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Bringing Life to the Nuba Mountains

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 2, 2019 5:00 pm

Bringing Life to the Nuba Mountains

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 2, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu talks with Ed Lyons to discuss the urgent need for help in the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan.

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This is the Truth Network we are going a long way. Today were going all away the Sudan. That's right were going to the other side of the world. I have gotten airplane true story. I have gone and are playing the likes of this cat right here as lines of your last name is Lyons you been to Africa right at work in Africa say I like working there for the US the blessings lines and so he so amazing man to God with a ministry drove all the way down goodness from Northern Virginia right now about four hours so were on Instagram life-support my camera.

I got Duane the broken the broken glasses, cameraman in here and I'm in the studio. It would great sinuses and I got close massages was because of this, what's up JMP job. My mantras were interned allotment I got in line to these guys on Instagram follow me there you go on a live video that God is moving in the Sudan people on fire for Jesus. This is there's one major serious issue is there's a lot of religious persecution. Can you talk a little bit about that and tell everyone what's happening give us an update and the words on how they can help how they can actually build a hospital song. Watch the video build the hospital save a life. But imagine your your wife or your mom is out giving birth to your sibling or do you and she's giving birth under a tree, so their shade the IVs hanging on a tree branch.

Yeah, that's exactly how it's like for the women in the new amount the Sudan largest concentrated Christian areas and is also the most bombed because they're Christians. It's it's impossible as his heart just to give birth and it is the environment is not sterile and women are dying in childbirth and their bayonets are dying so were going. Also tell her what the persecution project is doing about this and how your partner with us on this program today to get people to call in doing 100 bucks or go to the website, but Gina's song is to watches video blowing. We were the platelets were sung with talk about what you're doing others well you know the Bible tells us women don't have pain in childbirth, but you know over there meant some of the women are dying in childbirth and it's it's very primitive living is not any infrastructure, no electricity, no paved roads so were helping build the hospital.

It's a life-giving hospital for the women I was there in April of this year and I saw women there with their young babies probably two years old and under, they were there for a well baby checkup and just waiting for Dr. Ahmed to come look at their their children and they're all underneath the tree. I didn't have any shade than having to cover. Besides this tree and I so we decided were going to help them build a maternity ward and work we progress were in phase 2. We want to put on the doors.

Now we want to put on the drywall stuff we want to get the tile down you know if we put up the roof.

We put the foundation walls electricity the solar panels that were moving along, but we need your help to complete it so that these women have some safe place to give birth to their children so grave headlines, my friend. I was over Sudan with him in touch about you guys an awesome team and we are. We get Darfur region right time were was really deadly. A genocide was going on time. Yes, we are around genocide victims, little kids, it seems, sadly, there their parents killed. In some cases right in front of them there. It was horrible. And so now were focusing on the new mountains where there is need all these women who are getting private but there's no place after baby writer yes they want to get them to the Lord and yes you want to get him in a church and discipled we got that ministry going only to Bibles but if they can't be born right safely add the net.

Other stuff. Can a difficult very difficult very difficult yet and save the young children you know and and help these mothers have their children sauces that go to Medina song.

Watch the video, you will be amazed. Know were focusing on the Dino this woman who is really radically changing her community. She's a Christian teacher in the school. She is she's advocate for the people she's helping to help us build this hospital. I mentioned a great testimony. Great story federal somewhat if you can do this. Just go to this website Medina silent type here my comments on my Instagram if I can Medina as SON G. I was at one of you who are on your own knocking neck and embarrass you, but you are so gracious we were lunch a week ago and you just you Tony right there like that. Thank you, dear brother. Memory heard about this it out if you suffer this afterschool visa and honestly the mount is.

It matters not use any wood floors but you know if you're in a course pursuing your given your church or support that may ministry but if you if the Lord bless you and your able to to do something. This is going to be huge is to save lives that is donated anonymously so much for that. Yeah, thanks for the anonymous donations for everyone because that website I went to say goodbye to my Instagram friends who are awesome and who are watching us and working at orbit run radio to listen to a set on the local Truth Network radio station rate a wonderful affiliate security. Steve knows you and listen to online streaming and you can download the free app.

Cheers, Marco is about to get smart right that's right you borrow toddler laws applied the people to see if this is like the book of acts like this is like that that the persecution the church is intense, very intense over there. Additionally additionally what you have is you have people that are extremely industrious, like, but she's not a beggar. No cyst is part honestly glad you're there, so sweet hearted and are so gracious and you go over there is like the one serve anyone of tongue thanks Russ yeah they're not begging there not want to hand out there wanting help with obvious things and so if you give them something like his majority were there to use that to reach the rest their country. In fact, the load finds the local population there making all the bricks on the clay there hand digging those bricks are putting them on the sun when dry and then using those to build the walls and would try to go to hospital over there I'm Stu Epperson with me as headlines of the persecution project foundation on a dear man to God.

We weave the faith.

This awesome program. Our everyone were affiliated with this partner with this ministry for a short period time, just maybe another week or so to have maybe to try to raise money to build a hospital sounds and we hospitals by wearing your neck of the woods in out there for you, me, nothing in there yet and there's the handful that yet.

