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Mentoring the Next Generation with Alex McFarland and Bryan Fischer

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 9, 2019 5:00 pm

Mentoring the Next Generation with Alex McFarland and Bryan Fischer

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 9, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu invites apologist Alex McFarland and author Bryan Fischer into the studio to discuss how we can reach the next generation with the Gospel.  

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The wisest man that ever lived spoke prolifically on wisdom, and his words were my son.

My son and his name was Solomon and of course we know that the wisest God man Jesus was like Solomon the son of David, today we talked to a man of God who is written a book to be read fathers and sons in the me tell you who's going to do some it's so cool is I feel surrounded by giants Dr. Alex McFarlane is with us.

He's our always been our resident apologetics expert director. He does these events all over the country going to be in Salt Lake City soon was in Greensboro not long ago, and he works closely with all kinds of amazing Christian radio leaders, including our guest today and the the American family radio network wonderful friends and affiliates a been been working together to change the world for Jesus for a long long time.

Alex, we got a cool guest in everyone's perspective of mentoring and the father son father daughter relationship is about a change.

Tell everyone about the man who's with us right now irreducibly excited about going to set up what you can't do it well. Thanks to you and I'm in my ninth year of being on the air with the American family radio network.

This should explain the word.

One of the colleagues that I've got to be friends with at AFR is Brian Fisher and he is a journalist. He's been a pastor but I you know for nine years have just admired this guy his intellect, his knowledge of Scripture NC units to work with youth as I do. I was so thrilled when Brian wrote a book called the boy to man book and it's a book for fathers and sons. It's full of wisdom. True story. I read it in one sitting.

I got a copy of the book I set down could not put it down and I wanted people everywhere to know about Brian Fisher and his book because I think God is using it to raise up a generation of Christlike young men and Brian you know it's only an Alex McFarlane style that he literally were talking about it he says on the call right right out like the way you there's no way to find this like find the president you know and Brian answered yeah he must've told it was you and not me right well I do know about that. It brought Brian is a great intellect, but even more than his mind. He's got a great heart for Jesus. That's what I want people to know about his book the brightness of high billing there my friend. But what we know what is your jealous little bit about your passion might you my friend and what God's put on your heart to to put this book me this is a very I can think of a better time in our in our inner world history for for a book like this to come out.

Think of the wrote deficit biblical masculinity in our culture right now. It's evident in our home just evident in our neighborhoods is evident in our education system is even evident in our churches. I think a lot of ways Christianity and Christian man have become feminized in a weekend exalted all of the feminine virtues softness and forgiveness and gentleness and guidance, all of which great virtues.

I'm not denigrating any of them, but are also a set of masculine virtue, strength, and assertiveness. The willingness to conference to confront evil willingness to speak truth, even when it's dangerous.

Those are masculine virtues that we see illustrated all the time. The life of Christ and those are kind of in short supply right now in the church and looking at trying to fix that crisis masculinity fill that vacuum that's been left that that well maybe the best way to do it is to reclaim America's manhood. One 12-year-old boy at a time to get to them before the world is saturated them. They been brainwashed with the thinking of the world and who better to do the introduction to the biblical concept of manhood and masculinity and the boys own father and I was struck with much of this are for the average Charlotte mentioned that you read through the book of Proverbs the image of this to yourself that Solomon 23 times in the book says my son is addressing the words to my son. Addressing these words to his own son. This is all the truth. All the principles all the perspectives about life that he wanted his own son to have moved into maturity.

Well, like you mentioned these wisest man that ever lived so thickly, probably to pay attention as I really treat the book of Proverbs as a training manual for fathers and sons and I've written this book to be read by a father to his son or better by a father with his son bite-size link chapter 656 minutes to read through them there for prayer at the end of every chapter that a father can pray over his son to pray the word of God into his life that the purpose of the book last fantastic nonmembers is a young lad, my dad and I would be sitting on the back porch, balcony, or the kitchen table and his default was always to open the Bible and he always opened the Bible to the book of Proverbs into the chapter of the book of Proverbs that corresponded with that days date and it taught me early to read and thank you to my devotions today if I'm MM journey through Luke right now with a bunch of guys, but when I'm studying the word, and I need some not go to whatever today's date is an open that proverb that that's what I loved about this now share with me about your really cool book this mentoring, but we know Boyz II Men. Then the boys can compute the companion were you grab a young feller you get together you read this passage, together and used you to talk to you gets into the heart and into what true manhood is and what all these issues you just described very eloquently. There's a there's a discipleship thing that happens, we call it mentoring we call it coaching. We call it big brother big sister.

