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Football Legend Battles Cancer

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 12, 2019 5:00 pm

Football Legend Battles Cancer

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 12, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu sits down with retired quarterback Scott Stankavage to talk about his mission for Christ, and his battle with cancer.

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This is the Truth Network NFL quarterback college quarterback big-name guy powerful speaker, author, but this guy wants to be known as someone who loves Jesus Christ with all his heart and I am tickled at the sit down with one of my newer heroes as I did know when he is to put all this throwing touchdowns and all the but I've gotten homebrew will recently and that is Scott Stan cabbage Scott is good to have your man was great to be has been a long time we been talking about this even talking that's a real privilege. I love the radio station on the program's intent sit down with you on the Stu Epperson so that that's been very kind to say that in the what's funny is what you just said we to every time I see you every time you start telling your story like hey you need to be on the show and send. Now you are like wow just haven't had a very exciting somebody pinch me but you are in a battle for your life with this cancer. You've got some testimony man you got you this NFL career, you've got this book for QB mentor, which I actually loved Eskimo guy yeah and I'm reading your book on wow this is rich. I'm thinking about my own kids and the kids I mentor and coach and got younger guys I play ball with most guys up about her younger never just never knows that we got that what makes you and your part is awesome Sally ministries with the Michael Thompson great guys me in the grave were in your Studios right now presents thing who's who's is also produce regular give him a chance again and again. He he's one of the originals here though a which is 2025-year-old ministry 11.

Partner with Michael and the Texas communities based behind the scenes guy and there's no photographs of woman and you don't hear about them in.

But when you go up to the booth efforts successful conference or even this interview, you know Patrick did his job is like a good referee that's out you don't notice if that's right you don't notice at least MDP and he share in any guy they could wrangle the two of us in behind you sit down in chairs right here moving as fast as were moving your moving faster me and I get all these chemo treatments and enmity him, but going a 30 year speed so he got us in here Krause in here for this. So thank you so much my friend for for your part of urine is only one history tennis tell telephone that is real quick so no I'm looking I'm in an office, your dawn with these swords and these books about Biblical manhood and this this language of finding your identity in Christ and being a true man's man is a husband and that is a servant leader. What is all this about why I would take back to 1994 were playing basketball at Cameron over Duke and they were all professional athletes that were planning including Michael Thompson play for athletes in action played overseas. It was very competitive and we were all you know, like the alpha dogs European the corner to mark your territory, but Michael had something different than the rest of us. He had a PC is competitive.

He was a great player with better players out there and I said Michael what is it any since Jesus is. I've heard that and and you know what my May my first marriage started to fail. I said Michael I need help. I don't understand my my way of doing things that me and mine isn't working and trying really hard.

Michael put his arm around me and still around me in our fellowship through that was a friendship and then he said to me, walking outside of Cameron in about 1997. I want to start my own ministry and he called it Zoe and it was after the hearts of men like me who had you know skills in force and energy and were successful, but it was shallow and hollow because there's a lot of wounded people around us and Michael and his gentleness and yet his power unlock the power of the gospel in the power of Christ in our lives and oriented heart man knows who he is where he is and what the good that God is up to in his life. That's what we call oriented and that's what Michael's ministry Zoe ministries is all about and I fleshes out in the books in the podcast the broadcast. All these these events you do with men Top Gun just got back from Colorado. I was an amazing time with a smaller group of men just as at work itself out. Folks listing out there it's Jansson ministry go to and and we do for events to women's events and to men's events throughout the year and we have a speaker team of 45 and and and teachers in itself three or four day you got up want to be there in three or 400 men come. It's actually model (some Martin John Eldridge some of the things that we were introduced to through him and we have just that there's literally I've read tens of thousands of the exit sheets from the men in the excerpts from them every time make me cry because men get exposed to the loving Christ and the beloved this and it is from that that they can earn their strength and live out the gospel about he and his not me and mine. And so that's what that was all about. I'm so proud to be a part of that night. I try to raise funds for them to get the privilege of being on the speaker team have conducted some interviews following me through this leukemia ordeal is I'm very proud of it.

