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Defending the Faith with Alex McFarland

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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August 24, 2019 5:00 pm

Defending the Faith with Alex McFarland

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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August 24, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu sits down with Christian activist extraordinaire Alex McFarland to talk about Alex's recent and future projects.

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This is good Truth Network is a one-man gospel wrecking crew and he's in the studio right out hard to get this guy pinned out, he's all over the world of colonies belittled Asia. He's a little Utah California preaching the gospel altar on TV in areas sharing Jesus on a major news networks in intercellular Fox Alex McFarlane meant it is great.

Just a look. You and I brother have you in our world headquarters studio so still you're one of the best friends I've ever had in my whole life and I just love what God is doing through you. You know, we were the folks were praying for Stu and I sat down we pray on the phone a lot of times, but what you have done what what God has done through you to touch the entire globe with the gospel through media, radio, student you are truly the Lord knows my heart. You are truly one of my heroes. And if I could be a fraction of the minister that you are my wife would count for something. While let's just play that back for the rest of this podcast an interview. When I got to sleep. I got lucky. I really like how this is going well it is and yeah everybody listening. I'm sure they know your name but your family. I'm only think one family, the Epperson's have so measurably contributed to the great commission over the last you know 30 years. Hey folks that could be any of our families and are you know it is the meaning of life. John Wesley, the great founder of Methodism.

Wesley said we have nothing to do with the saving of souls.

I zigzagged and that is I were thinking about who's next in how are these young people how are these these kids in their teens kids in her 20s. How are we encouraging them to go and share the gospel and make a difference and be a man and the young woman of God is in jail there are sitting there in their they're tired of us have a lot of adult meetings and attire to be excluded and placated and patronized the right to step up young then you know little about your ministry, Alex and us. This, by the way, what were doing here. This exchange is to be heard all over the place. We got some amazing podcast platforms that involve the Jesus daily. Your Facebook page. Huge platform Sony folks friends there, listening for good news Truth Network Oliver hosting our program. So many affiliates to carry the radio version of this particular programmer so glad you all you are all here. The reason were on the year is to challenge you to know Jesus Christ as your personal savior as number one and number two to make him known. At the really that fits with loving God and loving others.

Jesus two greatest commandments.

Yes, really love others you invite them into a relationship with a God that they have offended our sin is separated from God. But God sent his only son, John 316. To be our Savior.

A minute incentive plan incentive program. Instead, a 10 step.

He sent a person and in effect, God became a man, Jesus Christ. The second member of the Trinity and he died in our place and Alex McFarlane you're spreading this truth all over the world and your ministries called truth for a new generation Y that's so important fundamentally and tell everyone why God led you to start this and what's about to happen. Well, you know I love sharing the gospel with all people, but we rather than fix broken adults. How about we preemptively equip precious young people and Stu you would been encouraged just one week ago we were wrapping up our summer apologetics camp. We had teens from seven states seven states. My kids came answer we did all the fun camp stuff, swimming and kayaking and zip line, but we had 18 sessions on apologetics. How do we know God exists.

The Bible Jesus the resurrection now out of kids from seven states.

Guess how many either made salvation decision, or they committed to when their campus for Christ. Young men committed to not look at inappropriate material online 100% Italian, I would say listeners everywhere.

Kids are hungry for true that they are there willing to listen about Jesus they're willing to to give her or to be taught how to have a quiet time and so the teaching ministry were doing conferences were doing camps were going to be in Richmond, Virginia, October 11-12 again to be in Cincinnati, Ohio, November 15, 16. We got speakers like Josh McDowell, Todd Starnes from Fox News just an amazing lineup of speakers, but Stu were in a battle for the future. The country and the answer is Jesus on the winning souls to Christ. When you say apologetics a love that word and I love your heart I love what you're doing. What is what is apologetics only filter listening and they hear that words will trigger word. It is sure it may be evoked any kind of thinking in someone's mind about different things we talked about. But what is it basically because you've written books about this and I encourage everyone listening to check out his book and of the 10 toughest questions the skeptics as you did what should I delegate some of the 10 most erudite atheist.

Third 34 atheists. I spent over two years having lunch with 34 different atheists and I would sit down and these are the guys in Barnes & Noble and the big public analyzers and Dean of the funny things to not one, not one had some kind of evidence that that shook my faith at all.

It was always in a while I grew up in church, but this painful thing happened. 34 atheist 28 were ex-Protestants for were ex-Roman Catholics to had never been insured while but on the point is that the just know Spanish yes it did. And it's not that Christianity has been refuted evolution. Darwin, nothing has refuted the Bible but a lot of people are hurt, confused, angry, so we've got to do what apologetics is, which is why we believe what we believe apologetics.

