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Stu Jr. With Stu Sr. Father's Day Special Part 3

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 15, 2018 8:06 pm

Stu Jr. With Stu Sr. Father's Day Special Part 3

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Malachi 5 was in the life, the profit for the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord and he will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children in the hearts of the children to the fathers, lest I come and strike the earth with a curse. The role of Elijah who John the Baptist will fulfill that role as the forerunner who would introduce us to Jesus Christ, who was sent by the father behold what manner of love the father has given unto us, that we should become the sons of God through Christ.

First John, the father sent the son to be the Savior of the world, so there is a father who absolutely is crazy about you, even if you're earthly father is gone to heaven or has rejected you and left you and has nothing to do with you. We are calling you that father today with me to do that is my dad. My father, Mr. Everson, Stu Epperson Senior have known him just about all my life.

You still there Mr. Everson okay talk right of that microphone there in your being heard on Instagram as well walk at all those viewers and listeners and on the last verse of the Old Testament that the great great verse for everyone about that very, very serious bye-bye read it please to go ahead and I will turn and I will turn the hearts of fathers to their children in the hearts of children.

Their father then there's the warning lest I come and strike the man with a decree of utter instruction. Malachi 46 that morning, there but the great example of the greatest example of Christmas father father name that our Lord called himself God the father. Jesus in the Bible is God the son and the with each other. The third part of the family is the Holy Spirit, God is invited each of us to be part of that family. Jesus Christ's sacrifice of clutch.what a great word work only for family born into the family of God and as a community, there is a brotherhood and sisterhood and we all come in under the father the same father. This one father one guy one father of all now the number if you want to call in.

This is the Steve Noble show and I'm Stu Epperson filling ever. Steve Noble still procedures my guest and Roscoe play this back on my national show to talk weekend is a special Father's Day encore presentation to honor our fathers if you'd like to give a shout out attribute to your father. We want to give you a book Father's Day book by John Eldridge called wild at heart.

Call this number 866-34-TRUTH and shorthand. That's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and share with us, maybe an impact something special in impact your father, something he had that made a difference in your life that 866-34-TRUTH don't ask you about that. Dad the.

The opportunity for father, let's talk about that in this this this article is entitled what is the title of this article you're submitting, Wall Street Journal, importance of fatherhood are aware of all father learned all the phones. What about that idea wanted to fathers that were submitted yet, but it's not no sure thing of the published okay but that will were submitted. It adds the key thing is it so much it is guided today with or without a father, I think the book John Eldridge's book of is a wild at heart.

Yes is a great book it.

One thing I remember it points out is that within every child. There needs there beats a heart that yearns to be successful in life to conquer to leave. To overcome to the to do something in life that is really beneficial as God planted God click that there there is a spirit that is there and it's that spirit that is to be nurtured by a loving father and mother under God's direction and we we all fathers fall short time to look back on many mistakes I've made. Thankfully, of the Lord, the Lord overruled and the lives but most of us fathers would say you know in spite of the in spite of me. I have some very good kids, for which I thank God and thank God for the influence of the church pastors for great pastors that pastor Mark courts in Winston-Salem by the big role in life. Children's life Dr. she can remember him and Sam Baptist yes and and missionaries Christians coming into our home, way, way back.

Dr. John R. Rice, an old-time Baptist preacher publisher the sword of the Lord and God loving actually pray that we have children we didn't have children of years that we prayed and we had four children in five years. While so with edifying beginning to stop and we got Jane Tony must take her call. She was to do attribute your father happy Father's Day Jane, welcome to the Truth Network in the Steve Noble show, go ahead. I'm Stu Epperson out aloud what you doing thank you thank you thank you at night late father's name to Kroger and he may nine children and out work on commission selling insurance. He always made time for eyes and only did everything he could to make sure that we were in church that we were living a life that you know when honoring God and representing our family in a way that we please alert and many of the last decade flanking the handmaiden by glorified guy and I would always be an inspiration for people that would come to visit and I'm just so grateful for my father first name like you and others that are doing all we can do that point.

People each evening and you have been advanced and they can be felt. Thank you again for all the thinking and planning and believing for harvest for dance training thinking payment will think you actually raised nine kids of the Lord. That's awesome. One of which was Jane that is about the jig unless we gotta become your way thing is we get her dress okay that your listener Truth Network fantastic Wake Forest, North Carolina 15.7 FM AM 1030 over there. I listen to the Steve Noble a radio show. This is Stu Epperson filling interest. You know, my guess is Stu Epperson see return to Father's Day so I thought, hey, let's have my dad on who's been a great mentor to me on what you trying to do with your children or children. Yes or will I say what I'm trying to get the advice of other godly men like this man who's been a mentor to me and many others.

Bill MacLean coaches that you all my soul.

He could coach MacLean daddies on the line. This means our ratings are going up for sure that all my fatherless gets wherever he has great children and now that he had a great daddy and his father to hundreds of kids that around this area. Winston-Salem, while I have a great famous play. Obama is doing that.

I want to say great Father's Day to my van Hunter MacLean and taught me a lot and it also very clear to me that God had to be first love enough of the work and how are still live by that and even my one day, I couldn't forget that and I just thank him for doing that in me strong now with such a testimony coach what you say to what he said all the dads out there man there there there struggling they want to do the right thing.

The one under Christ, which are challenge them about taking courage. The Lord just like your your dad chose you Oji salable one and all father and all married to the mother who have what we call family aunt Dolly fathers out there not the only man to be reckoned that a lot of the mentor and surrogate father who have stepped in and to play the role of father to a lot of children also need to be recognized because all of these children all belong to all of us.

We all have a responsibility to God's children. We are God's children and he takes responsibility for all of us playing way. We should take responsibility for the children that we come in contact with this you don't know so many were so great for you dad what you close it's already time to do what you were to coach in the washer were there when out there about honoring your dad's Father's Day real quick father.

After the fatherhood of God and my family of God.

I pray pray for fathers. Pray for good fathers of God will raise him up by the men fighting fathers pray for people to be raised up like a light on the line women, the take a hard thinking you guys about heroes to me. Thank you so much are called intelligent dad thinks of you know was today

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