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How God is Moving in Sudan

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 3, 2019 5:00 pm

How God is Moving in Sudan

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 3, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu interviews Brad Phillips about his work in Sudan and his new film Medina's Song.

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This is the Truth Network God is moving in the Sudan, and you're about to hear some really cool things some of which have never been heard before in the West before from a dear friend of mine, a real pioneer real missionary Amanda got I: modern-day Indiana Jones. This guy took me to the Sudan in 2009 believe and it changed my life. Got pictures plastered all over the Truth Network walls as I really want to welcome Brad Phillips, our special guest today. He's over here from Africa will get you over much, Brad. So thanks for pop in here to the to the Truth Network Jesus daily to talk weekend and all Ross affiliates microphone to sailor was over quicker students going to be with you and this is deathly worth the trip and I'm so grateful for your friendship while we were together, and likewise Becky thank you where to get us there. We saw kids it had been several horrible things there were genocide victims everywhere survivors of the genocide. There was a ward of the North Dakota South if you could give us a picture and Amara talk about this little things we take for granted like going to the doctor for the hospital to talk with you about that and what God is doing through the ministry of first is a project foundation to build an actual hospital in a Really Cool Pl. in Sudan. But first, tell us a little patellar listeners. Where is the Sudan. It's a big country, yet it's a big country and until 2011. It was the largest country in physical size and then in a geographically and then in 2011.

It split into two countries and now the Republic of Sudan or North Sudan is still one of the five largest countries in Africa, there is an Islamist government in power until 19 for when 1955 he got independence from the British. It was a former Anglo Egyptian Sudan and at that time the power was handed over to some Islamic people within the Islamic movement the Muslim brotherhood which came out of Egypt came in to Sudan and there's just been a series of wars and instability in Sudan really since 1955, 1956 up to the present and the current regime sees power 30 years ago in a military coup. Bashir the dictator of the National Islamic front National Congress party is the one who took over and has been imposing these twin policies of Islamization and Arabization will just a few months ago in April. He was ousted from power, but the same Islamic establishment.

This Islamic fascist regime is still holding on power in a sort of a power struggle going on between different elements within the Islamic movement.

Right now it's looking like the founder of the John jewelweed amenity seems to be that the key person there in this transitional military counsel. There's been a lot of bloodshed there's been thousands of people who've been killed.

There's been rapes there's been torture, imprisonment that's been going on in the cities and then in the newbie mountains were were working, you have the largest community of Christians in this officially Islamic state, and there standing up for their faith and they've also been the victim of some of the worst persecutions and in their many nubile believers in the cities where the uprisings of taken place with the crackdown is taken place that's been going on for about seven months. And so Sudan is really at a pivotal stage in its history. Right now there's a lot of turmoil there's a lot of upheaval that God is working there.

There's a there's a church that started really in the newbie community in 1917 you had missionaries coming from England and had the first convert in 1923 and now less than 100 years later have 2 1/2 million new Buddha in Sudan out of 5 million newbie that identifies Christian Spratt the voice of Brad Phillips on Stu Epperson were talking about what God is doing mightily in the Sudan people are coming to Christ existing where the church is persecuted, where Christians are under fire literally bonds are being dropped in that area. Amino on the Christians are targeting hospitals or tardy little schools where children are women and children. It's just horrible. It's cowardly, but Christians are thriving or growing churches are being planted there there baptizing people where they can find water, but you know this all Sullivan traces back to that Ethiopian eunuch we read about in acts right Brad who came over because Ethiopia guest was connected with Sudan at that time. That's right, the day the Christian kingdoms in ancient Nubia which is southern Egypt and northern Sudan were part of the same kingdoms with Abyssinia with Ethiopia with Axum, and they go the trace their heritage back to the Ethiopian eunuch so they have a historical memory, and even though even though the memory even though the gospel all but disappeared in Sudan for for centuries when missionaries came back in the 20 century that the newbie people had a cultural and historical memory of their relationship to the gospel and I think that's one of the that the reasons why there was such a revival among the community as stressful. Brad Phillips has been serving there for some time and thank you for pointing it at work. Years ago was very dangerous for me to go over to Sudan still have this do not not not everybody who I invite is willing to come. So I'm grateful that you came in and II know the God is used your your your presence there in your visit in a big way. Allow it to change my life will get pictures all in the conference room in the station and were working with a young Dinka warrior who whose who's been in school here in the states in its need to introduce you to him you spoke his language he couldn't believe it. He was on the ride high on that and but tell us real quick what God is doing with the ministry of persecution. Project foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ministry. It's been around for over two decades and God is using it's at the touch a lot of folks over there patellar one, just real quick that what that the current tenant how your current mission is and how people listing we need to get behind these kind of things is important because we are brothers and sisters in Christ were beat up beleaguered embattled over there that need our help desperately.

