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What Does What You Wear Have to do With Your Walk With God?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 8, 2019 5:00 pm

What Does What You Wear Have to do With Your Walk With God?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 8, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu sits down with author Kathryn Graves to discuss her new book Fashioned by God.

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This is good Truth Network fashioned by God is a brand-new 30 day devotional that you are going to love your to be encouraged by any of your the father of four daughters, you're going to need this desperately in your library Stu Epperson your truth talk weekend on radio on podcast on the mobile app and I am excited to have our best with a she's a style expert.

She's a fashion coach.

She's a shopper she's a pastor's wife. She's a Bible teacher and author and a speaker and now a guest on truth talk weekend, Catherine Graves, what have you done welcome to the program. Well I love normal. I love your life experience because your you are set up nicely by our Lord to encourage a lot of people in this area and I love this thing on the back. This little caption says true beauty lies within, but no one wants to look like a hot mess so so those words alone it says speak a lot yard till everyone gives the big 5000 foot view of this, what drove you with your life experience and what God is done in your life to to put in to put all this book together well.

I happen to live in security myself and the Lord really helped with that and turn my head end and it life experience. God brought things into my life to help heal me from a lot of back that way. I did learn that I feel better about myself when I think I let get on the and then later I got into fashion into straight out about 15 years ago when I got in Ashland reactor. Being a pastor's wife for 20 my years and I realized that I would not allow that women love the industry that I was in place permit is Premier designs jewelry and it is a home-based business and we go into town and we demonstrate jewelry and along the way I started doing some closet things to you. But here's what I recognized about the winning women in those places warranted everything I had to say about file matter their background as they just wanted out and wanting to know how to put together that they are young in their closet because they didn't have a fortune in the nuclear and they wanted to know how you make themselves look may be taller or thinner or email various things and in my training for my business. I learned a lot of things that I was able to share with women in bed, setting, and now I realize I am not alone be a lot of women out there want to know the thinking I wanted to know and then I began writing and I had a project that was. I had a proposal sitting out there waiting for a publisher to find interest in it.

And while I was waiting I just about two years ago. I wish I was praying Holy Spirit make me more aware of your work in my life I I just felt like I needed more activity in the Holy Spirit in my life. An awareness of what he was doing. My prayer for several months. Like largest make me aware of your spirit activity in my life.

And then I went to youth camp, I discussed that if you want to be more aware of the Holy Spirit's activity sponsor.

You can't so I'm telling you I think that's where God's guidance work is that you can't and so I saw God working in the lines of our student was working in my heart in an amazing way and he was saying, I have something I want to be with you, but you have to be willing. You just have to be obedient and I said okay, sure.

And no clue getting myself into but II wanted to be obedient and so I got home from that in the following convention booksellers and I'm driving down Interstate 24 between Springfield and Joplin is very and I begin to understand what my next project is going to be what it might look like and God is speaking to me and so I had to pull over and Joplin stop at a Cracker Barrel for lunch because I needed some place I could sit down and while eating lunch and taking notes I had with my phone selling the notes part of my phone. I'm typing what I believe God is saying to me about it next project and it turned out to be fashioned by God and is a natural synthesis of the Bible teaching I've done the same Bible class a ladies Bible class for about 18 years and the ladies I just love them to death and that my we got the a lot of things together, and I taught them a lot of things and I learned so much myself.

And so, combined with the fashion part showing women fashion tips and it just seemed like a natural synthesis in my life.

And then he cannot in the book that is so cool, so let me ask you question our offer to offer. Did you write the whole devotional in your notes of your iPhone. No I did not direct the concept because of you, but you put it down so that is so important because I bet you anything Catherine that you have a bunch of books God's downloading your heart that maybe you haven't gotten pretty just like the other maids were fashioned by God is is because that is a true is that it accurate to assessment that okay well that is so cool.

I'm so proud of you for doing that and say that because I I've been in the same boat and I finally just started pecking away in my notes so that's all some things to happen with last words of Jesus. And so the other things and it's in so good for you for for doing that in. Good for you for stepping into an area that has so been overtaken by the devil. With so many struggling with insecurity, the suicide rate is at an all-time high. You got not just young girls and women but you got boys and men who struggle with our identity and what they wear is for you to step right into that minefield with the book a devotional to point people to Jesus in the second midst of that whole area is awesome. So thank you for doing that.

What was it like to come into ticket to go there and what's been what was probably the biggest struggle that you've encountered in people as you do as you been teaching the Bible for 18 years of you been doing with women and girls talk about modesty and things will spend 10 of the biggest challenge you been faced with the gods, use you to address and even in his devotional. Well, the whole thing fashion it okay to talk about in the Christian world for so long. We were told its women that it didn't matter because what was on the inside was all that mattered low, but we instinctively knew that that wasn't entirely true.

