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Faith, Politics, and the Right Way to Combine Them

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 10, 2018 5:00 pm

Faith, Politics, and the Right Way to Combine Them

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 10, 2018 5:00 pm

This week Stu invites the team of Capitol Commission into the studio to talk about the right way to combine politics and the word of God.

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Oh, the world of politics, you been here in the battles you see in the political ads. The signs boy there is anger and decide who you pulling for who's going to win your candy loses you're all upset the world going to populace and one candies like manner this person gets elected. It's over. This is a world are working to going today but a completely different angle Stu Epperson here to talk weekend and I'm so glad to talk to some men of God today that are going deeper and they are going to different politicians and state legislation and votes and issues there talking about Jesus. How can this be friends. Well, let me bring on the good Dr. Brad Harbaugh with this. Who is the of capital commission. The slogan serving and engaging legislators for Christ Dr. Brett Harper, I don't.

I just don't get it, man. You're supposed be out there angry fighting you're having Bible studies man on Capitol Hill.

What's up with that we are called to be representatives of Jesus first and foremost and is a matter fact you know as followers of Jesus we we we can come with that message. We represent the kingdom of God and eternal kingdom and stand in the midst of the polarized left and right culture and our focus is on up and forward.

God is has ordained government and we are there to help them acknowledge him to seek his counsel and according to Psalm two. He is the one who will firm those leaders or not. Well here introduces the one your cohorts your partner in crime, but first tell us the capital commission what is effectively you guys do listeners out there. This this is one of the most fascinating ministries we've known you guys for years. Love what you're doing always are supported in your about to find out why listeners tell we want our leaders to succeed. I don't think anyone would disagree with that. And so the Scripture tells us that we honor God in our in our land will be blessed when we fulfill the priority action to fight the good fight of faith, which is to pray for all of those in authority over us. Now that's not just the ones we voted for which we all do and and then and probably discard the rest. But God's is pray for all of them known the context of that verse that's Nero who was smarting Christians well and and so so God is called us to that capital commission serves legislative leaders as a spiritual resource with no political agenda. We demonstrate the love of Jesus by providing biblical insights and we come alongside them with comfort and encouragement we have seen that the Bible without an agenda is powerful and building relationships representing Jesus and being able to share the good news of Christ and the word of God which God promises it to not come back void changes hearts and lives. And when that happens, there is an effective righteousness and righteousness exalts a nation well here, wondered how to get involved in politics without being political and how to have a kingdom ministry in that circle in that area that world you are eliciting the right program. I'm Stu Epperson this is true.we can now you got a guy next year whose nod his head and smile and he's a partner in crime here in the ministry. One of the prayer warriors here tell us about him and what God how God brought him and introduce them to us. I am so excited as I have stepped into a national role of Dr. Bert Jones is stepping in as the new state minister of North Carolina. I'm very excited because sentences is served as a representative coming out of rocking him and his wife Susan have observed in the local church there in in the Reidsville area and of he is a man of God, a man of peace. He has served on the nonpartisan prayer carcass respected by both sides is he has been commissioned to abide by our now political lobbying agenda and he has a tremendous rapport. He knows the people at the capital and in Raleigh and he is going to be used of God greatly just one introduced Dr. Bert Joe stated that when Dr. Jones at some high billing with up to. So now you get this year, you get to either talk us out of what he just said or tell us what death of God's you. This tells your passion man well it it has really been a blessing for me as a legislator for the last eight years to to be a part of the capital commission ministry and just to be introduced to that and I can speak on behalf of of Christian legislators to say that it is just a tremendous blessing I've seen so many of my colleagues that now they are elected and they come to Raleigh and and like everybody else. He just hear all about the, the worst of politics and politicians and so forth and and they get there and they recognize that we do have the opportunity to participate in Christian ministry that we have weekly Bible studies, we have a chapel service.

Once a week we have monthly prayer breakfasts and all kinds of special events and just opportunity. I have seen legislators grow in their faith. I've seen people come to Christ. You know you want we we we hope and we pray as Christians we want to elect people to government that that have a Christian biblical worldview or will and we just seen as people you know we know faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. And when you get people there that are studying and learning about the word of God. The seed is being sign on to those that don't know God and to those that do we see them growing in their faith. Asus been a tremendous blessing and now for me to have the opportunity to serve as the state minister going forward it. It's a tremendous blessing for me in a it is not about me it's not about prey or any messages about the Lord Jesus Christ and and when we are ambassadors for Christ were there to serve him and said the ministry goes forward that the state minister changes, but the ministry doesn't that's really exciting and so I want to encourage everyone listening where you fall politically. What you just said is critical.

It's reaching the heart.

Instead of focusing someone's politics and how they vote will you agree or disagree with their party.

Your your bringing them into this Bible study GE sure tell me you have a room full of Democrats and Republicans absolutely yes you're studying the book of Luke or seven this year was walking through the book of Ephesians and we, as a matter fact that we had a very mixed group of people are gathered.

