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Have You found Your True Identity?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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July 26, 2019 8:00 am

Have You found Your True Identity?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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July 26, 2019 8:00 am

This week Stu invites Shirene Gentry, author of  Identity Unveiled, into the studio to talk about finding out who we truly are.

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This is the Truth Network.

So what is your identity who are you this is big in our culture wants to know who you are. Everyone wants to be somebody, and so often we talk of you about what do you do and we assess and we evaluate their identity based on that one Stu Epperson I have with me.

One of the most fascinating people I've ever met. I'm so honored you hurt her son here before. Amazing young man of God social media star who wrote a book about keeping your faith and grow closer to Jesus in college. Both his mom has written a book called I entity unveiled daughter of the King of Kings wait to hear this story.

Her name is Shareen gentry and Shareen is such an honor to have you with us on his national broadcast and podcasting and beyond.

Thank you so much. It's my honor to be here and to share with your listeners today Moshe.

We met each other through your son who's an amazing guest on the show who is a speaker, the commencement a coward, a school and did a great job thanking you and course I met you and your husband at the commencement ceremony. It was real impressed with you guys and then I start hearing waves and undercurrent about this book and I like your wino Austin. His mom wrote a book what are you talking about death.

It wasn't a book that I had planned to write an exactly 2 summers ago at the age of 54 years of age I started going back through the massive paper trail that my family of origin had left behind and for the first time I saw things that I'd never seen before.

Information on the back of photographs documentation that wasn't adding up and I thought you know I need to get someone else to look at this with me so I called one of the reporters for the High Point enterprise because I knew he would be an objective person looking at the same information that I was okay and out of the gate. Were you say this wrote a book. None of this is conclusive. This is know for sure but you somehow you do know circumstantially and you know from history and from family that somehow you're connected to some some some foreign country yes right in some foreign regimes somewhere, somehow, someway, and then you were adopted. Yes.

And so there is so as I really like this is fascinating because I've always been fascinated with Iran and I've always been fascinated with the royal family and the Shaw of Iran.

Everyone thinks about logical thing about the Iranian hostage crisis that our country face right there kind of at the hinge point between 1/4 and the Reagan presidency. Yes, 979 and so evolution now you watch that is is a college student. Yes, I did fascinated but not knowing that some of those people involved could've been there when you are just a wee little baby yes I one thing that I was always very thankful for was that I knew I was adopted. So my my parents always shared that with me. Actually, my mother met my dad never said anything about it but I've always known that I was adopted and I always knew that I had been born in Tehran, which was why my parents were there. My father was Army military and was actually the commanding officer of the 64th engineering Battalion and so that's what took my mom and him to Tehran in December 1962 choices. You talk about their marriage and the challenges even to the very fascinating. Your dad never want to talk about all of his confidence in our hero know he did not.

Very accomplished, very brave, very you gifted valiant warrior for a country like so many but the but now I see there's PTSD before you had a label exact things like that. So here's this couple somehow came across this cute little baby girl and I ran and from pictures and from comments and from things that were bandied about you talk about your book how you could have been a daughter of the king or the Shaw yes and and again it is circumstantial evidence, and I understand that all say that outright, but there are things that I do know for sure line is that I have no birth certificate and the only certificate of ID that I have, was actually issued at the time I went to live with my adopted parents. I do mention the circumstantial evidence in the book, but to me, one of the strongest pieces of evidence is a an American general that my father worked with hey you upon leaving Tehran wrote my mom a letter and included an 8 x 10 glossy which is in my possession and the last paragraph he says do not show this photograph to your beautiful little girl as it may create a trauma. So what he's referring to is actually the counseling concept of attachment to where I yell an infant attaches to their primary caregiver and what I do know in my research is that in that country. Children belong to the father. Unlike in our country.

Children belong to the mother so there was a seven month gap there before I went to live with my my adopted parents okay well the book is identity unveiled daughter of the King of Kings reflections on God's grace absolute in this book you will hear the voice your hearing is the author Shareen Shareen gentry and you find is like this is your testimony really layered attorney not justify figure out whose kid MRI words. This birth certificate. Where were these elusive birthparents which could be like the king of all of Persia, but additionally your journey to realize that God is your king your identities in Christ, but that was a journey and there's a lot of pain here. A lot of brokenness divorce you and your grandparents yet over from Lynchburg Virginia to North Carolina to always others face yeah Shareen, this is some this is like you didn't hold back in this book. Now I really didn't and you know I hope that my family not my immediate family. My husband and sons. Of course they were the first to read it and I wasn't going to do anything without their go ahead. One thing that I hope my my extended family will realize is if you gloss over your life experiences. Then when God is on the scene and redeems things. There's got to be something to to be redeemed and like it if I sugarcoated a lot of my experiences that I put forth in the book then God really hasn't done a whole lot having and so you know, the whole point of that is to say, look, it doesn't matter where you are, how you struggled how you coped with your own life, disappointments, and I go into the book and share about how my grandmother did that I she she actually chose positive ways of coping with all her pain, but she was still rock walking in the wrong identity.

