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A Special Needs Mission Trip to Jamaica

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 17, 2019 5:00 pm

A Special Needs Mission Trip to Jamaica

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 17, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu sits down with the Christian Car Guy himself Robby Dilmore to chat about Robby's recent mission trip to Jamaica.

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This is the Truth Network. Let's go to Jamaica. How about that about the Christian cargo rubber door. He just got back for an amazing missions trip folks if you need some shock therapy if you need to stick Kino wake up in your Christian life to get in the doldrums go on a missions trip Sony folks have done that over the summer. Some go on a missions trip during the year. Maybe a Christmas time. I love it when I hear about a young person like Robbie's daughter who went all the way to Africa. But Rob usually goes towards Africa. You went to the land of of beautiful clear water and an amazing son watches the 11 walkabout is all yeah Jamaica. No folks here to me like old man is the vacation but you really did go into a spiritual warfare zone did you I still just don't believe what I saw. There aren't that there is not a building in Jamaica that's decent you might go to a restaurant that doesn't have a 20 foot wall and razor wire, and security in allowed inside because of the crime is the error and the horrible poverty and all the real struggle. There is fatherlessness and when you begin to look into the culture and see what's behind that that actually when Wilberforce and the 1810s made slavery go away. This plantation owners there began to breed the slaves so that they no longer had families and these men would not marry any longer and the next thing you know you know they bread slaves. Well, that culture of breeding slaves and spread people into slavery.

From then till now because most Jamaican people do not know who their father is not that they have any relationship with them. And that leads to all my goodness, I mean the drug abuse over there if see if you could if I played the soundbite on the Christian card I made we can get it for this podcast.

They took the speakers up on top of this mountain near the compound where we were staying every night and they played this horrible. I don't know what you call it chanting, screaming, music it went on from forming afternoon until well into two to 3 o'clock and it almost sounded like voodoo or something but nobody stopped that they would be screaming, they would be prostitutes on pole dancing up the street there be people going out there crack cocaine and marijuana. Whatever and then gracious the result of that is one day we spent at the Bethlehem children's home for the unlovable children in Kinston and Stu if you went in there. You just couldn't even believe that these children have been thrown into the gutter to die because they thought they had evil spirit and because they had down syndrome or some other birth to defect literally 75 maybe 100 babies in cribs that all development just barely alive. With IVs in these kind of things and then they keep these children don't have the manpower to really take care of them there until their 14 and 15.

They send them to another place. So I worked with a group that was similar to what I work with the church.

These 1415 16-year-old kids is a special needs kids.

It did have some challenges that you're able to administer the love of Christ to kids are often neglected.

It was like to call it someplace I believe, and cast them out, you had to see it be even fathom how they were living. For example, one kid like take us to give us a picture my pictures on the okay O'Neill is in a crib. He's wearing a diaper because he's never been taught to take care of himself or use the bathroom which young people with those defects. Can I work with them every day. I mean I'm not not everyday but every Sunday I work with and I know that they can be trained to do these things to feed themselves and all this, but this guy almost has no use of his arms and legs. He's confined to a crib. He probably is 15 or 16 years old when I enter the room right he's hiding his face because he doesn't want anybody to look at and he's been ashamed all his life, but I've learned we know with help work on these guys to get in there and kind of you know, make eye contact Evan to let them know they similar next thing you know this guy starts brightening up and I mean he starts smiling and then he starts playing with my watch and the next thing you know O'Neill and I have a connection with their meal begins to actually try to talk to me without you know, obviously in a very difficult situation at end, you know, he begins to smile interactive bring other people over there to meet O'Neill in the now he's he's like to start the shower then you know he's got his little body that really can even stand out that mean he and nothing O'Neill is standing up to Donna's legs on his knees, but the guy next to him and you know he's trying to get him to engage with me. Like these people are here to help these people care about these people look us in the eye and talk to us, but I mean it isn't like there's just a few of them, Stu or hundreds of is a lot more of them than there are people over there to slip the surprise and eat them and share the love of… Praise God for this Catholic missionaries that that that are at least you have doing this Hardy word every single day and all that but what I really went therefore was for teen challenge. I went with the North Carolina boys Academy teen challenge with some of the guys that had graduated from that one going over to help some of the Jamaican people and you know there I went to the teen challenge farm and spoke elective things that we do with the mast and turning on in a fatherless to talk about that because you know your host all over the place. Jesus daily Truth Network all over the all kinds of wonderful networks carrier program, as do they guess also they carry a lot of my programs thank you to the Wilkins radio network, the life of have all these horrible friends your urination. Why guy also oversees a lot of focus on the mobile app with this matter guys put a heart put in your heart this ministry to the above fathers about recognizing the refiling of loving arms of the heavenly father which so many signs of never had that father blessing and so you are a one man blessing machine brother but I can't mention that particular generalist is Google back as you do the show called the master journey. It's up for it is electrifying to listen you and those brothers just your real transparent but taking people into what God is done, he sent Jesus to die for us to bring us to the father but that's such an overlooked truth yet see Jesus himself needed a father right you look at that relationship between Jesus and his father and look at the acknowledgment, the beloved son, that Jesus was was his father having times did God say down from heaven this is my beloved son, and we have two cases where we know he did that for a protocol out of voice and Endo and acknowledge that this is my beloved son, and so every man needs that they desperately needed them in a one of those cases we just talked about in our our meeting here was Mr. Bell and and you know I met with him there in his story was tragic of me know your mother was a prostitute did know his father was raised by his aunt, and you know she wouldn't even tell him what his name was what his birthdate was and all these wounds that came up with no family and everyone is referring to their dad is, well, that's my dad yelling and he does so he just feels like an outsider. But you look this guy in the eye and you got right up and there you are. Close talker from over there body but you said something to him that really touched me as you share this with our whole team earlier. What was I you can imagine this tall Jamaican man and I you know is he was kept on going man they don't believe that I'm part of their family.

