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How to lead-God’s way w/Pat williams

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September 1, 2018 1:26 pm

How to lead-God’s way w/Pat williams

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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Leading God's way. What does that mean one so honored friends to welcome you to another edition of truth talk we can Stu Epperson your hosting with me is a man who has written prolifically spoken internationally on the topic. The subject of leadership. And I gotta tell you, this was one of my favorite books of Pat Williams that I have read he's written over 100. No, I haven't read all of his books yet but but but that I told you last time we were together in Winston-Salem that one of my life's ambitions is to read every one of the books written by Pat Williams and I'm on my way, sir. I'm on my way. Your beautiful stew thanks I wrote my first one in 1974. A little realizing that it would kinda be a secondary career for me. A basketball executive by trade, but I started writing in one thing led to the other and I continued to to do. It has ideas coming.

We find publishers we keep trucking away here, but this most recent one was where my one of my favorites leaving God's way. We've taken many of the Bible character. We all know, and we looked at them through the narrow lens of leadership and and what is it that they did well as leaders, and more importantly what we can learn from them and apply to our own lives as leaders so that's a little background on this new book will work were so excited you wrote it in you know when you get a Pat Williams doll and you wind it up limiting what the doll does that doll speaks amazing words about the Lord about God, about leadership, encouraging words and then that doll also writes books and then you know they listen the. In addition to that, those are the things he does on the side. This man one's runs one the most successful basilar organizations in the world that he he was part of the very founding of in at the beginning you heard of the famous Shaquille O'Neal and Penny Hardaway and some great ledges that have come through this Orlando ballclub in before that he was doing that have the same success in baseball and course before it about in between baseball and the Orlando Magic. He was with the wonderful manager leader with the Philadelphia 76ers that gave us Dr. Jay and some other famous players Bobby Joe so that Williams I tell you I get what I want to touch in and out with you know with obviously your past and how the Lord used you and your legacy.

But this this whole point of leadership. The thing I loved about it is you been with your books on Coach wooden your books on other other major leaders that you have your written biographies about what not your your your using biblical pretzels. I find it all throughout your works, and for you to come out right.

This book, leaving God's way. It really it it it and maybe you 80.

I like the post this to you is that imports over this question. How is this a kind of like a reflection or amplification of for perhaps all the best leadership material that you put out there and that you've read yourself. When he gets into God's way. Do I believe that there are seven ingredients that every great leader has possessed and must possess vision communication, people skills, character, competence, boldness and a serving hard and when you study all the great leaders of history you'll find in almost every case that they possess the seven qualities, so we thought it would be interesting to really study the great leaders of Scripture and and and find out a week which of those seven qualities really applied to them in the strongest way. Jesus, of course, I would be the master of all seven of those qualities but then we look even closer in the area of vision. For example, we felt Samuel Amos and Daniel fit very very nicely right into that area of vision. Peter and Paul. We talked under communication.

The MIO we felt was a great leader with people skills. Joseph, a leader of flawless character Joseph in the book of Genesis and then King David. We we wrote about under the area of competence and Moses under boldness and then Queen Esther, we felt was a wonderful example of leading with a serving hard so that's how we went about putting the book together stew and now now there were other leaders that could easily have been in this book, but the publisher said 200+ pages that said, so maybe maybe WC: I will. I would encourage that is you. You just really you scratch the service but you did go deep I love.

I love the servant's heart with Esther. You have leadership so often when you hear that catchword leadership and it's out there everywhere and that it's it's gotta be a billion-dollar industry unit with all the consulting the training and coaching the literature. The books you note so much you now the video to video YouTube messages a social media Facebook, but Pat Williams. This idea of Jesus. This the master when he said he who would be greatest must first be a servant even said the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and lay his life as a ransom for for all. It's like I really enjoyed that chapter on Esther.

We speak to the this idea of servant leadership and how that those those words together. Servant leadership Pat Williams is not an oxymoron. Like some may advocate well. It is interesting to study that aspect of leadership you you covered nicely stew Jesus approach you know he made it very clear that he came to this earth, not to be served but to serve others in so he sets the model for us but I like to look at some of these people from history Wilberforce, who single-handedly broke the slave trade in Great Britain. We look at David Livingston whose heart is buried under a tree in Africa of the rest of his body is buried back in Great Britain we look at Albert Schweitzer in 1952, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in and then he said now I'm going to have to go and do something to earn this Gandhi for example who was asked why he went third class on train trips. He said because there's not enough for me to study Abraham Lincoln while he was a serving hearted leader so was Ronald Reagan. So was Dr. King was Elinor Roosevelt, so was Mandela was Chuck Colson on the list goes on but but that there are models. There are examples whether Teresa comes to mind, of course you know of men and women who made their mark by serving other people because the Lord put it on their hearts to the Lord put it in their minds. This was their mission here on earth but still we all all I could be serving hearted leaders. All of us in our homes and our communities in our work or volunteer work, all of us can follow these great serving hearted leaders led by Jesus and and apply that in her own in our lives and and be difference makers yes are a challenge for all of us a great challenge and assisted you guys have got. I want you all this is that this is an appetizer today just on to talk we can. I'm Stu Epperson Pat Williams, one of my favorite people on the planet. A man of God who has just touched so many people across all kinds of spectrums from sports to business leader in his leadership area and I've heard this every time I hear this man speak I take. I've got I got about. I've got about five pages of notes from last time he was in Winston-Salem heard her speak three times and I got three full pages single spaced of notes from those three messages and then I got additional pages from our conversations.

I said oh I better happen.

So I hope we wrote some things down. I hope you'll share this podcast with everyone and I hope you've enjoyed hearing from Pat Williams. As I have and I really want to encourage everyone to get a copy of this book, leading God's ways he takes you into the sum of the very compelling stories of biblical characters and how they lead and now they exhibited these seven attributes of leadership, vision, communication, people skills, character, confidence, boldness, and the one we just touched on with Esther.

A servant's heart Pat Williams you're such a blessing, my friend. Thank you for taking some time to visit with our our listeners and we gotta do this more often men still call any time I great to visit with you. Thanks for thinking of me yes or next time I'm in Orlando. Lunch is on me okay great thanks God bless you my friend by yes or follow Pat on it on Twitter at Orlando magic Pat follow get on Facebook. Also in all the social media and I'm on social media to at stew Epperson for you can and I were rich week.

This is what I'm doing to tweet right now on Twitter and please retweet and share with your friends. Let's encourage folks to be servant leaders.

This is the way of the master course. The closer you get to Jesus, the more you have a heart to serve

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