I don't think you've got to be some theologian or some scholar but it's merely the reasons why we believe what we believe and the way that Christ is changed our life.

That's one evidence of the truth of the gospel, then we read the Bible and the Bible itself is authentic. But then there are things like history and archaeology in science and you know you and I both have been privileged to work with Josh McDowell Lee Strobel Ravi Zacharias or lutes or Erwin Lynch is going to be with us in Cincinnati, November 15, 16 and seven all these are 2019. You may hear this program 2025 because this is what we talk about. We have just like Alex. We play these podcast back these programs back because there's so much in here about helping people come to Christ who may not be.

You may be listening in Kenya. It may not be able to come to America to one of these great events, but you go to his website truth for new generation.

Dottie, through an NR Apple we've got a 72 questions and answers on the app right now were adding to it every week: tough questions about the faith, their behavior in a in a can a religion class in a secular college in the professor is pounding on Christians is like calling you an idiot is calling you out he saying now you believe this, this old archaic book. You know you're in your nonschool and Alex your your helping equip young people to deal with those kind of questions are in the front lines. The goal Alex is not to win an argument to win a person to win a person to Christ, but also to also not you know I love that love Ogden Oz Dennis's books, you know, we talked about your fit body's fat minds on how we kinda given Christians of Canada check their brain at the cash register and why can't we think the faith.

Why can't we have a new intellectual conversation without yelling each other down to member Berkeley that the William Barclay, tears. He said this, I think it's interesting he said the average person only thinks as much, as they have to, and it is only when confronted with the dangers of heresy that we often rediscover the riches of Orthodox and a guy here's another quote. GK Chesterton said as much, as we need to win the lost to Christianity.

Nowadays we have to win the Christians to Christianity, then you know you hear that you hear a pastor or a well-known Christian leader come out and openly espouse false falsehood or openly be misleading on issues that are completely biblical like WoW or the cover will they never had that foundation. Alex is trying to go to young people while they're young and oppression and old bold fuddy-duddies like me and teach us. This is what you believe, but further, deeper. This is why you believe it now want you to stay on our podcast listeners. This is gonna just keep rolling and we may think of partner response or two in between here. Alex want to standards amassed a very important question sure who is Alex McFarland. You have to think about that for a while because you just you walked into this thing. We usually do this at the beginning listen when I want when I want to put people to sleep at him and his abilities are out though it all four of these multiple choices are true. He has song in a beach boy multiple beach boys conjures he's performed with other celebrities.

He's a musician. He also has a very strong pension for cars that he would believe he's been on the card I show and he has traveled in 50 states in 50 days talking about Jesus will learn more about who you are. When we come back radio folks hang on podcast friends don't go anywhere will be right back. You'll want to hear this and you'll want to hear how you can answer the toughest questions you've ever gotten from your Muslim friends from your baby atheist friends agnostic French Colts how you share Jesus with all kinds of folks that are challenging the faith.

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How did Cain find his wife what what about the Bible. Was there really a six day creation. Or is the Bible really gazillion years old. Alex these are some of the really basic questions and complex questions you're getting all the time in your ministry right yeah and you know it's interesting is the questions really haven't changed every 30 years in a people are always asking how do I know God is real and how do we know Jesus really rose from the grave. What about creation versus evolution. One of the exciting things about us and not give God the glory over the last 25 years we've done conferences and about 43 cities and still we run our apologetics. One of the conference.

Kind of like an evangelistic crusade.

We generally do a Friday night. That's very evangelistic and we do Saturday were would bring in great speakers like Ravi Zacharias or Lee Strobel or Josh McDowell. People like that the late great Chuck Colson spoke force many times Johnny Erickson taught Erwin lutes are people like that but student. Here's the good news. Kids are hungry don't know we love all ages humming the moms the dads the grandparents the pastors but my my heartbeat or for these precious young people, middle schoolers, high schoolers and we talked to him about Jesus. How they can know the Lord how they can stand strong when it comes to things like homosexuality and transgender is him you know we talk about God and country.

What about socialism's renderings. Much of that kids are hungry for truth and it's our joy to see God working in their lives.