It's one of the great blessings in my life outside of my family to be part of the Zoe team and and brotherhood while you you fix the man and everything else comes into place and in fixing the man is connecting the man to his maker. Amen. And to his meaning that I coach on that clipping the land of his maker in his meaning and made in the image. The image of the Creator God the masculine and what that's for, is different than the feminine to be fathered teaches you how to father, mentor, coach, teach, and so many of us had been wounded by those masculine figures in our life. And so we can take Christ back in the story and he can reframe and re-father and we can take our wound and make it beloved nest and now we come out the other side with the strength to wield it to show other men how to get their hearts back and become oriented dangerous for the good. Nothing to prove nothing to fear. Nothing to hide. We call that dangerous for the good. So I will hear your voice and they meet you in the all the accolades you know all the stuff leaving the major ACC football program UNC Tar Heels play in the NFL behind John Elway would have you back up on how late I had to get a play but I get a ring right right so with the Broncos and all those accolades and then being successful in the corporate world with real estate all the things you've done, and that you and all through this book. The quarterback mentor but who are you tell everyone a little bit about just introduce yourself to our listeners a house of your testimony and the money would be the oldest son of four that was raised Catholic and went to church every Sunday and tell a story that one day I said my mom sick. I play with football mom from driving home from church and I'm playing wiffleball and she says God gives you 24 hours a day seven days a week and you can't give him one hour while your week and that that the I don't like the guilt part of that but I like the yeah I like the responsibility part that that's true, he does and so I've always had that awareness of God the father, but I never had an infant relationship with his son Jesus Christ and I was offered that when I was at Carolina for maybe a foursome. The FCA guy so my best friends now offered me the gospel and I put my hand up, it's that I'm good. And so I spent 20 years without the gospel, even though it was offered and what happened was a failed marriage. Some failed business partnerships. I had a lot of three on three championships. I made millions of dollars that a lot of wounded people in my order and so the power in the nuclear you know capacity that I had as an athlete because it was a most talented guy that I was tenacious and ferocious, but I did not know how to wield that and so some of the mistakes I made the you know that the social deal was you help castrate the stallion.

That's not me. Got gave that to me. I think there's a lot of men out there like that will I do with that. I don't not to castrate you. God gave you that gift I want to teach you how to me how to handle that capacity because it's there for reasons or for protection is there for the power for the gospel. Teach me about Christ. And so learning to wield that it has been a 25 year process and I'm not there yet, but I gave a talk that really was transitional for me is about a year ago and it was a talk about my life was about me and mine is proud of that and I turned it over to he and his plow she it's about he and his and so that both the QB mentor was a man who taught me and my son how to live, how to father and be fathered with the he and his orientation rather than the me in mind. Okay, the guy talking there Scott Stan cabbage. This is his book the QB mentor is telling his story remarkable story of Stu Epperson honor to be a host are to have this. It's easy to do what I'm doing when I get to talk to godly men like you said a couple things there that are really key and I want to get to this book, but one thing you said was you God when he saves a man he saves that whole man in what you bring a course you know great great Puritan said the only thing I bring to my salvation is my sent facility, I contribute, but he does when you rest. He doesn't rest. But when you come to Christ he doesn't erase your talents and your skills and your giftedness in it so you you you come to the Lord how that manifests itself in your life.

Scott going from being successful alpha male leader and then you come to GE take on Jesus Christ and he becomes your Lord and Savior. He changes your life, but I still see some's power and strength in and talked about yourself and how that your life changed and how you met Christ and then also how other men who come to Christ. God takes them exactly like your uses them and uses those talents will so our speaker team and so is a diverse group we have an older man who you know is you know he has lists and he uses slides and and a lot of people responded that Michael was very, very calm and a very good speaker and award or an EEG grabs your heart might even bring you to tears and I get to be sort of myself while I grab the sword now. One time I swung as hard as they couldn't that was really responsible, as it almost slipped out of my hand when I hurt somebody, but one semi-pounded on the ill end of the ground and so I stay in Elaine. Michael creates a link from that state that I want to show the men and I also talk about the wounds that happen to be things my father did to me. Thanks coaches did to me.