My mom chose a destructive path as did my dad and and then I did not destructive, but you know I started to find my words in things other than God.

My creator and so those things for me it was actually doing well in school, so I attached my worth and my value to that.

Not that that's a bad thing by itself.

But if that's your identity then you're walking in the wrong identity and showing people are searching.

So you're looking in this this journey in your book you talk about identity unveiled daughter, the King of Kings how you ended up connecting with God then also doing the brokenness of your family so want to get about mortar were a dual holder segment and I want to talk with you some more about that one. Talk about how you met Christ and how the difference is grace made in your life and your husband, your family and then also how you were able to find healing and closure. Your mom and your dad.

There's addictive personalities.

There's there's stepparents, there's there's all kinds of desertion and in brokenness and pain and so where in all of that and all the, the fog do we find our ultimate identity right especially for someone who has no idea who your parents were rhyme later in your life you try to pieces together well and that was unsettling at first because the last piece of evidence that I got for myself was actually my DNA testing and so when that occurred about a year and half ago, almost a year and half ago I got those results back and discovered I was 99.3% Persian in the moment and for a little time after that I was very rattled and it wouldn't it wouldn't because I was Persian. It was yet this was yet another lie and that was very unsettling for me.

I thought you know you know you're the name of the station is Truth Network that was all I wanted yet.

Could someone please just give me the truth and that's what I struggled with. Yet at the same time God was giving me peace about the truth that really matters how you got there. We'll talk about that next truth talk we can Stu Epperson hope you're encouraged. Hope you'll download the podcasts or podcast channel as well for this special interview with the author of the book identity unveiled daughter of the King of Kings Shareen gentry. More coming up with Shareen for this quick break where it talk some more.

Shareen wait to hear about how she found her true identity in Christ that changed her life forever in her whole legacy and her family want to thank a special partner real quick before you this next part my to what I sleep better now than ever slept because I'm sleeping on a my pillow at night snow this thing is comfortable there will custom tailor a pillow. You will not have another bad night sleep if you'll just just try this thing giving great sponsors of Truth Network of truth talk weekend of Archie's daily podcast is Christian owned company and the founder Mike Linville has developed a pillow that actually conforms to your head to your posture that helps you sleep. It's it's remarkable now you can find out more of my

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Well we have a young lady on a show with us who's written a book about this called identity unveiled and it's fascinating because it takes you back into the royal family of Iran, where she was born but later in life, Shareen gentry, you discovered it.

Wait a second I'm I'm looking at these cues in these clues I'll you have a birth certificate correct in your marriage of a family of your own and your folks are passing getting older and health in your cut is trying to to sunset chapters of your life and your struggling with other relatives and try to figure it all out only to find out that you're not totally sure who you are, that's correct. And I did lease my parents in 2001. In fact, today is the anniversary of my father's passing well and so are heroes that yes yes three wars, eight combat campaigns retired as a full bird colonel notice to the Rhine River. Yeah, maybe near where he crossed where heavy heavy artillery and sin got his guys to safety and led some conquest and was really it really is such sacrifices lifers country yes earned a Silver Star by cop crossing the Rhine almost at the end of the war he shared in. So, yes, but they've been gone since 2001 and the years prior to that my children were small, and then the time after that, you know I'm I'm just like anyone else. I'm raising kids some active in church and just trying to figure it all out and yes two years ago I start looking at things in the details are not adding up and I honestly believe it when even my intent to find out anything about myself.

I was actually trying to get in the mindset of the maternal side of the family got a given me my mom and my grandmother and and I did and I saw some very very painful things I read things that I'd never read before my mother's diaries.

I'm a cousin of mine copied and sent me a deposition for my grandmother and that was dated 1931, and it was like my grandmother was actually just talking to me off the page of her deposition, and so there were so many things that I uncovered about the pain that my family of origin had been through and so no I wasn't expecting to find any of this order to find information about myself. So while I was uncovering all this about my family of origin. I was also discovering these facts about myself that I'd never seen before and I honestly believe that God did not want me to see these things until his perfect timing well and honestly I don't know that I could've handled it at an earlier nature to be honest that's open so it's really is almost like his intersection by leaving just one is this is I'm Stu Epperson hosting a special broadcast. My guess is written this book.

