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What's Beneath the Uniform: Special Edition Podcast

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 6, 2019 5:00 am

What's Beneath the Uniform: Special Edition Podcast

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 6, 2019 5:00 am

Truth for Youth intern Austin Bryant sits down with Barbara Robinson of the "What's Beneath the Uniform" charity to talk about her special event happening this Thursday, August 8th.

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This is the Truth Network. How do you help people in the community. Today we have Barbara Robinson in here with us today telling us how she makes a difference in our community were in here today on her journey she works for and runs to Barbara, thank you so much for being here today thinking me would say maturity into so we can let people know about what's beneath the uniform awesome.

So what's beneath uniform is an awesome charity here in Winston-Salem North Carolina just making a diverse community tells little bit about it yes was anything uniform started in 2015. Long story short I had one away to work with Girl Scouts and I couldn't necessarily file my passion for what it was.

I wanted to do and literally got came to me in a dream and gave me this the name for my business.

He gave me the goal that I needed to set things I needed to do and thankfully we've been able to accomplish two of those things already which with our bookbag drive our mentorship program and I will work on the third thing our own fun day is a plethora awesome, so just take you back to the roots what why are you so motivated to help people community like this, like, what drives you get out of bed everyday thing for me. What gets me going is Nolan that I was able to import into somebody who otherwise would in no about things or have the experiences that I have been given because my parents have always been group in charge and in the only group in charge. We grew up knowing the love of God and how much he loves us and we know that not everyone is given that knowledge. Everyone doesn't know and so knowing that and knowing that I'm able to import into somebody give them something, even if there is a parents or the children were given them something they can take with them for a lifetime. That something that really gets me going is your your absolute goal is just to put God in people's lives and help them see the light and the glory exactly because I mean I grew up in church, but is one thing to go up and hers in the infill loss.

Once you put your leg to know and feel lost when she got older adult really understand that you have your own relationship with him whether unity appears to pray for your grandmother pray for you will once you know you can go to for yourself. Things are different and I got I was 18 years old and I remember I do say that I got to go away and work and my mom was able why are you going away like what Eagle forbade it when I felt embarrassed to tell people what I had lost my passion. I didn't know what it like what my calling was a what it was for me to do and I know for me, for God to come and pick me up from where I was then and put me to where I am now I know that I have to like it's my job to tell other people because it was a rough patch it when I was given this vision for what's beneath uniform. It is redirected my path completely awesome. So glad to hear about that. So how did you come to me got you said you were in the church growing argue parents always went to church. What was it with you that really clicked what you said you, you discover that no I think for me over the click click click was I was in Lenore working for Girl Scouts and it was right after I had been an like a really bad relationship like really in it with a person who grew up in charge and he was around so you something like how can you know somebody I know from church do what happen in our relationship, and then I went away and I started praying I made at a journal, and as I want to pray every day for 45 minutes in the morning and I will give got 30 minutes at night if I don't do nothing else is awesome. So I will go to Girl Scout camp and I will work in the mornings I will go out and we do day camp and then I will have all night so then I was able to read my word. I was able to get deeper into it. I was able to pray and is one thing to talk to God would not be able to hear of the source right and if so is like when you hear the voice of got a you know for yourself. That's really what it clicked for me like it was real and I knew it and so that's when I can say from that moment home from work and it will Girl Scouts in Lenore everything with it was like a whole 180 just turned in the opposite direction circle. Well that is absolutely inspiring story and now you're working with what's beneath uniform this your own self founded patient is was anything uniform is what I do, but is a part of a trio of organizations that we have. My mom and my dad my mom does beautiful countenance, and my dad has the Robinson group is to Joseph about this isa beautiful countenance is a battered women and children shall gesso her aim to do with it.

So my mother she is an awesome and dynamic speaker. When it comes to talking about domestic violence and finding your voice, get your voice back. She goes and she don't we donate clothes. We we volunteer areas. We have a conference every year she has it around Mother's Day and we do attribute to women that we know have lost the battle to domestic violence and we also have speakers come in and we had like a whole entire brunch a is very great event and my dad has the Robinson group and it's something that he's been doing my whole life, so I'm just glad he decided to put in a really big it is something he's done with his mark on Deborah's office and something done in the community since we were born. He is also testimony and he goes and he just talks to young man and show you know gives them let her know is another way to doing things together is the best way print like you don't have to live the life of the street, but you can and you can still know that God can save you like that's the good thing like my dad.

He's very realistic about the thing is, you may not do everything right. What you got to know you gotta try at least any that answer to God for whatever it is you got into it.

Also exactly what I saw here about this so I heard you event coming up for what Smith uniform your soul slidably about August 8 here in Winston-Salem is going to be at the WR Anderson sinner.

I'm having fun day and as the plaster tousled about the head. So for the fund that we have a bass while Going on.

We have a check for some of her cheerleaders.

The: we have arts and crafts, and with the arts and crafts kids to be able to design a shirt off and that night at 6 o'clock. There appears to be overcome in and see what they've done and I will have a fashion show. Also cool is so cool because of the really nice and we have speakers coming in for each group will have their own speaker so somebody will impart and to all the children chose different age group you want to be overconfident ages of five to about 14 and with that we are to help kids have just a fun day like where you can be a key like I know not everyone can afford summer camp where everyone can afford daycare so disk this day camp for me.

I chose to do on a Thursday and people like why Thursday like a white guy because I'm thinking.

Parents may need a day to get stuff going on and I want the parents to be able to come in and they have a sessions for the parents at 530 that we speaker that come in, they'll be directed to the family unit. So we are doing an event that will encompass the entire family so everybody is welcome to come. Parents, grandparents, that is going to be something for everybody that day and then following the fashion show will have our supplies drive offs and that's what I'm really excited about. I shrugged so would take it. We have donations coming in were so taken donations for it, but were going to give kids, bad full of supplies like little goodies and stuff like that to take to school awesome yes so dizzy when you preregister for this. If they're not all going out is no need to preregister, just come on out. But when you do come, we will have you know the paperwork for waivers and all that good stuff but is open to anybody who wants to come in his free officer Thursday August A.D. at what time to do 4:55 PM you heard in your room one WR Anderson sinner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina 25 on Thursday, August 8 will thank you so much Barbara that's been awesome here.

Everything about that you are making miracles community with one 70s uniform is absolute miracle to hear about that thing. So glad having her on the show today. I think you so much a ring for listening to trees for use of talk today a loved hearing the story of hope she makes more difference in the world with their faith. Everything she doing things much. I think you and that's it for here that everyone, thank you so much and have a great weekend, Robert Gilmore here and you know I've developed a real soft spot for my pillow. You been waiting for the lowest price ever offered on my pillow. It's arrived with their patented interlock fuel system American-made guaranteed not to go flat. And believe me I've had mine for over five years now and it hasn't fully machine washable six day moneyback guarantee and a simple four question filling process right now get a two pack of my pillow premiums for only $69.99.

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