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What is Radical Prayer? Who is Manny Mill?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 6, 2018 5:00 pm

What is Radical Prayer? Who is Manny Mill?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 6, 2018 5:00 pm

Stu and author Manny Mill discuss the meanings of radical prayer and radical redemption.

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The heat is on getting it is fire feet of the Holy Spirit in the studio right now there are certain people you get around in the just ignite you any just run firing this morning I was blown away, along with 200 men at the new King society in Winston-Salem when a fiery Cuban man of God stepped up and spoken.

He prayed and we were convicted in touch and he's in the studio with me right now many mill thing that's who it is a blessing and a joy to be with you on the car. Men the car under my wife Barbara hallelujah is a joy and you just got a generally 20 minutes ago I did. What is up with that I went to prison to networking and moral event prison is the place where real people live from people that have messed up and I want to take the messes and give them the message of the gospel so you were you go there all the time and you go there to minister right to minister and to be ministered to us well because I believe that you will be the place. It is the place where revival is beginning to brew in America. This a time that we meet. I'm a little Bible, not just an emotional revival is now as we got in trouble but God would do it with the lease of this that I believe it is beginning to brew because we are beginning to see it on to experience it on to frigate does man, a desperate and when you become desperate then you have no way to butt up a man and you are ministering in the jail minister in prisons all over just got back from Angola, not the country but the prison in New Orleans or Louisiana yeah exactly wow tell us about you've written two books radical prayer.

Yeah the power of being bold and persistent radical redemption. The real story of many mill yes this story. Everyone needs to get this book forward by Charles Colson my million.

I share the same birthday you do, but he beat me to heaven but October 16, this is Chuck Colson's birthday and my birthday, so just ride the coattails or right is my mother Bertha to know Ed Wagner and Larry let is a handful of other folks in his gray as I'm doing right now, but this book who is mango just retell us a little bit about like your testimony in kind of what you give us a couple points on that what God's done your like to get to this point of your story or part of a crisis contagious. You do all this minister, but who is many mill as you maybe layout in the book radical redemption money mail is a sinner saved by grace that would hurt the FBI on Jesus confronted him with his truth. As I was hiding in Venezuela on God the father even with his grace due to my mother's radical petition for me because she was not only a witch. She was immediate world is the months and she became a believer in Jesus, and she began to erotically initiate for me to pray for me on God put her on by the grace of God I was saved from the justifiable wrath of God. I was saved from my Gittleson I was saved from my slavery of sin.

I was saved from an eternal hell and I came back to face the music, which means I was affecting 55 years behind bars about the mercy of God and aggressive got I got three years and got to me to school well was locked up and he was there that your post about me me out for two weeks to Washington DC for school Washington discipleship seminar on. He trained me on this type of me and then I went back my time was cut by that time I was there first ex-convict every thought and we can college I got my way.

I have a lot ex-convict, and there were enough to make a phone call.

Yes sir, the president of all of yeah they have really lost their way.

State the half-full remarkable statement that it is a Christian college, the first ex-convict ever to get into Wheaton and they name the scholarship of the Chuck Colson while so Chuck Colson help me get into Wheaton writing, quantify and qualify on all what a great statement here.

You come to Christ in prison chuckles and much like a Quillen Priscilla grab young Paul song out and killing present Paul saved Damascus Road, whatnot God uses that man your like disciple you and you go to Wheaton to really get built up to get kind of a theological framework really work hiding in his theology and the word of God will be dangerous to because are you go to Wheaton and you could become cynical yes or because you get all this knowledge and go to your head right on. That's why the second book, prayer, radical print because you gain building persistent.

You begin to think for for the moment that perhaps some of your success is because of you. What read back to this and I want you to comment on these words.

Ready when you pray, hallowed be thy name big things happen when he was pray with little heart little faith and little expectation.

This is not how we were taught to pray in radical prayer. Many mill describes the power that filled his life and ministry.

When he started praying boldly and persistently for God.

He glorified all things, and he teaches us to do the same. Tell us about this prayer this thing invaded your life there in prison, Christ going to Wheaton going into these going back to prison, but not as a inmate or not is a prison or offender or a perpetrator but as a missionary. It is on this book come out of eight years ago when God the father had to wake me up stool because I was beginning to drift from the relationship that I needed to have with the father which is so easy to do on we put that statement in the back of the book because when you pray, hallowed be thy name.

