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The Miracle Tree Book - One Girl's Miracle Story & the Power of Prayer

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 10, 2019 8:00 am

The Miracle Tree Book - One Girl's Miracle Story & the Power of Prayer

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 10, 2019 8:00 am

This week Stu sits down with his former Sunday school student, actress and author Austin Highsmith Garces, to talk about her new book The Miracle Tree.

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You're listening to the Truth Network and hey all you sizable teachers out there.

I've got a word of encouragement for you one of those young aspiring young people just just lose those rising stars actually become stars because that happened is my wife and I were teaching ninth grade and in one of our amazing students.

She is gone to Hollywood and she's become a famous actress. She's become a playwright or screenwriter in now and author and I'm so honored.

It's all full-circle to interview Austin Highsmith Garces on my show to talk about her brand-new book this thing just came out on Easter Sunday. The miracle tree Austin congratulations, thank you so much to thank you so exciting and you are an author in just just a lot of emotions because this story is this. It is a we taught you Sunday school.

We've known your family for decades. Your mom taught our precious little hope in our other daughters at Calvary day school you as a Sunday school student in the ninth grade held our daughter. Hope you and Kelly and all those youngsters in their and yet so is this is like full-circle and now you read a book, but I'm finding out. As I'm reading the book and reading about the book in the story there stuff about you that people don't know why I never really got that big a deal. I would like my life when I was here and we had mating tradition, but I think Nvidia on and little did I know that by sharing my story. I was firing like hundred K part of the path that I've been on and I was working and not to be a part of living. Call dolphin calendar often telltale at noon had inspired literally millions of children around the world like a kid that we meet are from all over the world any aquarium where we found it that functioning animal Hospital and they hired me in the end of two children from the many TV spokespeople for the and so we go down actually three times a year and we meet all the children are taking very flexible and we visit the Children's Hospital them and we try to break up their daily visit with the kids and around and one visit. I met a little girl that had the same thing that I have and I would located and I looked right in her face and it was like looking at pictures of myself when I was when I was okay until after Monica that she had put so little cellulitis and she said how did you know that while in Milan burst into tears and she would like you are okay not deformed and you didn't die.

Now I know I didn't. I told her about my family tradition which is which is what the subject of the book is and all of my coworkers like he never told us the story, and all of the time. Really kinda hot, believe never even ever sharing this with us in our like I'm not in the event the video and so we started talking about it and so many people were encouraged that I thought maybe I should actually create a book out of this to help kids in the hospital on that.

That's what I set out to do that. That's where we are so cool your two years old and so many people know you from your from the big screen dolphin ~what a great movie. We were at the was so fun.

You have that cool screening in Winston-Salem was like a homecoming. There's all your brothers and your your mom and dad all everyone's there. We were there we will about the girls hope, grace, joy, face it was like wow, there she is, but this is going back to when you were little and so many folks face these type things that you put us in a book I would tell you, Austin. This this this old surgical distributors teared up when I saw the picture, all on your website which is a real simple website. The miracle is I write the miracle tree to their country book.I'll give a miracle tree The book is Allison Barnes & Noble's it's in everywhere. Books are sold. You can get it. I would encourage you to physical not just tell you an awesome story about someone who has an awesome testimony now, but also about what God did. Early on in the picture that just got me emotional was seeing your dad life I've faced on the tennis court. I've basketball with a plea vessel. Your brothers and your family would know you guys rub I see a picture of your dad kneeling by a Christmas tree praying for God to do something in the life of his sweet two-year-old daughter Austin who's on the show. The Riddell told everyone what was going on in that moment. So when I went that I went down for nap and I woke up an hour later with my eye swollen shut and purple and they didn't have any clue what was wrong with me for my mom to make it a pediatrician thinking now. Maybe she fell or whatever and in my pediatrician that you do not stop here. Please go straight to the ER she could die and I'm on it like what LI between my dad met her there with my older brother Adam and Jim Thompson you you probably know would love you as our church as well. He's all over hundreds to so yes yeah Dr. Jim Thompson said she had about a 50-50 chance of surviving the night and it was right at and they said we have to do an emergency surgery right now because she had a very aggressive case of potable if a light came on superfast and they did an MRI.