One of our representatives did not believe in the Trinity. The train got and was very much challenged by visions want us were walking throughout. Walking through that, but he kept coming and interacting, and representatives were saying hey would you just keep teaching the work keep teaching the word and obviously you go to find various worldviews coming from both both party lines whether it's a naturalistic worldview or theistic worldview of some transcendental worldview. You go to get different worldviews, and so the Bible certainly is is cutting into all those worldviews in challenging people with God's counsel as tremendous. What a blessing so capital commission is the name of the ministry.

Yes, we got the good Dr. Bert Jones the house and Dr. Brad Harber of Harbaugh in your passion is to continue to minister in serving your nationwide to show blisters in Virginia and all over the place can learn more at your website a guess right at absolutely you can go to capital spell within all because were focused on the people serving their CAP ITOL but but would I want to say we've created a website so everybody listing can participate in the ministry, we create a website and it is easy, makes it easy for you to pray for each of your state and national legislative leaders no matter what state you are in one of what the website goes beyond that it allows you to share with that particular leader that you're praying for them. Website is www.pray. One Tim missile handout that has the. The nine suggestions based on selected Scripture which is a real ritual prayer guide which is fascinating because your your try to change your country.

The heart because if someone gets a hold of the legislators heart. God tell him the right way to vote in the right way to to legislate in the right ethics and the right morals. This is getting people to God and getting both evil listening to my voice right now to the Lord and getting them to think spiritually about these things and which is why we need to support more ministries like yours, which are really nearly we always say our country's attorney God see all are doing it privately are going after leaders of our country both parties. Everyone absolutely should still let me tell you one of the things that concerns me with with the church. With God's people today is that what we've engaged politics and I think we've done that well we we have some great ministries that are lobbying for moral issues and along with that they're doing some soul care to our representatives, but but when I look at God's word the priority action to fight the good fight of faith is focused on praying for all of your leaders, and its focus on teaching them all the truth and I have found that the pure ministry of prayer and the word of God is changing hearts and lives.

And of you were living in a day. Today when Christian means political group right we've lost. We've lost the edge because we've shifted the priority of prayer to political act. While in God needs. We need to come back and just obey God on this and pray for all of our leaders and that's in the context of a worship service and so this tool is teaching the body of Christ to carry out and pray God's way for their political a lot. We are superior political leaders, but we need to we need to specifically do this is a biblical path toward that pray one Tim to to get the prayer guide and capital,.org to learn more about capital commission how you can plug in how we can pray for your ministry and if you're confused about which politician to send money to send money to capital commission so they can reach these politicians with imagine what happens of politician goes to Bible study there and hear God's word and what you and people are praying for them. So did involve friends. This is a great way to get involved in politics without being involved in politics like a load that will commission talked about prayer. That's one Peter defines her ministry presence we create opportunities that bring faith leaders together with legislative leaders. Some of those are prayer events. Symbols are prayer breakfast some of those are pastors commissions to the capital but no, again, now more than ever in our polarized political culture. Our leaders need comfort and encouragement up and we are there giving them hope behind the scene so that's presence, and we seek to build that being there with them in in all of our capitals out. What we just saw a Texas senator come to Christ because of that very thing. Something because of the faithfulness of of a state minister in his presence. We've seen of representatives in California come to Christ this year it will you know what we were just seeing God move receiving lobbyists come to Christ this year, but the other thing is proclamation what we have prayer where presence proclamation. We boldly present the good news of Jesus love and forgiveness. Hold that thought will get that more that we come back with our friends from capital commission how to impact politics to God's word and the most bipartisan way that's ever existed to capital commission. Hang on. Don't touch that dial the two things you never supposed to talk about is God and politics were taught about a both right now, but like you would never imagine we got to meet a God who are ministering the word of God to politicians are not zoned out of vote, not caucusing the not lobbying. There simply having Bible studies, prayer meetings in leading these guys to Christ guys and gals who are public servants were compelled to pray for them. Capital commission is taken to further their doing all these things are like a chaplaincy almost ties at night. How did I Dr. Brad Harbaugh is with me right here with me and we also have Dr. Bert Jones in the house and you guys because all EMU here North Carolina figure 23 states and that I characterize our right to be getting there. Absolutely we we have been talking about the you know the faithful presence of our our star ministry.

We try to bring Jesus into our capitals make people aware of his presence make him notice Christ and Lord.

