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What is a True Friend?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 6, 2019 5:00 pm

What is a True Friend?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 6, 2019 5:00 pm

This week Stu talks with author Justin Erickson and the Christian Car Guy Robby Dilmore to talk about the nature of friendship, and how it can be difficult for many men to find meaningful friendships.

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You're listening to the network and So, who are your friends think about that question for second because I got one of Michael's friends just walked by Dr. Alex McFarland, an international speaker, author and was probably the question is, I just met a man who Alex is good interview on his national show soon who's written a book about friendship and who writes a book about friendship made friendships like how you do you do find thinking you move on writing about.

It was resort absolutely absolute almost was get a bum rap as guys when it comes to friendships because we tend to be superficial and I we talk about work done by music and sports. And we keep each other kind of an arms length distance.

I will let each other in some of that is superficiality and were content with that. I think some of that is actually a bit of a God-given sort of guts made me leaders make you a leader in this a certain kind of guy I want in my life and there's a certain kind of guy I might not one of my life. So part of what's happening when I'm spending time with you. Get to know you is to go to. I want to give you access to me because I know that the impact you have on my life is can affect my leadership in the trajectory of all the people that follow me, and so I'll be with my wife and shall be talking introducing yourself to a woman and five is later. There disclosing the deepest darkest secrets of the heart.

Me, I'm still eating guacamole and talk about fly boarding videos on YouTube and so what I find though is that when you look at the Scripture.

You don't have to have relationships with other men like women do. And I know that's not really a new insight. But the biggest thing is there certain friendship that every man needs to have when you look at the word of God. Paul and Timothy that is a model friendship that's held up where were a mentor like Outlook. A crew chief would be to a racecar driver in the book we talk about how men are like high-performance racecars and we can go the distance, but guys a flameout they they burn out. They blow out the gastro quick right now your name is Justin Erickson and you've written this book. The forwarded by this guys probably not very bright. Dr. Albert Mohler. How about that guy who's got a library bigger than most libraries and the only guy I know this read every book in his library.

Amazing man of God euros 40 said as he said he's about Justin's book. He said let learning about the friendships.

A man needs and why this matters so much to Christians whereafter friendship with Rob and Justin going to Myrtle Beach was somebody a buddy going out hanging out.

Get real though you called three and three in the morning and the guy that sat in our crew.

Truth Network is really been a friend to me and our network for all these years as the Christian Carty, Robert Gilmore, who is ministry to the master journey in the boot camp so that he's drill deep on their he's actually been mentoring me in this area for years.

I'm still not getting the Raleigh you see Justin's book you get excited.

Don't man I'll tell you because you know I you may know, I just lost my father last Tuesday and you can imagine, or maybe can imagine.

I can imagine that I was given preachers you know the general and my band of brothers and out coming in, put their hands on me and praying for me before that service. Some I will never forget is the most impactful things I felt I was touching heaven that these men were going to battle a daily thing about a band of brothers, you know, as you go to battle it brings you in the relationship that I think is really heavenly and so but he's got seven friends man is more than cool when you see who they are really quite revealing. Just get happy arriving into another chapter. When this thing up, but just to hear Robbie sure that lit up and that is you assuring you some connected there. We like this guy maybe gets what you're talking when you absolutely will of the friendship that was run to my head as he was talking as you talking Robbie is Jonathan when David was going through the worst of the worst of the worst. Jonathan stepped in and he strengthened his hand in God and the life-giving power of a friend. Sometimes the friendship might be a Jonathan who is your spiritual best friend in and that guy that will go the distance with you and fill you up like like a race car filled up with gas and sometimes it's a Barnabas like a wing man. You might have some clashing with him like Paul did, but it's the kind of strengthening guy that takes a risk on you but he's there no matter what. Absolutely faithful. You have like a Timothy guy that's not only important to people but you have warned them then probably the most interesting in this list and the one that had the most challenge writing was the one about Nathan a win-win. Nathan had the level David and take a big risk to walk in the Kings chamber to confront him about his sin, the kind of man that would say I want to call you at 3 o'clock in the morning to get you out of bed so you don't have a hard heart and I might have to say something hard to you so you have a hard heart towards God because I'm going to be harder on your sin on the friends in the book that's vital that I think sometimes guys we miss release on intention with is that sexiest when Jesus said to Zakia's coming to your house today to interrupt 100 Jesus is on his way to the cross. He says I'm coming to your house to sit with you because you're not in my pit crew you're in the stands watching and you need to look under the hood and you see what really makes this thing up and then we will man little man was sitting right right you know so fungus cabinetry are what routes to come down to branch out below the friendship that I was most done by because the most most important role these friends to help us in a friendship with Christ. So I was totally convinced that when I study what it was them friendship with Christ. I would find it everywhere.