My I would being pushed out and over and so you know my dad, fearing that his daughter has a 50-50 chance of survival. He just did the only thing making you and he got on me and he went down to that to the Christmas tree and a children's ward and he prayed that God he saved my daughter's life this Christmas. I promise you I will come back every year to say thank you to you for saving her life and we have not missing here in 35 years. We go back to that tree and we pray every single Christmas and got story of miracle, a Christmas miracle so you will find friends the Hyson's family.

You'll find Austin her family and her husband and their whole crowd at the Bruner's Children's Hospital with all the merriment and all the decorations, the trees, praying and praising God every Christmas. What a deal and what great what a great time to write a book in your culture there so many folks are struggling so much disease.

So many people are hurting and they're looking for answers and just the power of prayer Austin using the power of prayer in your life.

Haven't you seen just how to talk to our listeners about the importance of having Christ in your life and help. This book is a great way maybe to introduce someone to the Lord is losing hope there struggling there in a ditch they can't get out. There's there's opioid addiction like crazy.

Suicide rates never been higher. What what what what your word of hope to everyone out there and that you're trying to champion this book. The miracle tree. There's so many around book that I've seen that powerful presence of prayer and I specifically prayed when I was trying to get that out into the world. I said Lord I really I want to share your message of hope. I want to share the power of prayer and a and and you faithfulness with their prayers and please please please get into the hands of somebody who really understand why this needs to be out there. This book can help children.

It can help people struggling with their faith.

It can help restore people think and randomly it lands my hand of this woman who was an ER nurse for over 20 years. Randy ER down in San Diego and she the Christian and then she stopped being an ER nurse opened a publishing house and she was like I found this book and I just knew that this message needed to be out there and I was just like blown away and going where you literally gave it to somebody who worked in the medical field and understand how they can help children and you know you gave it to somebody through the ultimate Christian she understand the power of prayer and faith and we just prayed everything constantly and I'm actually I'm in the process of creating a 501(c)(3) foundation that a portion of my book proceeds will go to work and then I will be able to help. Actually these kids there fighting different battles with where did read it needed and I was on the phone you know much about creating nonprofit, but it's very expensive to get started and the guy said to me you know it's gonna cost you about $1800 more to do that and I'm just going know with money to come from $1800 is a lot of money and all of a sudden I go online. Well, first in first out I got them so much and I prayed and I said Lord I really really really want to help these kids. I just really want to help these children that I that worked with and I want to help and it tangible, practical way, and I got off-line night out with them with 10 and I go online and I see I have a check coming for exactly 18 to 10 about the well you know and even in my life in that last year asking what I do for living.

That's my job and I haven't really had a job and I'm thinking of crying out to God going into what what's happening and he had just proven to me that he was going to sustain my life that I can write this book because this is just where he wants me to blow and it just so clear which I can just hand over my last year it if it is to be filled and make me cry.

It's been so amazing in talking to my parents about it constantly because their dislike watching God move in such an obvious way.

In this whole journey. It's just mind blowing some Wilson as you think about the prayer that your dad is. He cried out to God, bowing before the Christmas tree bowing just bowing and asking God to spare his daughter that prayer God's answer that, you know, in a huge way in a bigger way than than he really was can imagine you know it says the Lord wants to work above and beyond all we can ask or think what he's done that and he will continue to do that is you touched so many souls and point people to Christ. This book, the miracle tree is the book the author Austin Highsmith Garces who is a woman of God and actress you seen her sear it in the movies and now she's an author you get this book. Bless someone with a get a box of insurer with people everywhere, but dismissal order them online, go to her website. The miracle tree Also, you are such a blessing. Thank you so much for being with us and for sharing this book with us and were to have you on again as your book tour gets Kraken and so we went will have you on again. The talks will have you in studio working at this this show will be a podcast for people to share your story of hope pointing to Jesus, pointing to all this, always encouraging stuff and also giving back this foundation to help other families struggling and impaired with this disease so thank you for doing that. God bless you, thank you so much for having me on.

I mean it's really this is like that in the full circle and we spent how many revolving or how and are your parents house and hang out with your family is literally an honor for me to be on the show. Thank you so much. Well thanks hey thanks remember the little people like us) Sunday school teachers out there. Listen that kid in your Sunday school class. Maybe the next Austin Highsmith Garces so so keep sowing the word of God and of them because this is a this is so much bigger than all of us is about making an impact for God and so we people's lives in the power per the miracle tree is the website.

Follow her on Twitter on Facebook on Instagram in Austin. Thank you so much water tree

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