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The First Sanctuary City for the Unborn

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 21, 2019 5:00 pm

The First Sanctuary City for the Unborn

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 21, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu talks with Pastor Keith Pavlansky about establishing a sanctuary for the unborn.


This is the Truth Network guys. That is the flute the flautist Tom agreed Christian radio Truth Network volunteered friend. We are talking to a pastor whose passion about the word of God. Passion about his church is passionate about life. Every life matters. According this guy and some folks think Pastor Keyes is gotten pretty pretty reckless and pretty rowdy out there and radical Pastor Keith yes your life is change the last year, little season on telephone about that. Absolutely.

Just last week or two weeks ago now we were able to get a resolution passed in our county making us first abortion free zone in our state in our nation.

It's an exciting time. We passed a century for life resolution and the it's been a little whirlwind.

Since an exciting time so you heard about sanctuary cities for folks.

It may be in that world of illegal immigration for us sanctuary cities for certain kind of criminal type goings-on divert us sanctuary cities are certain kind of protected animal species, meters, there is that the notion of of it like this is a safe zone. At least we can get it figured out.

While this pastor went to his city Council you explain how this works right and he said you know about this novel concept, God made life about us sanctuary city for the unborn, the weakest, most normal, most of protected human being on the planet.

The Babies Way, Pastor did I mischaracterize that none of you did really well in fact I think you just are correct. We don't want to be confused with the lawless groups who are out there doing unconstitutional things with the law in this case we was a return to constitutionality, which protects life in the fifth and 14th amendments so we find that it's after 46 years. We made a return to constitutional law in our county and we made that declaration, which is a really good one. So the Constitution guarantees every human being a right to be born will talk about the right to life the right to be born, the right to come into this world without being literally your way… Get real here is really graphic.

What they do.

These babies don't don't Google abortion procedure. Don't Google a video of a child literally get his head crushed in by these so-called Dr. Seuss took some kind of Hippocratic oath to protect life there there wiping it out in this.

This pastor said enough is enough. In many of the author can identify pastoring what what what cause you to the wall, give us to take us back to that and I want to explain what the personhood movement is and why this is the right low apparently radical is really all it should be normal for every every really American and deftly very Christian. Go ahead yet.

I think there are 22 points there you were to start for me and every comes to a place where you are the light comes on at some point and for me it was. I took my sons to a heart for the next generation conference.

One summer I was challenged to do so and and we came out of that. Very much changed.

I always consider myself pro-life and unrealized. Gosh I was not living that out by my faith. I wasn't doing what could be done and we came back and is as a family and then as a church is and what else can we do and and that's where we got into the personhood alliance I found that to be the best position as far as I was concerned it was in an uncompromising one but it's a it made the most sense to me.

It was a biblical position and we didn't have to be apologetic about that. We believe what the Bible says about life and so taking that leap. The personhood alliance. I was thrilled.

Just this past year came out of their sanctuaries for life project saying gosh pastors all across the country can get involved and do something locally to make a difference and that's what we did. Every pastor not know your enemy like Jay Leno.

These radical head screen that is radically guys know what what's what is Jesus saying Jesus follow me, is Asia's unilaterally says penetrate this culture infiltrate sit occupy telecom right Luke chapter 18 so, but what was what we do. We sit, consider our blessed assurance order we rescue the perishing. We care for the dying we go after these these these you know graciously say these kids do show love to the moms and compassion in prayer this movie love life is a great movements, come on is gotten bigger. They're going up there doing these prairie vigils in your ear like all you know I'm just not one of those radicals out you and I want to be quiet in my home and this won't you know what though Prego stand outside abortion clinic and not trespassing you not fostering any kind of violence or sit near your brain that's what you're doing right pastor absolutely and that you mentioned that love life. Great group. It's an on-ramp and they try to bring people insane. If you want to go further, you can but it's really simple if we just do this part. If we actually love life. We show up so III plug their stuff there. Great people, terrific work. They got going on and where were headed with our you know with with our sanctuary products. It's it's one step further, saying, what can I do in my community to make an impact and that's what we believe pastors need to be. This is the number one moral issue. The day how do I get to weigh in on that. This is a simple way to actually get plugged in on that issue bicycle so so fundamentally what you did as a pastor you're in the Jacksonville area of North Carolina right which is kind of the Piedmont area, you know, just outside of Winston-Salem, Clemens, Louisville, that there I got part and you are that's in North Carolina which is part of the Truth Network and you know a lot of stations carry this program. Thank you. A lot of a lot of the outside groups carry carry the program with me. We were at were podcasting this thing everywhere so you're just a pastor to see who says it is pastors of a church relatively small think that the wrong way. Just be descriptive, absolutely. In a small town.