There's only one place in the New Testament, Jesus talks about friendship with him only one I thought it be just all over the place to talk about friends like hair friend Lazarus a cyclical raisin hotel parables about friends but he only describes friendship in one place with him. In John chapter 15 versus an older call you slaves I call you my friends and then he says I'm leaving and and our friendship with Christ while he's at the right hand of the father in heaven is mediated through his spirit and Jesus tells us how to have a friendship with him until he comes again in glory so absolutely compelled all of our friendship should point about when and that would be the strengthening most motivating element of our life to live for Christ until we see him face-to-face is in the book is seven friendships every man needs gathering your pit crew for the race of life you love the cool racecar motive.

Robert Gilmore is the Christian car guy Robbie probe into this guy.

Here are the author Justin Erickson is harvest House publishers over. I would encourage everyone to connect with a book like this go through with some guys even a small group it's biblical using Scripture all over the place here. Probably your questionnaire about the importance of vitality of having real big C Christian friends steer people like you actually know how many men do you have in your life that are willing to tell you. The Emperor has no clothes because here you got this guys head of the Truth Network and you got all that you and all his power. So if you got your life as a courage comes a stick man you know you you're undressed right here so you know I'm always really value those guys because I'm kind of a bigger guy like you.

You know that and people I intimidate them sometimes man I love what you said about Nathan and that you know those people in my life are so huge that the other thing guy you didn't mention that I did hear he mentions that I love that I read that thing is you have somebody is really seeking some. It just came to Christ and are absently on fire and when you have summary like that in your life. Oh my gosh, that guy that got baptized in the boot camp. Cory, I mean he's coming you all the time is challenging you with all sorts of cool stuff so I I was really encouraged us to see what you have and you need to think about what happens when were alone.

John the Baptist is alone in prison. His face and hair and sorting what is he doing in in his doubt he's drowning is not got any friends around him and the friends that he is able to pulled him to send Jesus you know those the only guys but John's question when he's alone is Jesus. Are you sure you're even Jesus you know David when he's alone on the rooftop bad plan weapon of mass destruction.

He falls to a greater giant than ever facing Goliath. You know Elijah, he's alone. He just conquered the profits of bail he slew 850 different profits there and he runs and he's alone and when he's alone. He starts thinking things and doing things like I wish I was dead and I can't do this in a woman threatens his life and he's he's cowering in fear, wanting to die when were alone. We do incredibly stupid things. And so when God sends a refreshing help to another man.

We can do without that, we must have that absolutely tremendous this book 7 friendships every man needs gathering your pit crew for the race of life really remarkable. God made you to be relational, stop selling for service level connections and learn how to build life-changing relationships that last. This is Hebrews 1024 25. This is considering what this is stimulating whether this is pushing one another. This is Proverbs 27 iron sharpens iron and this is all powerpack.

This book 7 friendships every man needs get it. Women should get a do. I guess to write everybody absolute fact that is a couple women on their than endorsed it because for two reasons. Number one.

Those friendships are also spiritual friendships describe for us women should have these as well, but women I think want this for their men. They want the women that will limit our lives to help these men be strong. In fact, is a chapter in the back of what I do with my life.

Because if I if I have all these guys in my life if Jonathan's my best friend in Timothy is my disciple and Barnabas is my my encourager and then all the words my wife. It we answer that question there. How does your wife who really is your helper designed by God. When God made man he says not good for man to be alone. He didn't supply another man, he supplied a woman in the woman's our helper, but it's unmistakably clear that those women at different times have to lean on another man like a giant power tool to do the things that maybe she wouldn't do so that she can help her man by bringing the leverage of influence in front by another guy who can make the difference. So, be a friend.

Pray for godly friends and check this thing out. This is really cool thank you Justin for hanging out with this man. Are you on Instagram, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook not okay Justin Erickson's progress is due to videos and robberies on their two and were working up with this on truth talk weekend and were in a podcast is out and we want to thank you for damn occurs. Write this book.


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