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Stu With Some World-Changers

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 3, 2018 5:00 pm

Stu With Some World-Changers

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 3, 2018 5:00 pm

This week Stu sits down with "The Fellows", a group of world-changing young people on a mission of service. And a special musical guest provides us the best intro music we've had on the show yet!

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Truth talk weekend we have a special musical opening you are about to hear starting now great man of God is loudest you know my well thank you, Tom Tom totally left right you symmetric right just like I said to do a spelling your flautist to play the flute in churches or were you go. As I do.

What a blessing it were to use you more for this talk about doing some things to bless more people I've seen this man giveaway of multi-expensive flute to godly people in the studio.

He just loves to play the flute and what's neat about what you're doing is some talented people in the room right now and kind of their maestro, their composer, conductor is a guy named Ned Erickson is a program called the fellows the top you want today to help be a part of our introduction into ministries Artemis or the lobby, be thou my vision is everything else we could pray. Besides that, Ned Erickson, that's really your passion for the fellows is that the vision God is that prayer right there that's that's exactly right. No wet what he says in Scripture is that without a vision the people perish and we do in the fellows as we give men and women the opportunity to think about the way God sees them and use that as the context by which they see themselves and how they see the world and to do that at the beginning of their careers to think about what it could look like as they live for the kingdom integrate their faith in their work, live in fellowship with one another and make an impact for Jesus 11 in the fellows are in the house.

Someone misunderstood you with the use of the felons are in the house and you know what ruthless we only the Lord right so there's no problem there, but it was a carousing who's that talking about like which one of you, but were honest Instagram life right now hello Graham Pham one way, these are the fellows. These guys are probably more grant followers, and I do in the Tom combined time. You probably have a bunch that I know you got a bunch I see those I see this guy hanging on rocks. I see it is failing. I like dude I just I go all kinds of places just by looking on. That's Graham. Amazing, but this program is is really awesome these young people think the graduate college there on fire for God during different places me that I was a little bit and they show up as a fellow and so there's how many we got about eight or nine of them in here right now are to have lunch and hang out right but what's the passion of the fellows program that how would you describe it. Maybe you can always guys can step up to the mic and we can get them to talk a little bit but what you say yellow stew. You and I talked about this, you know, at the at the fundamental level. What we really believe in it is radical discipleship in him. Person on person life on life live in life together struggling together fight for each other and point each other to Jesus and so we do that in a lot of ways we have these fellows live with families. They work in the community and all different kinds of sectors of society.

They get a mentor. They take classes together and then the beauty of being in a peer group that are all looking for the same thing to follow Jesus in every aspect of their life that's radical discipleship while and you know something that I really believe strongly and you think about Jesus's strategy to reach the world. It wasn't to build a mega-church. It was the poor is life in the 12 guys and to give them a vision to share the great news that Jesus Christ is come is die and he's living now. Amen. So that's what we we talk about really every week and try to live that output in the practice like we say we all speak of them. I can just tell us.

Maybe their name and were there from or something what what you what you want them to say yeah while we while we while we say who we are, what you're doing in founder Brian where you surveying and meet a fellow Jesus, feel, fellows, flybys, and click joys and their producing awesomeness, just like old times right buddy okay Brian, go click to your were excellent and may go down Brian Pardue from Winston. I got plugged in at Redeemer, operations, marketing for the Thruway Chick-fil-A and my mentor is out short fantastic. I saw Samantha to see O'Brien. There was a way O'Brien ever diminishing here guys are awesome at Shawnee Syria okay yeah tell us please. I am Chinese landing and and and identity River Oaks church. My mentor and by great lady and I'm working at my notice now and I really think over this program or thankful for you awesome. Thanks for being here and getting a look fellows when you step up just realized the believer radios you can't see the hundred million people that are hearing right now so you sure I like letting them up right then the other thing we chose this picture hundred million people in their Speedo's but you know I think so like when what that image, so let's use the first one good tell us until yesterday where you're from, and in what you what your passion is about the stuff my name down the hall to and from Wilmington. I cannot. I like it big Brothers big sisters here marketing communications and I got a Redeemer Church super yes mentors in your life to. I do some cool welcome to have. You know Skokie but keep on going to swap the camera back to this young man appear which I cardholders are, says Jesus is my superhero medical there's a verse on a John 316, such that he says for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life of yes of snaps going on what section were also saying it was a hand will do at the end. Okay what you were to write.

