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Bringing Christ to the World of Basketball with Bobby Jones and Pat WIlliams

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 2, 2019 5:00 pm

Bringing Christ to the World of Basketball with Bobby Jones and Pat WIlliams

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 2, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu travels to Charlotte for the biggest weekend in Basketball where he meets up with legendary player Bobby Jones and author Pat Williams to talk about how together these two men brought Christianity to the world of Basketball in the 70's and 80's, and won a ring along the way.

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With two legends to guidance brought Bobby Jones to Philadelphia video give you that in the guidance set the world on fire with Gospel of Jesus Pat Williams loses tall soloist and Jones is his special was a special player special.

We traded for him in the summer of 1978 sent George McGinnis to Denver, Bobby Jones came to us and filling was the missing piece really on our team.

Great defender clutch shooter great team guy and he's the guy.

Bobby is the guy that wanted to start a chapel program within the ranks of the 76ers and we did look like what's happening to liquids happen down the years that others are team chaplain and every city, every team in Sunday chapel is what you think about a lot of the wealth of blessing log. I was in Denver, career was over with epilepsy and all the other hard things I had that believe Jimmy got me over there in the you want to have a Christian general management abuse difference in my life to have special enforcement of a chapel every nine motivated my career Charlotte North Carolina. You know a lot about this town much about the judge's health and success rate on my home is where this just came out of the service, the Holy Spirit showed up there this morning Pat Williams what will happen. Well, this is the 38th year we've had a chapel service at the All-Star weekend. This was a big, big turnout, and Dr. David Chadwick spoke needed more than speaking breached. We had some marvelous music and were still here.

I don't know 3040 minutes after it's over. After credit had left yet just want to kind of linger here in the atmosphere of the whole thing was very special morning to really versus the pioneers of the you you know Pat is as a leader is is a general manager and embodies a player who really wanted. There was a hungrier sulfur sophomore wasn't there and that you're playing ball you're making money but Scotty more flavor will relive that in the you don't, you'll hear the truth you're going to court traveling on the road all the time with injuries having somebody who can share her request with a workaround really does go to visit the power of the Holy Spirit to do much of Methodist Hospital Bobby Jones, MBA great 76ers world champions Pat Williams that is now the general manager of vice president at down at the Orlando Magic.

Pat tell everyone so you got seven footers you got general managers got chaplains really those chaplains are the heavy lifters are and we had. I don't know maybe 30 teams. I think 15 chaplains or something this weekend, and think they were here this morning somebody finance to get a which was a great gift to them. And so they've been there. The rock really every single night in the NBA hour before the game.

There is a service short service with the chaplain of that team. Violent tires are forced to come voluntarily from both teams and come into the into the Roman will hear a message and then they prayed together and then they go out and bang each other over the head and hour later and complete right but but in that little quiet moment.

12 minutes 13 minutes there. There were that chaplain the chaplains to involuntarily give of their time and it's a beautiful story so All-Star weekend Charlotte North Carolina is nice to have the All-Star in God's question about has illuminating a service you have the dunk contest you have that the young guns played each other yet alleges yeah the celebrity game you have the three-point contest. You have the big All-Star game which is tonight it's Sunday morning, but in the middle of all this, there's a moment with God something significant.

Bobby telephone why this is maybe the most get a thing all weekend on this most significant thing this is this is the truth. This is the reality of life. God is real.

God is alive to Jesus, pop our sins, ensuring that for 38 years with a chapel program besides 1981.

This is been a blessing for all of the involvement team as a player or player must my daughter Faith we see little girls like or appreciate other other young people, young and old Tabasco looking burning to life looking for hope and purpose. We see someone who's been there and done going the wrong way to look at the word work because it would limit how to live what the meaning of life is not Pat on and off the court. Bobby Jones what he say about that as a backup recess whether still question, Bobby is one of those athletes you could point to not only was a great talent but his faith is real there are certain role models in this Christian world exports will Tony drenching.

For example, David Robinson, Kurt Warner admit I don't want to over chill that Bob is a real let me just put this way, the tongue and shoes is always putting in the same direction as the tongue in his mouth. That's the best way I'll just use one of the cultures over hundreds of books to Bob you started on something. I guess another gift of the Lord's last will and I read many of his books and working to read all of my life skills is all about ways before I go to heaven and a bunch of them talk about a guy named Bobby Jones a guy who took it for real and work hard on the cordon would love Jesus the same time and now your child, your family and grandkids and so takes me example to younger now not so young anymore ballplayers like me and my little face here and thank you for for all you're doing and it's also more challenge ethically listed on the sounds of the stuff away from what the loss is important is really important is what is chapel leader David Chadwick said like her to products to purchase systems and just down the scope of abolitionist history talk we can from any All-Star weekend. That was really time at your new book. Your second character, Bobby Jones and the elected. What a treat to talk to Bobby Jones, legendary NBA All-Star all world who loves Jesus and Pat Williams, the man who brought Bobby Jones the Philadelphia 76ers to begin with. But wait to hear about Pat Williams new book had a chance to ask Pat about his brand-new book character carved in stone, character carved in stone came about when I made a visit to West Point I was asked to come up and speak to the sports teams and Army afterward to give me a tour of the campus and I ended up in a little park on trophy point looking out over the Hudson River. A beautiful scene I noticed in the park. A series of benches.

There were 12 of these concrete benches there and at the end of each bench. There was a word carved into the stone a different word like compassion, courage, discipline, trust, responsibility, perseverance, those kind words. Further research I discovered that the class of 1935 and Army again those benches as a class gift and they wanted the students future leaders to live their lives based on those were. And so when we got excited.

I got excited. I thought nobody knows this is what I want to best kept secret. This is so the publisher agreed.

I when I said this could be a book in one of those words for chapter and and so we began working on that and then we decided to see if we can match up a West Point graduate who best exemplify that particular word, and so will read about Ulysses S Grant, and Dwight D Eisenhower and Douglas MacArthur you'll read about Gen. Omar Bradley and Gen. Matthew Ridgway and Gen. Jack Pershing in the military heroes all West Point grads who we felt model in one of those particular words you read about coach Mike sous chefs. Do West Point grad and he wrote the forward force beautifully were so thrilled about that and you'll read about Maggie Dixon. The women's basketball coach and Army who was really making her mark when she died suddenly of an enlarged heart.

At age 27 of those are the kind of people that we plug in here with these different words. So the book is out to our excited about its potential.

We want to inspire people to live by those words and what I really hope is that the book will penetrate up at West Point and the other students in the faculty and the coaches will get a good flavor.

This book and discover right on their campus is this beautiful little park with these 12 benches, they probably don't even know about it. But hopefully they will now think about writing off looking for sure that with the world. Recommend everyone to copy there it is right there when you put a picture up character carved in stone, brilliant, brilliant stories, the 12 core virtues of West Point that build leaders and produce success a lot here. Is there Pat Williams one my favorite people in the whole world. I told you today when I call my favorite living author Pat Williams got listening.

I thought it was Charles Dickens

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