Everywhere we go, and a lot smarter than we give them credit for. Only their moms and dads are wanting other people come alongside and encourage these kids and answer the tough questions and really activate them to be soldiers in the army of God go out and share the good news of Jesus loving God sent his only son Jesus to die the cross for our sins not Alex yet. I want to lay on you, to be the skeptic you're just a couple minutes in a languid couple cup will tough questions you covered in your awesome books and other places that you cover these conferences but at your website truth for a new is that right you you there is a list of all your projects comfortableness of your in the Virginia area. Richmond, Virginia, or if you're in Cincinnati or your North Carolina or Utah where you have these events, they can go there. Learn all about it. There's 72 questions there is all kinds of issues and questions you cover their right to equip people in all your books. I don't want to assure one knows where to go. Truth furniture all your apparat has stuff to an end of that's a mouthful truth for a new or you can just go to him, the one Alex to my name, MCF, AR, LAD, Alex that Offerman was leaving us so you have your own app you have used algebra but only before I get in these tough questions and we don't have a lot of time and you are so gracious to be here with us. This is because this a world traveler guys to have the sky in the studio with us is honorably one Stu Epperson, your host, I'm so honored to have you. Alex tell us who is Alex McFarland news this stuff true about the Beach boys of minimization by going to 50 states 50 days about being a car aficionado tell us tell us more. What you and I grew up on a farm in North Carolina. We were we were in the egg business for 88 years, and anyway got saved when I was 21 played guitar since I was seven. Yes I'm not too far from your probably 15 miles from here at Tanglewood performed on stage with the Beach boys, my musical heroes Brian Wilson and Carl Wilson. But you know student I just love the folks you got understand we all hear Stu and he's great this is.

I do not know a finer human being. I do not know a person that is more committed to the Lord Jesus more committed to evangelism than stated this is my radio home because a 21 years ago or 20 years ago I met you through David Parsons and my life would be forever changed but yet with 50 states and 50 day I was crazy. Got a big tour buses plates actually for services in planes, trains and automobiles regarding what I preach the gospel here we are in California Vegas all you know all these states Sharon about Jesus that was a world when you wrote a book actually called 5050 states we did, we did does that, you know you have a repeat of other brand the list goes on why I love my Alta prohibited by the way, every Christmas, when you gonna bring some or all awesome okay yeah you clearly have crunchy mom I would have and I want to take as many people with me as I possibly can. A minute alone as alone as a stucco. Yes, those are guys you may have other questions, please join us on wherever your listing hit email is Texas. You can follow me all Mike's my twitter Instagram among there are five there's videos of me and Alexander by the way, and it was another tube.

It twitter Facebook all we gotta do some Stu to video stupid Alex okay yeah if God is such a loving God.

Why does he allow so much suffering AIDS Holocaust brutal wars, no kids dying of waterborne diseases all over the world how to answer the tough question by skeptics.

Well, you know there there is pain-and-suffering in the world. We don't deny that. But the amount of pain-and-suffering and injustice and evil in the world doesn't mean there's not a God. It's proof of how much we need a Savior of the world has a sin problem. I and all of us have a sin problem and we need the Savior, but do you know God who is the ultimate foundation of morality and truth and justice. Look, if there were no God, there would not really be anything bad or good. That would just be stuff and so when the atheist or the skeptic says there is bad stuff in the world. What is God have to do with all that that proves there must be a God because we recognize how far short of our humanity is following us a coach, only this, what's the most powerful transformation conversion to Christianity you've read, seen or studied of someone who was a stout atheist. Maybe more brilliant brilliance and would be harder more brilliant to me but even Bureau up there in the big leagues right. What's the most powerful conversion using sure that with us to also let a listers know that with God all things are possible well do you know I think from times past. I think about CS Lewis, who is a brilliant scholar.

I think about will derive okay. Walter Ron is one of the greatest historians of history.

He wrote the multivolume history of civilization, which was called one of the most important works of history in history and world Ron said this because even in his own day, 30 years ago people civil. Maybe Jesus never existed, and Iran said if you throw out Jesus. You've got to throw out 100 other ancient names, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, Julius Caesar, the life of which no historian would dream of questioning. So one of the most brilliant historians ever will derive became a Christian, but in more modern times.

I'll give you two names brilliant Lee Strobel and Jay Warner Wallace Strobel got a law degree from Yale University. He was an atheist. He was an award-winning reporter for the Chicago Tribune argued a case in front of the Supreme Court.

He was an atheist. He became a believer, Jim Wallace, one of the best detectives in America and atheist into his 50s. He thought Christianity was a myth, but he he he looked at it like you would look at any other dialectical case. Yes, JR Jim Wallace could solve the cases. Nobody could crack and EE comes way since this is real. This is real and he became in dynamic personality speaks at your valiant otherness and you see him writing books about Christ.

And yes, in God you guys as the world. What an amazing thing. How God is someone who denies Jesus someone who's in a know you knew it we have people in her life like that.