But discipleship Essar law start the church today at 70 that's what were supposed to be doing a mad I played tennis with a guy not too long ago I said hey how is your church disciple. He said I'm not sure we do that and course. I found out the guys connected with some other men. He's doing some things but but the fact that it's almost like a bad word. Not a bad word but a foreign word right how we lost that and how can we get back to real life life on life. Jesus with his disciples. My son kinda discipleship in the church today gives a quick challenge will will will give you shout about how folks get a hold this great new booking well in a week. We have lost the art of mentoring yard discipleship and I think maybe the best way to get that back is to give fathers handy tool that they can use a mentor and disciple their own son that were mentoring and discipleship really to begin. Fathers helping their sons understand the truth of the word of God.

So that's the purpose of this book is user-friendly and I think there's hundreds of thousands of dads across this country.

I was one of them on my son was 12 you feel his responsibility as a dad you got a young boy he just verging into the teenage years were to go beyond accelerated path toward adulthood and you want to do something for him to help prepare him for the next day. Just like but you just not sure exactly what to do. You don't have a process to follow in some of the make it easy as possible for dads fathers of 12-year-old boys that have a tool that they could use to help their size of the Internet glide path toward maturity.

Give them a good solid foundation in the word of God. I got chapters and there on the issue. Pornography chapters on a relationship with God chapters on the word of God chapters on money chapters on work.

I got a chapter on pornography.

I've got a chapter on sex.

I got a chapter on saving the due date and then if you're in a dating relationship, how far can you go in that dating relationship is a chapter on that and how do you recognize the woman that you are supposed to marry.

I got a whole chapter on land and I've got a dead giveaway you when you can answer this question.

You know you met the woman that you're supposed to marry swimmingly that some of the stuff we get into in the book.

I hope the following will find it very helpful with their sons and testicles were very excited. Tell us where people can find the book and tell tell us. Maybe susu the title, subtitle one more time.

Brian Fisher great man of God. Great author, longtime talk shows that he's about to go on the air with his shows were were his warm-up for his pregame left to watch the clock warm-up watching the clock with a quick shout, and how folks get this book okay. You bet the name of the book again is of the boy to man book and you can pick it AFA The greater member were to go to buy stuff from AFA go to AFA and you can place an order for book were were very pleased.

We actually are sold out right now Bethel whole shipment on backorder to be in shortly so people can set go get their book they get the preorder now because of the demand, which is gratifying to us anyway that that they put a preorder in their AFA It will be there in a matter of days or couple weeks okay that's the boy to man book. It's at the AFA and Brian Fisher. The author that book fathers get your sons dads sons dads daughters moms get your daughters go to the word together. I was just challenging a large assembly of young people to pray for your future spouse to be spinning 50 years that person. Lord willing to start praying for now in India.

To avoid this mini divorce dating game so such nonsense. You know in high school really drilled deeper spiritually in these relationships. Brian Fisher got a whole section in his book boy to man book on that topic. Preparing for a big date of marriage.

He dropped by the truth booth this morning on his way to his own program. Brian, what an honor to visit with you my friend and God bless you as you continue to spread the good news of Jesus across the airwaves in print and in radio. Blessings to you. Thank you very much. Thank you for having me on. God bless you and God bless your recording primary Alex McFarland yes sir much anything I write things out to bring us together today. Glad to do it. What you do and that Stern smart liberal professor looks over his bespectacled nose and says to you, you really believe the Bible you really believe Jesus was a historical figure what you think what you do with all those challenges and taxa come from a professor, maybe a boss or coworker may be a teacher. Your public high school in your hearing those kind challenge your faith. How you respond I am sitting next to a guy who spent his whole life preparing you for that answer.

He is Dr. Allison Farley, my main man, the longtime Truth Network apologetics residents expert man of God is written is booked. It's just keeps coming back from his book is sold thousands of copies the 10 most common objections to Christianity. He wrote another book for some is called stand STA ND Dr. Allison from is good to have you back in the truth, then it's good to be home on me. This is not this is where my radio ministry started, and said to see you and all you've done to help me preach the gospel and defend the faith.

