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Jesus and Diabetes

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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September 28, 2019 5:00 pm

Jesus and Diabetes

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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September 28, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu talks with Parker Dail about his mission and his website

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This is good Truth Network Jesus and diabetes is one of those two things have in common or what dull they have in common. We are get into the woods, deep here today and I'm so glad to have Wendy, a man of God on this this whole discussion who his life is been changed by diabetes is taken the gospel all over the world. So you Parker. Dale inevitably goes to intersect in your life every day.

Don't take every single day, every hour, every minute that some else in there is really let's talk about is talk about Jesus all the time.

Of course, but diabetes. People don't know is it true that it kills more people than HIV, malarial, and malaria and tuberculosis combined incidents specifically type II diabetes subs is a type I is a type II bus to stay gestational but I tell people type II by phone with them as comments. If you have 100 diabetics in room 10 are to be type XIX you can be type II which is often referred to as the adult onset version.

Of course our singing teenagers is just every year gets younger and younger all over the world, not just US what causes diabetes.

You know that the traditional train of thought is lifestyle sedentary lifestyle unhealthy eating that sort of thing. The real mystery that was when you when you go to places like India or sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, even your seeing a pandemic of type II diabetes pandemic beyond epidemic and I when I first started this. I interviewed and acknowledges from Colombia South America to you know Burundi East Africa, and everybody points to the genetic predisposition of course it's hypothesis is not been proven, but you have to ask yourself the question, why are so many women, for example in South India that might weigh 100 pounds coming up in screener having blood sugars a 475 or whom it's unbelievable.

Of course I think there's some truth in that student but also also do family believe that Samish they believe that you unhealthy lifestyle sedentary lifestyle bad eating habits is the fuel that really burns that enter the age the carbohydrates sugar all over it readily available to fast food anywhere you going on so there's over there's an epidemic is become abandoned others that I said there's a McDonald's Cassie on every corner in India and you have a ministry unit organization called the root cause auto orgy route Josh, I see your emails you been a lesson we know this is crazy gang, I met this guy in an elevator in South Park area of Charlotte, North Carolina member, and like a less than total random. You know it's Calm RGM random God moment side in the story, my life is that amazing the people you met buffet lines and is on your an airplane going to module renderers that Lloyd's of London got met at a dinner on blitzing homework and so be careful because if you bump into Parker. You might you might end up being his lifelong friend of your believer.

You'll be in heaven with him for eternity. That's right what you've got three kids in our three kids resided in five and 13 months and a wonderful sweet wife when you hear about what Parker's doing. You'll appreciate her even more traveling will to India. She's been through a lot. God's got you taking this root cause message. This is really a cause in in in really open to show to explain the Jesus and diabetes connection you love Jesus and when did you meet him, tells about how you came to know the Lord and what is done in your life and then all of a sudden how that really cross this. This this impact you're having with helping people treat their diabetes on a big scale sure so I grew up in a in a Christian home. Both my parents are believers wonderful childhood.

Quite frankly by the time I got a high school and college, so I for whatever reason I wasn't adverse to a necessary edged and taken very seriously. I don't think I step foot once in church during college except for maybe weddings first get get get a college was over in London with Lloyd's the insurance conglomerate went further away from the Lord over there again, no churches, except maybe St. Paul's Cathedral and all that moved to Charlotte after that was working for my family's business and still no church involvement in about 2006. My dad invited me to go to Israel with Chuck's Windows group which subsequent is where I met my wife that really opened my eyes.

I am a history major subject to grab the history of the of the Scriptures you really open my eyes got me serious about a 2007 really had a crisis point of who am I and existential questions and all that really had no orientation and surrendered while MMI showed up one morning to a church in Charlotte have hung over effectively blunt and went to the helpdesk solicit helpdesk and that I need help. So I'm there and is a good thing I didn't see my two older ladies working the counter and can help you yeah I need help with what me next year they had made me talking as pastor something and got plugged in with a Christian counselor church and with that that's the process I took in in that process mission is working for my family's business after surrendering.

I felt very clear Lord calling me to sever ties and go to seminary which is wild makes him a very academic person but I just don't even like school that I listen obeyed and I moved halfway across the country to Dallas in the Dallas theological seminary and spent four years my life with the Masters of theology studying Greek and Hebrew.

It was dogma and security as my wife was the breadwinner she was when flying out of the country at this point you meeting with executives and I was flashing you're doing Greek flashcards. I learned really really really know help me get over some deep-rooted insecurities very quickly. Anyway last semester at Dallas seminary is when going to the gym. I saw this report in the news about the pandemic arise of type II diabetes around the world had no idea. I thought, is a US problem backing up when I was working for the family business is doing employee benefits is working closely with disease management. Large corporations mention Mohawk nondata's already knew enough about diabetes prevention and management protocols so that that news report caught my attention while longer story short, I just left believe the Lord is calling me to use diabetes prevention management programs the platform to get into areas in the news it onto to share the love of Christ. Hence the root cause there is always Henrietta's right, an associate and also the root cause a play on types. Diabetes is the root cause of semi different comorbidities like nerve damage, kidney disease is see people losing Lilja people passing away. We have Pilar staff that have died diabetes. It that are just wonderful sanction of folks that are beleaguered without right now Parker Dales are guess this is a remarkable ministry. The root to say that what Joe said were so glad you're on this part broadcast podcasting's is on a lot of places but were really trying to introduce people to Jesus and this is a you of never met anyone that uses diabetes to introduce someone to to the Savior and you're doing at all of the world including places like Nairobi places like India give a story of an example of someone you've helped through your treatment. You've also been able to share the Lord with for example stew you mentioned NDN and and Kenya women office Nairobi.

We also do work in the US a case of Detroit some really hard hit areas of Detroit and also South Dallas where I live, which is predominantly under resourced, African-American, and so we had our first reading in South Dallas back in November and on world diabetes day in November, and this lady showed up under the culinary and she was defiant. Kindley showed up as her attitude is bad, etc. she just didn't want to be there and she reluctantly got screened okay. The moment she got screen we found out okay you your A1 season of the merger readings for for diabetes testing is extremely high. It scared her to death. She started crying and that at that point turn in the chief hugger because she just latched on to me. She was scared to death cry Ammonite crying not just a little tear but really crying.

We walked her through what to do. This is good news if caught early, we can completely manage this disease and so we link her up with one. The classes that we teach us out. Diabetes self-management class really is a chronic disease self-management class.

We teach and our sites in the US and also overseas and she did went through it. Her everything changed about her now. She's one of our caregivers. The people that we use on the ground to help other folks walk the journey and get better. She recommitted herself to Christ. Beautiful think that I saw her last week and we are reminiscing from when she started to where she is now. Now she is leading the charge in South Dallas yeah neck it to. I stew I can give you story to story and in Africa and a US of life change.

Ever I we called abundant life right to the getting healthier physically and also spiritually she'll help a company will help a country, your city, you have a church get a handle euro so they'll go edit of the number one I did realize her so you and I met your dad is the number one healthcare expense or liability company is the diabetics who started as a result, events of the treat.

It's an ongoing, perpetual, you got it for life for you guys help with that the root has all the information. What a cool ministry think how God is using you through the heart surgery of yellow switch to heaven. Early on eddo was that my wife to have another wearing about a gift. Pray for Parker's judge open doors around the world for him to use diabetes as a way to introduce people to Jesus and what it would've what is sweet.

He's a play on words opportunity to take the gospel all over the world.

Thank you for doing Parker with the root cause the root

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