Yes, click on the inside matter that was on the matters to and is women we can't get past that. Well so my idea is to help women feel better about the way they look on the outside so that they can then express their true personality that inside because while for instance, if someone is really insecure since a woman is really insecure. Have you ever seen one where you know she is because of the way. Her posture is because it didn't just ignore things that she wears. For instance, I know some you might wear a large black sweater because they had some misconceptions about this letter. They believe that the color black will make them look thinner in the right way is true, but that's also true of a lot of other colors but they believe the black is the only one that color that will do that. They wear black and then they wear this giant letter that wraps around, and it might be big enough to go around in one and 1/2, but they still think that it's going to make him look slimmer. What's going to cover up inside NASA's thing they wear it like a security blanket like the cover up the feelings that they had inside what they don't realize is projected that insecurity into their wardrobe.

Well, you won't eat other thing is that I do have a degree in psychology and so I had to stand the inside workings of the mind and the emotions and but I see it outside women's wardrobe. I see it in the clothing choices that they make. I also see it the other way around. When they dressed very provocatively secure feeling back positive feedback for the way they look.

While in the social let's talk about that fine line and I want to do in the next segment of what his word is the line between modesty and honoring God in your dress and then there's that that word, the elephant in the room word which is legalism right Catherine, you know, you tell her that it was like your your legalistic if you don't have enough close on sometimes for other people. Your legalistic if you got too much in your legalistic if using Sony would, so what you wear, how you do with that house. A Christian young lady a Christian young man. What about protecting your eyes what about all that stuff will get into that one about what you should wear to church even on the truth. Talk weekend segment coming up next will do more was with this with our special guest style expert fashion coach personal shopper woman of God who's written a book. What do you read the chapter headlines of your book of the devotion. All 30 days we come back in the podcast can keep Roland, but for radio we go take a little break to a dinner for all of her wonderful stations like the Wilkins radio network and other friends that carry truth talk weekend to identify themselves and run some cool messages and then we back on the other side more with truth.

Talk we can. Don't touch that dial how you advise your kids are what were mom and dad, are you pulling your hair out because your kids are way underdressed or overdressed, and how does what you wear reflect what's on the inside will be back with more truth talk weekend after this, don't touch that dial dress for success.

You are what you wear. These are statements clichés from Fortune 502, two mom just trying to get her kids out the door get close on in the morning. What is what you wear has to do with your walk with God will there someone on our show today. Who's taking this conversation to a whole new level. Her name is Catherine Graves and Nunnally see a pastor's wife, a Bible teacher. She's been teaching old women study group for 18 years.

She's also an author and a speaker. She goes all over and talks about helping women discover the source of real beauty in Jesus, but also freeing them to gain confidence in their personal style so in her devotional book which will talk about today which I encourage all of our listeners to get dinner for the mom the wife the daughter in your life. This one, but I'm only one of my hand that my daughters are going to eat up.

It's called fashion by God. It's a 30 day devotional Catherine Graves is with this right now all the liner truth talk weekend and she's talking about how what what you where does have something to do with your life. And Catherine, let's get into this because you on on either side of this. This modesty discussion in this apparel and what you where and how you close yourself you got the license side it says oh what the heck I'll wear whatever I want to free in Christ. But you got that legalism side that's your free to walk out the door, is a woman to churches like will you know what my ankles are shown and it might cause a young man to stumble to help us tell us how you were you and how you been able to find the balance in your working with consulting with women on fashion.

It goes much more beyond just the maybe the sin issues of you and of modesty goes to your finding identity in the Lord. How have you navigated those waters Catherine to plea. Please show it was. And thanks for being almost today L really it comes down to your personal devotion time with the Lord and your relationship with him and found one 1973 in so many words you are fashioned by God you were put together by God he created you the way he wants you to be an style. We need to embrace NAI something about it that he made that we cannot like the color of your case. They are what they are now obviously there contact lenses. I guess we can take it you know they count the basic intern that you have the color of your skin. Whether you are short or tall things you can't change but there are other things that you can modify that will give you a better feeling about this let you put forward. When you go out the door.

The look that you have when you walk out the door by it all comes down to your confidence in Christ.

And when you are confident in him when you really get hold of.

Yes, he made me like I am he loved me.

Jesus loved me and knocked it down across from my I have been the only person on the planet.

He still lived in when we get hold of back that is what changes everything, because all they had faith away and that's the bottom line and then we work out from there.

So he made me write anything never created anything ever crafted anything so sure sign up okay how you feel about that thing that you made something there, something tidier. Ginny was out because you were able to make some ghetto baby this thing that you made in your so proud of that you can't wait to show someone close to you.

Maybe first or maybe your best friend and I'm also a pastel artist in South whenever I create a painting like I want to show my friends because I'm so excited about it when I get turned you.

He may be he created you and he is still about the product that made you and when we can't hold back. Then we have confidence that personality is a personality that he created and that he wants to enhance and the Holy Spirit helps us do that and so those things and what we want to project in the way we dress what we where we want to think about the image that we want to project.