Big things really happen because hallowed be thy name is not just a neck summation in Luke 11 to hallowed be thy name is the petition Jesus is saying when he disciple said to him, a decent, would you teach us to pray. He began by same birthday since our father whole lot in heaven, hallowed be thy name the words Christ was saying. I want you to pray be put out already. My father on his brow did the is that you will hollow his naming everything that you printed the words that you kingdom come for what they would be hollowed that you will be done. Why so he's there would be how to get some food wise will have energy to hollow his name in light of the Lord came to worship him, forgive me, Linda. Forgive others so they would get wares, hallowed be thy name is the petition. Now we need to including everything that we pray to the father in Jesus name of the wares God the father is inviting UNI right now to be able to enter into a perpetual love affair that price. My older brother who was also God my Savior on my Lord wants to half he has with the father and he went off to have with him something so really it all to others or connects to the hallowed name of God.

This is a high view of God. This is something that how, oh how we have gotten away. We have from a high view got a high view of his word and I was weird. So many people are even preaching that very heart of God the mind of God as revealed in the word of God exactly got so many practical steps so many ways how to use how-to's and so many we like to put our little wealthy favorite little comfortable. Americanization's on the arrival was the going in yet and they taught you ISA Jesus versus exegesis rightly exactly, exactly, and so many of us ISA Jesus based on our own world, your comfortable Western but you been around the world.

You know it's not like that you been in prison were these guys are on fire and they're babbling like they make it stab before they get their daily bread because they really believe like I do now is to that Christ is sufficient that he is enough and therefore when we don't hollow them with the father. What are we doing we are bring him change well this is been the book radical prayer.

The power is a second part of your story applies to a distal radical redemption and what it would ideally know that the leader chased by the FBI. I mean just amazing how you came to Christ and how you ultimately turn yourself and you went to prison.

Chuck Colson really discipled you. After that, and in in in the work I do part two on this once guessing, but your hearing the voice of many mill an awesome man. God Cuban loves Jesus and were to talk more to him about what is radical prayer. What is radical redemption. Have you been reading and then maybe just someone out there like myself. Maybe this host we need to wake up and in be about our father's business unbeliever know what the word means that's on the committee for God's amazing grace. Stay tuned more to talk weekend on after this, so grateful to have many mill with us will do another segment with him. By the way the podcast is coming also. You love the podcast, this guy's a great man of God. Stay tuned.

More with many mill coming up what is radical redemption. Who is Manny mill and he's with me, you'll see them you'll hear from right now what great man of God is written. These two books radical prayer in radical redemption of the first book Manny I believe is more of your life story or testimony. They seem to Christ, which is also in this gospel track animated track face the music you're running from the FBI so that all kinds of things going on on the gospel is also in the track and I rolled my own gospel. I do my own home and wrote the back to see on the left side down so you are your Cuban looking that's what you see like there and take her word is yeah was at your picture you got right on the front with the guy had to so you so you turn yourself in, though, so let me ask you about your testimony. What is it the when you you going these prisons what sound like you walk into a prison tells what happened to me 20 minutes ago you were in the local prison here to finalize was mostly but have no hope. On the hope and I have a true commitment number one to get those guys those guys and dolls to donate is to our young people to truth that is not going to confuse them.

Hope that's not going to disappoint them on third to cost for them a view of God, a vision of God's glorious so I go there with the hope of Jesus Christ on hold meetings helping others pursue eternity, though I like that anachronism everything I when you have hope is because you experience a life like means LIFE we are leaving in freedom every day to see so we go they are with the message of truth, and the message of grace and truth.

Because we need to be set free grace because we need to be empowered and just came back from Angola. Yes, and in one of my former classmates got the radiators inducted in our high school Hall of Fame in Tyrol fame average be in the studio is Dr. Eric Griggs is on international radio. Everything he just met him. You guys are even realize your brothers in Christ, but Dr. Griggs Angola that's a rough test like Maxim secure just like the prison you don't end up in right now that that's the Rikers Island of Louisiana that's that's not where you want to, that's not it is not a comfortable place numbers when spending time thanks for another listen real quick. Dr. Griggs and Manny. It's interesting you know you're a man of God. We are former convict, and you guys use you back in the prisons you're going to some rough places with your medical ministry and you're touching a lot of folks in some tough places so that you between the two of you. You guys have some stories to tell, don't you know we a lot of stores are common stories to I want the people that nobody else wants like going to the places where people don't like to go and making them believe in themselves and in understanding the bigger gift placed in them so that is awesome I talk all I was but this is a divine appointment. It really like to all of them are saying that I can't do with this is unloaded to see you again.

