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Stu Broadcasts From An Abortion Clinic

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 17, 2019 9:38 am

Stu Broadcasts From An Abortion Clinic

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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This is good Truth Network Stu Epperson of never done this before in history.

My show I'm standing holding a sign that shows Jesus forgives and heals next to a man named Bill who is holy as I was@63 to end abortion now were dry cars driving by. We've got music in the background what's going on out here, Bill, where are we right now.

Tell everybody right 3000 Maplewood Ave., which is across the street from the Planned Parenthood clinic where abortions are performed and will basically standing here on the sidewalk praying that the abortions that are executed, he would be terminated are also praying for the people who are employed here that they would realize that this is not that this is sinful and that this is killing babies into daily. Realize that in they would stop this and find employment elsewhere, and so was the trust of only believe God is that is is answering prayer and he will continue things prayer and that he wants us to buy these babies to become tough to birth and be one and have an opportunity to live and to have a life like the rest of us are enjoying so they let me come in and pick up a sign and stamp your full bit and this gentleman hears his place lost music or lift your name on high a lot of prayer here a lot of praise and worship right outside abortion clinics of the death just not even across the street there a block half a block away and then there's life. Your talk about why this is so beautiful you serve why why you're out here today sure well somebody asked me if I'd of lived during the Holocaust like we always say what did the what were the German Christians doing during that is my so that's going on right now. Even worse, you're 10 times worse here so I found out an amazing fact that when people are standing on the sidewalks and praying and interceding that abortion workers have left have reported that abortions and people who had appointments it decreases by 60 to 70%. So I thought you not just come out here and standing and being here interceding it actually does affect the bottom line and there are lives that are saved by that. So there's a lady staying over here, there, praying, holding signs and or some young ladies performing some art got a couple Rembrandts here couple gifted artist tell me about what they're doing. Sure so some of these children. We've known from my Friday night worship club that we've done.

But really, we talked a lot about like how God when he is God's creative and that's just a part of the Holy Spirit's creation, so there out here painting pictures with just themes of life on one of their moms painted a picture of mom holding a baby with a mouselike serene look so that God's presence isn't just limited to certain things so maybe not here painting and doing things of life. And yes, you saw this product nine or 10 little toddlers out for little while ago with their moms, and days of this is a whole family thing really and this is a just a statement that God loves life in old you say to others out there about getting involved. There's been some recent rumblings from real mega shift in the culture. This movie unplanned initiate huge numbers and ends.

In fact, I just saw story two days ago that said that the Planned Parenthood workers are more than ever considering quitting is coming out and saying I'm done with this I'm done with the slaughter of dough would be a part of this but tell us what your challenges the people out there that movie got 40 days of life.

You got all these awesome folks with no love life. You know that is really ground swelling movement talk about what people can do well. What's really stirred my faith is. Jesus said it just takes a mustard seed of faith. So my mind, my heart always thought how to do this huge thing of this great but really it just takes the tiniest action. So whether it's supporting someplace that does abortions or provides the free pregnancy care.

Standing on the sidewalk.

Anybody can do that at any time and just stand and pray. We know that God hears and answers our prayers as well as there's some compassion care is one of the groups that come out here and they do Saturday morning trainings I thought.

I want a thousand things of we got literature out here was able to handle one to a woman here early to say hey please just take a look at this were here were not out here against these women were out here for them and we love them and we have resources for them and that's something we can offer to them that they're not going to get in the clinic seven were not out here with hate for condemnation. In fact, that were here with love wave and Adam invite them over saw things are possible with God and his word that seed won't return void. Thank you for that show.

Jesus said on the resurrection life resurrection life has arranged there's another person hawking waving supporting this appreciative you guys.

I just popped in here, but nothing of mean or angry or no loudness or or hate come from over here right Bill, it seems like this is a just a real peaceful worship service. What how would you describe the scene was very peaceful and I'm glad it's a God of peace and that's what we're trying to represent to the women who are interested in coming in ending the herbal dear dear pregnancy, being a voice for the voiceless for these unborn children stepping up his good Samaritans as the unplanned movie comes out and it's informational people are realizing the truth what's really happening in the same what can I do what can I do and so they coming out of participating with and with other ministries like love life. The prayer walks on Saturday and then we just continually praying the other. God is the answer to to the solution to this problem and with full life in and conception that life begins at conception and the purpose of life is to be born into.

Give the people opportunity to live and to serve and to glorify God and that's very peaceful environment here in.

There are some people who oppose what we doing in their hostile but we just love then we pray for them only wish that they would have an open mind and open heart and realize that that this is a real life that's being terminated being ended and there is other options has many options and the child should have an opportunity for life will thank you and thank you guys serene out here in Marley Bill delusional prayer for for right now for the ladies, and right now I will listing to join in wherever your winter. This is pray for the situation right now. There's a girl in the probably the lobby right there, contemplating her taking her child's life. We say little prayer for everything rhino is heavenly father we just pray that you would move by your Holy Spirit and soften the hearts and speak to the people in the employed people as well as the women who were looking for help from them because, pray you will come to them and let them know that you can help them they'd blow Jesus you are the way the truth and the life that you want to present life and opportunities for life within and is a way is way so low we just pray that you would open up doors and opportunities and shed light on the situation and comfort them and bless them and lead them to life eternal.

In an opportunity for children to be born and we pray this in Jesus precious name. Amen. And that prayer will continue to go on even after I leave.

I go back these gentle little be here. These ladies will be here praying, holding signs, there's there's phone number supposed it for a few if you want to get some privacy support. If you want to get a free know if you see this the monogram or what's a call to face either of the image of their baby ultrasound their lower likely to your case goes up 78% more likely statistics are crazy.

For instance, the level I folks, just a readers team. They said that that the more they seem prayer around these abortion clinics that the numbers go down 75% is high sat right above peewee divorces the power of prayer. We talk about it, it's time to praise time to be involved in. Let's create was come back to life in our culture and let's reach people with the good news of the meaning of life in his name is Jesus and he said that he said I've come that you might have life, and might have it more abundantly. So thank you Bill for being here at all.

Thank you sir for being here in your music, praise and worship music for let me walk up your whole design of what a blessing is one of the point of need to bring as the pregnancy centers that are available for women who have unwanted pregnancies. They do a marvelous work on Monday. Many who do know about the fact that they're available so they just do aerobic work in helping living with the pregnancy throughout the pregnancy and after the babies are born to 2% per provide a home for them and we move also to enforce care and adoption. So what they do a marvelous work and now we need to continue to pray for them and support them across Street Planned Parenthood in the in taking lives and by this atrocious thing called abortion making all kinds of money they have no problem if millions of dollars in their budgets diesel crisis pricey centers struggle to barely make budget they have. Sometimes only 10% of churches in the area are even writing a check to these crisis pricey sitter sailor crisis purchaser.

My prayers are part of starting that help start that back by 2030 or 30 years ago four years ago. Baby collies for longtime but with it, but there always struggle and what why are we giving to them. There is there is a solution and so get behind these groups and if they call you succumbed your bank would say yes, and if they call you and say write a check, say yes Rh I will do whatever I can and can't do thousand 210. Whatever everything is good to go toward a diaper toward loving the mom 11. The new baby in creating the story of life. So thank you guys are out here and I really am honored to just stale.

You guys and see the courage of these women, these young ladies here young teenagers doing paintings beautiful awesome God bless you

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