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How Important is Christian Camp?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 13, 2019 5:00 pm

How Important is Christian Camp?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 13, 2019 5:00 pm

This week Stu sits down with the director of YMCA's Camp Hanes to talk about the importance of sending your children to Christian Summer camp.

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You're listening to the network and It's that time of year again, that's right the s'mores over the fire pit the watersports the massive rockclimbing wall hiking in backpacking and camping and that's it folks.

You know I'm going to Christian camp. My life was changed early on when little Stu went to awesome cool Christian camps with godly Christian counselors who let me to Jesus who love me and put up with this adolescent numbskull who was clueless about life and had different issues with anger and try to figure stuff out and that changed my life.

Maybe change your life in a day. What I have brought in a bona fide certified camp director.

The newest camp director at the YMCA campaigns correct the 400 acre memory maker in North Carolina.

She just unwelcome as agreed to speak of you have a walker to get everywhere. Thank you so much for having me am excited to be here and share my camps can do for kids and their faith well were so glad you're here and what it awesome thing that God is doing at YMCA campaigns. Let's back up and say welcome as new director has a going our buddy Val Elliott spent on the show many times yes and he is a God instructed him elsewhere.

Yet he had a whole different blessing coming to the mineral gracious passing the baton, but who better to step in and you, how's it going so far what's like to be a Record. It's an amazing overwhelming opportunity. So it's full of excitement every day. Blessings every day and moments where I pause and take a deep breath and rethink things so that learning to get new answers and look at things a little bit differently yeah because you have over in your under your oversight. You have not just all these youngsters that mom and dad, grandma, grandpa send off to summer camp, but you have a bunch of counselors who come out. Who are these cutting-edge leading young people in different colleges and elsewhere in high schools on cases that are serving and in endpoint.

These people, these young people Jesus and in watching after make sure they take their allergy medicine. Whatever the thing of all staff you got people holding what it is is a big undertaking, gent undertaking, and I live campaigns and blessed to live there until I stand my back porch. I can see pretty much good chunk of the campaign's property and I just look over it, pray, and just number it taken care of and help people be their best selves and be as Christlike as a convenient being seen examples for them. Yeah, that's what I love about campaigns and silly Christian camps like yours that there's so many author interviewed on the show I'm in CHRISTIAN Guy all the time.

I love it really and were talking a lot about some of the granular soap or listeners can pray for you. This is really*what is so unique about a Christian camp like there's something that happens in those for five days, six days were kids, sometimes two weeks three weeks. What is it about the time this is just a concentrated almost overdose of God's creation, combined with right learning Christian songs and meeting friends and being encouraged and and hear the gospel what is it about a rabbit that gets you excited. I think Uniden the importance of that is shown through just the way we structure our day. So everything you do at campus program focus and said just the fact that when you wake up in the morning and you, you know, start and end our day with those focus on the values that you know we start with prayers of course. Of the nine home lessons of a good meal to get kids gone, but then we immediately go down to the chap on a beautiful outdoor location unplugged in God's nature. Just taking a deep breath down there that's photo that Chuck and you spoke. It's an amazing spot and it's it's just peaceful and quiet that we like are joyous with our noise down there so start today with that every morning and then finish the day with this quiet, small group devotional times at the cabins having conversations helping kids be the best person they can be and then counselor sharing, you know Bible passages in the word and open conversations and leading kids with strong values and being role models so I don't know what I don't know what to be more Christlike than accounts or just being a positive role model in a child's life on life Almost Jesus ago make disciples doing that in directly. You guys are you to come to camp after their kid can be discipled by mentor toast.

Encouraged by counselor and loved and loved it. I mean something you always said, and we continue this tradition it campaigns that you love kids where they're at and shown example of Christ.