Stupid of me that's not here last time you hear animators nor snowstorm in only one person is able to. We were able to rephrase ago it worked out really well in hand.

What a testimony and then that you got you got Dr. Griggs here who's in town to receive this austere award and you Hall of Fame.

He's just made a difference in so many souls measuring kids in medically and just a brilliant guy research. Unbelievable stuff in and then we make sure we give him a copy of your book radical prayer and there's another reason he's here is because he's got a radical prayer warrior behind that's his mom is nice to meet general Anna Griggs given birth of this man well pushing.

Thank you for laboring you as a labor of love, but she put up a lot with him and me and Joe Jean affiliate Elgin high school in all the guys in building a great bar basketball but but you is really neat where she was talking to Lorna was, it is all about how the behind all of this is prayer how God is working.

She was praying for this guy when he was a little guy and then when God raised him up and look at many mill your all over the country, you know, preaching the gospel in front of people. Kings and priests and everything, but when God raised you know Erica seeks her prayer was. She just told me this is really neat that Lord, don't let it be about him about lifting you up. This is what the Lord's prayer starts with hallowed be thy name how to be that an Anglican. Every part of our life goes back to that those precious words a high view of God. Why is a high view of God Manny mill so important in everything we do medically, and is a is a praying mom is with it with a hurricane bearing down like a tree to their like Florence Northland house a high view of God, the most pressing issue of our day because I think that we have to to do much of the high view of ourselves. Unethical idolatry and that's why God has remove his hand from America and I believe that if we want to be restored. If you want to be revived if we went to be redeemed. Yeah, I believe that we need to make a switch on. We have to die to self and live for Christ and that's why we have to load the cross while I'm at the anchor icon chairs with GCC. The gospel is an invitation from Christ to die to die to self and to be born again to be born again for the father cries die for the dead. We got the same experience we to become a prophetess, you know, when you heard about you know when you said about that the doctor here is about the people that know what he want to go to. That's exactly who Christ came for Christ came to seek and save the lost.

They lost their only going to physician. He said right but as the sick, and many people think that we don't get you see my wife, Dr. almost died, she lost three fingers on this book is about because I was tweeting down the automatic when you call 911 you to know is coming.

You don't know who is who was in the ambulance you don't know who they are there black or white of Cuban noted that single or married, you know that your little old so they call 911 I my wife was Trop in this vehicle for 90 minutes bleeding bleeding. I believe that God gives doctor would be because I was not being the mantle for my wife not being that frail wall before my wife.

I was too busy doing nothing really, because nothing can happen through me with a copy through Christ. She gets all the glory all praise along with her so your to your hearing the voice of many mill we've also got Dr. Griggs this duty accomplished. Dr. researcher talkshow host himself and in you can hear a lot more from this guy and then, but many wrote this book, radical prayer, several of this book about your testimony radical redemption Centauri of many mill guy hunted by the FBI guy, you know, convicted, and in trouble and then unit up in prison got radically save so what was the point that turns your heart to Christ what was appointed brought you to know the Savior would you say that that that event that were you broke you went to the cross and his resurrection was that desperation, desperation, inspiration of the hiding from the FBI faking 55 years know where to go on. My mother was praying for me.

My mother was praying, if anything, mother, I was allaying another praying mother exile mother like that and I and I know this, you see half of truth is a fool.

I will and I highlight to my father on my mother.

I went to bed and swung to because I went to open it was probably true, but that was not why I was there because the FBI was looking for me I when I was confirmed that wish to. I was addressed to by G says I know was what I was invaded by the grace of God and that was my decisive moment I became born-again, and even Turners of ME to run more I could stay there.

The fact my mother asked me when the lead to what you want to do anything, come back to come back. I want to come back and go to prison. Yeah, you have to come back and face the music.

So to give me my first verse.

