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Were You There When They Crucified my Lord?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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April 19, 2019 8:00 am

Were You There When They Crucified my Lord?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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April 19, 2019 8:00 am

Our Easter special! Stu talks with the artists behind the Last Words of Jesus music album about the death, final words, and glorious resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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You're listening to the Truth Network and as blood flowed from his wounds. Wife flowed from his words Jesus Christ as he died across boat seven profound statements that are in my book last words of Jesus. I'm Stu Epperson hosted to talk weekend working to place a programming this time of year that point you to the cross with holy week in Palm Sunday and Good Friday and the resurrection celebration want to draw attention to the most epic important event in history.

The death burial and resurrection of our Lord's estate to be encourage the name of the book's last words of Jesus. What information there's a website by the same title last words of hey sure copy was someone you're trying to share the Lord with her was fascinated by someone's final dying words of noble character history of historically there's all kinds of books about all kinds people. What about Jesus. Famous last words we know they were in his last words as he came out of the grave is coming back again. But be encouraged in today's truth talk weekend as we look in and listen to our Savior speak and there's a whole music album you can download Google I guess on iTunes or whatever the different music platforms. The music album by Richie Kings.

More my good buddy last words of Jesus welcome the truth talk weekend with Stu Epperson where pop culture, current events, and theology all come together on radio podcasts, Facebook, twitter, and even grant you guys hang on.

This is about to get real intense here and now. This week's episode of the week a man who loves Jesus his family and the game of basketball is president of the Truth Network Stu Epperson Stu Epperson here in a restaurant with three of my favorite people because the guy who was this guy right here with a big beard looks like Paul Bunyan rear half of each right not that Ironhorse Santa Christmas Santa Grizzly Adams. Whatever here in this Easter time Good Friday holy week, but your hearing from some of people that are on the original last words of Jesus music out and it's really enjoying the cross in the book last words of Jesus is about Jesus words and if any of you have ever been exposed that you listen to to talk live any affiliate nationwide you how powerful God. God's word is not powerful Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh. He said seven profound sayings of the cross with Richie.

We had a little little experience earlier today and in the course as we play back on to talk live across all kinds of channels all kinds of networks of podcast but don't want to know what happened in one of remarking talk about what God is doing them well.

We just had an opportunity just to be a part of the chapel at Piedmont international University so we we had a couple hundred college students and faculty in you know, as it is. I mean how you always going to these chapels and people alike just running into from class there sort of all over the place.

Honestly, it's a hard environment.

Yet as as you got started sharing as we started singing as Mark started you know sharing about the cross just the walls just started breaking down and people started, you can almost see the light bulb coming on and feeling that connection and single and how God was just moving as as the focus was on Christ and is coming he is the living water, and what we need and and yeah a lot of times were so busy, we just don't want us even consider that but just to see how God is moving in their hearts, to me that's that's what we all long to encounter God and and the hope of the world you know the bread of life. So it was great and honest music album front center it says Richie Kings more music in God use you to compose things and that's your heart to take people right to the throne. I absolutely may not think music is such a tool and there's some as well as hymns that are just that. Just speak about the cross in about the sacrifice that Christ gave them about God's love for us. It just connects and stirs your emotions and before you know it. The truth of that song is just penetrate your heart as well as new songs Hemingway on this project.

We got kind of a we got some about an end to see the power of the vehicle of music you have the sweet lady next to your bride. Some she did a great job with you and with Mark, no Mark, I get a phone call from Rich Kings. More. This is been a couple years since two here this guy I said who you got singing this song. Were you there when they crucified my Lord, which honestly Johnny Cash you know copyright but it really is an old African-American spiritual in the wild thing is is we don't know the names of the people necessarily the right but it just was passed along powerful globe, but they probably would want to know their names because they want people to go there right when they crucified the Lord and be at the cross. Mark I wouldn't hurt you and met you and yes I think you're one of the few people I've met for the first time again right away and he's a grandmother but talk about me just that in just connecting with Richie just your heart all the stuff.

Well if it's been an amazing product to be part of an Richie when he first presented the song to me. I was hesitant because it's one of my favorite songs. It's it's one of the favorite pieces and in Christianity today the song were you there. It's a bagel song and it's it's an overwhelming song and so Richie one thing I love about Richie and that we have in common.

We if you listen to any of his arrangements, which is very humble as I can tell you about that, but any church in America.

Contemporary, modern traditional they're going to have 2025 or more pieces of Richie Kings more manuscript in their library. He understands moments from a position of biblical worship. Look throughout Scripture. Jesus is all about moments in the connected those moments in an amazing way. So when Richie came to me with this project. All I had to do was listen to the track and I could hear those moments that he connected so beautifully in this particular song that I'd never heard before and it went from a little bit of fear and trembling to. I can't wait to sing the song was very very excited about. I just know he said Stu we got a guy named Christian singer. I also found a Christian is out.

