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Experiencing Truth with Ron and Amy Shirley of Lizard Lick Towing

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 29, 2018 5:00 pm

Experiencing Truth with Ron and Amy Shirley of Lizard Lick Towing

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 29, 2018 5:00 pm

Ron and Amy Shirley, the stars of TruTV's "Lick Life" and owners of Lizard Lick Towing, stop in to talk faith and family with Stu.

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When's the last time you had your car or truck repo. I guess a good babysitter is on the radio. Regular first ever to thought we could debut is the team the family behind lizard lick towing right here let me welcome Ron Amy to the hot seat LOL hey, how you done was birth to lizard lick alarm as long.

I would say or not you know that sounds writer. That's us out of our rates going up because he gets a big time start when you see them can I get Eldred I'll make them pay. This is so cool. You have seen on TV you seen him on YouTube. You heard there's you've heard probably some other story. But did you know that these two people sit with me right now and you thought we can both love Jesus and that cool can you talk can you do what y'all do. I'm young mean this young lady is like a world champion master fighter. Y'all both have this unbelievable tagteam and other team doing major lizard lick towing stuff and yet y'all love Jesus house that were kept on talking. I mean, you know, the way Jesus Jesus repose old writeups on the lake like on process will it likely is Jesus repose old woman is what he did everyday site, just follow along his post after use modern society do one thing that we got hardtop don't mean we can't let him through it. That is something and that's the one I want to talk about because I know on the TV show. Obviously, your faith is who you are and we spent a lot of time before the show today talking about that in just fellowship me like it's so cool we walking with the Truth Network studios all the time.

The halls, but Amy your your hubby here.

He stopped it every picture. In fact, I had to keep dragging y'all through Chris.

We got the passion of Christ visually got the seven working across and in you in like we give away free books, you know, to bless people I tend to come at you broadcasting network and in shrine your all over that, but that the faith tells about like power y'all tell us what Jesus Christ has done your life and in maybe in a way that maybe someone may not, you know, you know, they see the faith coming out.

What I mean you know and and simplicity of mean to be honest with you is is you know Jesus is made a life Amy was the good girl. I was a mega everything I've ever read the Bible always has good men and you know that the thing is it that Jesus uses people to lead other people in the Jesus level, so you know I think the greatest thing he's done for us is allow us just to be who we are.

He he lets us stay who we are. Be who we are at like we act and he never asks change my doing that, he allows us to to keynote reach people where they're at and at best a great thing to me about Jesus was he. He never ask you to come to him in all his ministry. He was always walking. He was going somewhere.

He was going to the he never said I come over to my house. He said hold on let me go you house and so I think the things the most in our life is allow us to do that from where were at peace.

You note recess and who now form.

He gave us the shed how it was found yet and that we work to reach people okay very good. Now I gotta watch time could run the main studio here.

I you guys are on Instagram right Instagram is to be asked to grant a land that we are now. We are now live on Instagram and this is to be the hottest live Instagram ever had to pass this were telling our viewers run your anger on the radio is going to play nation. Why don't you talk we can use ratings. I just can't even begin to think, is that is Ron was a grand plan that is Amy, and that is pastor Chris Christie Cartwright Robbie Robbie on hand this to you so there is a Robbie turning stars that need to put on. Chris is a man so Ron Amy lizard lick towing now This TV this is a hot TV show and still is also going to write a sting country family with his okay 16 countries, five languages okay so tell based on last off big time. You know the grant fan from going crazy right now Robbie anyone waving really like that. We have two viewers are quite a few more people, our audience will make sure that you guys are you because followers of social media is a Great Way, Jesus that's the thing you guys are doing talk about that.

Like how Christians don't take yourself so seriously. Which are having a ball. This TV show Jesus to go cross you tell me about got. I'll be honest with you is a mapping and this is an and you now. Chris is a different probably was a different but I think the biggest stigma in America today is that you can't be a Christian and be fallible and you can't be a Christian make a mistake and you can't be a Christian habitat. Soon you can't be a Christian.

Where stupid haircut and and people worry about what people perceive us as that's the greatest thing that we are as we don't care how you perceive us. You know I'm I'm I love people and I'm here I want to just level everybody but Tom, please interact with our staff, and justices wrote real person looking you can even cut short at any time. Talk to come over here so she's not a Muslim. Amy chose little bit about that, like how your faith interacts with like you are, you know there's there's a TV personality right and all that stuff and then there's your whole career with with all the fighting and all that, you know, the performing, but tell us about how your faith is so real. Christ in how that comes out too well, I let Ronnie say monies like the bad guy and I'm like the good girl all day on television I play the bad person uniting ironic but you know, just because people do things differently doesn't mean that they don't follow Jesus. Yeah, I mean it really you know that the greatest part is that when you love God you can react.

