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Journey to Africa & the Middle East with 3 Kingdom Warriors!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 7, 2019 5:00 pm

Journey to Africa & the Middle East with 3 Kingdom Warriors!

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 7, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu breaks bread and talks about spreading the truth of Christ with 3 incredible warriors for God.

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This is the Truth Network so was last time you sat around the table and discussed how you really change the world for Jesus was last time you broke bread or broke delicious authentic Lebanese food with brothers and sisters in Christ and talk about how you are to reach the world for Christ.

Why just brought the microphone into other settings or my dear friends had us over for an amazing feast Lebanese food all kinds of food. Colleen is going to show before you travel the world sharing Jesus claim was generally couple heavyweights we got brother Steve. We got brother Evan. I don't know how much joy did the last names, but let's just focus on that. But God's put a burden on your heart to reach the world for Christ. Albert was listing November will have this conversation today before it is the pillow nonbeliever you want. We want to invite you into the glorious relationship with Jesus that he died on the cross to bring you to God, and rose in a dead if your Savior reviewed born again and you are called to reach our world.

These guys are doing right now in this what this is why I'm so excited talking.

Steve just share your passion real quick what you're doing Bible basics international that my passion is to it to ignite the hearts of the church with with a passion filled by the Holy Spirit of God.

To see the crisis efficient and everything that that the church is necessary to all things and that the world is worth going to, and dying for.

By taking the message of Jesus Christ to them.

And so my commitment to Bible basics international leadership of that ministry is to go around our country and around the world and find those who are willing to give up everything or to give everything to go take the gospel to those who don't have anywhere at all is my heart that my guess what major countries are. You were give us a kind of geographical layouts of who we can latch on and also people can pray for what were you all are in our ministry right now is that we have a focus in Honduras which is becoming a national led movement at this point I'm excited about that because God is raising up the church in Honduras.

They are capable gifted men who were continued to equip and that were praying for the day that those that were working with begin sending their own missionaries out into the world to go to the places that we as Americans can't get too easily. That's our hearts desire. There were working in the northern RR in West Africa, in northern Togo Evans here, let him say a little bit more about what's going on there when he gets around to him and we have a partnership in India overseeing some phenomenal things happen and then my vision is for the unreached places the words God wears God at work and where does God want us to go next and that God will will call up the people who will be a part of that and that we can be a part of preparing them serving the local church to send them in serving those who are sent so that they can be equipped to serve their long-term that's that's arts is a passive microphone your awesome post Colleen delete your heart you just got back from a trip. Yeah so yeah it's amazing you know there's this great harvest is just waiting to see really white and my prayer is just people get the vision believers around the world get the vision of the mission were goes when Jesus said, go to the whole world.

He said go to everyone what we have not heard so everybody is called to go and you know it's just amazing to see this great harvest in the Muslim world and the Muslim world is not only in the Middle East.

The Muslim world is in Africa the Muslim world is in North America and the Muslim world is in Europe right now so you know just of my prayers's guests. Just amazing to see the fruits what God is doing the Muslim world. Since this is the time of harvest and and just it's wonderful to see that and I have a brother Evan right here when a fish and wants to share a little bit about what's going on in Togo and adjust awesome stories. It's an honor to have you guys on my table must my story really is. I've been a missionary in France have been a pastor in America have been a mission leader and about four years ago I remember having this burning in my heart sing to God.

You know I don't I don't care if it's a hard place. But I want to go someplace where there's from I want to go someplace where people are starving for the gospel and cut God put me in Togo in the northern part of Togo with a with a ministry waste. We've worked with 1/2 we have a hospital that we just built in a radio station and were reaching out to a people that have never heard the gospel before and I didn't really know personally how many places there are in the world like that but but I landed in a place where as I look around and see people that are dying without any hope dying without Christ that they they've never heard that there's something out there that they could change their life and change their eternity and to be sitting in the middle of that intent to what what I've discovered is that people are starving and and when people are starving they they really when you when you give them real food they they wanted. They know it's not that they rejected that mean there's a certain rejection but they wanted in their they're hungry for and I'm finding people that that just take the gospel and and it enters their life. It enters every part of their life and changes them entirely and and were working with Muslims working with animists people that that are just absolutely so far from God that you think these people will never understand the gospel ended in the simplest truth comes into their life and in the light comes on and all of a sudden you find out that the gospel is the power of God. It's not it's not us. It's not our ability to explain it's not our ability to make to manipulate the situation. But when the gospel hits them square between the eyes. It changes their lives forever. And that's that's experience we had up as we went into Togo and have seen God at work there and seeing people coming to Christ. Sometimes it's one of the time. Sometimes it's tentative time and we've even seen that hundred at a time. Coming to Christ because the gospel changes people's lives every listeners podcast broadcast words plan we got all kinds of radio stations to carry this regard.

Awesome Facebook digital videos. Many venues people to our download, so I'm Stu Epperson, your host.