It is now time absolutely need to have a Christian name stuck with a better shape up or get yourself in a big exercise goal. Mark you will you lead worship at Charlotte first banisters Charlotte Rice Charlotte pastors Dr. Mark Erickson interesting thing happened a couple years ago our son. We moved to Charlotte about eight years ago and our son decided to stay in Houston for a little while were relived and he joined us and moved to Charlotte with us and only gave one rule is a Jordan. We're thrilled that you're here, but stay away from our pastor's beautiful daughter, Laura, I do not want you to get me fired, say away. Emily so we all know what happens when we tell our kids not reverse psychology so justly that he married her and married her and still wants that I'm still I don't know that I'm serving with Mark Harris and not only is he an amazing man of God. These were my heroes and Mark lives out his faith every day. I've been at his house watching ball games with them because the connection with our kids. I've seen him in so many different walks and he never changes, and it's been a real privilege to serve with him and Mark. While he does not consider himself a singer or worship leader. Make no mistake, I am not the worship leader prescribed Charlotte my pastor is he is bringing out word a lot about him is one of the guys it teaches the word faith leaks posits God's word is been fatal to studying the word and and and feeding the flock, and were so starving in his need to see a faster one of those you love pastors you know that in Congress passes to go deeper toward Mark. You also seen with a fellow name will tell about the one of the great thrills of my life and in something out of only really full comfortable talking about because it's it's there's nothing I could've done this for like we talked about today Piedmont the power of the cross enables us to have things that we do not deserve. Christ gives us these opportunities and he gave me an opportunity 18 years ago while singing secular music. I came out saying the gospel song and who would've known that the Billy Graham team was there at that concert they wanted to meet the guy after the show we sing this gospel song and that night they invited me to sing and 3 mg events and 10 years ago I joined a will Graham steam Willis is Billy's grandson and will and I traveled all over the world together about the last 10 years and seen so many really cool things you say. Were you there when they crucified my Lord in helping us sing it and talk LaBonte city of the Philippines that had just been through this devastating storm and thousands of people killed and I got to sing it in talk LaBonte city to those folks. That was the first time. I think it ever been done live and it it in a really amazing way devastated that place spiritually because it put everybody on their names. Everybody not because my vocal Richie's arrangement, but the power of Christ was so evident what happened this morning. I think the change goldtone building as we started getting people to the cross. Yes, Lisa don't look at us you don't know enough there's some new because her mom teaches at Piedmont and has for years but start appointing them to Jesus and the Savior who hunger and are said and I change the tone changes part of the worship that right. The changes everything.

Some in a minute I'm in a downtown First Baptist Church we all know what those look and smell like right so I have done everything in my power for last eight and half years push people toward Scripture and to point people to the cross, not to try to change their minds about a style of music, but to point people to the cross, using every creative element that I possibly can that centers around God's word and expend amazing journey. At first, Charlotte okay so stay tuned in the next segment going to play you there when they crucified my Lord with Mark Christian and I you I cannot you see in this restaurant I mean that the waitstaff mean to me they're not doing anything over there.

In other no common appetizer of amazing grace and then a main course of know we know we can. There's no tip jar either point is right here at your patron, but no so Mark Christian Richie Kings Martini keys or the whole team. Charles Billings is on this album last words of to talk put everything at the website so you can link and you can get the video you can get it you can get the music in the book as well come back in time to hear the music from last words of Jesus. It takes you right to the cross and I actually started seated today. This book is a powerful book on the author of Stu Epperson hosted to talk live in.

I got a check in my spirit is normally Lord, he stops, "shut up, but just I was working you know what what you said was right but he went on and then just let me impressed upon me, because my were so powerful is worth powerful than anything any time anyone of you out there listening is anything involving God's word is powerful because it is an extra music. Mark Christian is true of the word the spoken word rice, that's absolutely correct right on God's word was St. Francis said preach the word and when necessary use words.

Yes, of God's word is powerful, strong breaks any bond, it's it's it's a beautiful thing so you seen all of the world in this week. You many times where she keys more help with us to go he just kind Richie has a way of aggregating talent and but he also has a way of ministering to people to be in the Richie discipleship for anything. I encourage you and just so cool in him and Jean are an amazing team.

Richie set the song up real play that song to get people to cross you were you there when they crucified my Lord to set it up real quickly and then went to get some canopies are placed closely and here is it is the original composition and with Margaret set up a you know it when we recorded the song act. I just remember that moment.

