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Barry Sink of Christian Aid With Stu On Fire For Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 16, 2018 10:32 pm

Barry Sink of Christian Aid With Stu On Fire For Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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It's heartbreaking but it's true.

7000. Think about that number 7000 people groups in our world have never been reached with the good news of Jesus never seen a Bible like I'm holding my hands right now. They've never heard the gospel that a loving Jesus to die for your sins to give you forgiveness and peace and healing. They never heard that. Where's Amanda was all about it and he is with me right now it is name is Barry sink and he's with a ministry called Christian a very talk about your passion.

I wanted to get your put that Mike right on your chin got a talk this massive Truth Network truth talk weekend audience, not try to intimidate you, but a lot of folks listen to you right now to talk to the man that is awesome.

I think Sammy on the show burst about and I am excited because Christian, a mission is doing the last of the most important work of our Lord. He said take this gospel to all nations, to all people's and share it and then the end will come and were not trying to put got on the timetable that we are trying to fulfill a part of the great commission. That's perhaps the hardest. We work through indigenous missions. So we do not send people from the West into the field. We have about 450 ministries that are serving in eight regions of the world right now that indigenous then he throws that word may throw some people by indigenous Illini genius, but it is not dangerous. It indigenous me on bashful players are not the sharpest bulb. The drawer indigenous has to do with someone is kind of like already there already drinking the water kind of thing nail into the country. Native to the country. Okay Yep very important in that's that's counted very strategic to his is very strategic and each of these ministries target specifically unreached people groups which is less than 1% of all global missions dollars goes to specifically targeting unreached people groups less than 1%, less than 1%. That's heartbreaking right there and how we a lot of money going a lot of things but how a lot of people who have never heard the strengths of indigenous one is that they can go places where no one else can go there currently 500 of the hardest of the hardest to reach, which are being targeted and their people to like on the amp in the Amazon in just places that no Westerner could get into well and they're coming in with culture same language same background living in the village beside the people that the reaching and it's just phenomenal what God's doing. Were having literally thousands and thousands and thousands coming to Christ were deep in the refugee crisis where just having Muslim Justina like every face has a story and every number has a name and for us. We are seeing miracles happen through the refugee movement on native Christians who came out of the Cayman of Islam who are now reaching into camps, bringing them food, bring them hope revisiting them.

There's a church I am most of these different countries that are taking the gospel to these people, and the question that they keep saying is, why do the people that we've been taught to hate all of our life. Why they bring us the good news of hope one of they have hope. Why are they helping us and is a message this very powerful and that they want to know about this Christ that we serve. Yes, very powerful. This is cutting edge like you're having a bad day and you have some problems which everyone was my voice. If you're human you have problems your problems get really small. We realize that the problem it that 7000 people groups have is the never heard about Jesus there literally bound on their way toward hell and this guy here is doing something about it and so I'm so glad to have you and that's why this shall exist to reach people in the give voice to you and other awesome men and women of God right to work, but a part of this thing called the great commission so Christian aid mission is the name of your group correct and you guys just go all over the world and you try to empower the inducer work where is aware of you been recently give us a couple stores will God's doing okay. I don't go okay we sent you syndicates on the balcony how that's going and what amounts of something that we have about recently is powerful. God's doing okay we have 1700 people groups are currently engaged with 450 ministries we fully that are ministries we communicate with them. They list their top 10 priority needs for fiscal year 19 we put it in three channels of evangelism and discipleship, compassion, and community engagement. We then pair that against the money that we raise to bring assistance to them.

We don't try to fully fund.

We don't want people to become dependent on if we can buy rice field helps Phaedo a pastor and his family and then that works in another rice field spout and it feeds a ministry were all about that is sustaining like buying a cow. It's amazing what a cow can do bridal to provide all kinds of things cheese you can provide all kinds of support for family.

They can then sell those products right for themselves was ongoing as a handout, not just at a handout that is the handout right another great story, wife tell me about it the other day she work she's content coordinator and its and after rain in the middle Syria war-torn country active bombing going on. We have ministry there and indigenous group were being interviewed to collect field reports and bombing was taking on all around them group of Muslim neighbors come in during the middle of this phone interview. We know that your God will protect us and said they came into their home and so there's this background noise going on out there and by the end of the interview that entire group to come to faith while okay NF rain. It costs $500 a person to get a person out whether it's a baby or an adult through the military so there's many many that are trapped and cannot afford to get out but there's a vibrant church of 800 people meeting in home churches all through offering great story. We one of the neat things that I'm releasing right now. I think it's one of the perhaps most critical God moments is in the country of Chad and Africa.

If you don't, or Chad is it's kind of like the bull's-eye of Africa. It's half sub-Saharan. And so it's right on the line of where the Christian movement is, it's been an extremely hard country to reach us largely Muslim bottom left corner of the country is where the evangelical Christian churches been on their own. 19 different church affiliations came together with the vision to reach Chad for Christ. That's now grown to 24. There's a leader of that movement whose just a phenomenal leader of of met him a couple of times and they are not only there to reach Chad there. They are to reach the surrounding countries, which are very militant Muslim countries, you got Sudan that Nigeria got in Nigeria. He got all these hotbed countries Boca ROM are right in the middle of all that and out were so excited about excited about what God's doing the reaching out through orphans to reach orphan. They're doing evangelism there yielding churches. All of this literally coming to life before our eyes. It's a phenomenal phenomenal thing that God's doing with the voice your hearing the voice of very secret missionary pastor he's done a lot in ministry but he is a hard freeze in the world has a ministry called Christian aid mission a mission you sent people all over the world to reach the unreached people groups to hotly fulfill the great commission was just talk practical here. We just had a one minute left tell us that Challenger want to get involved making sure that we not only reach areas that have been reached. Make sure there's room in our missions giving and strategy to target those that have been hardest to reach because we know that the Lord wants no one to perish but all to come to repentance.

We know that the word has to be spoken and it has to be taken there and said that's aware about was the website photo. Learn more. WW W Christian is enough is your challenge people to go be a part of it right.

If you care. I will give any either way, pray right.

We can all do that but have a heart sure Christ will your friends, your neighbors, refugees are pouring into America yes did all political all you want want to reach with the good is Jesus right and bring them to Christ and then send him back with the gospel like a dream.

I wanted to speak the language they can fit right in and ignite when soul seat so that's why they're here. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be of share little bit will answer beyond man what a blessing doing what you doing man tech to talk weekend will put this interview would very often will give challenging you to reach people with the good his views. There's 2 billion people on our planet more than 2 billion people believes that many you've never heard the good news of Christ. That's why were still here is why Barry's years.

We can thank you so much accurate

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