Will thank you Stu I appreciate your involvement from the very beginning we my first trip to Sudan in the newbie mountains was in 1998 and persecution projects are our purpose is to engage in active compassion for the persecuted and so we serve as a bridge between God's people here in the US and God's people there in Sudan right now our focus in 2019 were building a hospital were trying to make access to medical care in the new Buddha for for, especially for women and children in the newbie mountains where they been cut off from the outside world.

So we have a campaign right now were building a hospital in a community college. He gave up and it's very exciting to see what would God is doing the building also to hear that things we take for granted like water.

My first time over there Brad that we know we had bottles of water, but these people were dying from water deprivation had no water. We help draw our listeners may people remember this but our listeners across the truth talk we can. The truth is that this listeners of this show of this program, you know, viewed on recording podcast or be it on live radio or whatever they stepped up we drilled in a 10 or 15 wells yeah and cities like Josh cities like war Langdon had no water yet was a flat water.

Water is still a big part of our mission. We have a safe water program that were implementing in the newbie mountains. We prepared more than 600 water wells in the newbie mountains. Each water well provides access to an average of about a thousand people and water is a fantastic ministry.

As you know, because it's a great platform for introducing people to the living water, and now hospital people walk in and everyone has medical needs. We have hospitals, but we have you know we have competing hospitals in town is still more than the one your witnesses will student marriage is just to paint the picture newbie mouse is about the size of the state of Georgia and this is an area where the people have been cut off. They been the target of a bombing campaign where the government is been targeting hospitals, schools, churches and marketplaces, and most of the NGOs and groups are working. There were chased away from this current war in the newbie that started in 2011 and so water in medicine are two critical basic survival components that were part of their without the clean water.

People are getting sick in more ways without the medicine there there suffering as well.

So we're part of were in a medical consortium and we supply medicine 280 clinics included in that are seven rural hospitals, including this one hospital this year that were trying to really develop about four years ago. We help start hospital in a place called you Gabe and our Dr. Ahmed is a Sudanese doctor is a is treating 3000 patients a month when we met him he had IV wires hanging from trees and people out on cot set out in the open so he had a hospital, but no buildings. And so we have now. Few buildings there is that there's a laboratory and therefore he does testing things like that for trying to improve the infrastructure there and so this year, our goal is to really build out the maternity ward of women and children have some of the biggest needs in a place like the new amounts where there is no infrastructure at all. So, so, we launched a campaign towards that people can go to Medina and they can watch a short video about a courageous lady. One of my heroes name Medina lives in that community were rebuilding the hospital and hear her testimony and how she is living and see how she's living over there and they can also join our campaign to build the hospital and has that website is Medina does solace to us is Medina M EDI NAS and then SON Medina sonic on else holding is a beautiful trailer there is a one minute trailer and then there's a film a little bit longer but 11 minutes for people to watch. We hope people will share it in their homes in their church in their communities are our messages. Use your community to serve their community were all part of one body for members of the body of Christ. We all have relationships and we have an opportunity to make an impact through those relationships in the new amount is 800 number protocol that will support PP of thought I would just send them to the website. Medina's is just a best way thing about medical relief that all that okay this is a persecution project foundation and It is a persecution otherwise persecution or Medina will also connect you to our website ministry building a hospital in a war-torn area.

Christians are attacked in their bringing the gospel really right supporting pastors, church work area it's it's amazing there's a wonderful community there. There's a there is a very strong church during the newbie mountains and were part of a lot of different projects there to help come alongside the local church is name Medina's version Thank you Brad Phillips what you're doing there persecution awesome versus in order to keep you on for another quick segment here, so good. Put those get involved and this is neat how you here can touch something that can change a life on the other side of the world forever. So please be part of this Stu Epperson here I did last night, due to get the night and it's help me get through the nights, and hence help me sleep a lot better when I thought about I'm talking about my pillow. Thank you, Mike Lindell, the inventor of my pillow for making a product that is just remarkable. It's help me sleep better.

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Thank you, my pillow.

What a treat to sit down one of my heroes, Brad Phillips. He is fresh back from the Sudan God's using him in a Mighty Way in Sudan a huge country.

Brad, you have a video I want everyone to see this video, you gotta see it and will in fact replay trailer set up the what what is Medina song Brad in the invite Telesis you will give all of our listeners viewers all the people part of this give an idea what's going on over there. Thanks to Medina is first of all, one of my heroes. This is a lady from the newbie mountains, who is living in a war zone and she's living the daily life there we we started that we put together a series called profiles of the persecuted and this is the first in the series was about Medina and she's a teacher and a look community in the newbie mounds the newbie mountains is the largest community of Christians in Sudan. It's it's sort of an enclave.

There they been the target of some of the worst persecution in the world, churches, schools, marketplaces being targeted by aerial bombardment bombardment on a daily basis since war broke out in 2011 and Medina song is just an opportunity for people to get to know Medina but also to get to know of the life for believers in the newbie mountains okay. What a deal that's just it is heartbreaking to hear what he just said guys have.

But when date when they want to bomb Christians when they want to bomb the South they bomb they target children.

