you you you have to definitely not avoid the media attacking a controversial issues but at the same time at their someone he's just consistently out to get you and I would just pass okay pass or just pray for God to give you your wisdom into our target, then let's do all the research you've done be more thorough asking more people so that you can come across as a Christ lover, not a person hater you know) about now. The book is accessing the media how to get good press the authors Jewell Osborne, a believer who has written about how you can do all this how you can connect and use the meter attentively for the glory of God are true for interim joy, hosted the new host the truth through the youth. Joy Everson has a question for Jewell Osborne's results were gradually what you think the most important thing you learned while writing about class that is a fantastic question.

I think probably persistence and faith because they were at times I was told it was impossible. There is a ton of times I was told that it wouldn't do well and there is a ton of times that I wanted to give up for fear of failure, but I praying and seeing the different signs that God gave me really help so persistence and faith really helped any now and I truly believe that God doesn't give you ideas unless he thinks that you can pursue them and achieve them and and so I knew that I wouldn't have these ideas in my head.

If he didn't believe in me, and so knowing that God believed in me and giving me these ideas helped having my faith and persistence in the book because it was it was tough.

I mean I would wake up at 5 AM to write the book so that I can come home at 7 AM to take care of my kids and I was tired but on that.

It was definitely something that I felt like I needed to do a great question. Well thanks write this book so many fun facts in here so much in here for someone interested in politics. A lot of young people want to go to that want to go to ministry want to just be effective in media and social media.

How do you message. A lot of it's in here and 22 billion text are sent every day worldwide, not including opt out messages.

That's crazy. You got some really a lot and a lot of things that this is nothing in the that are shared on social media people don't even read said there sharing news stories that aren't even really read an email joy in her generation can also be really affected by this book because a lot of them are coming out and having an impact on people and affecting the government and on and writing books at a younger age and really affecting our next generation later going on to talk weekend really good talk you over 104. This podcast everyone. Jewell Osborne is the author the book is accessing the media how to get good press I guess is in your name, your website Jewell And it can be bought on Amazon. In fact, it was the number one new release and public relations and communication media studies. The day came out on Amazon and I think part of that was because of Tina God having again having attained fantasy will have to have you back again.

Maybe you could host so far shows as well because you're very articulate and you know the right questions – thank you so much else I should keep sure the Lord with a plethora media and everyone out there, wherever you are. Be a be a witness and be a bit of movement be an influencer for light redeem BMB of social media missionary young people you can open up a Instagram page for free. You can put a Bible verse on it. Social media is such a great Avenue well and like I said, I mean I the first day came out social media was huge for me and people could just go on Amazon and click and buy the book. No one has the time to go out and sell in one of my best posts that received the message likes views on over thousand years I had said God is opening more doors than I had ever imagined and it was it was seen by a lot of people as you are you on twitter you looking for you right now it's Jill Nelson Osborne okay California right now my twitters at Stu Epperson, so one look for the Steve Graham that will will Instagram it's it's it's big it's bigger. The fans review leather listed that they understand million were to do a little Instagram story with joy or the second hold of your book. Jokers Lord willing, we will was the middle no middle name Nelson my maiden name any ill SON Osborne LSP FRN like it's right there with_okay all you just got a follower or I also very good in your electorate. Your author stuff. It's all right. You're the top fantastic your website very good.

I've Artie like to repost good things so liking to the bug is also dedicated to my mom want to give a shout out my mom's old because I I also think that God talks about mothers and their important role with raising their children and on that was a struggle for me because I wanted to work but I also wanted to be there for the kids and my mom helped me with this book and she help teach me on everything I now with writing on and motherhood in a lot in life and on my and my dad is also been a huge influence to about my mom is a sudden nominal writer said the book is actually dedicated to my mom and then when I sign it for people. I make sure to sign it on the dedication page. They can all read that it's all because my mom is really cool is that.

Where is his knowledge very go very good. My sincere gratitude to my parents.

All right, in the very front from our resilient mom and brilliant writer Deborah heart Nelson so the whole world knows none of this would be possible with it wasn't for you that is cool awesome offense against the dad, no listen, that's all relisten. This is a cool thing in my dad's an incredible you show your acknowledgments again so there's a rule need influence and there's a neat source on earlier little bit on how God led you up with the people in your life.

The circumstances to get you you file for all of these internships at a college and only one of culture back. It was Fox News and they are urinated in airfares like New York City are daughter was going to install is like a wave as last minute to see how God rose together know how God is using that kind of in your life.

All those different little chapters and his eyes look with truly amazing.

So which and you know that wasn't always my plan.

I had certainly different plans for myself. But God's plan is always better and bigger than your on this awesome okay will we will get this, we will Tweet the podcast will retweet wow you on your twitter and they will make sure we get you follow to make sure all listeners have a feeling that this is not the last time her listeners will be hearing from Jewell Osborne to relet name and check out her book accessing the media how to get good press in use everything you've got the guys given you every platform to lift up Jesus until he comes back

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