Identity unveiled daughter of the King of Kings reflections on God's grace.

Her name is Shareen gentry's sweet woman of God and it's really this book is not like this is you get into some real nitty-gritty kind you've got this that you know this cuddling you know, stepdad, or granddad who is no off getting married five or six times as old other secret life.

You got all you see we got a dad who's all clammed up because of all of his work PTSD you got a mom is struggling with things in your your trite but that is a fasting thing Shareen a hopeful to listen to the first part of this sub interview earlier on noble please share this with as many as you can for people to hear the story because when you find your identity in Christ that changed everything changes everything and you know I think it is so good and he didn't really need to reveal to me what I uncovered two summers ago, but I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that I have come full circle because of his grace in my life and so much of the healing that has taken place in my heart is actually understanding the generation that raised me that the family of origin that raise me you know if they had only shared what their experiences had been. But see, here's one thing that that I do know is that for anyone who has had painful life experiences, no matter what they are. If they have not come full circle with them. If God has not given peace to them about their own life narrative, then they're not gonna share it while it's just a fact.

You know this is true in life coaching and counseling that if people just don't share their story either. There they are living with guilt there living with shame and or they're just that they haven't got hasn't reconciled or connected the pieces in their own life for them to move forward from it and so consequently they get stuck.

Stuck. In addition to this book, we can offer you all you also speak your life coach yes with hope and feeling. I think, is what's called us and then you got this. We talked about doing a podcast got a lot of things happening when you talk to others. The teenager author or the fast-moving business guy out there or whoever it is that's just searching and seeking and they keep looking for validation in a relationship or validation in a business deal keep things are going to get in the queue file is also the most unhappy view of these megamillion dollar pro athletes the night or there there still smoking weed either. I was stupid things because they think that they've the challenge of schism happiness speak to how how you found your identity old me in Jesus's and how someone out there can truly come to realize why God made them, and were the source of of happiness really comes from shore. Well let me back up a little bit. I was always the good compliant child. I think I only got in trouble once in elementary school for talking.

And so I was always a compliant kid.

So coming to Christ. I can't give you an exact date but I think it was the summer before my sixth grade year I went to a Christian school. By that time I was living with my grandmother so I was at church every time the doors opened, I had all kinds of knowledge and and I did make a profession of faith, but when I discovered is growing up when life disappointments would come my way. I didn't handle them very well or you know people have different coping styles, and so for me I just stuffed my motions.

I didn't share what was bothering me but the worst part about it is I you know is your growing up you don't monitor how you think you don't monitor your thought process. Your thoughts are just your thoughts and you never question them or challenge them. So I actually had to do that as an adult, but also you know when you can have all the knowledge in the world but if you don't know when your heart of hearts to God is to you or how much he loves you in the midst of your pain and your get a walk in the wrong identity that's really just going back in the father's love you matter what or where you came from and please read this book. Identity unveiled by Shri Jennifer. You gotta read the book as it tells the whole story and whether your your father, your biological father is the Shah of Iran doesn't matter powerful king yes or what is nobody you are somebody because of who Jesus is. Yes because he purchased your salvage. He died in your place on the cross to make you a daughter of the most high, yes. And you know I am now at a point in life where I can now look back on all the details that should not have happened in my life.

You know my my mom went ahead of my dad to Tehran, which I uncovered two summers ago, which had never known before. And so sheet there was not a maternal bone in her body so there were so many things that should not have happened given normal circumstances, but I will the listener or the reader to know God is sovereign over the people in your life, the choices they are making and he looks with a watchful eye on every single thing that transpires in your life. Well, what a blessing we will leave it there, Shareen gentry. We could spend an hour more to do hours I was identity unveiled daughter of the King of Kings read a story of God's grace yourself and ask yourself, who am I yeah that's yourself who is Jesus, why did he come to give you an answer the first question to make you a son and a daughter of God is many as received him.

John 112, to them gave you the right to become the sons of God is only to talk to someone who is role a royal heir of the King of Kings. Yes, right. Shareen gentry yes to thank you for sharing this old will take a little picture of your KK and do a little Instagram for one to all my social media. Learn more. Sure this this interview everywhere out there friends and let's encourage others to find their wholeness and their happiness and their joy in their fulfillment in their identity in Jesus and him alone

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