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Spreading the Truth in Italy

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 15, 2018 5:00 pm

Spreading the Truth in Italy

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 15, 2018 5:00 pm

This week Stu talks with Italian missionary Renato Giuliani about spreading the true word of God in Italy.

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From wine country to the rolling hills and meadows, all of trees impresses in the Mediterranean Sea beautiful country of Italy and yet God is called this man is in front of me right now. His name is Renato Giuliani, Giuliani, Giuliani, just like ice didn't say to go there and be assured Italy how are you been over there. My brother, but 25 years 25 years. How did you have called her out, you could say, well, that was a long time ago that was born in 1966 in Rome, Italy and the mother was so liminal Catholic. My father devoted to the Communist Party so there was this sort of breeding of both religious and political in our family and the but my father had been an early orphan in this life and they're going to. It was it was sent to the age of 10, right after his father died to a Catholic boarding school run by priests and that's really really learned to dislike the church and so during the 60s.

He turned to politics and I think there was in my father's life in a huge void because of the lack of affection in the losses and so when an independent Baptist missionary family from Winston-Salem North Carolina came to live right across the street that has study Pima Bible college here in the my father drew the first one to say you know with us like to study the Bible with you and it was not emptiness. You know, in the meaninglessness in his life that he had to feel in some way and so I thought I shouldn't wasn't really saved after a long time after that. But they got it started. You know that was 1977 and 76 and 9077 that's where I when I begin at the age of 10 and 11 years old to attend Bible studies you know and but I was only covered in 1981 when reading through the gospel. The sum of amount my room when it seemed that the Lord really X-rated my soul showing me that sin was so eradicated. It wasn't just a matter of doing an action that was evil. It was a matter of what I desired. What I what really defines me was what I desired.

And if that was true as it was true. I was lost in desperate need of Christ and only his cross any sacrifice any source. Note could save me and so I cried out and I was 50 years of age at the time and that's how my Christian walk started in 1985.

I went for your military service is mandatory and that was an important year for many reasons that the major one was that I begin to have a real thirst for the word of God as never before, and study into going deeper understanding of things reading good literature and and and evangelize and remember on your military base and several friends and so my my real passion is to be music you know my phone will be my career and wanted to be a songwriter and a singer and but the Lord begin to really change me and make my lifetime passion himself and his words and the spreading of us were most of the saved and the lost and by the time I was 22 years of age, 1988 I become convinced that a comment to the ministry so it wasn't a revelation or a dream. It was a and quenching imperative that I unit up in Italy all these years serving Christ leave you will Christ there. What how did you go there. I was born and raised all of this took place there and I ended up marrying the missionary's daughter Charisse stop and so that was in 1989 and 1989 and then that year January. We were married at Salem Baptist Church here in town and begin to attend the Piedmont and your mother actually was one of her teachers. English and and so after about five years, you know, study their 1994 we went back to the field and begin to work, supported by 20 churches and some families. So that's how it started to voice your hearing is Rick Renato Giuliani yes actually I did not get better is your general little bit of the time myself and he is with me on to talk weekend and were so glad is here he is full-time in Italy as a missionary with his family and chose a little bit about your work or what what you do it earlier me.

Everyone's probably thinkable Italy yes goodness gracious me that you know the biggest religion wannabes was the roads over there. Why do they need a missionary go over… Right yet. The depends on your perspective, what the gospel is so I know I it's it's really it's different to talk about Roman Catholicism in academic terms, or abstract terms.

If you have been a Roman Catholic and you actually lived in Rome and we just did not know the gospel we have been taught. The salvation was through the sacraments and through confessions and through through all the different means that they point us to us instruments of salvation, especially that the church you know and we had no knowledge of. So like that idea you know that was by grace alone through the simple embracing of a of a broken heart you know of this free gift that we are actually saved and reconciled to God. Note, not as an easy escape from hell but as a revolutionary message that changes the life and the purpose and that was not something that we knew we didn't know really the gospel that we were somewhat religious as many people so what we doing there. Well, I think the, the answer is that the vision of a missionary cannot be understood unless one understands the overall situation the bigger picture in the in of the bigger picture in Italy is that Italy has 60 million people population and 6 x 70%. Professes to be Catholics of the rest is pretty much ideologically towards the left so we have also strong atheistic relativistic ideology that dominates the culture at this point, so I would say Roman Catholicism dominates the formal life of the people and their habits you know and but ideologically I think that God people you are very much dominated by by a very godless view of of of life and living and the so this plenty of work with 60 million people. There's actually only about 400,000 people that claim to be evangelicals very broadly speaking, 60 or 1690 62 million that there's only how many born-again Christians. Yeah, that's quite a statement born-again. If we mean that not as a slogan but as a reality. The thing boils down to this 400,000 means what is 0.6% of the 60 million but you see half of that about 200,000 are liberal in their theology, meaning a very basic denial of the more St. the most ancient truths of Christian legal Bibles real nonstop.