You can have emotions, you got it really touches your heart and and and you know not show people realize I'm in the world have a power lifter.

Not bragging on the book desperate mission is a mixed martial arts fob biter. She's a mother now we have five you know something, and what we have seen is where people that live in the world and and and and I think what Amy does the greatest in my opinion, she was isolate us from the world she insulates us with the word and puts us in the world if and as the person it does anything in life you have to have a support system and so you know my name is just so great support and aim is always to know so encouragement and and she has such a heart for people that you were able to find a backseat driver, if that makes the desk. As you can drive you can pastor Chris took drama making. Now I know this is not the platform, thinking so your your listing to real life.

You're on the Graham live on a tree thought we can with Ron Amy on the student Graham L euros, due to his account to figure 3.

Okay this is the cool thing about Instagram live his people to watch this you know later we could put putting things in here but here's the whole thing. So this is kind of cool.

You said something about your Christ comes out everything I mean being a mother being a competitor keeping track with this guy here in what I can to get to the driving think is my wife always thinks she knows the best parking spots are in a series. I suggest that parking spot right by the front door with plenty of room. World War III happens but you know so I can go there but we could have gone there, but this is Ron Amy from lizard lick towing gang and so share this with everybody.

Please because their real passion is that people know about Jesus. In fact, you know you had Bibles on the set that may not of the most popular thing but talk about how like at some point we are doing a network TV highly whizbang program and your repent, and all kinds of stuff going on but God there's a conflict the world doesn't know that the enemy doesn't want to work on going out right. Yes a lot of people actually in the industry.

In the film industry do not know the word if you ever noticed our whiteboards in the background. They always had Bible verses on different once a week every week she ties about that is so cool yeah and you know it's the small stuff you day, sometimes you don't have to have it so be so abrasive and set out front and set aggressive. Sometimes you just gotta be in the backseat because then that gives us the platform to talk to the people that are different then you know you are in different situations that we are testing the greatest time so that thing is the greatest thing knows that we are different and I like. I think we will be in different and when I'm ashamed to be different so you know, I tell everybody I care about one a bun as Billy Graham will decide not say Joe Billy Graham is right, but you can't find five people in America or around here anywhere they can name the Mandalay Billy Graham. Since you can't handle so we can all be Billy, but we can all be that guy and helps phone Billy so and what he did that was being who he was assessed also as far as your wife to some advice. Just two people to manage one's always right was always the husband I think I know it is very healthy.

If you like. 25 you were talking I think the lizard lick and lizard lick these guys know they got a preacher man in the studio here were talk to him. He rolled on and on. On the grandpas Instagram people are these the fans out there I'm going south an instant when there's not utopian relations. Tell thing that is what you know but I just can't the fans is crazy. All the likes the post reposted sunroom. Yet someone from Florida like a post with that person acknowledged a quick break who is lizard lick towing this couple more about them in one of their pastors in the studio and were talking about maybe a radio show for them to but we want you to get to know them better. So don't touch that dial will be right back on Truth Network to talk weekend and all are awesome affiliates nationwide, Instagram, Twitter, and I'll tweet you guys only only make this podcast cyclically working to get this out there you know to touch people get this message out there working. Nothing on this and all lizard lick segment here on truth talk. We cannot Stu Epperson and this is so much fun all my soul. I can't tell you you talk about repo and in Jesus and unbelievable TV couple celebrity couple there and here it was so cool about these guys is the love the Lord and they want to bring people to Christ and some people it will that platform up and they get all the followers to get all the stuff like okay so what you know. So what you know and but this seems like God keeps blessing all Ron Amy would lose lick towing and you got a preacher manager got a Rev. in here and he's keeping his own trap. Rev. Chris tells us about these guys to let you know that you see the ministry that you come to your church here in Raleigh yeah well they go to archers and I got Chad Harvey great Lee passed a guy many know him and and they become for a while to RFA and actually I think that I saw them in our church. I saw Amy and targets your living daylights out of the 2000 fans talk like a little girl and I let off like the worst tagline.

What a cute little girl and I thought, that's not horrible thing I don't know Amy carry concealed, but I think you privatize and I saw him going to person. I thought I would get shot right here and target so I told her I'm a pastor that they didn't help either.