Be sure you check out on Instagram because of the pictures these crazy people at their and Facebook and got nice tunes guesting to. We also have twitter so follows there were more, but what's interesting is there's always people have heard about Jesus, and here we are with so much like right now I just had a huge feast to me clean my plate are still big thing. Watermill Raytheon, like I moaned in a little iceberg. I need to grab but there are people in the world that have never had food dinner. Starving it will start today. They will die of starvation a day. There's 2 billion people on our planet is never heard the good news of Jesus Christ. Steve, how does that make you feel in talking the people listening. Maybe we should get off our blessed assurance and I want to cling to talk about it to yes is why I get up every morning and so I do what I do. I have only so much time in this life, and so much the steward with so much that's been given to me and and I want God use me in any way in every way that he can to to call out and motivate and see where God is working in the hearts of young people as well as retirees. I'm I'm nearing the age of retirement and I want my peers not to settle in Florida where I live on the beaches, but take the skills and the abilities and in the resources they have, to spend the rest of their life going someplace with the gospel of Jesus Christ. They will regret that it all in Colima. Andrea's you just got back from a trip give a quick challenge from your perspective and you just put some some Turkish delight in some amazing Middle Eastern baklava.

I tell you what's that was that stuff right there. Will have to take a picture this for years. When the generator described in the cuisine in the Middle East is just 5000 years old. So these guys perfected their sweets they perfected their everything so that's the part of the Minden is the food system, amazing food, good food, you know, if you know falafel almost kebabs. That's awesome you just got back and you are fired up from a trip you're gone for almost 2 weeks. We prayed for you before you left telephone or quick what God did real quick so it's just amazing to see this great harvest. God is doing something amazing in the Minden East you know that doesn't if you watch the media you see destruction and death and and and and and and just wars and revolutions in people killing each other by that truth as God is doing something amazing is he's turning things right side up to 1500 years of darkness in the Minden East 1500 years of Islam. It's been fed a very dark and God suddenly at 1520 years ago he started opening their eyes opening their ears, and the order that the just waiting for people to come and then love on them. In Jesus name.

And when when people are down and out when they have millions of refugees have no place that the sleep have known not enough food to eat, Christians, and they love on them and they provide for them and they tell them about that. The love of God is making all the difference millions are coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ is Lord, to give a big shout out to partners business administration stand with us or the truth that were to help us change lives. One of those is my Thank you Mike Lindell infinity over standing with us. Thank you, my pillow in this is really cool. They want to get back to you. They want to thank you by making a really cool offer right now you get deep discount on all their products by going to my and clicking on the new radio lister specials right theater website, enter promo code truth and you could save as much is all we get is a body pillow is normally 8999 now it's only for this special 29 99 my Click on new radio lister specials enter promo code truth. I been asleep on this product. We tried it out before even talk about here absolutely love it.

Will you give in exchange for good night sleep go to the website my enter promo code truth or you can call me at 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for parting this year on the Truth Network of motion just a modern day David Livingston's these guys are great men of God Hudson Taylor's metaphase. They've sacrificed her whole life to go in all the world, the Lord's coming back are you ready for that.

The next great event in history. And I like to throw quick just go around the table and each of you challenge the people out there listening to maybe have never been on a missions trip the pastor out there who maybe he needs challenges people to reach the world like there's a bigger universe other than just you know, our cozy North America.

So if each of you go around him a star with Evan who really turned up the same goes, he started on his heart for Togo, West Africa in these dear people, he is friends with Muslims. He's present all kinds of folks, a lot of them speak French want to speak their own language. There is been taken up trying to translate the Bible. He got a Christian radio is working alongside Transylvanian others to get the gospel to his own area. There, but haven't give us your challenge what you say to people other young, young and old, about the urgency of getting the gospel out right now. I wish I had the strategy that would answer all the questions and I don't what I know for me personally is a God sent me God called me to a place that I never thought I would go and I never thought I would survive and God. God equips in God prepares and God provides in an incredible way and that's what he's done for us is he's put us in a place where we are absolutely effective because of all the things you put in our lives before that and saw I would say to anyone listening just be open. God can use you wherever he wants you and blood people to close doors on God when doctrinal kind of pushing through born or trying to close it and I would just say to people notably listen to your heart that God is to be open to what God wants for you because he wants to use everybody in somewhere. Another maybe everybody's not end up in Togo where I am. I really doubt that. And I don't know person.

I don't think I'm the answer to Togo. I don't think America's dance of the Togo Africa is the answer to Africa and that we need to train Africans. We need to reach African student to reach Africans. That's what it's all about for me, but that God can use you work ever. He has a place for you and wherever you open your heart up to him and say God I'm just I'm ready to do whatever it is you want me to do and God will state you gotta take it from there. You know you want to worry about it from there. If you say that the God he will take you where you need to be and help prepare you to do it. No provide for you. You told some powerful about a Muslim man that heard something in his own language. Can you tell that you want to mention names raising your unity just from Security Pacific Telstar listeners. The power what you're here right now. Those who support this response to your friends or listeners. You are so your liking and sharing this. This interview because of you and your prayers want Helen him to tell you what to Evan tell them what happened. This is a powerful story for our radio station just went on here year ago and the inner were were reaching out to an 80% Muslim population, so we were not even sure at that point that people would listen, but we have put the Bible on the air for the first time in their language because our local people speak a language called" and we have the Bible and the New Testament in the language we've just been translating the Bible into the Genesis passages into their language so we put Genesis on the air a few months ago and one of the Muslim men and very influential businessman in our town was listening to that and he said to one of one of my friends. He said he not listen to this all the time now because although he he speaks error he hears Arabic.