Well I made this a denial of the Trinity of Christ. The deity of Christ, the virgin birth and inspiration of Scripture is forcing errands. Knowing but that amounts to about half of that more than happy that you're over there tell us what you're doing you, your wife, your family, or are you working with the church to leave you will Christ are you doing some suppose. You hear me some really cool books. I yes I think the I look at our ministry us to face them and we have administer the slope of the local church and so evangelism and dying of pastoral ministry in Rome, Italy. At the same time because because the of the overall situation there such a need to strengthen the small remnant that we have been really working for many many years now in decades for printing sound literature that will strengthen the church. Theologically, I one of the thing.

I think that is strangling the of the Christian community in Italy. The evangelical community is actually from within and what I'm talking about us mouse and earlier. I think there's been a less virtual say, a downgrade slide theologically, I will consider the Reformation is the golden era of Christian theology and then this been a slow, especially since the alignment slow downgrade slide to where we have slowly but surely abandoned the good, the court doctors.

The Christian faith, and I think the two forces that I have really undermined the Christian witness only one hand on one in liberalism and on the other. What would say emotionless that we come back, Renato Giuliani, a missionary in Italy's and tells more about what God is doing Italy and how we can pray for him specifically when we come back on to talk weekend. Learn more about us at twitter and on Instagram and on Facebook as well hang on, but I said I'll back on truth talk weekend Stu Epperson what's it like to go to Italy. It's a beautiful place full of all kinds of amazing agriculture and it's the caller wine country and the best. Some of the best food in the whole wide world. The olive oil to marinara the past. Yet there are a lot of people in Italy. The knee Jesus as my Renato Giuliani and his families. There is really right now to talk weekend.

I grabbed him after our Wednesday in a word that Dario hears music buying your men fellowship and that's why Renato we had a good time for how will these guys wonderful time. Encouragement, time, encouragement and challenging for commitment to Christ. I was very very happy. Okay, glad you came in. This basically is you're trying to take the word of God Italy to to 60 million people very small versus muscular born-again Christians in their ears attack within a church emotionalism and on this this thing you mentioned liberalism, and so you're trying to go in and say look at here is Jesus… Pursue him.

I exactly. Let me explain what I what I mean by liberalism, so just last year, 2017 Bible was translated and published the New Testament called the beginning of the form of the Bible of the Reformation of this was sponsored by some major evangelical quote" groups in Italy. If you read the content is like if you read Matthew chapter 1 verse 16 where the Bible would say that Jesus was born of Mary, so he is both God and man is the God incarnate. The Bible actually ends up saying the translation ends up saying that Jesus was born of Joseph seed of Mary ending the same chapter, that Bible took away the door virgin and replaced it with the word young woman kryptonite to put to the Bible.

He can pervert a different person at this very subtly. Yes, as I begin to read that version of the New Testament. I found the place after place. Where is been systematically mistranslated with a very liberal mindset in the background you can very well tell, but the problem is that these people that the groups the sponsor that that Bible the Waldensians and the Lutherans and the Methodists and some liberal Baptist. You know they they do call themselves evangelicals and this New Testament is being sold now as it happens in evangelical bookstores and so I think one of the evil assisted this indifferentism. The truth of Scripture.

If we don't if we don't speak out.

