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Stu's 4rth of UJuly Special with Pastor Sam Hicks of No Greater Love Foundation and Pastor Neil Jackson author

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 28, 2018 8:09 pm

Stu's 4rth of UJuly Special with Pastor Sam Hicks of No Greater Love Foundation and Pastor Neil Jackson author

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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So I got you pastors in the studio. One of them just got back from the least supporting the troops in really doing some heavy lifting to save these these little girls for the sex slavery to work with widows to bring the gospel a lot of things. His name is pastor Sam to tell you exactly where he went and what he did but here when he states that he works with a ministry called no greater love foundation special kind of July 4 moral day type theme show today to celebrate freedom. It's holiday season in America program may play in the middle the winter weather does not. We always need to pray for appreciate our troops so pastor Sandra to have you with us think seller one the name of this foundation.

You're working with, and what the focus of no greater love foundation is the website is in GL and the mission of no greater love is to provide our nation's military warriors, especially the special operations force community and their families with opportunities to recover from stress, physical hardship because they're busy protecting and serving American we want to serve those who serve us so they get to the family farm is only a deer stand sure have had PTSD. They've had stuff blown up had buddies blown up.

Suddenly there get some clarity there.

Just get away. It's quiet up there.

They got a man a guy like you they got Larry to get these chaplains, it did in their life and leaving the Christ and everything changes right is correct and they give their wives of their kids up there they never do stuff like that trap.

Maybe Fort Bragg or somewhere else and they're going from service to service to service airplane airplane airplane packing up and leaving the Lord's doing some special to the no greater love foundation to provide some refreshment, encouragement, and to give them the gospel we provide that decompression that really nobody else is providing for active special forces. I don't know of any other organization who's been accepted into the special force community like no greater love foundation honestly and we worked all way up to the Pentagon. We've been blessed God is allowed a faith-based ministry serving our troops to have favor you know and and we work with. Of course chaplains. We worked all the way up so these guys are given opportunity to rebuild something that they feel like is lost and and when we have testimonies of those who say you not been to that form. My wife and children. I got deployed a came back from Afghanistan and in it made all the difference than the next guy says I need that too. So we are in huge demand. We honestly cannot feel the demand having a chaplain right up there any some encouragement. It is there and honestly imagine wearing a chaplain is going to talk to wife about a suicide. Her husband just took his life. He's a frontline respondent for you and he's got a minute chaplain could have as many as a thousand hundred that he's responsible for spiritual MNEs so there's another pattern is due to you pastor your businessman. You also work actively in these ministries. No greater love foundation others. But there's another pastor here who you brought together with me recently tells you pastor Neil Jackson is a Sam Hicks who is this guy whose pastor Neil Jackson and he just wrote a book called the coming destruction of America.

What does that have to do with celebrate her independence.

Sure, I'm so glad he wrote a book because Neil is a passion. Jackson is a fantastic communicator.

One of the best that I've heard and of course, is people in his church know that and this opportunity to connect him and to have this book now available to people I think is union insight into a ministry of somebody who is a prayer warrior.

I would say that for sure, and following him and knowing him as I do so I'm excited that is here today to Stu blouse McFarlane says this about his book is bleak. To quote Dr. McFarlane explains the urgency for people to understand biblical judgments on sin because our beloved nation steeped in disobedience to God is right for punishment. Tim Lee says about Dr. Jackson's book America's following the doomed footsteps of ancient Israel for our nation. It is repent or else is really a call to repentance for our country as a pastor Jackson the coming destruction of America.

There's a lot of hope in your book. Although the cover.

The title is pretty intense. Their home title is pretty intense. Hannah little caustic, but woe to the matter ease in Zion, and I believe a lot of our church members are just sound asleep and they are living a life that is not helping the cause of Christ is hurting the cause of Christ will connect the dots forces your your friend to Christ.

Pastor Sam here just talked eloquently about the desperate need for military these guys the minister to define Christ and what he's doing under love foundation to get on a farm. Gemina for will get on a boat, get them, you know, given the Christ get encourage you to marriage counseling and all in all of these guys are laying on the line for country where a lot of time at Friedman up in his day. How is your book to come and structure.

