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Great Things Are Happening At TWR Stu Explains Why

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 8, 2018 11:31 am

Great Things Are Happening At TWR Stu Explains Why

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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The call of the Savior is to go into all the world. Jesus said is the father has sent me, so I have sent you in his final words before he ascended to heaven. Go in all the world preach the gospel, you will receive power of the Holy Spirit is come upon you, you will be my witnesses in Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria. The uttermost part of the earth.

I'm Stu Epperson that is what drives this program what you hear my voice the first time in a long time listener to truth talk we can were glad you are here, actually at the world headquarters right now sitting in a world headquarters of Cary North Carolina of Transworld radio one of my favorite ministries, a long-standing partner of the truth Truth Network to talk we can. John Sommerville, the sharpshooting basketball buddy of mine your here and were talking about Rita Salzman's rating work citing we are and you know one thing, silent, back up a little bit and just say Transworld is been broadcast the gospel of Jesus. Since 1954 currently broadcast in over 230 languages around the world and we want to drill down right now and talk about a specific place around the globe.

That just doesn't have the good news of Jesus coming to it very much, and that is central Asia central Asia, where were talking about here has 60 million people living under the umbrella of the soon to be transmitter that were getting ready to build a 200,000 W and the people there. 99 point something percent have no relationship with Jesus. This is an incredible opportunity.

This is this is missionary radio at its best. And when you think about how do we reach 99 point something percent of the people who have no relationship with Jesus with the good news radio makes the perfect tool radio can go there when missionaries can't radio can speak their language and radio is intimate and personal. And you know I want to just go to Andy Napier who does our radio program called footsteps here that you have your Andy, you've got some wonderful testimonies that have been coming to us from some of the broadcasts that we been Eric.

Now we air on two different what we this will be our second transmitter that were putting on our first transmitter we have overbooked at this point we have silly programs ready to go at that.

We just need another transcontinental programs with the gospel going out powerful partners like a hero to station or listen to right now right exactly right.

Same kind of programs that you would be listening to. They have the auditor language over 10 different countries were trying to get this 200,000 W transmitter 60 million+ you will be impacted if we can raise the money. If our listeners will step up call a number we can raise the money to build this thing out.

It's about half a million plus dollars and every discount store this every give account for the gospel that phone number 800-8804 TW one 800-8804 two WR Andy, give us one of the listen responses how they responded to our radio programs time. But Jesus will this particular program would've been women of hope which we air and listen to this testimony when you were talking about God. You described him as lovely and trustable. You said that he will never forsake her leave us this God is very different than the God I have learned about since my childhood. The God I follow is someone I fear I can't talk with him, but from your words. I understand the God you were talking about is more like a friend. It's very difficult, very difficult for me to find a Bible or to read it. My family would kill me if they knew I'm listening to you but you bring hope and I will listen to your programs. Whenever I have the chance now.

Still, when you think about someone out there who cannot ask their family who can't just walk into a church, how else are we gonna reach someone like this with the gospel except through Christian radio and what you're here right now friends are here in Christian regular listen to a station somewhere, somehow. Maybe a stream may be on the.

The free Truth Network app but your listing in Florida. Wherever Inc. you have a wealth of Christian Bible teaching you have a wealth of discipleship tools. These are people who never heard any of stuff to people who've just recently made her the name of Jesus for the first time. So what were inviting a listers do is get on board and help us reach more people build a 200,000 W transmitter that'll blast all over 10 different countries will be touched right.

John Sommerville 60 million people.

That means it's less than a penny a person in the less than a penny a person means that we are able to reach potentially 60 million people. That's that's crossing the border of 10 different countries. We have the ability to be able to speak into the lives and hearts of so many people giving them an opportunity to know the love and compassion of Jesus Christ personally so they can have a personal relationship with them. So now is the time to respond with a phone call a gift of any size, one 800-8804 two WR again 800-8804 TW are you John, you mentioned a penny a person that would be let's say a gift of $100 would reach a potential audience of 10,000 people think about this a $500 gift of 50,000 people. That's like the whole NFL stadium full of people hearing the gospel Andy John that's what drives truth talk we can. Why do I have you guys on this program. Right now we know what I mean there's some controversy I could discuss his other great authors and speakers.

