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Luther, the Catechism, and Sola Scriptura, are they still relevant?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 20, 2019 5:00 pm

Luther, the Catechism, and Sola Scriptura, are they still relevant?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 20, 2019 5:00 pm

This week Stu and special guest Stu Sr. are on location at the Church of the Holy Spirit in Heidelberg, Germany to talk reformation history with a local church planter.

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Use the promo code get YouTube could have a soft spot for my pillow. It only $34.99 a pillow 6998 for to call 800-942-9613 or go to my and don't forget use that promo code get truth I am hearing the bells toll on top of Heidelberg in Heidelberg right it's hiding guys issuance the Holy Ghost or Holy Ghost or July in which a lesson she want hard question is train here in Germany.

That's right. See what you just overseeing the Heidelberg Oldtown was wasting here the castle on the mountain.

Yes, I will see you upon 8208 subscriptions eight and mom are celebrating their 56th wedding anniversary Reformation tour so far this is the height of my overnight personal Holy Spirit right here not only my hand is what you want real quick what the significance of this is with this place. Disconnect well I think me as a Korean German that grew up here. Didn't get to hear about the height of a catechism until I got to Westminster seven and was Prof. Clark and induce me to this catechism and I came back and I saw that there's so much needs to hear this outside while we have this catechism heritage while teaching this more often and I think there's a great need in a time of ignorance, biblical ignorance, what the gospel with the law is where most of the churches became liberal and threw away the confessions that now we have a lot of them Christians in Germany who can identify with the Christian faith but not being able to really articulate their faith.

And PS I have the assurance of salvation's. I think in terms of education in terms of like it is says in Ephesians, no need to be Christians that are not like a ship that is swayed from one went to the other doctrine, but to him to come back to solo script Torah. We need to recover these confessions greatly in in Germany that the in that age 500 years ago and let now also we need Scripture for every doctrine that we talk about and the convenience of the Heidelberg catechism.

It states a principal like what does it mean what do good works mean when there mentioned in the Bible, and as this gives usually about at least six or seven, and sometimes maybe 20 different scriptures in the holy in the Bible old and New Testament that proclaims that doctrine and its such a tenant proclaims it in a different ways in different incidents and it is so much proof collectively. That's what the holy Scriptures teach that this is such a convenient thing to learn the Bible with a catechism. The Bible is true. A big book, and for most of people who grow up biblically illiterate and a catechism is helpful in introducing nonchurch people to the Christian faith.

I mean what what better explanation are those three parts, guilt, grace, gratitude, you know, yeah we we we are confronted by the law with her guilt. We are on appointed gospel through our salvation. The grace of our Lord and out of great gratitude. The child can live Christian ethics and not the other way round. Were not trying to bend God's arm and get his favor and and that's a great is a great summary of the Christian faith right there. The possible want us to look out for you and catechizing. Your kids would handle you and John right. My sister and brother-in-law who really spearheaded disconnected all this and Julie helped atomic wife is together. Quick question.

You have quickly or we are on the roof were the very top 200 steps later of the church of the Holy Spirit is fruitlessly really sacred ground on holy Heidelberg catechism book in my hand currently is where it was where this was written categorically question what are your thoughts and flicking it for him.

My thought would be you now how can we at best appropriate is not only nonpersonal.

I think the lives of our family where it's a good way to do that energized and I love to get with our kids in the evenings and maybe take one or two questions from the catechism and then we read the Scriptures together that like my dad refer to get back up that catechism question that what what would your input be entered as families or just even individually know I think for the family. It's a great tool. We live very busy times.

Most of the people work hard, you know here in Frankfurt where I live no parents hardly have time to have a meal with their children and so what I encourage always try to model is 15 minutes is enough at the table dinner table. Just a brief prayer and just to read the catechism daily and and have the children memorize it, and that is a great discipline, that's a great thing that we do as responsible Christian parents to pass our faith onto the next generation, segmenting tiny tourist categorically question we gotta get downstairs and using efficient you mentioned that there is an innate fear and every human being that when death comes what will happen to me and my and my really in the kingdom of God.

Comment on that a little bit when loser came he became you said to proclaim victory. Luther, like you said came into context where there was a lot of ignorance, a lot of biblical illiteracy among the laity because the masses were all conducted in that and even the priest didn't understand faith and so what creator thing is there to be assured like we said, what is your only comfort in life and in death and it's the remaining part that we don't belong here. We belong to God. His died and has risen for us and get given us the living hope. I mean, what joy is there were greater assurances there then, and in those beginning words of the hyper catechism as the voice of pressure genres of church planter in Germany and the where we we want to pray for you to and thank you for your for this tour in roof of the house of the church of the Holy Spirit in high culture Germany. How can our listeners pray for you as you trust as you bring back those seeds were planted 500 years ago and Reformation's focus is post-Christian. It's post was crazy. Now you're tells of an earlier priest quickly. How can our listeners pray for you to soup that briefly give you a context a lot of people that I talk to. Especially when it comes to when I say I'm planting a church in Frankfurt a lot of people from Korea were international is that will is there need mean we have 75% Christians in Germany, isn't it, why why are you planting another church and I die. I think that most the people don't realize that a lot of these churches are illiterate, so the is that it's similar to the churches that we see 500 years ago and so that the greatest prayer point would be.

Firstly on that we will find a place of worship. Secondly, we need more people to come help, I will share our confessions. We share our views of ministry and we can we can need any help. So if you if you even if short-term mission trip or if you if you if you want to send your key people to comment help really in the initial phase of church planting. No be great. Any any help I'll be grateful for this super and dearest can you that website you gave Dr. John Fernando and Mikey is at O'Charley's now. Yeah while on the URC was so kind to get all the known church planters that are planting refund professional churches in Europe together for one week in a couple of Romania and we we had one week of pastors retreat will could first get to know an Italian church planter, one from Bucharest know it's from all of Europe and so we are small group of pastors and yet if if you want to support us if you if you if you want to take interest in what it means to plant a confessional reformed church in Europe unchecked.

Check out our website was assigned its right now it's an initial stage but it's Reformation Europe.orgy or net restriction, just put a hand on him, pray for, and we really don't put him in the sky is lit them up by spraying this Reformation prayer for this whole vision on it with this country. The city hear about on top of church and Holy Spirit. Heavenly father, we have come before you miss sinners saved by grace because of your mercy for this because of the sacrificial Jesus bearing our sins and saved by grace through faith. And thank you for that and we thank you for this gentleman is his answer the call.

Your call to common and and bring back the face of the revelation of the Reformation or bring back the face, Lord, like the church in Galatia.

They church is largely an organized church is largely gone back to works salvation by works through merit and Lord, we pray for revival and pray Lord that many will turn the crimes only 3%.

We understand who have faith. It's even close to the real general grace alone through faith in the Lord bring revival to your to these churches bring a great awakening use this young man in a mighty way. Thank you for his family. His father, who started the great church and going from Korea and starting a church.

Now his son. Bless this family gives him great great fruit for their labor. Here we pray in Jesus name and for his sake. A man amen

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