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Born on the 5th of July - Evangelist Tim Lee

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 20, 2018 5:00 pm

Born on the 5th of July - Evangelist Tim Lee

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 20, 2018 5:00 pm

Stu sits down and talks with one of his childhood heroes, Evangelist Tim Lee

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What a treat to be able to catch up to one of my heroes.

From what I was knee high mom and dad would take me to hear this man of God who had his legs blown off in Vietnam and he's preaching the gospel from this rolling pulpit Tim Leavy evangelist Tim Lee Marine simile is good to talk to my brother. What a blessing you are has to think about was great to be with you again always enjoyed time with together with you.

Well, it's a treat and I thank you for for ministering to our area you're in town I try to catch you when you're in town and in this case, I caught you this really cool big old SUV near the driver seat. People think a guy like you in a wheelchair is going to hunt big game drive big trucks and in the amine that others hold you back brothers and stubbornly to enjoy life. I love going doing things in the bedroom for long time well and you were born on 5 July. That's not just clever phrase that's the name of your brand-new book. Congratulations what world you write a book like that for us to know that when I wrote my own story that I did have a book written but I have the tile board of 5 July course to take from a Tom Cruise movie of the real story of Marine in Vietnam. He accidentally shot one of his own Marines and then he himself was shot paralyzed in the became very bitter, very angry and mad at God by this country must always have direct opposite of that. I've never been. I grab never been better never been fortunate to be alive.

I'm glad God spare my life. I stepped on a 60 pound lineman and she would kill me instantly. I have a bit about my destroyer Jeep and it get filled up battlefield of Marine friend of mine who love God, prayed for me to tears streaming down his face, asking him begging God to let me live and operate that day. I wanted live so I figured never lived you've almost.I know what that means. I wanted to live and course everybody was praying for him after the word got out that I've been hit churches everywhere across America, but they had been a preacher for six years and about my family and friends praying for me and God heard and answered our prayers, but it wasn't just that I want to live after I lost my legs. I didn't sit around feel sorry for myself and want to quit life. I want to do something in my life and should never got married, got married and we been married now for six years, three children, six awesome grandchildren enough to show that rumor God called me to preach God call a man wheelchair with no legs to preach and I would go still. I was happy being a pastor run 150 on Sunday morning living the dream. I love that audit would do anything else my love and forgiveness want to do the rest of my live just past literature concerning more than one day God called me to be an evangelist and now amazing opportunity door that I would never dream to travel 50 weeks a year and sometimes two or three times a week speak some of the largest churches in this country, but it just is just I wanted to do that. I want to live a life for God if I will if I died a day you tub had died happy to do what God wanted me to do while you just challenge much of the whole student body or mind University spoken in the chapel. I was able to hear that my colleague David was in there. It was a riveting message and you were calling you call people either heaven or hell. But there's no middle ground is there is no middle ground until people, saying you don't have to go to heaven and you don't have to go to hell, but you can't stay here and I don't stay on this earth forever. You're going to go to heaven or hell depends on what you do Jesus and Esme message that's gospel messages tell people that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, and God, and after some 20 so that one son, and God love me and you and the whole world so much that he gave his only son for us. Jesus hung on the cross and on the cross, he suffered, and bled and died and then you stop and think about God's only son died. He died and gave up his life for us so we could have a relationship with God. The personal relationship with God and took off the cross and this is what separates Christianity from every other single religion. On the face of the earth because of the plot religiously lived and died, but none of them like Jesus stated three days later he gets up from the grave or towards overseeing death and hell today God sons alive until people. That's the good news that the gospel of the depth, the borough, the resurrection, but here is the great news was to come and live in your life and the day of people would repent of their sin and turn to Jesus very moment that they by faith say yes to Jesus while they said yesterday. Jesus did on the cross. What he did when he got up from that right when they say yes populate in the Lord Jesus comes into their life for all return to their God's child forever. You're one of the people that influence me even as a young guy to embrace that word being saved.

