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Africa Needs Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 31, 2019 8:00 am

Africa Needs Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 31, 2019 8:00 am

Stu talks about our exciting new mission with Trans World Radio!

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This is the Truth Network. Grab your passport or head of the airport and were going to Nigeria. 200 million people who need to hear about Jesus.

I am so excited Stu Epperson, your host if you talk weekend with me is John and Annie, my two good buddies from Transworld radio guys this is huge. This might be one of the biggest project we worked on your talk about reaching 200 million people with the good news of Jesus Christ and you are coming on the show to tell our awesome listeners about this is that right John, think about a radio station that's 200,000 wants to be able to reach an entire country of 200 million people with the good news of Jesus. And that's were talking about today as we come before you and just tell you what God is doing to reach Africa. Africa needs Jesus. Africa needs you and today were to be talking about how God is using radio as his tool to reach Africa and when were talking about Nigeria. It's in the news all the time. Think about a country where there rivalries between different ethnic groups. You've got one particular religion in the North that's persecuting those in the south of the country. You've got hunger, violence, persecution, churches are being burned. This is a country that needs to hear the good news of Jesus that you got this Islam is growing you got all kinds of things happening in the believers man I love the Lord and are growing with but this is like air support for them and I really want to give some context friends for years. Transfer radio has been a big part of what were doing here on truth. Talk in on the Truth Network and of really a part of all over him. Your hearing Christian radio right now is a listing of the Wilkins radio network, the Truth Network, the truth and in northern Florida on 191.7 FM all the great station Zacarias 91.3 FM over there near St. Simons and all that.

Let me tell you something your hearing Christian radio right now in your being hopefully blessed by and encouraged by it, but there are millions and I'm not exaggerating like let's go to 200 million this massive country in the middle of Africa Nigeria that don't have the luxury of hearing Christian radio little don't have this John will work with our listeners driverless and right now you're absolutely right. When we talk about Nigeria were taught about a country that's basically split in half. The northern half is very Muslim. The southern half is Christian. Now there are some Christian stations in the in the southern half. Some of them are prosperity gospel oriented, so this radio station that were putting opera trends will radios that have solid teaching they can really hear the good news of Jesus to go to grow and be discipled through these programs now. This can be reaching those who are doing the persecuting against the Christians. Those who are car bombing churches.

Those who are stealing their women and girls and taking them often into the poker her off those who are stealing their boys and making them become soldiers in their armies. These people need to be reached by the fork for Christ. How can you do that radio makes the tool radios the perfect missionary to go into these lands and trends will radio station that were building the 200,000 W will reach the entire country of Africa with the good news of Jesus. That's why we're inviting you to be part of it today so I was… Program the freight rate frequently, we featured missionaries like you guys people are reaching people all over the world with the good news of Jesus.

Now I'm asking were doing.

Give back harassing our listeners. Everyone is the who is on the circulator this on podcast on the web on these also radio stations gears harassing you to donate to Transworld radio to this project to help us erect a 200,000 W station in the heart of Nigeria.

The blanket little blast over any listings in the cover everywhere and the impact for Christ. When people come to Christ over the world and the Muslim world there hearing about great state of her that because of Randy right that is correct and think about it this way you can be a missionary today with your gift to TW war because Africa needs Jesus. Africa needs you today to pick up the phone and call 888-988-5656 and be a part of bringing the gospel into Nigeria again. 888-988-5656.

