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Playing Offense to Beat the Opioid Crisis

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 4, 2019 5:00 pm

Playing Offense to Beat the Opioid Crisis

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 4, 2019 5:00 pm

This week Stu sits down with Tom Joyce and Eric Burgiss to talk about the opioid crisis, and how Tom and Eric plan to help fight it with their "108 Challenge".

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You're listening to the network and the numbers of people addicted to drugs.

The opioid crisis in the victims is catapulting out-of-control Sony folks are hurting just going to get little prescription to get up get hooked on something and yet what we do about it. How can we introduce them to Jesus. How is there hope. How is her healing was a family with her kid whose hooked on fading or marijuana or other illegal substances that's taken down fast well as Amanda got a studio who's doing something about it in his been introduced to us by another man, a guy named Tom Joyce live. No, forever growing up with a part of new cases I Tom Joyce. This is exciting man you love your voice so you're pretty passionate about this.

Don't want wife you're so excited about Eric and then let's introduce him. Yes, Tom Joyce, and I guess I got a type A personality which matches Eric's you'll find out just a minute he's a wide open as bearded guy, like I am here represent really the new Canaan Society for every Moravian church. Involved with a been a company owner here with us on the Joyce Brothers company and I'm then the Everson family a long time to and I met Eric through a luncheon thing that he was, I go speaker and not solid. He was in the drug side of it and he's doing some of startup work that is difficult. This is difficult start up what you gonna do. It is a controversial situation. Some areas of his endeavors in and out he can some roadblocks here and there but he didn't let that stop and save these got high-energy yeah Eric. We hired you the radio and were so excited to run your travel route. A lot of your life is is is crazy right tell us a little bit about who is Eric you to know you little bit yellow quick from Raleigh-Durham North Kalon area. Thank you Steve and Tommy both Raven here this morning. You know I drop down Raleigh-Durham and you know we were young is a five that was 51 when he had me out when the kids so Mme. went into state. My two older sisters went into state.

My younger sister went to Carolina my brother went to a lawful ride scholarship US women to baseball come to school hard knocks at the age 13, I started dabbling in marijuana and alcohol and then that led me down a 26+ year of of drugs and alcohol. My first full year of recovery. Myself and I look to get back in any way that I can do for you and what it says or thinks your courage to come on the radio and thinks what you're doing with a 108 challenge me. This is a big deal, you're getting a bunch of folks crowded together.

You're all packed into a church on a big night in May 2019.