They target hospitals. They target schools and Brad Phillips. His ministry is the persecution project foundation persecution online or on their the front lines of taking water medicine mosquito nets all kinds relief. You work with Bibles you work with some wonderful people force the martyrs worker's marriage was always great ministries are doing things in Sudan. These are Christians are wondering where our brothers and sisters in Christ in the West where are those people that fit that they go to church and with her hands in the air and hollered for the Lord and have big TV ministries where our brothers and sisters in Christ Walter right here in their listing so you know what, guess what, I'm not gonna go knock all these other people always say I Stu Epperson him to get involved. Brad Phillips is over here. He's 10,000 miles out of his his comfort zone, which is is Kenya and is Sudan to be on this radio interview podcast program to talk to people about how they can help play the trailer right now and have Jasper reduce replay.

The 62nd trailer. This is Medina song trader you can hear the passion or inner voice. You can hear what's going on and you can go to Medina's song gives to us is not word NED I NAS S and you can you can watch the trailer for yourself show at your pastor should your church go to Sudan like I did with Brad will never be the same, but we have a chance to invest in a country to pour Christ in that country. The next generation they will. They may be there groan and cry so much over there, they may be come back over here to win us to the Lord and ended to spread the gospel throughout the Muslim world and Asia. The 1040 window right Brad, that's right, you know the Christians in the newbie mounds are really in a strategic position. I think that's why they've been the target of some of the worst persecution. You have a history there he goes back to the Ethiopian eunuch that was converted by the apostle Philip and about 100 years ago missionaries came back to Sudan in the newbie mountains, and in 1923, had the first convert to Christianity and now less than 100 years later you have about 2 1/2 million out of 5 million ethnic Nubians in Sudan who identifies Christian unbelief so it's it's the reason why the government in Sudan I think is putting so much emphasis on on persecuting the door and play the trail right now is 60 seconds.

Just listen. Be encouraged and let let the Lord touch you through here in this anyway. Anyway, that he would like your ago does not way. Lambright was the non-again.

My Janessa trailer Brad Phillips Medina is song Medina. She's the picture of of this godly woman who just is using her voice and her music in her heart for God to touch people to lift people out of their pit people that are bond attack.

There's many people Sudan, whose family members been killed in this awful Holocaust, the Civil War, thank you for you doing it persecution project persecution project or were so grateful for your your ministry.

How can our listeners pray for you. How can they pray for Medina yeah just continue to pray for the believers in the Sudan right now. They'll stay strong in their faith that they'll continue to be bold in their witness and their community. They still live in mixed communities. There a lot of Muslims there, but the Muslims in the newbie mounds I think are more open to the gospel because there also being bombed by the Islamic establishment. So the church there definitely needs a lot of prayer. They have a lot of basic needs that they need to meet for survival food, water, shelter medicine.

These are just the most basic things that we take for granted that are missing their pray for us as were trying to build a hospital trying to make access for women and children have more access to medical care there. That's one of the ways these people have really suffered is that they been cut off from from basic basic things like that is tremendous and people can make a donation to your ministry is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit yes in the in the clearing land for building this hospital.

That's right were member of the CFA and if you go to Medina's you can watch the trailer you can watch the full length film which is only 11 minutes. I hope you will show it with your family other people in your community. Perhaps your church and you can also see our campaign and in the progress remaking and constructing the maternity ward, which is our focus right now tremendous persecution 11 ministry of this. These guys are on the front lines. I went with you to Sudan.

My brother-in-law went we went ski children. We went over there brilliant medical mind just your heart break Zeitgeist I talk about that trip Brad I get teared up is just his who was so moving see these little kids we took 200 teddy bears a cousin ski help us get in these kids never seen a teddy bear. Most of us see mom and dad killed right in front of him. I think the way life works. When you go to serve other people. You think you're going to give them something you always come back.

Realizing that you receive so much more. And what's great about the newbie mounds is that it's an easy place to work because the people are so courageous and wonderful faithful people that inspire you and were praying for this this country were praying for for there to be a real revival therein. There is some movement of God there that they're wondering why why were so lethargic here in the West and other evangelistic there growing the worshiping and so there's a cool need encouragement that were getting from them actually will want one of the things that is been a blessing for me in this ministry is that I have a lot of people now praying for me, some of whom I haven't met, but most of them are in Sudan. While at Soquel, will God bless you Brad Phillips persecution Martinez to show that your church, your pastor, get involved since the Bibles over get a part of it did give over the ministry. The tardy over there no way I can start Mr. Z okay fine job alongside this get you guys are doing already. Thank you for being on please share like pass this show on wherever your hearing it podcast form to anyone and everyone you know. And let's be a part of reaching the nations with the good news of Jesus Christ before the king returns he's coming back. There's no more missions of mercy, there's no building hospitals and churches there's no more offer God's love. When the king returns as is time to judge. He came first, the love and mercy. He's coming back in and judgment and wrath, and that's why we gotta be about his business right now

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