That created a wound which is the life that I live for my live from that wound, and a lot of men resume to that and what happens is if we are able to tell them it's okay it's okay I don't not connect. Castrate your luck and condemn you because of that gift, or those things that were done to you.

I want to take the Lord and to heal it and show you how to use it for he and his for his glory. Not for yours and that's a powerful message watermark will start about your book. The QB mentor. A lot of this comes out of this book to hear you got your son Sean who's this prolific prodigious gifted kid athlete coming to chip off the old blocks literally itself and I was that only he could throw the ball in all happenings, trying to find his way assess injuries.

You know what I go to college, how to navigate through high school, go to some brokenness and struggle and pain and insight. The Lord Jesus Christ meets him through his dad, who just happen to have skinned his knee frothy, stressful morning but did give us a little summary I want to read that the league the title the book is the QB. If you don't know what QB means that you know what I could and would like to chastise you but it does mean quarterback mentor. The QB mentor and in the subtitle is really cool.

Words of wisdom from an NFL veteran for an injured quarterback that can improve your life and career by our our special guest here Scott Stan cabbage Scott tell us about this book and what held this really embodies what were talking about right now so an old teammate of mine at with the Denver Broncos was also free agent's name Steve Wilson is in three different Hall of Fame's black College Hall of Fame seed retired here in Durham and he saw my son on the TV and said hey you, I saw him at the mall and he said that your son is really something to an agent. I need a coach, and if anything ever I can do and hit a 20 year coaching history. After his NFL career, Sean had tremendous junior year blew out an ACL in his whole world was shattered and he was doing some things that you know weren't good to do an ISA coach I need your help and so coach came in and went through a very elite level of football teaching him as a quarterback, but also teaching me how to father, so coach Wilson mentored me and my son and he gave coach or purpose here in Durham for last six years and so I took prodigious notes, which is a skill set that I enjoy having and I had a thousand pages of notes on football and anecdotes and some of coaches stories and at the end of the day. I showed it to somebody and they said that's a book inside, I put it in the manuscript and somebody decided to publish it. I'm very proud Dan Reeves is mention it couple of pastors here that that I that I I support their churches have have read into it. Never ever proud of.

It's not a silly bestseller and but very proud of is not a coming-of-age story. Father and son mentor being fathered in the beloved son and Shawn overcame the ACL ended up at Vanderbilt had two more ACL's ended up playing at Rice. I'm so proud of him me out probably had NFL talent, but you know that doesn't mean you're going to get a chance there and so our journey through that your fatherhood through brokenness, through beloved Miss through perseverance. That's what the story is about very proud of it. Very proud and a lot of really good football and their Jalalabad junkie. It's for you.

Well David Jeremiah's grandson I get I love Jeremias and his grandson going to some so you know some challenges with it with an ACL injury. He entered some kind injury and it's weird.

I just been reading this book in the middle that. So the second I finish last page. I'm calling Brad is in a dude I got a book for you and then you get you are kind of it on the phone with him and me and he and I were out somewhere and and I put a conference call. You know you came on the speakerphone and remember that beautiful so now what you know once you been gifted or blessed it doesn't do you any good to keep to yourself. It really becomes a fulfillment of a pleasure and a joy to pass along what you been blessed with, and that's that's what life has become.

And we you have got to get that it's in the book 6 years ago I was diagnosed with an incurable leukemia and I've had two miracle drugs that extended my life and they both failed at a certain time and then 11 months ago I the bone marrow transplant and I'm I'm recovering from that has been declared a total success. Yet I'm still little bit in the weeds, but also I take it a day at a time in six years ago. If you said I would be here six years about every one of the doctors at Duke in our family would've jumped up and I matured soda by so every day is a blessing. And it's not about me.

I got more than my share and I just want to give it away in the joy of the Lord is the biggest thing to give away and share and see other men affected and support Michael and Zoe in support coach Weston sport license. Sean and support you and it's if it's David Jeremiah's son is just about he and his not me and mine anymore what you challenge the next generation Scott that that are listed in your voice right now as you your courses book is a great challenging chunkers or one football fan not read this book, you'll love it is just so practical that I love. It's like the three way you know interaction. Know what you got your son you got this awesome coach you know and you got yourself in there in your your sweet your sharing your heart. I could leave how deep you got here and how vulnerable you disclose some real pain in your own soul what you say. This next generation this next generation leaders knows is you is you look out across you know these no young men and women, looking for that direction. What will. How would you challenge them what your passion there.

