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What is Your Legacy?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 12, 2019 5:00 pm

What is Your Legacy?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 12, 2019 5:00 pm

This week Stu invites Samuel Knisely Ballesteros of Stewardship Legacy Coaching in to talk about our lives, our goals, and the legacies we leave behind.


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What are your goals.

What are your dreams. What is your legacy. Why are you here on this earth and I have laid some of the questions I'm damn Stu Epperson with me is my friend Samuel nicely value status as a right.

Okay. What a name and your Cubans so you have both your moms and your dad's maiden name correct fantastic mother still and we help promote an event they did with believers in the marketplace. Not too long ago. It was a hit. Huge it what it is and once that is something else and I just tell you, Samuel. The euro you spend some time with our team.

Your your heart, your passion in this phase of your life you got eight kids and me a lot going on but tell of a little bit about the stewardship legacy and also the coaching of what we how you got in all that sure glad to so stewardship legacy coaching their own about 35 years have a national presence.

About 10 locations nationwide. We do two things. We help people grow in their business through EOS coaching would US implementation, which is an entrepreneurial operating system help business owners get what they want from their business and then the other thing we do is help with business succession business continuation plan, helping them transfer not just the wealth of their business with the wisdom of the values in the legacy of their business to the next generation is pretty cool. How about you tell us how God saved you social but not your testimony and how you ended up right here behind a microphone with us today, so I grew up this son of a seminary student and so I very much had had godly influence might my whole life and grew up talking to God so at the age of 15 I had known the Lord. I prayed all the time and sought the Lord, but didn't really know him.

I didn't understand it wasn't personal to me that he had died for me. I knew it in my head that it wasn't in my heart yet and a friend of mine came from back from college and he had made a commitment to the Lord and was serving the Lord. He began to talk to me about how that he had these conversations with God and I love talking to the Lord. I would go take walks even as a young kid I would take walks in talk to the Lord, but he started tell me how that God was talking to him, not really hit me.

I said that's what I want and I want God to build talk to me.

That got me started reading the Gospels and reading and like the book of John and seen were in we could. The Holy Spirit could begin to speak to us and talk to us and that that's what drew me to to to come to surrender my life to him and to begin walking with him fantastic, so you started a jury about age 15. Yes, you grew up in a Christian home and then your your walk with God. Your maturity in Christ how to lead you toward your pilgrimage toward doing coaching in business and there's this great and this is what I love about doing the show to talk we can.

The great divide between ministry and business between the sacred and the secular so many people say what a believer I go to church an active on follow the Lord, but they treat me.

Maybe they treat employees like dirt, or maybe there their unethical little see a connection between their faith in their marketplace and I would say that something's happening your life in the last few decades to really bridge that gap. In fact, it's all you're doing now. I sure will tell you it might grew up my younger years in college as part of the ministry college campus ministry that was trying to reach the students there on the campus and reach international students. We had the mission field come to us and of the ministry really emphasize that God was not secluded from any facet of life including business. So from very early age it was instilled in me that that God's guts wants to be involved in every aspect of life and business and I realized I had love for business and just realized that the marketplace is a place where most people spend most of their life.

They don't spend most of the life church on Sunday. Some people don't ever set foot in a church, but they have to go to work and those people that are at the workplace also represent families back home and's awesome opportunity to reach those families and show them God's goodness and you know ultimately we have a stewardship whether we realize it or not, to take care of this people always say people out there just living, working hard and earn these jobs. It's like they're just an mundane, purposeless grinds yet again to get up Monday early to go to work, drop kids off at school, work hard to come home later.

Would you say Samuel how is you inject the glory of God.

The purpose of God and is that how would you challenge them. I would say that when God created for the first things he did was put Adam and Eve in the garden to tend the garden to take care it. He he said the work was good.

There is work. There is value in work and no matter whether we're an engineer or a janitor or a painter or a plumber know her or we can work in a factory assembly factory. Whatever we do a Dr. wheat we all the things we do bring pleasure to God and have a purpose in the marketplace.

There is a quote that I love by Eric little the famous Olympic athlete and made a movie about him. Chariots of fire. He's he's quoted as saying that God made me fast and when I run. I feel his pleasure. I believe that we can feel that same pleasure. When we do do a job well done, well, so that's really all offers a lot of hope to people who are stuck in a grind and you do this a lot with your stewardship legacy or ministry of encouraging folks come alongside individuals, businesses, coaching, and that's where the coaching is a booming business got some wonderful friends who were coaches. Why is that taken off so much of what is what is that mean companies are realizing that they have hit a ceiling a lot of a lot of companies are lot of business owners are really good at what they do and the problem is the there many times they don't know that they don't know something you know you don't know what you don't know and so to to understand why. Why is it that I'm doing everything that I know to do right and I know how to do this but I'm not been able to scale. I can't push past certain barriers and there there there stuck they had this feeling like they've grown to a certain point in the just hit a ceiling and boom, that is, have this feel like their spinning wheels and that's what it has drawn many to want to engage someone like an implementer like me that wants to that that can help them to scale, help them really begin to get traction there their business while in so what is the what's the key for a business owner out there, or even someone is just an employee who's a believer. How can they see the higher calling with her doing what you tell someone like that who did. Maybe they're discouraged. Maybe.

Maybe his New Year's in their gut and have resolutions in their third there are down and out there frustrated and they're just tired of the same old thing get the same will result in the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

I correct so when when we know we forgot to make a change. We've got to change something about what were doing and that's what the entrepreneurial's operating system is all about. It's about implementing and executing on that vision. Most business owners visions go unrealized because of the weakness in that area of the traction component of their business where they don't actually execute well and so putting some things in place some principles in place in your business that will allow you to begin the scale will make your business more manageable, more profitable, more fund run while will thank you for your ministry for coming over encouraging us. You're the Truth Network and for for what you do and encourage people to see the kingdom, God's working in the world. The Gwen the greatest ways to reach folks to get is the gospel is at work in the marketplace. That's why were there, if anything, see the marketplace as a mission field obviously be respectful right of of standards and of being on the clock but look for every opportunity share through one of the things that excites me a lot about what I'm doing with business or what would your organization is doing with business businesses is that we are implementing shalom in their company want what we mean by shalom is that shalom is the Hebrew word that many people translate piece that means he was such a multifaceted language mean so many more things means wholeness fullness and completeness, prosperity, health, and when we bring that into a company were able to transform that company to where all the stakeholders and of all the employees, the customers, the suppliers and every one of them see a business this thriving that has order to it that has that is moving forward and they enjoy being a part of that organization and that speaks volumes to the people that are connected is super traction with this being salt light is your theater company vibrating that message of Jesus as it is it shining the light of Christ in a dark world.

What is your website. How can folks learn more about to connect with you can go to his stewardship or you can email me at fantastic facial being with a sinking truth talk weekend

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