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How Much Have You Suffered for Your Relationship with Jesus?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 23, 2019 5:00 pm

How Much Have You Suffered for Your Relationship with Jesus?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 23, 2019 5:00 pm

This week Stu sits down with some fellow brothers in Christ from a different part of the world to discuss the sacrifices some Christians need to make for their relationship with the lord.

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You're listening to the Truth Network and I'm so humble this morning as we open our wins in the word, our weekly time in the world was watching guys did a very good Bible together. A gentleman stood up from the Middle East who we will call's intent did and was named details about the geographical location exact precinct, but he shared about Christians who are living today, suffering how much of you suffer because of your relation with Jesus. How would you accosted thrown in jail stripe imprisoned put put these handcuffs on right now because he loved Jesus well. Pastor PS is working to call you.

Thanks for sharing this morning with her guys.

The men were truly moved by your testimony will thank you brother for this you give it to me to shut about the primitives that God gave it to the church Middle East who have something also fun because of the believer of Jesus Christ and really we don't look at what's going on.

That Isaiah gives it subleasing and this kind of pain is God training discipleship school God providing this for us to grow more and have yielded have been going through a lot of bad stuff. It's usually they want to complain about it know they want pity party or they want some sympathy. He wants money you came here 74 4050 men to tell about Christians being suffer even killed and your talk about it being a joy up really understand what and how does that translate little brother.

If you have your comfort zone and the price you will see the things it through the eyes of Jesus.

If you are just keeping yourself inside your own home flood build the 40 will solve anything else will be bad for you but when you been in the inside. The Pope puts on Jesus, which is you will see if any different completely different you'll see what's coming, and is an opportunity to notify the name Jesus is not always trying to stay away and put on the week.

It is the time the time the support is a contest contest at the name the name of Jesus that we are here and I would believe would not fit down in him you have an image of the members of the Egypt church that I sister got on the beach darling what happened for those ever got all this people to be killed that you know been given the chance from of old that the opportunity from Isis that you can be be prepared that it would be a Muslim will not tell you if 21 cup this it would never do this, we prepared will be needed. Being killed I will not deny Jesus, just as his own way. I would believe Savior would be with him. Other heads 2121 cup be heated and that and every we know we hid what was the unprepared and that had to be cut. The lip-synching the lip-synching. Not complaining or crying thinking dog Jesus noticed with Audrey going with you will not be be like it. What's like we believe know what else to list education grant you that you got 21 men. A lot of young men probably have children and wives back on their on their knees there and these jumpsuits their arms were bound behind her there back the ISA soldiers with these big daggers.

These big samurai sword like instruments razor-sharp swords said look you you recant your faith in Christ and you become a Muslim, and we will spare you in every single one of said no we will not and then he started to sing praise to Jesus in a cut every one of those guys heads off) at beach processing the image before but having no but that thought of that for Jesus with those guys really do take that as an honor is a great glory to die for Jesus.

So many of us in America we don't understand that concept we have real problems.

Write the word that were battling with things like self-esteem and psychology and yet in the Middle East you even know if you live to see the next day. If you're Christian right exactly this is that that appointment to have a whole Christ and for encouraging the suffering church and the Dave and he told them that the Lord to give us a living hope, which is mean there is no expired date would be that little dog hope so. We have a whole it's not a normal hope is not taught based on men men made bold amendment made by Jesus and been approved by you, so we know it may become what is not coming. Let me know it's upcoming that is much better for us that the Lord is with us.

So this is been in the flight but you have that then the light within. We headed out a lot with a lot of enjoyment would be inhibited so the timing and is a time for employment of the time and having time for enjoyment time to work his time to serve our kings time to share the gospel. This ministry to your with is that we can say the ministry leave more international.

Our dear brother Mario's fist a great missionary for God is great ministry all over the Middle East are our brother Pastor PS is what were allowed to call here on his radio show is were podcast role the world with truth and to talk weekend and so we will engrave all of our affiliates but we would gotta be very careful discrete in what we are able to share. Pastor PS you told a very sad story of Sandusky. Maybe rifled others of a bunch of people in the school bus. But what happened there will last year to big buses around 80 or 90 Coptic they been in that way for a holy place and send them into the desert so suddenly did these buses been stopped and that two trucks of little devices they said they stopped the buses on this that all the men they killed all the men and then they jump into the buses because the women and one that mother she must have husband being shook it out. They been killed and had father being killed with the men. She has five or six years yet all and they she said that… Listen sweetie these guys the upcoming no and he will ask you to go back to list them.

Don't deny Jesus, it just you would hit a click and you would be with Jesus. And that's what the gift she click which is me the truth. Had had and she's with Jesus and the mother she didn't like the like tickle him many bullets in him by the end but she said the study is nothing that he said storage is proud she is proud we are ready to give our life to Jesus meeting my husband, my family, my note that was never denied Jesus. Someone who really believes in having the glory of Christ, whose whose husband just moments before went ahead to have in front of her, whose daughter was killed. She survived and she's sharing Christ no doubt in these Christians in the Middle East are passionate about sharing Jesus. Even though there afflicted their front of their attack is illegal to have a Bible yet are still preaching the gospel.

What you say to us American Westerner Christians were so comfortable over here mean everything just stated that's none of our problems here. That's another concept worth what your challenge to us over here in America will my challenges. I know that you jump out of the question. They know the facts that it was not everywhere.

The patient underwent family so I'm encouraging you to get outside.

Uncle flood zone and épée brothers that you got one in the same bug Christ body and in Middle East and the spray and come visit us, please do not be killed. One point we know how to set that you back home save with a lot of good testimonies. So I encourage you would trust Jesus every we and it first. His life and trust what you what you make yourself thousands of Muslims are come to Christ every day right now to tell us how we can pray for that well at this is that golden opportunity. In fact at luck.

Look how God is the light the end that'll devote that because devices hundreds of thousands. They lift them.

Decedent was never that federal follow a religion like this kind, frigid, and many of the gray area and we approaching them and come to Christ and this is the golden opportunity. It'll we thanks God thanking God Isis judges in the pubic Isis said of the kingdom of God is true. Talk we can obstructionist pastor PS to really share a powerful testament Norman. I had to pull him aside and interview him. I've interviewed his colleague, Mario's with more international great ministry that reaches the person church and all over the world, even in China and Brazil and other places and takes the gospel. Thank you for your ministry might God bless you my brother second brother got the snowbank for you. Keep a processor will do, it will try to get you back on the radio gets other brothers and sisters in Christ back on share the good news of Jesus in life and death, and you never know when your last moments can be.

Whether your killed or whether you just die of natural causes. Be prepared to go on returning know that you know that you know Jesus Christ as your Savior trust him today

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