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Pray for the Moravian Church

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 5, 2019 5:00 pm

Pray for the Moravian Church

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 5, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu talks with Dick Joyce and Mr. Epperson himself about a crisis facing the Moravian church.

Encouraging Prayer
James Banks

This is good Truth Network is the word of God or lie while Stu Epperson is loud. It's crazy because we just finished was in the word and made all these titans of the faith of it showed up, including Mr. Everson were to talk about a massive Christian denomination became America as a flood religious persecution.

They settled in Winston-Salem in a little area: Salem and yet now they're about to leave the faith what's going on here now. I talked to one of the leaders of this group and misrepresent here with me.

One of our our first guest only has 90 seconds. His name is Caleb and he's on his way to something significant. For those of you that love life. Other don't look like you were you're going yes so we are about to go over to the abortion clinic in Winston-Salem, a part of the 40 days for life campaign. That's 40 days of prayer outside visible prayer outside abortion clinics bring to end abortion praying for those who work in the industry to leave. Praying for those who are considering abortion to consider life instead Jesus has given us the power to choose life and we can have life and have it more abundantly. Not only for the mother. The father the baby as well and so being a visible presence gives a way for us to stand in the gap for other people and they can come they can talk to us and we can offer them a life alternative. That's awesome is your daddy's cool bright green shirts on.

Pray in front abortion clinic in love on some people and nothing violent. Nothing crazy just prayer prayer and smiling prayer and smiling and and and you know we share the love of Jesus by being the hands and feet of Jesus makes what you're doing one more this this wonderful ministry love and 40 weeks of prayer analysis on the right port love is another ministry. It's a good work, but 40 days for life. That's the number 40 days for Thank you so much you mention the power prayer summary prayer warriors have come out of the Moravian movement. This is a heritage Christian denomination originated of leaving Germany and so John Wesley was impacted by them. So many great men of God were impacted by the Moravians and this man of God is heartbroken because Dick Joyce, your denomination is fallen prey to people that are denying the Scriptures and getting all twisted tells what's happening well and the 2018 scented of the Moravian church. The decision was made to allow the individual congregations within the seven province to condone same-sex marriage within their church and to allow for the ordination of openly gay pastors there. This is deemed to be an abomination to the word of God and and the group called concern. Moravians which can be found. It concerned is fighting to reverse this decision and to make things right within the eyes of God. While the statistic you share a mere really just having it and couldn't believe the overwhelming majority of people of Moravians better against this limited small little percentage of people. What is the breakdown only people are against the Moravian church going south going against the Bible. We been told the bishop that's involved with the worldwide Moravian church that 90% of all Moravians in the world are standing for us as concerned Moravians 90% of worldwide rabies or standing with the Bible that God is made clear distinction male and female he created them. Jesus Christ confirm that his own words and yet there's a there's a group inside this church that is trying to divide, destroy and turn away from Jesus and the Bible in your fine and hundred were doing everything that we can. It we have a divine appointment to organize and and and worship and and not try to return the church to the God's calling my dad, Mr. Everson. He is really interested in this battle, poppyseed is a deeper issue of something about the infallibility of Scripture talk about that real quick and what your concerns are the basis of our faith. Since God's infallible word of God 2000 years of tradition of believing the God's word to being infallible in error and totally reliable in all matters of life and it seems like the leadership in this church.

Moravian church is trying to overturn 2000 years of church commission and also 2000 years of basic belief in God's word as the inspired, verbally inspired word of God so the Bible is not a book that just contains the word of God Bible is the word of God.

God has spoken. The question is has he spoken through his Bible.

And yes, we believe he has there so many proofs of that so many proofs that are available that if you know if you want to know the answer to that. Has he spoken through the Bible there that that is available to you, but I urge everyone to pray. Yes we we we all read things in the Bible, which we would probably we would likely rights of another way, but it wasn't up to us. It was God's word, and so we are to conform to it.

Not to try to make it conform to us and our lifestyle is Zinzendorf. Centuries ago, founded the Moravian church while the man over in Europe, they settled in primarily Pennsylvania, North Carolina. But there is a heritage there's Moravian love feast. You know that we go to every Christmas Eve we, there's this Moravian sunrise service work. Thousands of people. I references in my book. Thousands of people come out of the big square, 15, 20,000 more and in the and the pastor gets up and says the Lord is risen and you have this this coral of voices.

It says the Lord is risen indeed. So you have blood that was shed by Huss and other folks to to start this movement of of folks zealous for Jesus and his word to come into settle into lead people to Jesus here in North want to Pennsylvania and all over the world. The Moravians are aggressive missionaries across Africa everywhere and now there going back and trampling on the very roots the very foundation and it's heartbreaking to hear about this. Mr. Zinzendorf wasn't founder. He was one of the great supporters of the Moravian church and the missionaries.

They sent over here. The first missionaries were the Moravians who came over here to reach the natives in America, but John Hus decided to stake and it was over the reliability of Scripture. It was over his face and and trust in the holy word, and so that's that's the tradition of the Moravians and it would be just so sad. If the leadership prevails in this in the seminaries prevail in this distortion of God's word. Really if if you don't hold the word of God. You call yourself a Moravian, a Methodist about as we said this about all the nominations. If you don't hold the word God, you're not a church. Your club is good to get together. Let's make some music with social isolation cards but you are not a church is a church is a place where God Almighty is word range authority the blood of Jesus was raised up, and the sacraments are practice word and sacrament, and there is an authority there to count.

We pray for ministering real quick is as you know you're having meetings and whatnot. You need to get into the details of that, you know, because people here is all over the country and whatnot but how can people pray specifically for you in the Moravians as you try to be reformer within the ranks. Just pray that the Holy Spirit will find itself active and alive within the Moravian church. It was it was the presence of the Holy Spirit that brought renewal to the charts in the mid-1700s and and brought new life to it energy and we pray that the Holy Spirit be found once again in this beloved church and we have our prayers and that, thank you for your stand for Christ and at break. Everyone encourage you to Google Moravian church just Google history, you will see we blown away like OLS stuff.

I like your thoughts because they're one of the really the founding churches. Articles right Dick right that is correct and also go to our website Moravian concerned and EE cannot look at the history of of what we've been doing for the last 18 months I am putting this on Instagram Facebook were Laura Peppard is everywhere and call people people are people of the go to solid Moravian church have no idea that some of the ranks of the leadership are trying to take this thing perverse and go against God and in in in in defiance word to me this is blasphemy what they're doing and it's time we in a loving, gracious way spoke up and said no were to stand with the Lord God Almighty in his word, and the truth about marriage between man and woman in the truth about what God said is is he that is either true or not, it's either the truth or lie or stand with God, Jesus, who is the way the truth and the life. Thank you so much. Our prayers are with you, my friend was a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on this pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better.

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