That I tell you I was and then hurrying with how the person it was fine. But anyway, but you know about Ron Amy is that there's two things. One, you can have a lot of fun and be a follow Christ into that that Christianity doesn't look like a certain way that you drafts or certain way you act and that you can glorify Christ and whatever life God called you to love it. Within the biblical confines of the word of God, you know, and the great labor they got where God gives us and the thing I love about the two of them is that one the people relate to them really well and they have a wonderful opportunity to be able to share Christ with people that I think otherwise are tuning out the church and to not preacher us, but they love these two and I've seen it over and over again everywhere I go with them. People want photos within itself is a goat. We left the restaurant with a big gadget were at and we laughed and that we with our friend Sam Hicks and and the girl at the counter that was going out was with the Army reserves with Missouri National Guard and I wanted told her fiancé's car twice and is life. I'm not sure I like being associated with these two at all anyway.

But the reality is that they also have a real story and it's not in what you see on television, but I've seen personally is there real and they have a real story they've gone through real and I've had them on the radio and I talked it sounded somewhat got up there. Ron's crazy back on what God did there and do and God still doing stuff in her life and they still of day-to-day challenges and their limited out and are not afraid to speak the truth and I think we need more about you Amy to tell us a little bit about that story before the big TV series, you know, before all this amazing life change in the way got you recently put closer Christ. Tell us little bit about your story like tell us we CAME from. Give us a little bit of the history and the background before you know before all the big stuff to sell you guys are just like on your light on the stage like a second well you know wow running with the lower one lightly said now it's pretty calm setting it and I get in a lot of trouble. I come from a southern Baptist background so I get picked on that sometimes get Ronnie's for dinner at about not just to know you and I before we hit television unite which is like everybody else. I mean, we still are. I don't really think that television ever changed the teaching perception of yeah I mean it put us out there little bit more but as for me, and running out unite hang out little nicer little like good and let us know when y'all had some stuff happen to get you guys like they were coming along well. They wanted us to do wife swap and I said absolutely not allow was running with all four hours lightly, not only good thing was the $who knows not that we got a big money. We come from a we come from a background where we were so poor going about fathers that we would stick with what our siblings we we come from and slumming.

The thing was when I came in first thing this is 10 days distinctly safe nine days.

Yesterday, just 10 days okay you had to go share this with today's lady come up tonight is my work and having today I would like you got a better chance when the lottery what about a ticket to someone coming to my house. Mikey is like that influence my son was like two years old five years our enemies are discerning or just deleting that way. She said she citizen of guys on the counter found they did and then they said they then this little British woman called insight look were doing a silent tough job watching gossiping and running is like airline click called… Which one my buddies while this yeah will have about 70 got live in a house in the got hit by lightning then fine laying there like liquid to something the camera got down and and what you guys do four hours one shot. Later, he was on plane yes scared to death on the machine now works he was just glad to be alive real quick.

That is, we lost everything when showing the first the first thing show. It was on Sunday after NASCAR national network, prompting BBC your legacy and we got black Wednesday I had lost my business and that we had the largest repossession company, 85%. So you Noxon officers bawled like just toil and human and I and becomes a slight was always my home on a footed rat having attacked something when it's great that she's like I said if we do the right thing and then we can lose everything. Everything she's allowed to do so will we talk about we did for God.

She said while you jump out of strong house like how your point is seven years later. 16 country something while you drive through that for you as it relates it took took off after the first episode but it's all really cut your brakes that really happened. That's one reason we quit reason we quit. As I started you know the first couple seasons were real Piersall blood. It was really you know, and in a day they started going to change it and I went to my Christian jerseys. I started blowing out the blackboards in the Bible of their own shelter would like at all day and I made a statement of think about was now to say that we cannot have copyrighted books showing what universe thousand we we persevered through it, but it is a season for everything that seasons over and so that's what we want, but you know any work away to college and had three jobs in a single mom family came from just tremendous raises are great fans but I'm in. I was in North Carolina this or I'm originally from Wake Forest and Ronnie was from 90.

Okay, you're from Knightdale is out your window over the businesses.

Yes, I actually got brought into just, well, I've never lived more 30 miles my mom and some moms boy, he blesses a business in the morning you were born.