Why did we want to say because the word statement hearing or statement necklace right what it's saying something it's making a statement about something and I always say well if you are statement hearing and a statement necklace with anger, shouting so don't do that well, but you know what your clients and because the Scriptures are the source language on closing the Bible to close yourself with humility there's put on the armor of God, there is a there's something you're conveying and how you dress and you it's interesting Catherine Graves you get into the nitty-gritty, but we've just joined us this book. This is a 30 day devotional book it's it's it's a smart love. It's it's very fashionable. I love the feel the texture it it fits right in your hand – and by God, by category, she's our guest today to talk weekend in the podcast will be out soon and the program will be her nationwide across the Truth Network and all the wonderful affiliates like the Wilkins radio network to truth down in Jackson, Florida 91.7 FM 91.3 FM 91.907 St. Augustine this book, listen to these titles of of Chubb. If you really want to you want to bless your wife with some some substances or the one your life. Your daughter, your aunt grandma with some substances rich information about fashion, listen to the titles of these devotions. I'm never quite handle devotion. This gets into the weeds.

In a good way with all the stuff. Open your closet doors foundation repair pants parade topsy-turvy dress parade what to do all this stuff shoe market to market part. You are but you have to, but I'm glad you have for my wife said to chapters on you know shoe market to see if she has a water shoes and incident, but that's a bit overwhelming to me have in choosing your should also convey something as well, but all of these things. The beauty of drawers hang up the whole of the closet twins and triplets. What does it cost two heads are better than one. I mean Catherine Graves you get into this thing in a real way you're keeping it real. This book this daily devotional fashioned by God 3030 powerpack devotions, but you don't shy away from any of these areas well we got to know what to do with our closet mother that most men and a lot of women will open the closet clothes and they say have anything to meaning an idea though highly how do we make it and we can open our closet and see what we've got. And now I can put this in a guy with this piece of jewelry and I'm getting a 1 to 3 and Menelik right when I look at the two in the morning and feel good about. Well you had to know how to do it your be impractical in your also the thing I love about most is your not separating church and clothing.

You know you are not drawn is line you you are in Christ now comes out in the very things you where and you're trying to create what would be your advice for young ladies you know so many young ladies are struggling with identity there so many others I just read this young girl committed suicide and she put on her Instagram story which I'm on Instagram and I encourage everyone to follow me because I put Bible verse on there and try to encourage people, but she first story.

Should I take my life yes or no and 61% of the people said yes on social media and so you have but but I mean like if I open my grandma right now me overwhelming number of pictures are that picture that frame that look in my worry no my buttoned up all the way or my button up, down, or know my or my sleeves rolled up for my you know you know me that you get the lot goes into that and in their a lot of young people to base their self-image on their likes, so how would you speak the Lord into them real quick Catherine Graves with this booking with your heart to really take this conversation to a higher biblical standard and the first party with the Lord. What ever you have to do to make it look like that, even if it's only five a uncluttered closet is one related facilitate that because they need on it in the hot at times doing in there about what you're going nowhere but like they think first teacher minutes of your day with the Lord and get his perspective and then you can walk out armed like he's put on the armor of God armed again for all of that comes against us, and recognize that it is an attack that comes against that recognize that you are a valued creation of God. And when you leave me understand when you are confident in Christ, then you can only tell the dark, you and you you can when you dress you can even put on what you like and you can project the image that you want to put forward which is I'm a child of God, and it can be colorful or it can be monotone. It can be, you know, allow that crazy or it can be very conservative you are, that needs to be reflected in your clothing choices.

Yes, we've got to keep in mind the image that we are projecting and who we are because we don't want to project an image of promiscuity and if that's not who we are and and batting an eye for an individual thing. You gotta decide yourself that I do talk about.

Actually, I do talk about cleavage in the book and I did talk about him lines in the book in a very practical sort of way. What's appropriate for daytime like appropriate for evening wear only if you're an adult now and I think I don't have any honors but I do have daughters-in-law and their young professional and they had input into you and the things that I wrote because I asked advice. There they are professional women and I want to know what they thought and they also young and I wanted to truth of what I want to thank you for this book. The book is fashioned by God 30 day devotional the author Catherine Graves one of God who just wants to help people as they think through their decisions on what they wear and how to honor Christ in that area.

These Lord of everything including what we put on our bodies. What we wear everywhere we go, and Catherine will get this was the best way for folks to get this devotion give up a website. It ties right back to yourself to the book. I guess Amazon books are sold. But go ahead, tell us, give us a plug for that. Catherine is my website and noted that book page on the menu click book and and there are links there to buy it so yeah that's a simple editing.

I I also want to promote the local brick-and-mortar bookstores because were leaving the house and we had a shot there to keep him that that yeah that's my website okay not logistically click I'd like to close on this note and thank you so much for being always, Catherine is okay with you if I ever read one your cool prayers. The chapter you want your devotional. So what you have at the end of each. A lot of you open the devotion was Scripture you close with a prayer is very personal between this person, the Lord is a read this and then you have heart action.

Some good steps and you have wardrobe actions of very practical steps and some can quote some tools are but this is the prayers we close out this segment with Catherine Graves. Thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit, who lives in me. Thank you for the work you're doing to make me more like you. Please give me the courage to tell the reason for the hope inside me. May my unspoken language be one that draws others to ask. And may the words I say come from you and that's from the book fashioned by God, a 30 day devotional Catherine Graves God bless you and everyone share this book with someone your life who wears clothes which is everybody in your life okay and let's take this area back for the Lord and is a way to witness for him as a way to bring him glory is way to find our identity in Jesus – Catherine

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