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The Greatest Gift to Pastors

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 22, 2019 5:00 pm

The Greatest Gift to Pastors

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 22, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu stopped in to the Steve Noble Show last week to host, here are a few highlights including an interview with special guest Dr. Stephen Davey.

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This is the Truth Network. Hey this is Jasper Perry the producer for truth talk weekend patient was going to be several segments from the Wednesday, June 19 broadcast of the Steve Noble shouts to drop down Wednesday to Houston for steaming. Talk about a very important subject of a couple really interesting guests will be enjoy all is the highest rated show in the history of this email will show all man.

He's gonna be so easily so excited that a just toast could ring the bell like I'm about to ring it for his program because the topic.

This topic is losing was scandal.

This topic is so controversial. The lies you to go crazy. I know I got teeth in the in the hot seat and thereby producing TW that we could take all the calls today and we we might, we might just have to put like up just when I just have to wall it up. We might have to just get a disconnect somebody's extra rollover lines because it wanted to tell me just let the folks know the topic. We let the folks in the topic I'm Stu Epperson on her to sit in the seat for my good pal Steve Noble.

I guys on fire taken a much needed break. I'm telling you he is an inspiration to me and so many across the Truth Network crossed the Wilkins rated network all across the country guys on everywhere. But the topic today revisit sizzle and all why it's gonna get hot here.

The topic today is Bible exposition hike and how I set it now got out of my mouth Bible exposition old. I just don't don't wreck your car.

Man Thursday and Elaine's stimuli just just focus. That's the topic I will let the cat out of the bag and this is going to be just sizzling this show today is going to be working to get the ratings book back it's going to blow it up this topic.

Bible exposition, what does that mean why is this the greatest weapon that can be unleashed from your pulpit that could transform the complexion of your church for ever. Bible exposition what is it, how do you do it. Why could something so simple and so powerful be so ignored. Set aside and just completely removed from our pulpits.

How many pastors out there are preaching the word exposition only, not preaching about the word, not even preaching from the word.

I mean, preaching the words were to try to clarify what that means. And one of my favorite expositors of the word unit get to know that word really well.

By the time were don't show the anointed means and we all know better what it means is Pastor Stevens AV was across the Truth Network. He's on hundreds and thousands of radio stations in multiple languages and he just happened to drop in the Steve Miller show to be on right now on the air. I can't believe it Dr. Davies that you is how you do it man, I am doing great. I'm so glad you called in because calmly times we had breakfast or lunch and we talked about this topic. This Pat.

This is near and dear to your hearts are why is that well really is.

Well first of all our calling it to be obedient and the pastor to be obedient to God that option. This is command and we get it right from Paul to Timothy preach the word pastor you got so many new churches popping up and we got so many awesome young sorry pastors out there and there come up with new material and great light shows a great affection, great sounding great worship dashboards all at stuff, but why aren't these guys by large and some are, but what further what is expositional preaching and why isn't it the rave if it's so powerful and you been doing it God's blessed immensely at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary, North Carolina amazing Augustine to you for your ministry around the world with teaching with your seminary and your books and all that but what why why is this largely disregarded and what is it well regarded because it is hard work, pastor, college student who shepherds seminary every semester as I teach pastoral theology that you know this is a calling. The calling of the pastor is a calling to obscurity isn't it is a calling to the public ministry, because you're only in public preaching may be an hour or two a week in order to have something to say. It means that you been called private study work, something a lot of time and a lot of long hours because your your preaching of a message that you didn't conceive you have created. It's God's word and on. It's good news to the thing that worries me.

And there are some concerns I have running through pine by as I attempt by the grace of God to be faithful and I certainly haven't got never gotten about retirement and connected with the ball like a biker but there's there's a concern because of preaching or teaching my personal opinion or might take or what I think is important. I actually run the risk of forming the mind of my audience, my congregation, to my mind to the way I think, rather than conforming their thinking, their minds to the mind of God were the Bible's transformative work to be transformed by the renewing of our minds that takes the word of God. So if I do my stuff that might be really interesting I might sell a lot of CDs and a lot of you know a lot of people are giving it out, download my stuff if it's really my creativity and in my take. In my opinion.

In my thinking that I'm actually changing their minds to conformed not to the mind of God, but to the mind of Stephen Davey. That's a scary scary thought well so you know if it determines were rocks or documents to see that the DEQ letting me out on a rock that directed her to leave the diamonds are our passages that are expounded upon that we have to first understand expositional message to your question, interact any thoughts to let me know. I want to hear this definition. This is what what this is going be very over this what you're doing you set this up with all program is working. Interact with all of Alyssa's a citizen of that definition okay level and it's a fictional message it is ethic that begins with the Scripture and its intention is to deliver. First of all what that meant for the original log that first and more on this critical time we come back on the Steve Noble show I'm Stu Epperson I Bible expositor in the in the North Carolina area. They say go to hear this guy, Colonial, and I took him up on it.

I start listening to him and I heard on the radio. He's on some Truth Network stations and jolly he brings the word what is bringing the word what is expositional preaching expositional teaching.