America cannot connect the dots with your book. Your message with what you know with with what you're trying to reach our troops in the caller country got what you let me just cannot get in some eyes business on this day that we're so grateful and appreciative. Jesus said when you've done it unto the least of these, you done it unto me. Well, the world has forgotten a lot of military guys and even more forgotten their children and their spouses, and that's what I so love about Sam and his ministry is. He's consumed with the people that are laying in their life down for us but their wives and their children, so I know of no better way on this this day of independence that we are celebrating our freedom. I think all of us, myself use do we should take out her checkbooks and write a check to this wonderful ministry in praise to God, thank you for the freedom thank you for all those guys that have given their lives for my freedom, and in honor of that. I want to give to a ministry that is proclaiming Jesus and healing to some of our rightness and to their children. When you hear about a military guy will decorated very active very deadly from from our standpoint gets to know you are attacking the enemy fight ices over there who comes back goes up to this farm in Virginia and the fiddlers mounds of their and he connects with God and get sand when you hear about that what goes to your mind pastor Jackson with what goes to my mind is is some of the great revivals throughout history and how one key individual in you goading Ezekiel 22 and I sought for a man singular make up ahead, stand in the gap before me for the land you get just the right person, with all of his influence some of the soldiers we could see massive revivals across our country and they're doing the work, but your book. Why would your book be good for them to live on what I think my good book would be good for anybody, not because it's written by me, but because it's all Bible and it's the need for Jesus in our homes and our land in the White House in the capital and even in Afghanistan. For some, the soldiers, and when they have nothing to cling to the answer is Jesus.

And so the answer for all. Every person listening today is Jesus and you need to run to him. You need to cling damn you need to commit your life to him, make him Lord of your life and in our soldiers need to hear that message as the voice pastor Neil Jackson, the author of the coming destruction of America, a book really showing how Israel, how they blew it they had an opportunity to follow God in the really going to land and he's talking how America is on that point, you know that I think about the Billy Graham quote doses of God and judge just got apologizes on the Gomorrah because of how worse, no evil and out dark. It's gotten. But there's hope, because there's Jesus and is returned yet. He's offering the gospel right now. When he returns you come back on as a humble baby in the manger, not as a suffering Savior on the cross he come back to judge and he will judge you and he will throw you into hell if you don't know, but for those who know him. When you see him. You will rejoice and don't let your heart be troubled man so called him. Pray for the true say a prayer. I know we pastor the troops pray for Sam no greater love foundation NL G which answer no greater love consider checking and only with a credit card all that money goes toward the foundation toward helping these woodworker guys. These guys it been on the battlefield. The chaplains helping get them fed, given the resources in leading them to Christ.

Want to believe it pastor when you pray for our troops on independently keeping a better way than a call to God our father lit these guys up and lit the ministry up. We do not force pastor most deftly father we thank you so much for just all of our active duty. All of those that that have served in previous years. We just thank you for their service. Thank you for risking everything they have four people that they many times will never mean for our freedom and their service to our country reminds us of your great service and sacrifice to all countries where you lay down your life for us. So on this special day that we celebrate how good you've been to us as a country.

Jesus, we just celebrate you because you're our hero, your our model and we just pray for for expanded borders. We pray for open opportunities.

We pray for this wonderful ministry no greater love. We pray that you would bless them up abundantly and use them to minister to this wonderful segment of our population and take Jesus to them that have taken just our freedom to such precious part of our lives and taken it around the world trying to protect us. So bless this ministry protect them from Satan's attack and I just pray that you would open up right.

Other avenues may be by some of those listening today and so help us just have a wonderful day. But Jesus, we don't want to forget you on this wonderful day so we bless you we honor you and we thank you for every good gift because it all comes from you and we ask these things in your name Jesus.

Amen. Amen. Pastor sand with no greater love foundation pastor Neil with a new book the coming destruction of America. Thank you for your heart, your love for Jesus and for being dual citizen citizens of heaven and most of oral eternity were here to bring people to heaven to tell about the good news so that you guys record of that awesome prayer This podcast will be available very soon. Hope in time for July 4 will tweeted out on Facebook, but there were so people can listen and be encouraged and share this with everyone you know

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