Let me mention a couple testimony think we already have a signal that covers parts of West Africa we want a stronger signal to reach all of Nigeria. This is what some people are saying, who already listened our first signal. I am up the Lonnie mayhem as well as a Muslim but I always listen to you because the truth is you are preaching great news. Pray for me and for more ability to understand your message. Here's another one. I am not a Christian, but I want to tell you that your teachings about God the father have impressed me, and it even makes me feel interested in Christianity stew. These are people that are Moslem, but there listening because they recognize there's some truth to what you're saying and the Holy Spirit at work in their lives is bringing them into an understanding of who God really is any measure the power radio you think about different military campaigns history in the more recent world wars were there actually bombers to go in and they they bomb it to soften up the ground right so that the that our troops can landing go in and have you have some some leeway and have some some some I can like paving the way for the count was low. This is bombing. This radio is this air covers like it's worth putting out 200,000 W of truth in their languages. This is it is a diverse number of languages Nigeria correctly. These are languages of these people here like wow that's my own language and these are great Bible teachers great treasure radio has the same Bible teaching you hear on the station your listing to write up transfer radio you have always awesome teachers, but in the native tongue of the Nigerians in your putting the stuff family marriage how to be saved. The difference between God and all of things like that and you just read a couple testimony to me. I got pages of these testimonies.

What a blessing transfer radio so listeners. This is how we give back. We are fully supporting this were trying to advance the gospel and you can go to Nigeria not even got airplane I supporting transfer radio and there's a number you can call they have dear sweet people in their headquarters in Cary, North Carolina that if you call this number and say look only give 100 bucks only give 10,000 bucks on get every penny. John is gonna go where can I go to putting this radio station onto the air in Nigeria that that phone number, 888 988-5656 again AAA 988-5656 call now with your best gift to help with this radio station on the air.

You know you've heard us saying Africa needs Jesus and we have a website that is just that, it's called Africa needs you can go there. Africa needs and make your gift and when you do. It's quick, it's easy but there's also a video component so that as you're as you're watching this you can you can shared on Facebook with your friends. Tell others about what God is doing in Africa to reach people for Jesus.

And here's another example. In this is someone who is already listening to the one station we have. But remember, we need the second stronger station and this is a believer and listen how TW ours equipping this person in all circumstances, from day to night at work or at rest on foot or in a taxi. I listen to the messages from TW war without getting tired, I share the messages and make them available to many other people to listen to for me. Your audio messages are my treasure while this is someone that values God's word. Listening to it by way of radio and is being equipped to share it with other people, so that the multiplication factor that were talking about with the station is huge. That is huge anything about pastors who are commuting in there there getting fed.

It's almost like seminary on the air like we talked for like we did the China campaign. I got too many years ago to treasure radio you're really equipping people just like all things Christian radio does here stateside in the states you're equipping people with edify believers there, getting reinforcement, encouragement, spiritual nourishment to to reinforce with her hearing a church in some art may not be Avon managers are trained and blown up but also unbelievers that are out there that are driving in in in everywhere that they are listening to it to the radio and they hear the word of God.

Maybe for the first time and then church planters are going and try to plant churches. This is only going to enhance that door occurs year one did involve transfer radio a standup ministry, a not-for-profit, so any donation you will make your ministry to support the Nigerian radio project. It's all tax-deductible deductible were a 501(c)(3). We been broadcasting the gospel since 1954, wherein 230 languages around the world with over 4 billion people can turn on the radio and hear the good news of Jesus. We want to increase that another 200 million by putting this radio station right there to reach Nigeria.

Nigeria is in West Africa. We want to make sure that people are hearing the good news of Jesus, but we can only do that through you call now AAA 988-5656 again AAA 988-5656.

Our website with that great video line. Africa needs Africa needs

Make your gift there maybe is $100 moves $200.

It's just $50 payments 500. What is God putting on your heart, pick up the phone right now AAA 988-5656 is reaching the persecutors, but at the same time encouraging and building up those who are being persecuted.

That's what were talking about with the station. I think he transfer radio. Thank you listeners out there.

Look, we can all do this. Pray pray for Nigeria. Pray for the Gospels, it goes out of the radio and pray that we get this 200,000 W treasure. Pray about how you can be part with what God's given you to both pray and give to this awesomeness reported on our website. Thank you so much John 80 transfer radio will keep a been a strong until we have this radio station that covers Nigeria and even some of the surrounding country soon Africa needs there's login information is that website to and the toll-free number.

As we mentioned is 888-988-5656 to donate God's money back to God through trans radio to reach all of Nigeria with the good news of Jesus Christ. Let's get this done. Thank you guys so much

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