We love having just on the on the program with what drives us is reaching the lost. Jesus said to go and there's a powerful thing that radio we have sent. We have seen lives transformed in North America like in my hometown. We will come up and hug you even know you strangers because there is on the radio prisoners listen to our listing to my voice right now and in Butner and other cities that are listing to Christian radio and this is a letter here from a listener in use Pakistan who was imprisoned in God's using him in there and he was released and he's been witnessing Christ all over that country and there's all kinds of persecution for these brothers and sisters in Christ.

So we've got to reach them and this is a great way to do it. I want to thank you guys for being on for doing this talking you paint the picture of of how eminent the neatest Lena think about the country out there among the central Asian countries who has a law that says you are not allowed at all to proselytize. That means you're not allowed to share Jesus with anybody unless you're in the church. Now if somebody would ask you about your faith. That means you have to take him into a church to be able to do that many people are are willing to go there. You know, this is the opportunity right here radio can speak to them one-on-one and be there every single day. You know when you're listening to radio by your driving in your car or maybe it's why you're working on on dinner or wherever you're doing ring is right there.

The people are personal their intimate, their friends, and that's the way it is all over the globe and that's why it's so important for us to get the radio signal into central Asia, where they have no no relationship with Jesus. This is their opportunity to hear Jesus and some of the very first time and all of them in a language that they can understand someone ask you donate to Truth Network anywhere right to say no to that and folks to be gracious in giving us on ask you to give right now. Transferable radio on ask you to designate I'm giving to central Asia giving this Asian radio project. Here's the here's the bullet points on it at a 200,000 W transmitter will blast across 10 countries reach over 60 million people were trying to raise money to build out a total of $593,000 you guys at TW are they pinch every penny. There are 501(c)(3) you get a tax write off when you send the check will send you little receipt to indicate that in the euro you give 10 grand on grant is on his five or $93,000 not to say no portion of even do more with anything that comes in silver ask you to give back to give this is about, it comes out to about a penny a person and you can call this phone number right on any given number. It's that 800 880 number you gave a second ago okay it's 800-8804 two WR 800-8804 TW RK four in that's 4897 in no in shorthand, and we got a big TW our at the website and eating them in the word God's clear about the need and the urgency friends. This could be the most urgent critical thing reaching people who've never heard the name of Jesus. That's what this is doing I'm Stu Epperson this is true talk we can.

I would John Sommerville Annie Napier with transferable radio were doing a short-term push this month only to raise money for the silk Road transmitter project blasting across Asia with a flame throwing AM station name still really big in Asia were these people are a lot of hotel around little radio in a home and listen to the gospel. Try to make that possible for man to give us a word from God on this. This is what's exciting to me when the disciples asked Jesus you know wins that the end of everything and Jesus talks about earthquakes and famines and he talks about false prophets, but this is in Matthew 24 and this would be verse 14 and this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. Let me tell you when were talking about the work we're doing with TW are around the world were in approximately hundred and 90 countries, but with this particular transmitter we are going to be going into some of those places where people have never heard the name of Jesus.

Some alluring regions in some very isolated countries for missionaries cannot go where the word of God is not to be really spreading any other way except radio 99 point something percent had never heard the name of Jesus. And this is their opportunity through you today to be able to hear the good news of Jesus Christ to have salvation to have eternal life through your today pick up that phone 800-8804 TW R 800-8804 TW are true talk we can.

I'm Stu Epperson with me is Andy John.

These guys are minute God with transferable radio and outstanding Christian ministry will have this link will have it on my twitter at Stu Epperson my Facebook at Stu.Epperson and will continue to do this for a short-term to invite her listeners.

Thank you for parting the Truth Network and while we have breath in her lungs and blood in our veins working to reach people for Jesus in the mighty name of Jesus. Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we can be safe. Ask for 12 thank you transferable radio for your awesome work spread the gospel throughout the world

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