Thanks man. It is great to be back at the truth.

Well, you're not only a great author great man a God preacher lead people to Christ over the place, in part, on Truth Network, but you also can make some dag gum good peanut butter. Well, my grandmother taught me how to do that stuff. So get back in the depression they they had to make.

They made their own mayonnaise. They made catchup and my grandmother made peanut butter I was about 13 and she remarked that she in the depression made peanut butter house that was teach me how to make peanut butter so you know it's kind of one of those one of those side things that we do at such a surgical thing in you blessed us. This was the greatest blessing. I think we had missed this earlier this year at Christmas time.

Allison Farley came in with a big case were thing and this is gotta be the gift that keeps on giving well on the case and the team of the Truth Network is still riding high on that peanut butter you brought no service crunch. Either were smooth. I'd had some dental surgery. I dove into that smooth peanut butter cream. He did his cream.

It's good lot of friends all very healthy and and we use all domestically grown peanuts. No GMO not long after that and a lot of the store brands have a lot of corn syrup kids get addicted to sugar three peanut butter is it we have no sugar, no corn syrup no chemicals in it and get that out to our people to find a way to offer that peanut butter that is Google Alex McFarland peanut butter okay so we got a beautiful website Alex in front it will do a link. It will be some counterpart will start advertising that again here we need to do that that man, you've got the greatest that you can inherent to see Michael Carbone and Robbie Gilmore and all the people, and of course you it really is a family if you don't know the truth ministry. The radio that Stu does not want to interview. How did God put it on your heart to reach our world through radio is turn the tables primitive latte. What got you there.

The guy was pretty good. Angry I get. I'm gonna take notes or ideologies are.

You are the reason godly men like you and women with with a message to the world is your the reason I called God calling us God said look, start something that the Mike can come on and people can speak out about the truth of Jesus and people all over the world are here in this program. By the way right now. I just brought on the Wilkins radio network 40 radio signals across the Midwest. The southeast the Northeast.

My good even as far as Fresno, California are listing to truth talk we can right now, hearing your voice is that they're committed to the gospel. We love that we love our affiliates in Jacksonville northern Florida 91.3 FM 91.7 FM 91.9 FM in St. Augustine, one of the truth or call the truth. We love our wonderful affiliates that carry this program and when God called me to start this ministry the Truth Network. He said do a talkshow interview, godly thinkers and thought leaders like Alex McFarland so you are helping people.

Young people in particular cylinders goes to Jacksonville state and they take archaeology or they take epistemology of intake philosophy and the professor starts attacking her faith where you start Alex like the just make it really simple people to the member the kiss mother.

Keep it simple stupid. He put on the bottom level put the put the cookies on the lower shelf for me and our listeners right now where you start if I want to be repaired to walk in and stand up for my faith in not just win an argument to win souls will great question you ask what do students say when the professor says do you really believe that will if they've been one of our trees for new generation conferences or if they've been through our training.

The student is going to be able to confidently confidently stand up for their beliefs. But you know I think about this ABC authority beliefs and then conversation, ask people what what is your authority. Authority for that we are what you base it on if you say the Bible is full of errors and why do you say that what you really believe about God or even things like this country and have this country was founded and then start a conversation more and more in this culture. Stu, we have to build a relationship story believe conversation 11.

Sometimes we short-circuit the relationship side to just go after some of the data. Don't try to attack him as opposed to saying hey listen I love you.

I wanted I wanted I want to encourage your main image of God give Europe whatever you're coming out atheist you know we are leaving is gotta want to care about you and bring in Christ. Maybe be buying them a cup super cuppa coffee at exactly yeah I found atheist. Even Muslims. I let a Muslim and Christ baptized him after he had given his life to the Lord, but it takes relationships and that's not always convenient.

I mean, it takes an investment of time.

It does, but people you know the old saying it's a clich, but they don't care what you know to the now much you can.

We have to earn the right to be heard.

So your books. The 10 most common objections. Christianity, which I just got another copy. I love this: couple chapters that in and folks you gotta get this book creation is a myth common objection. What about evolution could God have created us, but used evolution to do it. What about this. The Bible is not completely authentic. When Jesus was just a man. What about Jesus is not the only way to heaven. A loving God.

Why would a loving God send people to help Alex. This book is rich. These are only those of the objections.