What is it about that word that you love Stanley legs blown off in Vietnam. He lay there saying God. If you let me live all serve you and you have for all these years. But what is that word that what is so rich about that were being saved to you is a lot of terminology we could use from biblical stamp is that never got over using that word say the Bible says in Romans 1013, whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. We can save ourselves and you live on this earth 100 you live as clean a life as we could give to the poor and feed the hungry, but it still wouldn't be enough to get us to heaven or Simmons. And so we needed to be saved and we talk about being born again until about life being trained to the power God is love that word say that the "this is your day. This is the day that you got saved, and that you can go tell people that God saved you told a whole auditorium full of people just about an hour ago in the bunch of them came forward in some of that even know why it is felt the conviction he got spirit and they want to surrender life so I'm not sure they'd Artie been saved and fell away like you had some just like a I need to call upon the name of the Lord, and there were tears there were hands in the air and you prayed intent on ready, what happened and what what you're so passionate about with inviting people to Christ is what I do every weekend and for 40 years, inviting people to Christ at the end of the say trust the Lord think that we had 18 college students save this morning and it was just amazing. That's why this ballot that never gets old. I love the week in week out and I'm glad God that may be in avengers it's great to be a missionary or pastor but as an evangelist and go out and conquer what we call drop that they give the gospel that we don't take credit for course God gets the glory. But churches have been praying and an apple and water and and so and working and praying inviting people and then we advance as a harbors a benders comes in and gives that gospel invitation and people come to Christ. It is so excited I never get over that I love seeing people get say what you're hearing the voice of evangelist Tim Lee, a great man of God is been preaching the gospel, how many years now, serve 45 years my peers while so what a blessing. I've been alive for 48 years as of yesterday, and you will thank you, and I've heard I've heard you for at least at least once a decade for the years and God use you to bring me to Christ, evangelist Emily, thank you for safely proclaiming the gospel that we got a go but get his book born on 5 July two and that all the proceeds that goes our Marine advance at the parasol of the it's a great great book. The most common phrase we heard is people say I couldn't put it down is that capital get the work Sheridan read and share with other people. Terrific yet huge ministry to Marines and you are sure are warriors all over all the different branches you know are fighting for standing guard will we have these discrete freedoms have in America. Just because they listen to Christian radio. Just because someone goes to a Christian college doesn't make him a Christian. The last 30 seconds.

Your challenge there went out there listening to really turn to Christ.

Every everyone is Lordy olive wants a good friend of mine.

He told me was a self-made man.

He didn't people talk about Jesus and witnessing to be safe. He didn't see the need and one they fell off the tank at June and back. He was paralyzed, he could move a set at that moment I felt like a helpless baby set at that moment the self-made man who thought he could do everything, was a helpless little babies that I knew then that I needed God. Everyone needs God, no matter how much money you have them and how much educate handymen how how strong you are, you need Jesus and to date Jesus Christ was coming to your life.

You disinvited say Lord you're welcome to come in about life and save me, he'll do it. He promised that he would one of my heroes. A man who's who will have two new legs in heaven, but he sees driving this big SUV without legs just with his hands and the Holy Spirit right here with them. Tim Lee Tim Lee it a sister that's basically 6T IM learn about him. Now get One of those gospel tracts the past ounce and I chose my Bible study this morning share price of one soul before bed tonight. Somebody give this deadline Vietnam. The day my my running stopped him to give this track to someone made a right to Christian radio and there were 2 million of the Military chaplain prison chaplain's use of it. They don't that'll thought about people read and listen support disguise. Mr. get this book given to someone in your life. It's in the military that's in the branch of the building, Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines serving Air Force and thank you Tim Lee. We appreciate your heart and thanks for dropping in here with us on to talk we can bring to this podcast that are all sweet and all copies even retreated enough. Thank you for sharing Jesus, thank you still love you guys got

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