And as we think about the proclaiming Jesus. Certainly the gospel, the good news his love and forgiveness is something that that we want to bring into their capital but we also do expositional Bible studies mentioned earlier that we walk through visions inerrancy capital this year, but we provide clear Bible studies to our leaders weekly during legislative session now thinking about our 23 states this year calculating that out. We have handed out 100,000 handwritten one page two-sided Bible studies just like the one the sling if you still figuration and in these RRR presenting of bold truths of God's word and of tremendous Dr. Joe's you were you were in symbols, Bible studies you've taught supposed Bible studies. Maybe you have, and that the weather Bible studies are excellent and again when when you're immersing people in God's word, good things will happen and you're sowing the seed, your rear helping people to grow in their faith by my learning God's word better understanding God's word participating in these Bible studies and I want to expand a little bit on on something that was said about the presence because of the fact that the capital commission ministry has a respected presence. They are at the capital you know we are recalled in the great commission to make the Lord Jesus Christ and discipleship is is coming alongside, walking with building those relationships and that's what we see happening through the capital commission ministry. Mr. comes in as as you said earlier there there is that a chaplaincy presence there is the building of relationships, the one-on-one ministry all the work that goes and beyond just the group Bible studies and set forth in the events said that is truly invaluable while secure the paralegal here North Carolina. Dr. Jones, but you are your base all in or all of the cashier, the national your urology nationally so what's it like as you are in politics yourself, your your legislator, the one time and then but you also let's impair things, but now you're in full-time ministry. So when people come is a way to second man, pro-life, pro-marriage, why don't you be a Democrat, will you be Republican when people give you this than the political heat sand what you have, how to use how you speak to that and talk about the importance of what you're doing, which is this and how do you stay neutral to welding is important to recognize that were were not a bipartisan ministry were nonpartisan ministry coming. The Bible is not a partisan ministry say when we're talking about something it's not is not my opinion or is not a political party platform. This is what does the Bible have to say about a particular issue. So if we're discussing any kind of issues that may come in as part of the Bible study and discussion. It is not about our opinions or party platform or anything like that is all about what the word of God has to say and I think you know when Christ was engaged. He always came back with the word of God and you know it is written when when he was tempted by Satan. He comes back with it is written, he comes back to the word of God. The truth of the word of God, and that's what where they are to proclaim or not they are to carry in the banner of a political party or platform are not not my opinion versus your opinion, it's all about what the word of God has to say that someone else's daughter, Holly.

These are preliminary to go to church but thereafter there about Capitol Hill. There there legislating there there got bills and got sessions. They got lobbying they got breakouts they got all kinds of stuff in one of my favorite responses was from a legislative assistant to who basically gave me the mother finger were to succumb your commuter Camaro. Talk to you from across the room and she said that she holds up a Bible study, and she said you know how powerful this is.

She does most of the people here don't know God are least they don't go to church all and she said this is like candy.

We read law we read policy all day long we gotta review this and we can handed this. She says do you know this is like dynamite for God to use in this and this comments and and and so it is the Bible again without an agenda is so so powerful and end of you, we often want to. Obviously the Bible school speak about moral issues. Bibles get a present sanctity of life. The Bible is going to Bible's going to hit the solutions of today.

It's going to give those count that counsel to to the leaders that have to answer those questions and so of you know we we wanted to do that, but we've we've seen that when we are focused on the souls and doing something that's I'm here for you, but you think about half of the nation, hates half of our politicians right.

The other half wants to lift up that politician, but to get something from him.

Our leaders right now are living a life of weary wariness and loneliness and and and everybody wants something from them were there to give them soul care. How can I pray for you. How can I lift up. How can I encourage you and it takes them a while to say this guy for real. Is he really for real.

And then all of a sudden they realize hey I think this guy really means what he says and they began to open up and share burdens who are the got a towel in this age when hey, I've got a secret. I've got a concern I got a problem whom I gotta tell I mean I'm done. If I tell anybody.

This so were the person that they can come to us a minute really struggle with this. Could you help me I'm struggling with whatever that is an end and it could you help me could you pray for me. How could God help me with this. Pray for me in this area and that is leading our leaders in the direction of the God wants him to go.

That's fantastic. Well thank you guys for what you're doing capital commissions ministry. This is true talk we can.

I'm Stu Epperson working make this a podcast. Everyone can listen that way ensure it downloaded and were also going to do a little social media blurb and I just I love it because it like reminds the believer. There's hope in the world of politics.

You know it's just a get so frustrating and you get so into it and you're like I'm a believer and I'm watching election results and I'm I get upset and I start to United to to to sing my fingernails into the into the whatever couch cushion. I'm holding and also don't wait a second I'm not of this world. What about the kingdom and the night then ministries like yours. I want to support you guys because you're up there ministering to both sides and we talked about the good Samaritan the guy the lawyers. It was my neighbor. Well, you're going to people in the initial loneliness to these people that you may despise politically there lonely as all get out, and whose love in them and given them soul care in a meadow still. Thank you for the opportunity to share her heart today and I want to let you know that we are in in 23 states. We want this to go to all 50 are our vision is is to be be in the 50 states doing staff in interim Bible studies and Capitol Hill and in and we need help. First of all we need people praying for this ministry.

We need to praying for our ministries ministers that they would be strong and bold in the proclamation and and and give help us to to get out, get the feel development done and launch some new minute stress and other snack Q right is a website capital capital capital because they serve the capitals of all of 23 states and commission because there there there on the straight commission of the great commission right making disciples think you guys what you do and support this ministry go online, find, and there will will tweet about it or twitter@Stu Epperson on our Facebook on our Instagram. Thank you guys for your awesome ministry.

What a treat. What a blessing. Thank you Steve and I aiding lush legislators with the gospel. Dr. Bert Jones and Dr. Brad Harbaugh so that house in the studio for the gym known him for years. What a great ministry guys have here and keep supporting and pray for your leaders pray for your politician and was the website for full fidelity. Www.pray. One Tim Sandy R a Y1 number one PIM to number 2.origin

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