Of course that's definitely idea exactly as you go in and you tear those apart and use you quit leaders to go back to ABC authority below what your authority, what's your belief on this and it was on the conversation black and let's let's say I love it when in fact I just got my haircut a few days ago. Shamir is Lord and that this really cuts my hair, her kids rest in these tough questions is Essex Radisson. Yeah I know is you will out what will happen. Loving God's and be people all the way over there in Timbuktu to help you know so she's asking you to search a dresser that and I did buyer had all into her out as he held dear.

You know which sometimes you do that week. I don't whatever one account in such questions, no it was a great dialogue that I have with her and I try to give her some things you know, grateful. By the way her godly friends like you like Alex who have equipped and discipled me in this area to do national radio on these topics, sure, but there there's so there's a way we can speak the truth in love right just like Jesus at exactly trust, honesty, respect, if you want to build an avenue whereby conversation back-and-forth can go on so that you can share the gospel. Tell them how they can be saved is to be trust, honesty and respect. And you know that book, we wrote that the questions represent talks at some 200 universities across America and I just numbered in the we've done several of the books with the 10 most common objections to Christianity and how you can effectively answer them. There's also an appendix in the back for moms and dads if you're raising teens how to import a biblical worldview to your kids and then a 12 week, small group, like a Sunday school curriculum right there in the bottom back of the book. Seek and find all my books. I give you go online to Amazon or better yet, patronize your local Christian retailer, but just Google my name you'll find this and probably about 29 other resources. The Lord is allowed me to create extra minutes of the book so the main this book a look at here is that the big X marks the most. 10 most common objection. Yeah, you're helping the kids with school, you will wrote you will you wrote one recently about younger people like kids, never let that we had a arugula because it is one of the great things about way, let me say something here if you're listening to this network and you you think you know Stu, but you don't really nicely limiting the Stu Epperson that I've known for 20 years.

Every restaurant we've ever been to, which is a lot he will share the gospel with that the server we were once at an intersection in it in the car. Stu jumped out the driver seat started given truth bookmarks to people at an intersection. The light Alex, what, why waste time. Yeah I know the time that is really one second likely red witnesses of that line you folks listen, you may not know this.

Maybe you do. This is probably the most ardent follower of Jesus I've ever nine shares the gospel with people everywhere and Stu mean you you laugh and cut up in your a lot of fun, but I want to commend you for being probably the most consistent witness for Jesus I've ever known well and folks need to pray for this man he really is putting radio and the gospel in the far-flung parts of this country that need to hear the gospel, I do. I give a big shout out hold a thought give a shout would come back on his break logo guardrail and we got furious with him. He's been hanging around a little bit longer. 336-759-0363 is the world headquarters. The Truth Network's phone number.

People reach out to us. You can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Alex connect up there to any all the stuff about his book will be associated state and will grab you. I was at his break Manny to have this guy on my show more often.

I'm telling what I talk to him try to blow his book up and encourage them and in the ratings are going up. Then he starts to run a table and tells her want to pray for me and he starts and Kurt see these nice things about me Alex McFarland, I tell you what me what a great friend.

You been all these years. Your iron sharpening iron. I was always try to buy you lunch.

You know you do. Let me a lot because always learn a lot more from you than just different feeling well but man, thanks for coming on and for talking about your book and thanks Roy doing to equip young people to next-generation man is millennial's, we gotta get them equipped to share the gospel to the world are you looking for they're looking to be empowered there there tired of you and placated tired of being treated like little baby that one of these threats just ready for pay in 1908 GK Chesterton said this a listen this on to response.

Chesterton said as much, as we need to win the lost to Christianity. More and more, we need to win the Christians to Christianity. While we think you meant by that. Well I think you know honestly Alex, I think he meant what Jerry Bridges who's gonna be with the Lord meant when he said that we need to preach the gospel to ourselves. Wow, how we have forgotten, I have fuel same as all the time. Why go to this church, but never talk about sharing the gospel and they never cast the net and they never challenge us to decide what I'm thinking okay will timeout. That's not a biblical church brought go plug in where your pastor is preaching the word for the gospel is the center you gospel the focus, not just the gospel. All the diving board into the thing for the Gospels. The whole pool desiccant killer statement so the gospel who know the. The gospel is the same Jesus that saved you the same cross, resurrection, righteous life of femininity by his life was five things that he same thing which propels you, it's just what you said. As you receive Christ uses Lord Paulson cautions to so walk in him, so it's that same hue began a good work you will be able to complete.