They don't say that I have their father and I said I got up in his face and I looked him in the eye very deeply and I said you know what Mr. Bell you you bear a strong resemblance. In fact, you're the spitting image of our father, and he looked at me if I sit and I kinda pointed to have up and a smile just erupted on his face. As I began to explain man in one of the first thing God tells us in the Bible is. He made us in his image and and he was no mistake. You were made, Mr. Bellarmine, God was intentionally that there was going to be a Mr. Bell is can be made in his image is gonna be standing in this barn in Jamaica talking to Robbie Dillman and and getting that into our hearts and understanding and almost like Simba you know if you forgotten who you are. You eat your son of the king and and and to begin to take on God as a father could make such an impact and make a lie. I just see that is substantial well and I've seen you come to that realization your life and I've seen has transformed you, and I've seen how you guys use you to as a conveyor as it is a is a channel to to just share the love of the father behold what manner of love the father is given unto us, that we could be called the sons of God.

First John chapter 3 verse John chapter for all the statements of God in our father always, thanks for sharing the love the father Jamaica in GW people came to Christ is man that you were able to to you know reaffirm God made him to be. And thanks for what you doing always what you challenge folks out there that are kinda searching their struggling there. The other looking in there looking for affirmation people pleasing in their young young girls were in a horrible relationship, you know, because they just the other to think that's it.

This that this this guy, like in them you know her or in marriages are sure what your bottom line to people out there and I think it's it's absolutely phenomenal. This concept of if you are have sexual activity outside of marriage you are breeding slaves whom well and you know you your breeding slavery in your own life because you I'm a slave to sin or your breeding fatherlessness.

However, that ends at an end know how can we go about discipling countries like that or what what what can we do obviously we can pray about things like along those lines, but why not join Hayden find of him and see if God has a place for your heart go on short-term expenditures as a there's a mission should go and sign up right just go in to take some time off work and is amazing what God will do and what guided him here the busiest guy I know and yet you took a week to Jamaica to share the love of Jesus, thanks for doing that for sharing. I think that little guy O'Neill, the speciality ice that had he got a smile. I miss her your picture yet love to say that we permit will put a picture on we do this at all sure this movie will download this podcast but thank you Robbie for your amazing ministry and that is the challenge today is is have you received the sun and become a son of the father daughter. The father love this verse in verse John John 112 as many as received him, Jesus, to them he gave the right, the power to become sons of God, so God the father said this is my beloved son, the only son he could say that about was Jesus so that Jesus could become sin for us, and die for us in our place.

I deserve that death so that he we could be adopted by God and become joint heirs with Christ and actually become sons and daughters. The father you don't know him, called him today and hear the message of my brother here. Robbie DeVore and come to trust Christ as your Savior always a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better. What would you give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products.

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