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Bringing Christ to Honduras

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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March 30, 2019 5:00 pm

Bringing Christ to Honduras

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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March 30, 2019 5:00 pm

This week Stu catches up with a missionary who just got back from a mission trip to Honduras.

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You're listening to the Truth Network and from freezing cold North Carolina Dasani bombing right near the equator. Honduras priest has come back from his mission trip. Now this manner. God loves Jesus's name is presuming and I am I am I making things others are no right amen. So I showed up this morning at Wednesday in the word where we we go to the book of the Bible said together this this time were in Luke, but he shows up with these gloves and this big old shovel which is a big goal so and tell us a little bit about those gloves that cell represents brother and what God did supernaturally in Honduras just recently. First of all I take Matthew 28 literally and that just commands us to go ensure the gospel soul is a sinner saved by grace I was looking for missions trip so lo and behold God opened the door once through Truth Network to through side seating three through my friend, Sheriff Richie Simmons and forth through Mount Zion Wesleyan Church, a man named Amando Perez is a Honduran national came the United States works here is a bodyshop man and goes back and shares the gospel in the mountains in Honduras.

So this guy is the real deal.

Amando Perez is a mighty man of God who was raised for saved his money came to the states and made good and goes back in hikes in the mountains to share the gospel with a backpack around a mule. So group of men got beside him to going take the gospel so you went in. This trip had many prong VBS minister to pastors talking get a shovel and build and dig in and crank out on your sweat.

Yet the Truth Network shirt which is pretty awesome what all was involved in this thing. So basically the group of men came together a group of doctors, a group of businesspeople and contractors sews the threefold ministry with the gospel. First of all on with our Gideon Bibles which of 300 Bibles to distribute into the mountains forgotten rural regions. Secondly, we had medicine, so we had a medical clinic and thirdly we had contractors and we physically built the room onto the pastor's house in the mountains so you had a specific mission and you didn't just go to buy some missions you get away and they're just a bunch of people there and it is like we had entertained the mission the mission short-term mission trip you guys went on purpose.

You are pretty tardy that we are headed. Attila, our day started at 530. In fact I started my devotions with Dr. David Jeremiah has overcome her series with Ephesians 6 with the full armor of God, and I had the privilege to room with and pray with Amando Perez is a mighty missionary every morning and then share this with our men so it's 730.

We were on our way into the mountain and this was desolate that one day we have we call a holy blowout with blue attire had a flat spare took the spare down the mountain to go look for some road crew ran into a pastor and he trade is a bicycle pump for 25 scriptures and wept with us because he needed encouragement. What man intended for evil God intended for good. We had to learn some 4610.

God is in control brother priests and that is your name priest, so it's is not at the speed of domination. Measure name you administered in prisons and you got a lot of ministry with getting his other ministries in America suddenly find yourself in Honduras doing the work of Almighty God thousands of miles away from your comfort zone. America what it kind of message do you want to send all the listeners to march to our show Truth Network all great affiliates. We traveled 2905 land miles from Winston-Salem to Honduras, but actually God says right here in our own mission field. Look for the least, the last of the lost look for the ones getting out of jail.

Look for the homeless person look for the one that sits in church with you on Sunday because it is the same gospel in the same message is privileged Gideon chaplain every single person we encounter needs to hear the gospel, we need to get over being afraid to share and be bold and stand for against God says my words will never return void is truly a privilege to be humbled, and serve him and go to people who walk a mile to the river to wash, walk a mile back to us to be served in so many ways is your challenge the listeners out there about going go on a mission going all the world going short-term trip what your channels are so comfortable here in America. So few of us showered over 90% of us don't even share the gospel man. We have the answer. We have Jesus. So are we sure America owns 50% of the world's wealth and we forget that that wealth came first from Jesus Christ. And secondly, our hearts have to be stayed on God and ask him specifically Lord where will you send me and then third when he says that we have to be faithful. We have to be sure that our we confess our sins daily and get peer with him. And secondly, listen to what he says going take on the missions around us and throughout the world, Uganda, Honduras, things are going and thanks for your powerful message that you're carrying a shovel and gloves and no in their wins in the word this weekend. Your beer get his Bible.

What else you need, rather, thank you brother.

This is truly a privilege. I love you man go on a missions trip go the minute men of God like this get godly people in your life every time I'm around him. He encouraged me you text telling people everyday. The Bible verse 397, three are nice of you will get a text from this guy every day, and it's a little Bible verse I get an error. Encouraging things updates on your missions trip to. So thank you for what you're doing and will get you to pray for the harvest and ready to pray to God a raise up people maybe listen to my voice right now who will go. There's plenty of opportunities go. We just need to be faithful and we need to be obediently going to share Jesus, thank you brother. Love you of you may think so much

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