It's that same power that brought you in it that sustains a bills is a what Chesterton said is is we need to go back to the basics. 11 somebody this is a football but there's so much infinite depth and riches in the cross of Christ is with us at all boasting nothing but the cross of Christ I knew had this debate with a family member. Not too long ago, Hussein won't know we got the Holy Spirit and now it's his can be this open revelation. He's just like timeout, the Holy Spirit can exalt Jesus Christ in my life every day on the Bears marks my body.

I'm crucified with Christ 220 so Alex I think your quote I think on a deeper level. On a deeper level. We gotta get back to this book, we gotta get back to knowing Jesus, and we gotta get back to this statement. This is gonna rock a lot of worlds out there and even the apologetics geniuses. We gotta decide is Jesus Christ enough while that polemic that axiomatic truth is Jesus Christ enough to make it a statement. Jesus Christ is enough.

Maybe we start the conversation. There if I believe that I would go out all kinds of different ways in which he saw the bunnies on the door someone is asking any kind of question that's gonna get an apologetic realm.

You know whether there atheists whether there are rationalist whether there a Deist whether there in agnostic whether whatever they are. Whether a false religion. Whether it's my Mormon friends. You have a a false view of who God is and they have a false you the gospel ended their book says that you're saved by grace. After all you can do so they sprinkle in the poison of love and of works into the saving act of Jesus. Bottom line is, were only saved by one person's works is not yours is the word perfect work of Jesus on and on the cross.

John 1930 Jesus said it is finished. Paid in full board Teta, lest I do know that they found that word on ancient invoices, meaning a bill was paid paid in full and in United States. Everybody listening on to say this, if you feel guilty and you think God couldn't love me and I'm too bad of a sinner. Listen, Jesus does love you and Jesus gave his life on the cross and I want to say listen carefully, Jesus is disclosed by is a prayer and if you will turn to Christ right now when you say it, Lord. I admit that I'm a sinner and I believe Jesus is the son of God and I believe on the cross he paid for my sins student. The great news people can be forgiven.

Here's the thing. If you will turn to Jesus.

Put your trust in him calling him right now.

Not tomorrow, but now and say Lord, I'm sorry, I repent, Lord, save me Jesus will save you.

He can forgive whatever you've done, he can heal whatever's been done to you and Stu don't you rejoice in verses like John 637 where Christ said the one who comes to me I will not reject does not just throw your heart as is huge in it and it goes back to what you said the very beginning and maybe the last segment were you said you approach sharing the gospel with the ABCs. Yes authority but your authority, so have you come of you. Have you if I come to a point where I got on my knees I said, you're my 40 got your got I'm not you want you believe have I believed in him and are asked are you are you talking to people about what you believe and then thirdly conversation that in that that that engenders a sense of caring and in and really so startling. Firstly, in the ABCs authority believe conversation as you said, it goes out to people and what you just said is so important. A second ago and we say so must move so fast with folks, please don't do lose this your atheist friend could have an aunt dying of cancer and honestly they really don't care that you have accurate, logical ontology when it comes to the predelivery and era of Genesis 6 or would be the defragmentation of the geological structure of the inner core of the earth or whatever yes or the astronomical abnormalities of another galaxy outside our speed of light. Indeed, when their aunt is dying. Your they need any to show up, shut up, bring in hot soup. Put your arm around so you know what I know you leaving Praying for you and I hear about you. You know what your stir 20 bucks is a notice that your gas tanks on empty at the time and and it's a struggle right now for your family. That's what reaches people with the good news of Jesus did. I do remember hearing and in the but that's that.

That doesn't mean that were void of knowing what we believe and why we believe in the same time 20 years ago we were in your other studio just across the way and we had a debate with an atheist and after the debate, and not for an hour. I was on your station debating he called me and he asked me if I would pray for his wife who had cancer in itself is not wild and of classics. That's what were talking about guilt and blistered him and in and in in the name of showing off told his audience other one smarter than you know what you like I can you know. Instead you you were gracious enough on the air that you know you gave him that what is that Peter passes be ready always at St. Andrews first Peter three $54.