A course will probably this program in his podcast back. You know, as long as is is we can size you still have a Christian radio. But tell us a little bit about how your passion, what happened to you and what God did to meet you and how now you're parlaying that into helping others is her first mold so you know your God is working the tree business agreement suck Alana, you canonlyjobIcouldgetatthistimeandthenbrokeeverybranchofeverpassingandnotputafrownoneveryfaceofherputasmileonbrokeeveryheartyouknowbreadbakingabarn.Thetreebusinesswasaprominentbusinessofdrugsandalcoholitpaidouteverydaysotheywillsupportmyhabitonceagainwalkingtalkingfunctioningalcoholicanddrugaddictandopticaldrugofchoicewascocaineandcrackcocaine.ButIsoldheroinnestledfitandalsoanythingthatIcouldgetmyhandsontosupportwon'thappeninonthisparticularThursdayafternoonI'llneverforgetit.YouknowItakenandthenIputsomecocaineonthepipeandI'dsmokedit,notrealizingwouldliketofitknowitkilledmethatIoverdosedwaslayingonthefloorforabout15minutes.Roommatewalkedinhadseenmethereonthefloorandimmediatelycalled911that'swhatthelawenforcement.EMSshowedupathim.HewouldknockhimtwicetorevivemethenIwouldgointothegrievousalkalinehospitalwhat'sbeenafewnightsthereandhadsufferedfewministrokesandafterreleasefromthehospital,youknow,bells,rock-bottomyouknowwhereIfeltlikeIneededamajorlifechange,soletmywaybacktoNorthCarolinainmymom'shomeatthetimeandI'lltossarentalhomeinbaseballnowisaprominentbaseballplayercannotRaleigh-Durhamwastheageof14milesanhourandsotheonlysignofanytypeofgreatness.AmalekitescameformyteenageyearsnowbutanywaysI'dcameintheirtossanoldhomeroomballaroundandIhadgonethrough.TheseclaimsaretothepinandImarkedthreestitchesonabaseball.IsaidwellyouknowthreestitchesthreedayscleanIcouldrememberthelasttimeI'vebeencleanandsoberforthreedaysandover25+yearsmatcheswhatwasinthematuritywasofabadfriendorwrongplacewrongtime.Thatfirstintroduceyouintotothesechemicalssoyouknow,marijuanaandalcohol.GrowingupasateenageryouknowIwasaroundtheoldercrowdandthisthingisanegotiatedofanyraceorcoloryouknowisnotsomethingthatIfeltthatwasforcedonme.Itwasmybaddecisions.Itwasmybadchoices.Itwaswanttobewithincrowdedseemfunnyseemlikeanybodywasdoingit.Youknow,soIwasgoingtobewiththeincrowdyouknowandsoasIstartedusingyouknowonenightIenjoyedit.YounotexpandmostagebutthenasIstartedgettingmoreandmoreandmoredeeperinmydrugsstarttogivethemorehard-corethemorepotencytothemstartedspiralingoutofcontrolinaddictionIhadnoclue9526yearslater,youryourflatline.Yeah.So,inandoutofjailarrestedinthefleshinthetenttosellmaintainingdwellingtraffickingcrackcocaineinDavidsonCounty,NorthCarolina,andthenagainjustinandoutofjailforpettymentallyofthethingsofGodatall.Youprettyradically.Yeah.SowhenalimowentbacktoNorthCarolinaandyouknowIhadacouplepeoplethatwhenIgothere.Inotednoreallyinspirationofgoingtochange,butyouhavefewpeopletolookatandprayforyouandIdon'tknowwhatitwasaboutthosewordsthatjustIcan'ttellyouaboutallthesethyheavensopenupandGodcomingdownandtalktomeonthearm.AllIcantellyouisthatwehavesomebodyspeakingtome,mylifesayingthattheyprayformeandtheretheynevergivenuponmeandsoI'vethoughtitwasonethatjusttouchedmeinamajorwayandIknewgotayoungchildbutnotsincemymyaddictionsandsoyouknowfromtheireyes,recommittedmylifebacktoChristfromayoungmanandIstarttoputmystuffaroundprayerpeoplewithaprayerlifeandIstarttogetinvolvedsodeployedintoachurchnow,you'redoinga108challengetelluswhatthatisisprettyamazingthatallbrochureinherleftabilitiesuptotheradionetworkhereabsolutely.Sowearedefinitelywantingtoyouknowallanglesofthisfrompreventioneducationandawarenessharmreduction.It'sreallyjustarecoverytoisforpeoplethatseekrecoverywhenatatimebecausebasicallythat'swhatitisall,it'saisanewSonylifestyleisamindsettonotwanttogobacktoaboutthosewayssoIuseabaseballtomarkonedatatime.Thereasonwecallwhattheybaseballhashundredeightdoublestitchesonandsowemarketwhenthere'stime.Whydowedothebaseballwelllifecomesatyoufastenoughtheysomecurvesandwouldusedrugsandalcohol.Thebottomwilldeftlyfallout.Wecanallrelatetothat.Allweredowntoafive-year-old.Sothisisagreatwaytohelpworkrecoverywhentheirtimebutisalsoagreatwaytoprovidepreventionandeducationawareness were also on Facebook and Instagram is are all both business pages and then a direct hotline is 336-807-6744, and fall you on Instagram right now I get to get John there. Are you on. There was a personal page to yourself or just the Instagram is just posts that are relevant to addictions. We post a lot of irrelevant stuff along with all of our events on our business Facebook page 108 challenge all means, right up yet. Eric purchased good yes followers going on man love it. Yeah, those are all relevant. We've done this homemade's and it would just launch is never the 19th 2018 so work were still in its infancy. Since the sometimes you're most afraid of doing the very thing that will set you free.

You got some great quotes on here judge putting people of drawing people pushing people toward things like that one. We chose get involved in this and really your challenge of parent or family were out there that struggling trying to help someone come out of an opioid or some sort of drug addiction.

What would you challenge them right now that that person or like to care about their hearts broken form would you say there's there's group out there now compound PAL is called a parent, I think it's very important for you getting the group of people who appear support huge. I feel like that get around other parents and other families that have kinda been there done that so to speak. That's a great nonprofit outreach.

They meet weekly that you can share information with just educate yourself for doing Latino youth are smiting the house pictures doing the proper steps asked those questions.

They have phones you're probably paying the bill go through those thoughts, those questions don't just get caught up in this fast-paced world and not and not have these talks about how drugs and alcohol can affect knowing them to the family. The level like it's vapor now. What's the biggest challenge meeting will just say yes so that's huge because you know we we we aim toward our youth.

We put it in funny little colors a neat little things and they look all cry which is not a cigarette or McAfee is sad to watch the chosen like a gateway or something that will you and III think so. You know were finding out ways to also that the pods can be changed out so they can put liquid THC, which is marijuana and hassle and different things in there.

Sometimes they may not be just typing they might be actually smoking marijuana or drugs in these as well gracious thanks for redoing her cancer, and on national radio show and share your testimony. Yes or with friends all over like the truth stations down to Jacksonville Florida in southern Georgia you 1010 91.3 FM 91.7 FM 91.9 FM in St. Augustine and the Wilkins radio network 40 stations broadcasting truth talk we can all over the country share the good news of Jesus which you're a part of.

Now thank you, pray for those folks. Tom, thank you for bringing the scallion. What a blessing Satan will make this a podcast as well and follow these guys on Instagram Facebook and all these other places. I just followed you so make sure you follow back got a minute ago army race folks for Jesus everywhere, and in this agreement to grant play offense in this opioid crisis and share the recipe which I would love it is time to come home just impact one is right

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