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Pastor Dimas of Focus On The Family Shares His Faith With Stu

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 13, 2018 4:44 pm

Pastor Dimas of Focus On The Family Shares His Faith With Stu

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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From dealing drugs to saving souls. How does this happen in with me right now. What a treat.

I love this book. Pastor Dimas, Sally Barros and I he is a man of God, and he really everything I describe reading your book is like I was reading a crime novel to Pastor Dimas. What a deal you're passing in New York now. Welcome to truth talk we can ministry to hang out with you man this is great to be here, especially in Winston-Salem where almost half the book is is talking about what God did in this city while you know it is something else will. It's good to have you here and you have a guts put a lot of things on your heart and love for our listeners to personal everyone get the Book St., God. Yes, the title of the book is tattooed across the back on the cover that I love the Titleist can order tightly over version of this but the explosive true story of a former drug boss on the run from the hood and the courageous mission that drove him back, yes, know that we talking about that we talked about my life and believe there is also a bit about that your journey manically know it at eight at age 11, I saw a movie that I never see the scene called Scarface. So the power of the movie and Oliver Stone wrote it and I walked on that movie theater with the new dream to be the largest drug dealer in the United States and in like the law of attraction, as some people say went to school predominantly all white school and one of my friends stole drugs from his brother and that was the gateway, not into using drugs but into selling drugs and Nino came from a good family mother was a principal of of elementary school.

My father was the captain of the notorious Rikers Island jail yet and still they didn't realize that there was a underworld grown in this you know a middle-class community that was being poured in as America's crack epidemic.

This is New York City. Yeah, this is a hard-core New York City capital of a lot of that stuff.

A lot of a lot of garbage that the drug dealing team that I worked for was called the supreme team that was responsible for the death of officer Burns and George W. Bush Senior used to drive around campaigning with offices Burns a bad note to say we've got a dual war against drugs. So my neighborhood was strategic in that those guys obviously when they got arrested and went to jail just to show the impact of the serial killer drug dealers and the murder rate in the entire New York City dropped in half and that's because that network got shut down well and so I went on sell drugs eventually came here to Winston-Salem dominated the drug market here at Kimberly projects and not proud of any of it. 30 of my friends were killed. This is New York City is when I Winston-Salem is leaving in homicides and I just saw far too much down far too much darkness and live the life that I know I wouldn't wish anyone to kinda go through in that stage. As I read your book. Pastor Dimas was blown away just by the brawling in that the shooting and the fighting and though you're hiding away your detect when a closet in all the names that people have the street names a real and like what's going on in that neighborhood what's really going on the neighborhood in and in the in the women and the parents in all those dynamics and you are right there in it like when you talk about it. So what was wild for me as I'm leaving the YMCA plan basketball okay this was about this might've been like 15 years ago this was a a while ago and there's this business amazing looking athletic dude who's either leaving her come in the same time and ice it was and we would contact each other.

We may contact and I said man I said a dissenter on Christian radio, or we said something about hey did you play ball and he said minimal out here but you said some about me. I'm in New York now but I got saved. I used to be down here living for the devil now live in the Lord and implanted sure you remember that I do remember it because I was like wow I was blown away because I was, like maybe I could just get into. Sure the Lord with this guy. Worse, right, and know your minister in the Lord to me and you tell me a little bit about having been here so memory is a well that's like when we met late on a mental ride in an RV and I saw in your life yeah I remember that I remember in you are there is what NRB did I give you because you like is nice to have another tall guy here and all that but I know that this story, I did know like the book game. Your book and I think I gave you my when it all together with the pictures you change and your your NRB your you're working at right you know it's all like you know you like you like. I'm going there for ministry. But you got all kinds of people who have to tell you that you are the big TV and busted you doing that you are you doing allelic programs New York grantee began six days a week. Dawson on with them in and now we do these lot. We just finished in New York this thing called Jesus week while where we had shipped in 21 of the tractor-trailers of Bible tracts, Jesus DVDs love Max the Cato book of children's books, we put a monster stage right next to Macy's on 34th St. outreach to thousands brought in Nicole C. Mullen was in Nottingham and currently showed up it was. I again want to take that negative show. It nationwide so they're following us from city to save you some stuff you're doing to measure doing that you don't believe that we are not in curly but you do is radio even on my dad station. Humanity see how the things and so which craziness I NRB you give me a book. A lot of those NRB I actually somehow ended up with your book on vacation and and I absolutely loved. I read every word just about your story in the work in these corners in your your best buddy didn't kill shot right front and then this guy shooting you and the gun locked up and then you're throwing down these guys on like a man that was that guest Dimas to God, no, not you know I saw the lineup bumped into glass till the last decade or so in the story about how God used you in ministry and you got in with some bad churches you know it had experiences like this preacher here. He's got some going to those who are you going as smart as the viewers on his rent. I know, so I was away doing what is a fascinating thing so I didn't have your iPhone or iPhone. We trade numbers you just gave me the girl and so I want to highlight five or six times a dude is really amazing. So what color listeners to get that, but you know you really were in that world and I guess the biggest question is how does one go from being in the in the throes of darkness were like you really will kill someone you really had to kill people you had to be involving these are high-level things you you knew of people being killed. And you know you had big boy at all these guys you know chunks and not names of guys and crazy street names and you're the tall guy you know you are athletic basketball. All these things you know you run all that stuff how you go from being in that world. Get these territories make in cash. Megan coin thing on fire for God plan churches New York City. I mean the only way I can say is total surrender. You know once I came to Christ and the God put the gun to my head a hitman to murder me right here and in Winston-Salem right off the trade Street while he started pulling the trigger and the bullets didn't come out.