That's right okay so Joy will get like two seconds left on her two fingers and they will say that word we got about what fiber he's keep me posted. Okay, good. So till she leaves for applicant's brother tells your name and where you're from and maybe your mentors what you're doing right now, so my name is Andrew Miller I'm from Toledo Ohio. I work for flow automotive. My mentor's exit is from the church I go to first Presbyterian and his name is Brian amperage fantastic and what it does tell us what attracted the fellows. Why are you in this group.

I would all your friends like they want you on Wall Street are going here and there. You came to be part of the fellows.

What's up with that. Yes, I thought it was a neat opportunity, like Ned was saying earlier toot to bridge the gap between between college and the workforce. I thought it was awesome and I wanted to move to North Carolina so just a good opportunity for me. You made a great choice.

I tell you, awesome or glad to hear man one of us get our next guy to have entered awesome. I know you guys to write like there like your kind of their like the little time through the ninja maestro, mentor little bit. So thankfully doesn't get sick of the sofa. Awesome. Okay, tell us tell us about yourself. Everybody, my name is Trent Hancock I'm from Columbia, South Carolina.

I'm currently plugged in with hope church and Redeemer Church comedy while I am Trinity Church, Winston-Salem, and I'm working in the became a department of the bunker okay will send an apology letter Redeemer to make sure that LPR played a Redeemer last night. At first we love all the terrace exactness is so cool though. It was excited me. That is to hear young people speaking positively about churches is there other book I see is like why we left the church what a church in any good anymore why the church is broken like young people, twentysomethings talk about cooler churches are in their mentors in the churches honey in it refreshing. I think it's totally true. We are the church so we we get to determine what that is. Jesus is the head, where where the body and that's important that we recognize that that God calls us to come together worship together.

Love one another and it's not just the walls of the church you know we are the church in the community that's all we we think a lot about that being the body right fantastic. It's such a blessing that the church is both on working for than super open and for mental lies from coastwise and it's great to worship and be a part of. Okay, so let's get another young man. Thank you. Great views of the fellows are just join us. This is true talk weekend. I'm Stu Epperson your amazing flautist get the podcast just to hear Tom play again to have them back. He plays the flute and shares with Jesus about the use of the deal. The bus depot your day leading people to Christ every told talk about this morning or Wednesday in the word men's group Ned Erickson is the head of the fellows group that's you know they're in Winston-Salem but kids come from all over for all crazy part right, Ned. That's right we we have fellows from as far as Oregon have been part of our program here in North Carolina so cool On deck your dear Briggs, I'm from a little bit closer. I'm from right here Winston-Salem. Okay, fantastic.

I'm over at first Perez for church and work at Wake Forest Institute of regenerative medicine doing research there.

That's fantastic getting a researcher dear Mr. heavy heavy hitters buddy. While I think the ISU level just went up the studio. It went down I walked anyone that you and your guys came.

It went up. We got 30 seconds to be the last guy real quick, tell us young man your name and what your work were you hail from it all at stuff a Tim Spengler I am right here with the Salem. I am working at present country Day school, but in turn they are doing a couple of things I'm going to hope church and being mentored by guy named John Beam and testingare you look like a dentist. I know that is not any real I am not related dressing as I got all this bicuspid record and I want to see if you could put the past.

The fellows once again that frivolous note there in the website. We tell several quick. Well, you know, our tagline is really just to arts in Moraga say it together. Ready 123 start well. Love it all straight start.

Well, that's the time when the websites what you can get a Winston-Salem WS and check us out.

So I got a young person in your life there.

They love the Lord electric figured out where were my going plug you and then right click it with the fellows. Maybe. Maybe they want to be just what needs more discipleship, mentoring, or maybe they need to be mentoring discipling. This is a ministry for giving and receiving right, selecting part of what it means to follow Jesus is to to receive but also to give. And that's deftly something that we we want to do.