It can't change the world for Jesus in this town became a sanctuary. So what, how did you get that have a jealous real quick and then there's gonna be a call to action as there always is. On this program. I'm Stu Epperson were so glad you're with us.

Pastor Keith tell us what exactly you did. And folks listen to this and every one of your listing could do this and this could create a wave of life in our country we've ever seen absolutely what we did is we simply took our a resolution that had already been the guts of it had been written. We we personalized to our particular community just plugged in are optically name and then took it to our County commissioners and said, folks.

We believe this stuff when you're the people in our county believe this stuff were all for this. Let's let's do something that's constitutional what to do something that's law-abiding, but let's address this issue and so we've deftly instigated the initial push but what we found is that the commissioners at least in our county were very much pro-life nursing G we should've done this sooner and in all it took was a little bit of direction a little bit of guidance from people who are the moral voice which is this the church if were sitting around waiting for politicians to suddenly stumble into morality. It's never going to happen. The church needs to take a proactive stance on this and that's what we did, and pastors can do that anywhere in the country.

It's like Nehemiah you know everyone was given in a position on the wall.

Everybody's responsible for one small section of the wall to build it up. We rebuilt ours and Yadkin Ville. And I'm saying if like you said, a small church like us. If we can do that. There it can be done anywhere realistically imagine a message bigger counties bigger cities instrument to show it fascinates me. You are know what you can do get involved with personhood just like a person USA right and in the different websites personhood.or just google it is this really is us a child is this a human is as a person or not and absolutely it is a glob of nothing and you know the evolution is to write an annual we know our elders are all hanging from a tree of the sewage is laughable. Is it said that's a joke. Working with life. Your life is sacred and overkill in the next inventor of the cure for cancer or killing the next astronaut know you know is it's for Markel diesel crisis proxy centers. One of the ladies execute our men's group and spoke earlier ensured about their event coming up in these little groups they're barely making their budget they haven't.

They have a list of churches you encounter hands that are writing checks and Planned Parenthood is cranking it their budget to the millions of luscious slush funds coming from the government from from big time multi-gazelle in every wall of facebooking owners. All those people are pumping money to Planned Parenthood like it's going out of style it into their destroying life. These little looks like sailor prices crisis purchase innerspring all over the country all over the RR barely making budget do we need to pony up when you wake up to get involved this thing right pastor give your parting words there went out there about an and in a spirit of love. I'm saying this just don't do something, don't be mad at me.

Don't be hateful, bitter, go-go political gutter flutist playing us out here was a beautiful song here knows one of our volunteers pastor as we play this music go out here got 30 seconds what your challenge pastors follicular went out there about getting involved in's interlude in life absolutely will need to have Melanie stab a purpose driven life, which is been well documented in church and this is part of our purpose is to spread the gospel and it is the gospel of life. Believe it or not, and so that's something I would say there there there are things that every single person can get involved in every single church and get involved with every single pastor can get involved with and this is a really easy one is self driven.

If you want to impact your community. This is a great way to do it.

Also bathed in prayer get involved have always a pastor like this guy disguised my new hero level you know it, personhood, and let's live our lives in the life of Christ in us and through us and let's say live just invite people to to do what we can't do to come to Christ and must play the God would have mercy on our country and that we would all be agents of life in the little time we have left for the King of Kings returns to take us home in every wrath and judgment on those that don't know him. Thank you so much passion for tonight my cylinders appreciated owes a special thank you to wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on this bill. I love my pillow. I sleep better.

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