If we don't put some some fountain drinks and some new distinguishing marks as to what the gospel is with the Scriptures. What what hope is there for the remnant to be a voice you started you to life publishers wish Basey does that your pretty solid Christian literature Bibles in print in both Italian and English yeah let me tell you what the purpose of that is something we we been printing there for 25 years and we both will printing both for the church. I'm talking good commentaries Marla Jones John MacArthur some some very good authors of but it's well I mean in all aspects of Christian faith and life, but were also been publishing books oriented towards some social moral issues that are devastating. Our culture and aggression. Matron would say in his early letters that if you let a nation be dominated by secular ideologies and they go unchallenged. Even ideological conceptually, then we can manage, perhaps to see at the conversion of some strength in a straggler here and there but straggler here and there but that we we do need to also be engaged in that moral social area. At that and it's everywhere in America as well. I can see but the needs are so many even when it comes to literature that we we thought of a way to generate funds to be able to translate more more literature that will have an impact in Italy and in a way to do that is to use to begin a publishing house here in America so is based in Winston-Salem is truth in life and what was truth, life, about well. I spent about 30 years in Italy going through archives to try to find remnant literature of the time Reformation the reformers the marchers at times the letters of the people that were people that were killed for the name of Christ, and so truth and life has a purpose to to publish good and healthy literature for the benefit of the American American Christians you know where Baptist taken in faith.

So are good brethren. The Presbyterians have been very good at bringing on unearthing another their wonderful heritage and talk, but appeared to literature and and we would like to do the really the same for for Baptist summing Baptist have a tremendous theological heritage from the past until the 17th century, the Pilgrim Baptist and so this is for example 1 of the series that we publish for truth and life is Baptist Heritage series and in the back of it is the Baptist or serious aims at republishing an updated language and format billable books written by Baptist authors in the 17th 18th ninth 19th century is based on the conviction that the recovery of these lost treasures will country contribute to the theological and spiritual Reformation summits needed to contemporary Christianity, so and of course we also print evangelistic literature. This is a but God is one of our pieces is a like a 24 page sermon. But Marla Jones but God yes features chapter exempted to yeah yeah you yes and for long time. You know, I felt that these very very very very very small track, like 12 pages with very little substance apartment that ages.

I think this past week we we are at a point where we need to.

We've always been in the need to communicate a message, substance would have some substance so that Jesus is not just a word and being born again is just a slogan but that's a real meaningful truth imports sound doctrine communicating in print in sermons now your to your work with the church and how can our listeners pray for your ministry. Italy Renato I Giuliani him, his family, the ministry early for 25 years serving Christ is born there got saved in America needs Tori's family came in the Bible college. The minor universities was called now mom was lawyer teachers back then. Now you're certain work with the supreme press to preach the gospel actually prefer others really much to pray, pray for us individually that we be faithful to the Lord. That's the first thing for myself and my wife survey prefer the church thing behind the ministry, there must be a strong church and a strong church can only be if there are some strong families so we we believe in the centrality of the responsibility of the local church so not in individualistic work of somebody some person some name must be a community behind you and with you that you prays and works with you. So pray for local church in Rome and pray for all these different activities that and works you know that the Lord has burned this about the spread of the gospel. The pastoral ministry locally but also nationally food with the printing the this wonderful theological practical literature that we print will really benefit the evangelical remnant that would be strengthened, they will be theological, Reformation, and a spiritual revival in the hearts of assault and pray also for this.

I think this is very important.

Just let me quickly tell you but to two books that we will be publishing in the near in the actual next few weeks. One is richer why carts from Darwin to Hitler. Yeah, he's a professor of the European history at the University of California and he would actually be with us in June to present this book and the one the wonderful thing about the book us in this review with the scientific issue of Darwinism but moral about the moral implications of and consequences of Darwinistic ideology through history and it from Darwin to Hitler. I mean, the title says it all.

And so would be that book really is intended not only for Christians but for the public at large to have an impact ideology and show where atheism leads to follow to its logical results and so will be presenting the book in June at the University of Rome less against sun and Lord willing. Also, the Jewish community center and cultural center in Rome because the book also deals with the Holocaust and also there's a book I wrote concerning the Gnostic origin of the cult of Mary that he is sexually get 300 page book fly bigoted leader but is really to help milk the hundreds of millions of people.

Hopefully, perhaps, will be translated in English as well. To understand this whole thing about the worship of Mary. How misguided it is. You know how the truth is in Christ you know and the but what one of the roots of of the dogmas of the Marion cult, whether they come from wondering why would let me. So the best website you can learn more, pray more about for your ministry okay in Italian. We have a website is beside you idiots yawning and and then in English is truth and life publishers on the a company of your ministry runtime for signature talk we can learn more will treat some things out about you and ditch on our social media to get yes, thank you so much. Giuliani reach people for Christ.

Weather here in America or Italy wherever God called to gather people in the harbor stress. Yes

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