This is Evans been thinking about that song and as that track started to play in market song a couple times and I could start to see it start to hear his voice and see Mark was living that moment and and he actually only we had a conversation about that and I said? You are there. That's what we want people to to go to that crossing the think you think of the people that were literally at the cross. When Jesus was crucified and can imagine the impact that had an and yet all of us have that opportunity to experience the power of the cross, the healing of the cross, the hope of the cross. The horror of the cross. Everything every emotion and this song really does that.

And it's and yet it's done is simplicity that is, everybody can relate to. No matter how old or young you are.

It just takes you there and so that's my prayer that everybody that listens to this would actually experience that moment when Jesus died, here comes that the lyrics you may know already but Mark, she's in great but you get the music right yes my right.

I wanted to, even began at almost like a film score because those strings that you know how music kinda takes you somewhere create an atmosphere that's what I think is a cool thing about music that is centered around God's word happen you create that atmosphere for God's word to speak and that's that's that was really my goal in this they were you there when they crucified my Lord vocals Mark Christian Richie he's more on the composition. Here it is French and we come back word here some some work got another symmetrical song safety would just take this and in just pray for driving a ghost rise but just pray and ask God to take you there and linger there like the great Puritan citizen linger and let him work in your heart. Here is an and in will all and in thank you so much Mark powerful song Richie Kings more. Another song that's a classic original, but then you took and you made it into something new and Mark actually jumped in with your wife Gina and did they come to get a worship, together. I don't do anything 80s or duet. I'm just not on a link of a total of what happened this morning. That would hallelujah what is it, well, this hallelujah what a Savior is just one of those those powerful hymns that just connects with the solvent.

The imagery is so rich and yet it takes us from the cross to heaven when were standing before the throne. And so, as Holly Johnson I'm working through this and as we began to look at this you know we really began. I don't know my my mind and heart with revelations Revelation 5.

What is that line so we really literally took and added a new chorus to it and then add a new bridge to it and so this morning it just as we were talking about redemption and the goal of our redemption is to see Jesus face-to-face and so as we were, as we decided to do this in an you know we kind of took that that arrangement is to talk live any affiliate nationwide.

What happens where we would hallelujah what a save as Holly Johnson I'm working through this and as we began to look at this you know we really began. I don't know my my mind and heart with revelations Revelation 5. What is that line so we really literally took an added a new chorus to it and then add a new bridge to it and so this morning it just as we were talking about redemption and in the goal of our redemption is to see Jesus face-to-face and so as we were, as we decided to do this in an you know we kind of took took that that arrangement that song that we wrote in kinda crafted it to fit both Gina and Mark and and so that once we get to that third verse where we were really for the throne. Mark takes it key change and then from there you know how will you want to save your holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty in it it it was a powerful moment in which we are listening to us were in the restaurant after this week. The kind lady RRR our server turn the music down force is a lot lower we started I saw Mark Christian down an amazing bird that thing was you psyche that you really you're not shut down the 11 brother and I are long but Mark so the word we just were in the chapel of the Menasha diversity. I preached about the cross. What today.

See what today here the words of Christ on the cross and then you guys are amazing to really just decisions. The whole experience. I guess really unique. Just we could choreographed mean we tried it, but Mark you try to set these things about what you know. Just please let the Holy Ghost take over enough right there. There's we've all been, we were in school or Christian school in and sometimes walking dry sometimes walk entire lifetimes walk and broken wondering about next week. You pay for school or whatever and I saw that and everybody's eye could see it and and so the only thing I know to do in life or in ministry. Is this the point people to the cross really is a me that's I remember years ago we were in northern Ontario, Canada for Billy Graham event and I don't think anybody would show up. We should we go to this hockey rink meets on the middle of nowhere and thousands of people show up and we have so many wonderful responses that night and I went up to Tex Riordan.

What a great name text reared in Texas. He reared Junior he was one of Texas shortly Texas Texas but anyway he was one of Billy Graham's original crusade.

Directors and he is correct directed this Chris and I went up to Tex S a Tex how in the world and in northern Ontario, Canada you imagine to get. Can you imagine we have for 5000 people in a hockey arena in the middle nowhere.

How how do you make that happen, then how you get all these people to come together and agree on something and he said Mark we discovered that if we don't meet at the foot of the cross we don't meet anywhere and so this morning we met at the foot of the cross.

I talked about it. Richie played about Gina saying about you preached about it and God did his thing. He always well his word is always faithful. Richie and Jesus said if I be lifted up, and I will draw all men to myself so that we don't have to. That's not our part.

It's this part, we just have to live Jesus lift him up central and is so cool and know it's interesting Richie going to set you up to set up the song will play that song right now hallelujah what a Savior.

