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Unplanned with Joe Knopp

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 29, 2018 5:00 pm

Unplanned with Joe Knopp

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 29, 2018 5:00 pm

This week Stu invites Joe Knopp, one of the producers of the hit film I can Only Imagine, in to the Truth Network studio to talk about Joe's upcoming film Unplanned.

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It's one of the hottest political potatoes in the land is divisive. People even of religious nature get upset, you bring up the topic of abortion. Why is it so heated wire people so mad pro-life and pro-choice anti-life anti-death project. What is it and what you do about it will a buddy of mine who's also an aspiring talkshow host but long before even talk about that stuff.

This guys Jamaican Christian movies and he's making a movie about this whole hot topic hot potato.

Joe Knopp Walker back to the airways, my friend brother scraping with you. As always, of all things, why you have to be so uncontroversial.

My friend will tell you you really you show me a clipping. We all of us were teared up. We watched this this whole Planned Parenthood abortion, but you're taking a different approach and is not one mention of being a Democrat or being a Republican in this movie or from what I saw. It seems like your take on the heart of things Georgia. We are just telling a true story of a growth experience of working there for eight years. While your most recent movie that many folks have seen in this out on DVD now is I can only imagine, which is just a great movie and what a blessing that spent yes great stories impacted to save millions and millions of people so I don't God has a way of always been helping people through story and hours trying to get Stewart to the ones that he gives us talk about how story is your passion before we get into this new story of unplanned real quick. Yes, my life experience and I live in an orphanage in Philadelphia. From the age of seven to graduate from high school doing the military just be without pay for education and what I have found in my world is as I share my story with some variety of people, less their guard down and kinda opens about a door, a window into their world and allows me to hear their story. So my passion is just will have a story God hand selects our DNA and hand selects our story and is ironically it's about us but is not for us. So I love to encourage people to understand your story understand where guy shows up in your story because your story is not for you is to share with somebody else. This new movie which is has some powerful powerful parts to it in the story using your word.

There is just really remarkable.

Tell us a little bit about how unplanned came about in this it's coming out soon and you try to get people excited about a lot of folks want to either donated or partner. In it you financially, but really the essence of unplanned in the story of unplanned tell us a little bit about the backdrop of yes oh unplanned is set story about Abby Johnson. Her book came out almost 10 years ago.

Abby drip and I'm very conservative home with a college content recruited by Planned Parenthood and she volunteered for a day and her heart just really grew in empathy for the girls that were showing up at at the clinic and I shut up volunteering there for couple years in the offer of full-time job and send up working there for eight years.

She was the youngest director ever of a Planned Parenthood clinic and until one day God really showed her what was happening in the procedure room and it changed her for life. She she saw what was truly happening there and she is been on on a mission ever since then to bring awareness to what is really happening there while remarkable lot of prayer in this movie.

A lot of the portrait of a rising movement of pro-life, profamily, godly folks who are taking this battle on the knees as opposed to a militant anger yeah love you know just love the people that are going into the clinics.

Love the people that are working there mean Abby is a an example of someone who was loved by the people at the fence and John Carney, who end up starting a 40 days for life. He was one of those guys and became very instrumental in Abby's life while in the summer we had along the show the 40 days for life folks the prayer folks from the love life folks at Charlotte who are literally they just recently purchased a whole building that was a Planned Parenthood building and they bought land next to him. Planned Parenthood W they're doing all the things I probably didn't say that virtually right but there's there's a real powerful things.

And that clinic not to not to provide a spoiler here to the movie was that clinic that Abby was really transformed and heartbroken and she was the restroom and she weeps in the in the movie X that that that's building something happen.

There ha yeah in it in real-life minutes of fact in 2013 that Billy got shut down the clinic, then by Planned Parenthood and 40 days for life, bought it and they use it to this day as their headquarters is a phenomenal story while I just really go out in the Bible. The Gutenberg printing press you know you it was, was founded by a guy who said the Bible. I would make my my passion is make the Bible extinct yet sure it's burning make sure it's eviscerated from the land and everywhere else and now north of the Bible than any other equipment out there. They moved the world.