While that's that's that's a deep question but I think I answered this when I think unanswered this might and I have studied the man that I admire most in there not 10 or 12, maybe seven, but they have three characteristics that are incredibly humble very very successful financially and family and otherwise but the characteristics that I noticed all of that. They're extremely humble there radically generous and Stu. They are submitted to a higher authority than themselves, and the men that I'm talking about in my life are submitted to Jesus Christ as their Lord and to the next generation of leaders. If it's about you and you are the center of all your decisions and you are the moral compass and you are that which decides truth. That's a problem because that's what the world tells you. The Lord doesn't tell you that the Lord says I am God. You are my creation so that is probably the fundamental perspective that I seen the most successful.and it took me a while to get there and that's what I would suggest for anybody listening.

What's a website I got you good QB mentor went over the book is your website knows is when I schedule Scott Stan cabbage Doug sold with Amazon in morning, only getting one in order and in the is linked to that bunch of my interviews and speeches are there because of my supported Zoe, Michael and I are like brothers from brothers another mother for 25 years ago so tremendously supportive and Michael's book is the heart of a warrior. We also hold experience all 25,000 copies of bestseller would do it privately, but affected many men's like without the really same stories to the heart of a warrior, but the heart of men. And that's my telling of the heart of warrior in my life something else.

So you have one is is is is generational. For many men. And that's my story of how that book worked in my life and it's a blessing to so many people were praying for you and your your journey battle with cancer were just grateful for you that you entitle Jesus you know you want to talk about how you doing what's real you know which of treatments gives the schedule he went on about Jesus Christ. Jesus is in charge. I committed submitted my life to him and you know there's a word that came to mind with several of my friends.

I long I long for them to experience what I experience the night they would say when you look through everything with a terminal illness size yes I do, you should too. Because your terminal you might be allowed terminal of the Lamb. But we all should have that perspective you need to live at the fact that your dime not maybe like I need to consider it. But we both need to consider low thing to consider it and and that's where Christ comes in and that's where eternity comes were living in eternity. You are terminal, but you're also eternal. And so, let's make those decisions. Get that paperwork signed now because the joy isn't only eternal. It's right now in crisis in your heart. It affects your life and the joy from attorney becomes living now. That's the beauty of it that a lot of people don't understand that that's you know I don't want to get sort of proselytizing or get preachy but that's what comes out. What was that button while you are in your ear message is so encouraging.

If you don't know the Jesus Christ were talking about were invite you to come to know him as your personal Lord and Savior go to Scott so website Scott Stan and you watch is speaking you can check out his books is the way ministries is lot, there were to make this podcast available to everybody. So download it sure was someone and really through the lens of football through the lens of a jerk. Someone else trying to cancer through the lens of being an NFL quarterback for Pete's sake and all the accolades and a father, a dad, a husband know of business you know successful businessman and now doing all the stuff in ministry God's got something for one out there and and I think God for this man. I got a house use you in my life just encourage me and you would listen to our program. I'm addicted to your letter. I know you I know more about your speakers than you do. Mostly I we get together.

I felt ambushed his first time I came up here to to the ninth floor of the overrun Durham here at our offices were recording in a walk-in there's always guys down there and one of these guy starts going off on a horse like I had 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock for him to like wait a second. He knows our program better than I do on your Christian teaching program course only radio stations in so many outlets carry this particular program, but just the idea of having good content out there and just think, in the fact that people are listening and must let's give Jesus a peeler listing below into your life when they hear what's coming out and that's what that's was coming out is the love the Lord that he he he is God, were not only submit to him the joy and the things that he can do are so far beyond your wildest imagination. We call coincidence God calls it sovereignty and Scott. They should be not me and high-five me right here on the radio. The real blessing. Thank you very much. Always a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow.

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