I can confirm from first-hand testimony of being in that little outdoor beautiful chapel whether just the birds are chirping and preaching and their singing that father Abraham does have any son as father and so that's true. That along with a whole lot of other amazing things. So how can Kate like let's talk about campaigns. Alcan and other camps all over the country of his or listeners in Salt Lake and Florida made sure some buses come from three or four states, by the way, it is an amazing But whatever is pure thing about a good Christian care because you hear the gospel are to be no roundups either safety precautions and some things on the backside that maybe we don't think about you know, we see the beautiful pictures right in the in the cool log cabins and all that stuff but right there some safety things you guys have really with with the YMCA you know special you guys really tightened up on making sure that the safe is it's it's a loving atmosphere to bullying, but also you know you know with ropes courses and things are was really, really care for it. Cheramie, not the number one goal of a good summer camp is the kids safety not only physical but emotional and mental as well so mean you know beyond just keeping kids physically safe. Praying for them and taking care of them and providing them love and support. So that's number one priority in any summer camp.

So finding out you know if you're looking into a camp by thinking of big things to look at our what are the values in the mission of the camp and it campaigns our mission is helping people reach their God-given potential in spirit, mind and body, and since the whole being of the child being in a good place and then Armada campus helping kids be their best selves to call camp and find out what's their mission with their values hiring process and their safety so much that is online. I think your websites YMCA campaigns.or 11 okay and go there is not too late to get in now look Alito for for your kids go to Us, but it's not yet for North Carolina folks are some great camps in the Raleigh area me there's going to all over.

Just look Google listen to your Truth Network affiliate stations all the wonderful stages of the Wilkins radio network of eukaryotic show they have got some really cool Christian cancer care and happy about yeah you know in the Missouri cut amid country Midwest some wonderful camps. The wild Christian camp I went to open Brevard way up in the mountains you know of North Carolina. A lot of them are out there why she campaigns want to push yourself now. John, you're the Director, YMCA campaigns, which is a North Carolina to King right there at 10 of the Blue Ridge Mountains. There you know beautiful Ashley beautiful Telus what you single parent considering sending their children Christian camp what you say to them is that is some of the biggest benefits of that real quick so I think to have values presented not just from a parent that from young adults who kids can look up to as role models. So it's the classic when I'm grandpas a kid I got my friend's house and my friends parents got Jan is amazing she helps with things she upset my parents like and when kids come to camp there being independent and making great decisions with positive role models right there there young adults that they can look up to. So mom and dad do it at home but to have it backed up at camp with child independence and growth that they're making his decisions and and their peers are right there have been the same experience.

So I think there's strength in a child making a decision, and it coming from them and it's contagious. That joy and love at camp is contagious.

We constantly hear.

I made best self. When I met camp that is awesome that is so cool what encouragement and I would tell you right now. John will go on the record saying you send your youngster to a Christian camp anywhere especially Like campaigns in North Carolina. By the time their little head hits the pillow in their cabin in the day, they should sleep pretty well based on the rigor of activities you put them through. Yeah, it's a full day of activities, morning, afternoon, evening activities, walking uphill a lot hiking on water in and out of the water so you know I keep a good solid camp that has a strong program where kids out and help him sleep really good you got the blob we do the blob's amazing live and tells me to get on the thing. Maybe the summer after going to try take four or five of your larger, more rugged campers hoist me in the air. You got basketball, volleyball export is cool.

Always a little cool games. It's worth a game you can imagine is there is this giant rock always massive and our brand-new lock qualities one-of-a-kind in the country currently and were blessed to have it without recovering from a tornado. We would not have that beautiful so God gives blessings in all situations. So get the kids off the screens out of the house get into a camera Christian camp. That's the challenge. I love what they're doing. It's only Christian cancer really appreciate the folks at the YMCA campaigns here in North Carolina. Thank you Jen for your ministry there in where the challenger would listing to pray for you all the Records all the staff all the counselors in all those junctures in heart shall be prepared so to kids like myself will give their life to Jesus at camp and there's a closeness to God there and no go on to change the world for Christ.

Thank you for developing leaders role changes in all you do think even thanks for the prayers.

What's was overtime fantastic. Learn more will have a podcast of this program and and be a part of the change be part of child you get involved a volunteer to C was at my parents used to cook a Christian camp for the summer. It was so cool he got involved as I think that they be added 10 years, their life doing that because when you're with young people. You never age. It's amazing you know so God bless you Jen for all your doing, thinking

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