By the way, Bouygues discouraging you see people to make comments on a Facebook post that Bill may comment on this this podcast in whatever model sure they will in no say man this is horrible. How can you believe this, and Christians are the result of all these euro wars, all those things but then to see how God we should innocently pray for that person. Yes because Almighty God to change the heart of this center right here is AZ a man in the center crossing the Alex is saved you in these other titans of the faith now likely Strobel like Chuck Colson, was a criminal in prison, and God saved him and look what God did in his life in the books he's written in a Strobel and Josh McDowell seemed God is in the saving business and he can save any soul, yeah, exactly. And you know what Lily said this, there's an atheist named Bruce Scheinman and he wrote a book in response to Dawkins book Richard Dawkins wrote a book ripping up Christianity and he said that Bruce Scheinman said Christianity is not a delusion. He said it may be provocative to talk about Christianity's misdeeds and how religion is done all this, but he did all this investigation, he said, look, the majority of benevolence the soup kitchens. The close closets, the hospitals going in building wells in Third World countries.

He said the true story of religion and even Christianity is the the good works done by millions of believers every day and and he's an atheist, but I want to say this to a we were not up on any moral high horse like were better or smarter honest that everybody listing number one God loves you. God made you in deep in your heart.

I suspect you know this, and Jesus Christ proved his love Romans 58 says God demonstrated his love and that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us so that student every one of your great listeners and I know they're everywhere around the world. Let me say this, Jesus is disclosed buys a prayer and why don't right now.

Do not delay another moment because we don't have tomorrow we don't have two hours from now, but we have this moment right now.

Wherever you are just in your heart say Lord I need you in my life. And Lord, I I am sorry for my sins. I've known the right of done the wrong, the Lord, I believe Jesus is the son of God, as he said, I believe he went that cross for me and Lord, please help me you don't listen. You don't have to come up with some articulate, you know piece of oratory to say God I need you like a prayer from it from the guy that you know that called out to Jesus. He said Jesus son of David, the blind man you know in Luke 18, he said, Jesus son of David, have mercy on me just before that in the parable of the Pharisee and the publican. The Pharisee got up with his articulate in a really rosy prayer God hears as he spoke to himself if the ceiling did going farther to think I'm not like this guy and think I'm such a righteous guy that the publican would even lift his eyes to heaven, and he said using God be merciful to me a sinner. So you literally it is the it was ABC's admit your center yes believe that Jesus Christ died to pay for your sin that you couldn't pay for the pavers in hell forever accept his gift of pain your sin and then see confessing him as Lord and call out to call out to him as your Savior and Lord and trust him. It's as easy as ABC and go find someone that loves Jesus yet that right that person.

That's right.

The guide is been annoying.

You're the gal it's been on my God the coffee shop and say hey will you leave me in the G in relation with Jesus and will you disciple me and help me grow closer him hours at an how is your life and change out of my life and changed by those godly people are you that I'm praying will come in my daughter's lives in Northern school and whatnot so disciple them again and leave them closer to Jesus asked why were here right I love the verse John 637 the Lord said the one who comes to me I will not reject him.

Now you might be out there and you might see of it out. As you know what I've done or I've got past things that I just as soon forget.

Listen were all sinners that the thing about Christians. Christians are forgiven sinners. In fact, in the eyes of God. You can be a saint right now and and if you would like you to put this was due. Sometimes I'm sure the gospel and I would say look come to Jesus and you won't go to hell. And that's true because there is heaven, there is help, but let me put it this way folks listen carefully how would you like to wake up tomorrow and know that you have a clean slate.

How would you like to wake up and know that you're right with God that you have a friend now that would never abandon you. Jesus Christ has a roadmap for your life. He has a plan and your future and your ultimate destiny is in the hands of the God who loves you. So how would you like to know that before Almighty God, you have a clear conscience. It would be like that Jesus is disclosed buys a prayer and if you admit you're a sinner believe Jesus died for you rose again and then call on his name your your today can be changed.

Your tomorrow can be changed. Your eternity can be secure come to Jesus a man that's Allison Farland had the voice on the radio on the Internet on Facebook.

He's everywhere. He's written a dozen plus books he loves Jesus and is trying to bring people to know Christ. Christ died for sinners. The good news is he's coming back he came out are you ready to see him and who are you taken to heaven with you in this little brief blip of our life on this earth. Alex, thank you. Your website again is Alex and truth for a new fantastic. Please share this message today. If you have a way of liking sharing wherever this is posted. Wherever hearing this share this with people and share the good news of Jesus Christ with someone because he is an amazing Savior who died and rose from the dead to set us free from sin and death

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