Actually later today we head over to a different part of Winston and do tutoring and mentoring and serving in a community that has less privileges we have in mind that's part of what we think about we not were not only getting mentor, but we also mentor who discipling recycling who discipling you the very important question. Were supposed to be. As believers, and if anyone is not a believer listening were so glad you're with us.

Tune in to some great news for you but Jesus ago make disciples. And there's a ministry doing that is called the fellows and in the studio right now there in the studio there their fearless leader Ned working to talk for a couple minutes here on this national radio show to talk weekend and then go eat you guys hungry the fellows. The young people in their 20s you hungry Ned, you discover that well. I know this 44-year-old, even this guy man who sites all over the world including Pike's Peak Ned Tellis who is Ned Erickson and how did God burst in you this ministry that is just so awesome unique that the Truth Network's acute supporter of well I was I was working with some young man at an fellows program is also for men and women but I was working with some not want young men at Wake Forest University just up the road from here and they were in that stage of life there graduating from college what they weren't sure what they wanted to do next and said they did what a lot of college students do itches. Well, I'll just move to in a big city find a job, try to figure it out and I said you know what I I wish we had a program here in Weston where they could stay we could, I could continue to disciple them and I could help them. You know, figure out that vocational piece to their life and one thing I've become more and more convinced of is it nothing against full-time vocational pastors and churches, but that's that's one of last different things you can do with the life and in the kingdom really needs great baristas in it. They need great businessmen and they need great businesswomen and folks in healthcare in Folkestone doing law and radio and radio and how are we equipping them to fully live out their passion for letting this in the marketplace and so that's what fueled the desire to start this program. I never thought I would be the leader of it. I thought I would just tend to get the ball rolling. But I got caught in snowball and here I am. He's here and he's on right now to talk weekend grow Stu Epperson Instagram live is rolling right now so everyone waves the histogram family. One wave guys. Okay, awesome.

This is so cool.

We have Tom, who's dressed to the Dodge for Halloween or to the cheese. However, the phrase goes soldier flute up. He's really a flautist and he can play sometimes you play just spontaneous like when you national play.

Sometimes we just pipe into it. No pun intended to hear something background coming in from the might be some feedback feedback back like amazing Grace is happening amazing Grace is breaking out in this sound really that's a Grayson saved a wretch like me. Honestly yeah what you lost once while I was blind but now I unbelievable, so powerful, so we have Tom and here Instagram a lot of kids that are watching that right there.

Hello Instagram fan. Love you guys there like man really other kids my age love Jesus did you have an issue that can you show chili audits on the grandmas or anyone else to love Jesus.

I got a bunch in here then you and Ned is so like this generation, like like Willie to be shaming them as a look put the sigs up and quit drinking, smoking and fool around and in in go to church. It's really there's a deeper call from Jesus Christ like that has that's so non-behavior focused is really hard, focused, and that's where discipleship comes in for the gospel comes in like you're not like trying to clone these people into good Sunday school kids there something deeper tell everyone what you call the people out there that Jesus is got this amazing caller lives amazing up imputed the beauty of the gospel.

I think that's really true, you know God created each one of us completely uniquely in others. No one in the history of the world that has the same eyes as you the same earlobe structure is you that each one of us are completely unique and God's purpose for each person in this world is to become that person that he created you to be and how do you do that you do that, well, you get to know Jesus because he is the author and the perfecter of our faith. But you have to also do it in community because community is the way that Jesus works.

He works as a relational God. And that's that's the other piece of you know you you're not assisting as a Lone Ranger, Christian, and we need each other to encourage each other point each other to Jesus and to help remind each other that we are who God says we are not what the world says we are about who God says we are, and you've written a couple books, Ned. I've really enjoyed the relationship a love discover time I see him like he does know this, please. Discipling me and he's doing that today in a big way because he is modeling what it means to encourage others in the building other people's lives, but Ned what what is it that about people that look at you when you were a snotty nosed kid going all different directions. What is it about them that built into your life. The people that like took you out for a milkshake and nothing to gain, but the poor Jesus and you and tell us about that in your life and then look and challenge our listeners an audience of viewers about how they can pour another people's lives so absolutely you know I think I think what I've learned is if you're out there looking for a mentor. It never hurts to ask somebody it's always it's an honor to be asked to be a mentor.