There's a book on the nine marks the healthy church like a Mark Denver the first chapter of this nine marks of elder Churchwell the church's first chapter is called expositional preaching and in this chapter he sets forth this thesis that if you can only read one chapter's book, read this chapter because it's so critical that the foundation of your church is on the word of God so will this is Dr. Stephen Davey, who is an awesome pastor Bible teacher, Bible, expositor and author.

He has Colonial I was church in Cary, North Carolina. He started doing as a living room some decades ago, preaching the word was some families a plan, this church that I got 5000 strong to get a seminary called shepherds seminary and he's with us right now just kind of walking us through some the axioms of what expositional preaching is if you had a question you can call and I'm Stu Epperson and for my good pal Steve Noble and the numbers 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH 87884 Dr. Davey know I gotta give you some grief because I hear that it took you six weeks to go to the book of Romans. I that's entirely too long.

Dr. 08 and I get that you get the numbers I round up as my math is correct that Dragon six years years in the book of Romans and so the typical church staff in my denomination in or across the country is like rolling their eyes by now there like what is this crazy whacked out radios, talking about abuse as a guest pastor who took six years to go to the book of Romans. But Dr. Davey me this stuff. This is thoroughly biblical in God's word is being blessed and it's working mildly because that's what God's word claims to be my wrong right.

I gotta say this to really a little embarrassed because great Barnhouse you know he went to the book of Romans. In 14 years, and so on, like what I do want to hear with great legality are necessary.

There are a lot of great out there that are expounding on life and illustrating with Scripture and we gotta turn this around to where we are expounding on Scripture and illustrating with life being boring like the Scriptures are drilling exciting.

In fact, that most of the most of the New Testament broken down in the letters that you can read in less than 15 minutes and there there 880 package be altered such a such a wonderful balance and there's what the pastor will preach expositional. He is not going to jump around from this phrase that I encourage our students to take the book of the Bible because it it's a meal for its unit and and start at the beginning and you and I were talking little bit during the break.

You start with the first word. What was this what it didn't mean to that original audience. What's the verb tense what what is what's the culture of of this original audience. We just missed so much because we don't go down and get a little book at the bookstore Christian books from manners and customs. Why did Boaz get that that near kinsman redeemer sandal areas of the gate he wants Ruth and get the sandal that was the sandal covenant, but this what this means is he is book that you already walk in this man shoes as a relates to Ruth as a relates to the land one about a blood covenant on. By the way you think I can get the sandal back the whole thing is violated. That's why the guy would want to change the covenant probably would want to sandal back blood covenant like you gotta put the blood back in the body and bring life back to me and that's probably not going to happen. The blood covenant is going to last forever.

That's the covenant that Christ made a just and answering questions about culture, context, theology, anybody W that Hebrew, Greek, they can get plenty of language helps for the English reader and to begin to explore the meaning of that that word so when it says when one pump ultimately it preach the word he he's he's giving Timothy more than Timothy will ever be able to do in his lifetime and keep in mind is telling Timothy to do something with the Old Testament because the New Testament was being written.

So there's so much even in the Old Testament, the preach, what a delight it is. But as I write before the break, and suddenly she cannot be a man of obscurity you're going to be alone and off a lot and people would say Stu, well that's good for you Stephen you got, you know it doesn't pastor got that picture that this is how we started the church, and it would take 15 to 20 hours per sermon and we do that from the very beginning, which means I had to tell the interrogation about your counselor at your hospital visitation guy unite all of these things, God is not call made it a straighter called me to be a counselor given called me to marionberry is called me to preach his word.

Now do all that is the pastor begun church a little church. I did everything I get that but they needed to understand that this was the calling, and they appreciated it and I think that's one of the reasons got just the plus this particular congregation because of their faith. Also, allowing the pastor teacher that you that's awesome. So the course you're following the fees and the easiest remodeler you've been equipping the saints you're equipping people you're discipling people to go do the work of the ministry so it's not just that you're disappearing in your you're not, you know that you are leading and shepherding, but I tell you pastor so little of this expositional preaching is going on in the land today in the world today when I hear in expositional sermon when I hear you preach. I get so encouraged. Can you speak to there's two people you speak to. There are people that I had to do a real quick, and it were almost at a time to segment but one is a group of people who are starving for the word. So how do they find a church is actually preaching the word. Not about the word not you know so you know, using reading the Scripture and in giving her 10 points that are whatever a.m. then how do you challenge pastors to do this and not to give as much as you can. If we have to take a break will maybe come back and be with us for a few more minutes will my heart people throughout the hinterlands you because there there may be a church on every corner, but not expositor on every quarter. I think I think of our people. I would go to the website of these churches for the most part just about everybody now there sermon online. It'll take it that 60 seconds to figure out if you got anything to say based upon how he opens his message is really the Scriptures, they can save themselves a lot of time and they mean they have to drive 30 minutes or 45 minutes church, but I wouldn't waste time because if Amanda isn't going this clear command. Perhaps we trust that you will obey any other okay. We had a hard break here a word of encouragement in a gift is about to be given to a lot of pastors out there. So stay tuned for Dr. Stephen Davey on this email will show I'm Stu Epperson coming up.

We have you enjoy this excerpt from the 19th broadcast of the Stephen L. Shower. Stu Epperson Houston will have fired you that shell next week

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