The world Bible headquarters right there in the imprinted more Bibles and that's really set off a unit of spiritual revolution will thank you for what you're doing what you challenge you out there are Joe Knopp with a movie right now unplanned.

How can they pray for it obviously is not out yet. This this show may play a two years now.

When it a looking back at how successful was but what does that look like for you what, what's the biggest where listeners can pray in support movie like this and people don't want that people want to see the same changed. Imagine all the. The missionaries to foreign fields that could be raised if they were murdered and are at birth what what what you challenge it to you how we can help you I say you abortion is been around forever look at when Christ was born. You know they were killing the young baby males. My passion is.

I have spent time it in this space is to really shine not just a light and what's happening in the people who say just like me on pro-life antiabortion was not aware of the brutality of what's happening out there.

I know children are being murdered and we protect animals in this country but we don't protect the unborn. So my passion to listeners to people in this country is to it.

Weeks, we can't turn eye towards anymore. We have to be aware what's happening. So encourage people to know go grab at dinner and a movie so people can be aware of what's happening in this space and then that's all right. You're going take a journey of about an a true story of an actual girl who worked there lived and threw her lens in her eyes. You can barely see what changed her all the movies timeout is unplanned. The voice is that of Joan Knauf, longtime friend movie executive who's trying to put redemptive stories on the big screen. I guess your challenger out there who you tell your story.

How would you challenge someone out there may no one you never thought you be making the least bit what you challenge other for folks to be all he can be forgot until the story know to be the most effective for God, we have to understand our story, we have to understand our journey and even to be the best person for our spouse for our kids for people that we work with.

We have to know our story so I encourage people to write out your story. As silly as it sounded, I'm not a writer more finance guy, but God took me to a place where you want me to write out my story and in the same time he asked me do that. He asked me to read his story and it's amazing the parallels. As I look back in my journey and I read the Old Testament see God showing up know where God is showing up in your story to your story is not for you is to encourage others and you can't. You can use it if you don't know it well.

Very good. Were there to talk weekend.

I'm Stu Epperson. That's the story of Joe Knopp and his challenge you out there. What is your story is your sharing your story you say why don't have a theology reacting to what is for Christ will tell tell him tell people what he did for you and bring them to that point were they. They realize they need the Savior and share the gospel use God's word, knowing it's it's he's given us all these tools now Joe is there a website for this movie were people committed a trailer find more information they can support elegant best whatnots and websites are or unplanned you want to get right very civil name of the movies unplanned and you can put on that or unplanned and no doubt you'll have twitter, Facebook, a hologram all that stuff in your analysis data.

Social media is all there will tweak this out will make this broadcast into a podcast as well and will keep everyone updated on the life and story of Joe Knopp as Lord opens doors potentially to be a host yourself of of your own national radio show as God leads because you have a lot of stories to tell brother I love Tom story its own crazies as his ministry, so we should buy a do the same. Absolutely awesome to talk weekend and follow us on social media, Facebook, twitter Instagram and get to know Joe Knopp pray for him.

Pray for this movie.

Imagine a movie that saves lives because people see exists is common sense. This is not a political issue. This is an issue of life and the cure for cancer. We want to kill the cure for cancer right.

The person who is in hip yeah was different with it with with We know what causes abortion that we know how to stop you. So is very civil remedy.

Save the life of the baby better couples want to adopt. There's all kinds of alternative youth. You're contemplating that really go to God's word you hear about inking there's people to love you the want to talk to you but I love the tell my people that Christ himself is unplanned pregnancy that's open and it turned out okay see Christmas time we need to remember that inverted all year-round rally around crisis pricey liquid God has done. Emmanuel, God with us

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