There's a hospital there is yet Jesus grew up in a manger, but I think I'm going to bawled out of the hospital this morning and had enough marital conflict talk weekend these awesome guests are Ron Amy from lizard lick towing and their wonderful day. Love the Lord and was been the biggest challenge your faith in Christ. As you know, doing the show in the spotlight and in all the social media now like you can't even you thought that TV opened up your personal life and the kids there, but social media. Everything's out there.

I think my toughest challenge personally was once you get Topaz Chris earlier anybody to get to the top of Mount anybody did to take you to the top of Mount you can have God when he goes by that amount. He just walks and you follow nobody teaching the backside of that and so we got to want that Mountain started pulling the Moses trip. This is mine. This is mine golf because everybody takes from you, and you start and then you ran like a cozy up to you because I know when moseyed around. I give you water. Gossip is also promised land will become to something me and I got some item he said running a nonvisual have to take it let him have it as this is this is not yours. This is mine if I wanted I can have it and that was my toughest challenge because I felt like they were taken and we got enough to let me know what is killing is in the whole time about a just tip it released ahimsa bars my challenges that was and and luckily like a said Amy has a great sermon associate. She helped us make a lot of decisions based on on her discernment. But you know that this how the world is and I guess that's why were like so much of people because I think the number one fan America is somebody thinks of me possibly do it whether issuing money with us. Your job what is your life with us, your children what you cook and revise.

What about losing something, everybody's trying to run a bet he'll get to that goal.

They won't they won't I won't and and when you start losing. That's when reality really sits and that's where repose really played up office because we're taking some yeah were not taken. Vehicles were taken taken what you get to kids at school were taken away. You make your money will taken away you like so and so you know it is just it worked out good and and and having to face a diverse challenge of losing we lost everything that that was wrong. So anyone about your perspective on that you know when you get to the glitch, the glory of the cameras there was like I want to get there.

Or maybe they don't want to. If there necessarily right give your perspective on God during those times. Well I think my hardest thing was not knowing not knowing what was to happen when first starting because we were looking to do one thing but so many people come in and then it's like a bunch of opinions and everything is just thrown into one big mountain pot and your sit and they are faced with what I did that I didn't get this letter to the guy that way and I mean you know right from wrong, but a lot of times there's other things in life that will lead you down the street straight path well, but I think I think the greatest lesson is for the family. We got out that we talked about and a lot goes," said do not prepare the path of child. Chapter path and you know our biggest biggest prayer during the entire time was actually not good if it was a figure like C7 kids. It somehow still to capacity and also there. Somebody and all of a sudden you seek is Instagram you how many hits to get this fast and social media is who they are financing in our prayer not go with what I was. Don't let this define our children because our children's hearts have to stay pure and Elsa challenge because when you go to something port and you have a show to frontline you have teacher to stay back because by teaching Tuesday back to teaching yourself to stay humble and that was the big challenge and I met we had a great time doing a lot of lot a lot of support.

I might be a fun and not plugging OFA was a vital part of that of that journey and as you and I mean really an end of greatest part was that we let past Chris even though he knows nothing about how to eat chicken but he's always funny and always encourage ascertain as always encouraging and so excessive for staff so we got about a minute left in the segment. Pastor Chris really throw you to Mike just got a long time and RFA church pastor Charlie all across truth over grandpa preachers were to got to pastor Chris water filter list and try to profit levels wash on Instagram and in the social media process.

This couple. They seen the TV show me that you haven't eight life is like me that while thing is it's a messy world all ran an RN with a repost of your going people at rock bottom like you Shirley pastor Chris how do you take an articulate their passion. Their heart, what's your take way for everyone watching and listening. Well, I think the beauty of what God does in our life as he gives purpose to every part of our life when we submitted to him and you can look at these two and everybody and you can see how God is taking their life and use it for his glory and and God's done that through them if they continue do that through them and we been talking about a radio show with them to say hands came to you guys could could use your voice to continue to connect with people as a platform to tell people about Christ and to be re-about who you are but guy could take whatever's in your life.

Even the worst parts of it. That's a crazy thing.

The worst parts of it before she was a difficult got the worst parts of it and you can use it for his glory. And that's what I see to these two and I've seen them be very real, very raw about their life and the reality is that no matter who you are, you can be a garbage worker. You can be a stay-at-home mom. You can be somebody run a towing company and God can use it for his glory.

Awesome's house got using you and what a blessing and keep all these guys what your twitter what are your what's the best way folk the check check and what you're up to Facebook twitter everything you can to sky laser lights and that's got all our social media on lizard lick okay delete delete likely crossing it like that. Leslie don't love it awesome

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