I said to God, you have all of me how all of it was a moment right there and I didn't care how much long-suffering I would go through. I think yeah that wouldn't have the money that I have before I said God I am all yours and I think you know when Christians a listeners matter what you're going through your at that point that I was at when you can say to God, you know what I'm done and I need you to drive this car. I need you to leave lead my life that has helped me tremendously, and in many respects, you know, start to hit a pace of those things that we used to be able to have God is blessing you know we we just finished the movie called the manual that be coming. I'm talking about that until you fall yeah you know where the church shooting happened in South Carolina. Was I first responded. There was on the air with your dad station promoting a well nationwide and CNN and Fox and NBC and all those folks and we lead people through all of that cries the downtime of that movie is your your cheat new in town did you do screaming and fancy doing it.

Thank you for not forget about whether a number Winston-Salem average of you. You are here under different offices in a couple decades ago right but God drive doing some powerful things there in redemption wise and wild motherhood.

You worked is one of the hoods were my dad is Lotta ministry. My brother losses or even down to Washington doing to his extreme uncle Ron Rachel and Hills doing some mentoring there in it's right we know so I know you moved out of dad's you're staying with dad. You know, so he's been working like crazy is working to man because you're so material. His work is that he wear me out and called me all day long and later was injured at hundred and doing is he still living as he retired with a lesson. You have no idea, but halfway through the conversation. He's going that's always a day to get this team is like my things like that when the second man how you doing this to come back with pastor Dimas wait to hear about this movie also wonder what he's doing now, for the kingdom in New York City.

The epicenter of the multicultural epicenter of the world will talk with him more. I want to take more about his website. I can hear sermons. This shows can be podcast with a podcast coming on this truth talk weekend has all podcast page. We love all of our affiliates. We love all the folks that listen in all of our partners with

We put these things up to a motion to put some stuff on Facebook and on Instagram which is a great social media.

I started that years ago to reach people Instagram a but hang on will come up with pastor Dimas right of this Pergamon Focus on the Family you've seen on TV networks around the world.

Maybe you've read his book buddy he got his one of his is business start got in Winston-Salem, but it wasn't.

It was a bit nefarious was bit on the dark side of drug dealing, whom I talked about the man in the studio with me right now, a great friend, fellow ballplayer to we got that bond.

A minute is abundant in the race right pastor Dimas Sally Berrios and he is with us now from New York he's in town. We grappling the studio to speak to our new Canaan guys are men also to debut this movie. Emmanuel know what you tell me about that. The second, but let's fast-forward. I really will be Will Get Your Book St., God and will will let folks know about it at all of our social media sites on our website and the corresponding a podcast to limit early on, what's a website you like. You will go to prayer ministry Javelin just the dynamic life, the dynamic life they can go to that dynamic life okay, dynamic life or if it's easy to remember pastor Demos DI will take you to the same site and its capacity is very easy and and so it will have little for truth talk weekend segments in podcast and you but this book was or is or I really enjoy this book. I like it because you're so real I just gal says about the Book St., God, written by my friend here with Dr. Angela Hunt.

He says Dr. Joshua Bell says a thrilling narrative.

This is the cross in the switchblade for a new generation of the really Tim Keller says you will find a more amazing account of how God's grace can change lives and so the wild thing is you were. We had a guy get Savior wins in word recently are our men's Bible study, read it in and I asked him I said look I said if you and praying for you.

He said you know it's crazy said all my roommates are saved and I'm the one they been it's on their product list. They been praying for while on this been partying in your that guy though you were that Origin. You're the guy like people look to you like if I saw you 20, 30 years ago.

I say there is no 12.95 you got saved, so if I saw you in 1990, or whenever like in your life and that thug life in the drug dealing, pimping all the bad stuff going on, you know, cocaine it under mattresses, air right all that you know the trouble law can locked you people getting killed around you, maybe I would say no there's no way this guy is no way Demos is going to get saved, he is there's no way there's no room in the cross for him. We were there people would say that they were there people praying for you. It's interesting that though I was a drug dealer I was always very charismatic and had a great personality, but if you cross me then you would see another side so start on a corner me all a lot of people always respected elders and a lot of people come and talk to me and say you got so much potential. What are you doing out here, you know, people saw that there was something in me that didn't belong. Even though I was, you know, extremely successful in my illegal pharmaceutical company. After all, we have many locations and sites that you are the diplomat had returned to work things out was very well you're a member. I never killed anyone. Thank God I shot towards people but purposely little up towards the air, you know, I just wanted the people to leave me alone and make my money right in the nose, things got shot at. Though I've been shot in the been not only shot at, but add bullets go in and out of my leg and then I'd had to do like Jack Bauer on 24 take care of it much thermal to different it up a little rubber that will wrap myself up because I didn't want to go to the death of the cops and the sentence back, but those scary nights in and operate as a druggie. I laid in my bed and sit Jesus, help me to wake up in the morning and I wrap myself up with a bullet wound woke up the next morning and said thank you God member get back to handling them back out there so I was a God.