He doesn't really understand it. So here's the Koran in Arabic and he says I don't know what God saying how do I can understand what God say when he heard the Bible for the first time in his language, and unfold.

He said to this friend of mine. He says I never knew God could speak my language and he heard God talking for the first time ever in a language that he understands and it wasn't that he immediately became a Christian, but all of a sudden he saying there something God's trying to say to me that I can actually understand and and he's begun listening and that's that's were that's what our world is all about you can be applied at you only get to the microphone. He smiled to Guy Steen your challenger out there about engaging in, going and why now is the day not just now is the day of salvation.

But now is the day for us to go and either give pray or get on an airplane and go to share the gospel of the only start with my challenge the pastors because there's a lot of pastors who are working hard, praying hard and we even weeping over their people because they want to see life and change in their churches and my challenge to you is this how does God need to change you as a pastor I think one of the significant ways in my own experience is as a pastor going to the mission field and being used to train other pastors and see what God is doing around the world. When you come back, you're not the same man.

God is sturdier hard in the front lines and you come back in your changed and through your vision for missions and what God is doing around the world and the greatness of who he is, it will change the people in your church to to the younger couples who are in the midst of their careers and trying to work hard to measure up and meet the means of the level you want to live to and there's frustration and there's hardship and maybe even bitterness in your in your relationship and the challenges because you're so busy and he just don't seem to be being fulfilled and what you're doing. The American dream will not satisfy unless the American dream is used for the glory of God and the advance of the gospel of Jesus Christ. So I would challenge you to consider how you can use what you're doing to advance the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world and that might even mean giving up your careers to go where you will find fulfillment. You can't find in any other way and then the young people to millennial's your ear committed to justice and and God is the God of justice you're committed to causes to meeting the needs of people in the deepest needs of people to remove them from their poverty is the gospel of Jesus Christ while feeding and caring them caring for them and showing compassion you you seen the end result of the American dream and minute you are frustrated with your parents and and that's understandable.

And so give your life to a greater cause.

Most missionaries who are in the field today went on a short-term missions trip and God change their heart and saw how they can help the world.

I would challenge you to consider doing the same thing.

Talk to your pastor.

Contact the mission agency and somehow get involved and make a difference in someone's life and overthrow shameless plug out for you, your ministry, Bible basics international. I love your your your title here your slogans helping churches make disciples and Anita says for God's global glory. So often we get stuck in our little little myopic area we see television the largest America this and that and yes, be sure Christ in your neighborhood beats a good record less than 4% of believers have ever let someone to Christ, and that crazy so yes, do it here. Sometimes when you go abroad and you go to people who've never heard the gospel going to have Christian radio don't have Bibles or language.

It just changes in view, it changes everything now. Your website looks like it's Bible now this this interview is taken place, and nothing is ever done this before. We just had a Mediterranean feast and toward the end.

I thought it was all over until Calin open cracked open the can even read the label of that thing whatever it is it's as suites of Lebanon thanks the translation from one of our good friends. Your clean son-in-law on the savage baklava some other things with delicious honey, but not all kinds of things in their ambler talk about changing the world for Jesus. What are you doing to reach her world for Christ I'm Stu Epperson and I encourage you to share this message with everyone you come in contact with share with your essay friends, invite them in relation with Jesus Christ. Some of them having heard the gospel articulated to them. That's why you're their friend love them with your life. Love them with sharing the good news. Open your mouth and proclaim the gospel because whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord will be saved and how they here if there's not a preacher. Romans 10 how lovely are the feet of them beautiful feet. But those dogs out of this fee. They may be barking with their beautiful if they're taking the gospel to our world. Calin take us home. We just you just back for your theater more on fire than any of his guys, you just got back from the Middle East. Thousands of refugees came flooding in listing the gospel taking food where real given the take their their hungry people from Syria.

People from all these countries there are unreached. They're coming to us and you were just there in the middle of a clean as we go want you just leave us with a a parting thought of challenging the next generation to reach our world and into the church to wake away please. And so, amen, amen. Just assess the amazing the whole world is aching and send the whole world is screaming to the church. Where are you and my challenge is just find your passion and just go you have to go when Jesus said, go he said go to everyone you know and we need to take attentively we have to go where do we go we go to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and to the end of the world and God can know this is just amazing to see the harvest's amazing to see these godly way of front-line warriors and that doing amazing work and you could see God's hand in mission that's that's what it is that's what it is you know. Amen.

And pray for Stephen pray for Evan braver, Calin River, Josh braver, Johnny.

Just earlier we went and saw Johnny baptized claim son is a great celebration in any then they have this huge feast sows afterward. I think I want to go to Maura baptisms like to be like this, but it was great with the challenge to going all real. God bless you. Thank you all for listening and all are one of the partners for making this possible.

I'm Stu Epperson

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