Falconer producers can apply it so but to talk about. This is your first time in that you really and with with Gina Kings Moran course. Holly does great is he's on the almond is brilliant and if you haven't downloaded the song but I do's last words of Jesus. I guess Richie these were music is there is also to be all of our websites to talk anywhere but Mark set up. "What was it like jumping there me that you song classic but really powerful new bridge with revelations man well first of all, were you there. The most difficult part for me in singing that was holding it together and you can hear that my vocal coming at its it was just hard. The other song that just devastates me on this album is, is this song Kelly was there because I Richie introduced me to Holly and while not able spend a lot of time with her amazing worship leader Winston-Salem first. Her voice just seems the passion of Christ and and so this is where my favorite cuts on the album so Richie sent who gets to work with Richie Kings more brand-new arrangement. The beautiful thing about technology as he rewrites his thing emails me the the new chart yesterday plays a new track for me since it to me and between coaching lacrosse and some other things and worship arts Pastor Amanda solicited a couple times and we came in and say it was morning and what a privilege beautiful amazing song. It is hallelujah what a Savior from the last words of Jesus album with Holly singing like this morning you two saying Gina and Mark Christian. And while what a blessing lower share with you right now so you never heard this over planning leading up to Easter and whatever you're hearing this week. I guess you place on front across all your rankings Mark. Absolutely it works everything on good thing, right. So in 2016 University North Carolina Tar Heels with the national champion game and they lost the last second shot so in 2017 when you Google redemption in March March madness. One of the first things that pops up is givers or cantorial when/the word redemption and so recently I was able to preach him Stu Epperson to talk live experience trooper here with some pretty cool people.

But I was able to preach on redemption. What Jesus said as he died the cross and the impact that put the music was so rich. Mark Christian Ridge Kings more Gina Kings war.

They were all there a company by the Pima international worship band is amazing that it was there just a room blessing, but that idea redemption price here. A team wins after blowing it a year ago. He is a long but after losing on that lesson shot which is a year ago. Our year before they come back and when it lasted all of every magazine varies foretelling TV, radio, everything and yet that's one game that will go down in history, but a few years now that he not do well because my life is so frail and short moment when they had a Carolina association with managers you have had a blue sky. Whatever was so just exhilarated in your 2000 years ago, Marcus and Jesus Christ.

One. Redemption and the greatest victory the greatest greatest event in history ever and this is eternity and this fills us with nothing else they can no gain can ever fill us with peace because is not fleeting yet. Why are we so dead about the real redemption of the cross and understand it there is a holy God that loves us so much that he could not imagine eternity without his children. He couldn't imagine. And so he was willing to give emptying his proverbial pockets so that we can have an eternity in heaven with him and and there's an old song out that this is only the redeemed. Shove your voice on that day and what a beautiful picture.

What a beautiful thought that his desire is that all would come to him all that well and it's a beautiful thing.

It's a beautiful it's not just for the championship this year is for eternity forever and forever and I go back to the song.

What a Savior in the line and there really gets me is and by by your grace I have now… Granny's. I think some more time to do all these things every other religion is based on man does to get Christian licensure.

See not, we can never measure it's funny we have a free casino I think is more like the one thing I said in my wheezing group. It's good section on Facebook. You also message that I want to see the kids is what if you could get one word to define net loss in a loss next to their Jesse Jackson got the private team.

The private text numbers all Tina do you have a private closed text just a team. One word to define the rest year being the prominent word in the story, the narrative of the next James Edward was redemption.

What one word can I text you right now.

Find me. Is there a better word, Mark. I can't think of any work that says let the redeemed of the Lord say so it's it's all right where signs we aren't seeking God's are we son it really goes back to what Jesus did on that cross, which is what that third song which is an original that I wrote you and Holly you guys really made us a song you know it's not you know Richie · Aurora player right now on to talk live the gospel to play Kelly what a Savior we played with Mark's awesome song for you there willing real quick note, we are going to some. Let's set up a quick song number three time limit is the words of my just really the phrases that talk about every chapter you know all of those posts. Those phrases into into one song and to get us some Jesus speaking and am really so I just hope you get a sense of Jesus speaking these words that's that's what I desire was to encourage go there make your prayer experience you God and what he wants to do and you have you been reading is redemption coming out of your mouth like Paul said, separating the gospel.

Every conversation I have with anyone is to get them, get them on the road. The we have been on.

He said he used Mark Christian Ridge Kings more Gina Kings were the whole team. Charles Billings is on this album last words of were to put a to talk put everything at the website so you can link and you can get the video you can get it you can get the music in the book as well

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