I literally signaled one of her well set apart Christ as Lord in your heart. Be ready always to give an answer to everyone who asked the reason for the hope that you have would do this with gentleness and response without hope yet though. And there's another diverse not in the first Peter two 5315. The first Peter 215.

This is the will of God, that by doing well. You will put to silence the arguments of it was meant to have a true message but we are to be true messengers like the Benton brothers who they get a lot of heat for Moses got another go to they go to Charlotte the big homosexual pride rally, and they go out with these Christian teachers saying God is a better way and they got its blistering hot know think that you know they handed out to the people with ice cold bottles of water. A well here these as radical folks are chanting down with marriage you know you your you know your evil you know attacking Christians in these Benton brothers and their whole group of folks the life people, great folks are doing this this one. Dr. Brown, Dr. Brown, he's leading the charge of their handing out coal balls water it says God is a better way would love you and in you know showing them the and you know why certain that a lot of folks in the lifestyle he earned a laxative and hurt even damaged even Houston.

In the end, and they've they been embraced by other folks who put her damaged abuse to inside Christians come along and say I love you and guess what Christ loves you and Christ will give you more dignity than any movement in any lifestyle. This transgender stuff, and Christ will Christ will bring clarity. The only person to bring clarity to your to your struggle. We all have struggles, you know, sometimes only lives in Emmaus and the Lord who loves us if interested.

I didn't mean to interrupt but I've interviewed 30 for the world's top atheist like Christopher Hitchens and David Silverman, Michael Shermer, all these people for the different both a guy I want to say this atheism sexual deviancy, a rejection of God, rejection of morals. All of those began with emotional pain. I've got a dear friend in Greenspring and Jake Thornhill.

He's the pastor of life can yes E had the big event and regularly everywhere at LSU Jake.

I love what he says. He says every member of a minister and if you're a born again believer if one thing you remember the family of God. I hope your member of a good Bible believing church but look it's not just the preacher's job every member of the body of Christ has the duty rose the privilege of being a witness for Christ estate when I was in college I got saved.

I was so shy was so timid I was such an introvert. You never dreamed that I can talk to anybody about the gospel but I wanted my friends to get saved and telling you if God could use some backward, socially awkward person like me to be a witness and lead to Christ.

Anybody could think that every member of a minister. Sorry, I challenge you to do what 90% of believers are not doing right now that's gonna stop the challenge everyone listening, you're accountable for what you're hearing right now. Tell somebody about GL someone about Jesus have a conversation. What you think about you to guess who's coming back Jesus instruct. I hate big Realty ABCs, which are a quick as we wrap up what what is your authority, what you believe and please can we have a conversation.

ABC authority belief in conversation and the most in The most important conversation about his call out to the Lord have that conversation with God and turn right now, folks don't delay turned to Jesus a dear Lord, come into my life saved me and he will do them.

My mom and I have been in situations I've been in situations as long as I've been a Christian. I've been with genuine sweet people have simply said no you your your amazing person you're so kind and gracious. You know all about God. Have you ever received Jesus as your Savior and your just stopped, dropped, prayed and said, Lord, come into my life and save the confession amount your Lord, I believe my heart that God raised Jesus from the dead come and save me, make a new personality that are tickly that the best with saving or remembering when you come in your queue name is means that it that way right in.

23 but but but I've said that the people and you would not believe I've had many people dozens of people over the years. You know what, never really received Christ is born again, and so I've invited them to come in the family and I guess what I was broken were broken to you.

I just have a saver that is is healing the and in I want to bring you into that relation with a father who made you and you would be amazed of Stu have said the spinoffs it is would you pray right now and let's make sure of your salvation. Are you ready right now to know that you're ready to meet the Lord, you would be amazed how many people say, you know, yeah, I really need to nail this down set so talk to people.

There are millions out there they're hungry they're ready but we've got to talk to to remake a single podcast you'll find there thing your wonderful truth talk we can affiliates.

The book is written, or people all over the country care in the program and thank you Dr. Allison Farland get his book the 10 most common objections, Christianity get his book stand that it evidences the core values the truth for an entry can then either one of the young folks you've written so many Academy will still take two hours the next day in court truth for an unshakable faith and then stand strong in college what you will hear your freshman year awesome okay get his books be be encouraged by this man in call but having come speak at your chart how management that Alex test. We gotta go follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram back with more truth talk weekend and more encouragement on this station after God bless you and share Jesus with someone before your head. It's that pillow night

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