Hebrews 1327 on the lintel. Even if you have to do that 55 years in prison. God has promised that he will be with you that he will never leave you nor forsake you. So that gave me enough H like Joshua to come back and face the music and the FBI at the gate at the airport in New York City. So you went to prison. Chuck Colson's ministry got a hold of you disciples you yet loved on you got you out and got you an intensive year.

The first ex-convict to go to Christian college Wheaton University yes and that's of it. Then, now you're going back to prison who goes back to prison made us like where you came from.

What's up with that.

I cannot wait to come back I mean. And then God gave me a wife in Jerusalem on parole and we been made enough for him with 30 names illegal. Now what about assisting Barbara to say one thing is really rare enough. Are you also wrote this book. Your husband your lunch mission up on the cover of radical prayer subtitle the power of being bold and persistent a book all about the hallowed name of God, what your thought as you hear your husband share his testimony on his national radio platform and we got the good doctor in the in the in the house to what your thoughts and all this over just excited to be able to share with people that God is real, got her father is true he's loving he's kind he has never left us or forsake us in thank you for helping us get that word out that we can get to know him through the vehicle of prayer and the book is about, modeled on an looking at the what we call the Lord's prayer where he was teaching his disciples how to get to know their heavenly father.

Better is it fastening the disciples came to Jesus didn't say teachers to teach teachers to to do get to do homily to preach and teach us to cast out demons and numerical so they were too great at that part didn't come about all that stuff about raising the dead. We like you really got a couple folks back home we lost a relatively go back and make some going on that they said teach us to pray to friend and they were now they were Jewish men said they already knew.


Prayer was at the heart some of their religious experience. Yet, after watching Christ because this is about three light about 22 and half years into the ministry they been watching him pray and they realized there's something different about the way he prays and then asked that's the voice of Barbara mill and many surely you lost your life and God brought some right you you your hear your miracle right and that somehow that works out. But but real quick. What's the website of the ministry like you folks want to get involved in a key got caught in it how she got radical timeout, praying radically the love radically in my beach it will be too radical for me. I don't know what it means.

I don't know if are you seeing this program is to make you commit no radio here. You know know you know what understand this if you're down on the basketball court in the basketball game by 20 points with the course do. He will: radical timeout because you have to regroup yourself good and that's why we are loosing us to. We are losing signal, reducing so people can call the office 630-2219, 930, or they can go to radical timeout that info. Okay, that has all your information yet radical timeout got on the local prison yet speak to the chaplain Yonkers no MC folks come to Christ in prison by the thousands. What what what happened to me about that what you look like. I seen people that violent people that dating the sense that what blind on loss being found given site icing lifers getting out about the Army we have held five lifer from Angola get out.

They are in the kingdom. That seems impossible.

Got Ken got can take the day and I'm bringing to light guy can think the blind and given site guy can think a sinner on change disposition from hating God to not loving.

I got can take off fears on Gables below guy can take online society and give us peace guy can take up anger and you will enjoy.

Does the God that we served on TV Guide that come part and he would do it again and he would do it again and he would do it again radical initially to get over it more too much of the Holy Spirit is annoying in here.

We'll wrap this podcast up this talk to talk week.

I'm getting here. Dr. Eric Griggs dug the good Dr. men were talking introduce people to great physician right what your website photo to find out about your ministry and what you're doing with the medical cytosolic, DOC, GRI you have your list in the wording of the towel talking more about you and your national show to disguise a national celebrity.

God brought you together. You just got back to Louisiana he said back there. That's his home Louisiana but you are Angola and this is neat. What kind of God. What kind of Savior transforms the life of someone who is in the worst prison who is going to be executed for their crimes, horrific crimes, crimes some we can even mention that are just so atrocious.

What I got is that many missing on the meat the medium with one verse Luke 1113 says Eve.

We know how to get before you ask fathers know what to give good gifts to children being evil. How much more is your heavenly father going to give us when we asking for the Holy Spirit to seek the Holy Spirit is Nokia to a friend a house he's yet to own house to ask a S a K ask, seek, and not loving I'm gonna want to give it to you in the future. I want to give it to you now, but we need to ask me to seek we need to knock because we need to be humble. Humility is still way true Christian like garlic to Cuba black beings.

The main ingredient and therefore when the humility to close on the book radical redemption of other book radical prayer power being bold and persistent. Many will learn more on twitter, Facebook will put it all relative anything.

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