So if you're just afraid, just to let somebody ask him look. Don't listen to the sermon next weekend.

Just look around the church see that person he really seems like they're getting it chase them down after the service will say hey listen, can we get coffee this week I want to hear your story and begin a relationship. I started a relationship with a guy named Phil. 20 years ago and we have been meeting ever since.

So I've been I continue to be mentored and nothing against Phil, but I still need help. I still need his help.

After 20 years of being mentored and so those relationships are absolutely invaluable and now I will have in a mentor. My life for as long as I live.

That is so cool.

To find a mentor is not hard to do. Just find someone in that that that's maybe a little more tread on the tires writer you know what to say, hey now you know I kinda want to I want to be like him when I grow up knowing and and then and then also be a mentor. How important is that like is what you're trying to teach these young people in the fellows program awesome young people on fire for God. What's a motto on 3123**well is so cool you do a lot of shows on legacy like finishing will you with so little guys like the graying that are there. Try to leave behind a legacy finishing well but your these guys right at the beginning of something huge, manlike guts taken them. Maybe they're part of reaching the 2 billion people on the planet who never heard the gospel made their part of that generation.

This can forget about the first world problems and reach the Third World with the good news of Jesus who knows drilling wells nose walking across the country, you know, you know. Who knows, but beat what you're trying to turn them into disciple makers talk about how important it is for some of us to get off our blessed assurance and go make disciples go P the mentor allowed to put the me and mentor oh man it was good. I just turn that is turn that phrase. Wow ratings are just you not line up right and sometimes we we give this generation we we complain about them. We say that in either their things are getting worse, but being around folks in their 20s is only given me one more hope for the gospel. These are the world changers and I get to be a front row of to see what God is doing in this next-generation and I'm fully hope these guys get it they really get following Jesus and this world is not can be the same because that's awesome and so really, at some point. Each one of you had to decide I am going to just follow the Jeep follow Jesus follow the Lord and I will make a difference in each one of you had to decide the factor sit near means. At one point you decided I'm to do this fellows program. I'm not sure what I'm signed up for no one Saturday morning on it hanging rock at 6 AM and then the next day. Sunday I'm standing in front of the church of 100 people told them about this program and you know I'm in the hospital talking to a chaplain on Monday and I might be at a dinner some crazy programmer. Maybe you'll be thrust onto a radio platform like be on a national audience with massive ratings, you know, just saying right now your parting passion. Everyone is runtime what he say out there to people what how do you challenge everything we talk, but how you challenge people out there watching, listening to truth talk we can all of our different networks well socially. I don't at this is so serious and it sounds cliché, but it's a serious get to know Jesus and no man because the more you get to know Jesus, the more you fall in love with Jesus and the more you fall in love with Jesus, the more you follow Jesus, the more you follow Jesus, the more you will become like Jesus and the more you become like Jesus, the more you will become that person that he created you to be. And that's true whether you become a fellow where they you know you've aged out of this opportunity. That's true for all of us and the thick secret ingredient to life is to get to know this man, Jesus Christ. Amen.

Awesome unit Jesus said the disciples he said, follow me. Most important two words anyone could hear from him and then he said this, he says I will make you fishers of men. And I love the fellows. It's a big fish in program for your disciple and people in your being turned an amazing fisherman and who are we catching who recast in the the net out to resent I don't have it figured out. But I followed him. Let's go see him. Let's go to Jesus.

They should point us to Jesus, man, thank you stupid yet easy to be here with you today. Quick handshake saying goodbye follow us on Instagram or on twitter or Facebook were to put this video out there somewhere is going to go crazy or TV producer 20 candy amazing man.

I got minister candy on Instagram Jasper in the hot seat in there Jasper.

Thanks for all you do man and our flautist Tom take us home baby just goes to be just all of a sudden that Christ alone

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