I will call on God. You know like a friend who fought in Iraq he said Jesus is never too far from the foxhole knowledge of God's giving her sin and carrying on like they always you know they'll call on Jesus when they need help. So you know three women you know, decided that they want to shut down the drugs in that area. They came laid hands prayed for me power of God fell on me and and I've never been the same. So I just say that to remind people that no matter how lost you are or whatever they are still people bold evangelists that will come after you and I know my heart was one, and that's why I'm sitting here today.

It's amazing so pastor Demos in the last segment and this will be on podcast will make available Truth Network to talk. We can just Google getting your podcast tickler guys so you can here are our interviews we did like the young lady who who literally just graduated college.

She's on her way to the 80s Of the world for a year probably allow to serve Christ with crude lint when mailed to me what the world what would it women and dreams.

You gotta make a coin to go to the bank what you think and pastor Demos has been unreal to interview her. We reviewed Kate Carney a standout batch of football player when I forest who had had a radical test when you get saved early on in high school and we interviewed him about in his Joe Haynes rallies in action about his walk with God and in these athletes are living for Jesus. These athletes are on fire for God and that is very true it's it's it's needed. So those are all podcast if you talk weekend this one to be a podcast. This will be hit a lot because God is God's hand on you man and I think about the hand in the gun of the hitman to your head.

He pulls the trigger, the, the gun gets jammed doesn't fire no bullets and you said the words to the Lord that time. What I said I said Lord, you can have all of me said Lord I give all myself to you wherever you want me to go whatever you want me to do. Few make it clear that it's your name that is you that speaking and you search the whole world and can't find someone for something you need accomplish. Lord, you can send me wow and that has taken me to almost every continent in the world except Antarctica and change that moment all you have been every church shooting that's happened in America. Been there, day one a day to terrorist attacks in Paris earthquake in Haiti. So God is just using allowances want to be instrument in God's hand written and you put your testimony and in our book, which I really encourage you will do so. Specifically, right now you you're pastoring in New York City or Oregon right evangelist on right now I'm in evangelists and on the president of concerts of prayer was so that's a network of 5000 churches in New York and so all the pastors in New York. How humbling is this that they said including Tim Keller and A.R. Bernardin in the symbolism, all of them said Demos should leave the church of New York so you ask about started from the bottom now, here are five Russian while your chin is like God is a God could take you and turn you around, so now we leave the network and that's what we're doing great exploits next were going into Chicago 40 days will be fasting there and mobilizing the body of Christ by the thousands where 40,000 people in Chicago that are signed up to make a human cross on the street on July 14 and then for the next 40 days campus Crusade for Christ. Mission America prison Fellowship pray. Chicago together. Chicago movies Moody Bible Institute and others are going to be on the ground ministering to these 1500. We got in documented 1500 shooters murderers that are living in Chicago within a Jesus.

The mass articles for less of RNS community organizing right there at all yet about working on for three years. Lord, why don't you come see me. I need a company doing a movie that will allow you to edit your will and there's other movies but lustily start with this Emmanuel movie because it has to light up my email screen here in Winston-Salem is to be in the theaters know that in Iran.

It's hear my voice something dark and evil happened to the folks showed up for a worship service. June 17 your weekly service and at a small church in Charleston South Carolina now and an angry white male and I will put it 2021 years old. Hate comes in the suit and his gun and tell us what led to this movie what God's done real quick. We just have a minute left in the same cell after I flew down after hearing about the church shooting.

This was the whole leadership team was executed was a like a normal Bible study.

It was the leadership team of the church including the pastor and we go and administer them.

Then following that about a year later of a friend of did a hit documentary called the dropbox. It Demos would you join me.

We want to tell this story, and afterwords we want to give all the money to the families so were going to give all the profit while to the families without making a Don to be a blessing and to show the world. Hollywood, we are Christian we don't care about money. We care more about Jesus of the movie, Scott Emmanuel, which means God with us will be coming out in the fall. Valid Davis is executive producer and is another big name that will wait until it's on will also John the team and in people be able to see that there is old and it's meet him there.

Learn more. There were notable for another quick segment of the give this podcast to the meat learn more about him get involved this ministry.

The thing I love most about everything you're doing is you're sharing the good news of Jesus Christ through prayer, through the word preaching evangelism through reconciliation because really afraid racial reconciliation doesn't bring souls to Christ door to find other reasons to hate each other tight race. That's right, all right. He's right.

We have same races same family, same age, whatever that hate each other the same towns a moment believe that art each other because they don't have Jesus, but he brings the Hebrew Hebrew. He is our peace right is broken down everything every barrier between us right and brought together in one ego. Ephesians 3 God bless you Pastor D. While

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