He said, his eyes were maybe 20 miles away 20 hours away. You know it was some tells of the town I live in has 22 or three plays right of birth other than in a small group synergy new home with his oldest medical but in the new mountains that you that's not an option. No walk days to get to these hospitals, even the one is being constructed by Dr. Ahmed. The lumber helping construct walking from South Sudan for days to get to just have a safe place where mom can give birth to her baby and so it's a very simple task work inviting listeners to do the persecution project foundation is a 501(c)(3) mastery in every penny that goes in is tax-deductible in everything is going toward building a hospital right. You gotta see the video you heard a little bit you heard about 45 seconds of this 13 minute video, 12, 13 minute Is called Medina song and that's the name of the website Medina real easy NED I NAS SON but headlines important to see that video just tell people what they will see in them you have a Kleenex box handy because it's it's which we sought over lunch with Brad Philip. Yeah, once again, I would like help. Medina said she uses her songs to fight for her.

You know, and she that's what she's doing.

She's helping encourage people through her music. Some people listening right now might not understand the Manson office because she saying what you know children.

When you see the Antonov coming into an office. Big Russian cargo plane and the North Sudan government has numerous Antonov's at their disposal and they they were for many years flying over these villages in the new book targeting the population centers the marketplace is targeting hospital stools can positively if you there's a school or hospital or to drop Obama and churches that have churches in is like that that the places were, we would think were safe let you call out sanctuaries. Yes, our actually being killed Cadillac by these bombs. Yeah.

And Christians are being persecuted. In addition, the radical regime radical Muslim regime that that is very Arabic influence. They hate the Christians even hate the African Muslims left enough. The round of an purge them out of the culture to yeah but they're coming in, drop in these bombs and so what you have is you have a whole population area that needs a hospital. Yeah, 70% of the population there which is about 1.5 million RR Muslim 34 EMS 30% are Christian.

So you got that percentage. Dr. Ahmed, who is helping build this hospital was in the marketplace having coffee or tea in this one area. When Antonov came over in 2016 and drop bombs and there were ladies in that same coffeehouse and then the owner and they all ran and jumped in a foxhole outside in the man and I Dr. Ahmed in the county try to lay across and discover the women writers write when the bomb hit pretty close to that foxhole and because liquor concussive effect of the bomb hitting the ground.

These two men.

Their bodies came up over the level of the ground so they were exposed and shrapnel got both of them. Dr. Ahmed suffered 17 shrapnel wounds and to hear here's the interesting twist and how brings us back to Medina song Dr. Ahmed.

Once he realized he wasn't mortally wounded. He got ready to go back to the hospital because he knew other people don't have have to be treated, and when he gets there he realizes six women had miscarried because that one bombing on six pregnant women miscarried because of the trauma of the bombing likely will wire we build a hospital in the middle of the wars in which die down a little bit.

The bombing attack at Harry were trying to the cost of attorney words under construction.

Yes, we just gotta finish this thing we do. I don't tell others about it. You know, tell tell some your friends and especially doctors and nurses.

Anyway, that's interest in medical issues. Tell them to go Medina watch the video. Save a life. Almost a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow.

I love my pillow. I sleep better. What would you give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products. I'm talking about my pillows. The mattress toppers the bedsheets and the body pillow all her products. Right now I gotta do is go to my and click on the new radio listener specials my

Click on the new radio listener specials and you'll save big you will believe the savings just enter promo code truth when you get there, always promised with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty. You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have checked about supporting our sponsors with their glamour. The chaos from a bomb dropped on Antonov Russian plane. Somehow the radicals in the northern of Sudan that the government they been absolutely attacking any any vestige of Christian population of the most costly to publish the Christians in the Sudan are the knew the mountains and fasting Brad explain this to me these are the people ever heard of the Ethiopian eunuch right they came over, you know you feel the unit converted by Filipino broadsword by Philip and what a great story and ask chapter 9.

I believe, and then suddenly you have gone back to the northern Egypt which Egypt was a huge a you know swath of land in the time it encompassed Ethiopian encompassed Sudan and the Nubia people can't. You know came to Christ.

It is a growing early Christian populations There in Africa and they migrated to the new, but mountains, the Nubia people in it. She had this real solid just just bulwark of believers that are in your meeting there and and worshiping and churches in their and. But under all kinds of attack because there hated by the radicals and for centuries they been attacked and they been in battle and now they have some pretty wealthy Western brothers and sisters in Christ right alliance. Yeah, yeah, been there for a worship service on a Sunday when they the government of North Sudan's Armed Forces on the other side of the men started lobbing artillery shells in our area went on for an entire hour from 10 AM to 11 AM and I was next to the pastor. I asked him I said does this happen every Sunday. He said yes they know when we worship the try to disrupt our worship service in minute 11 they shot 40 of 11 AM the stopped return the same pattern us of what we do now pointed out in the middle underneath the tree.

So we got there we worship in it than 150 people showed up that morning she that will definitely alter the way you seeing Blessed assurance his mind.

Oh what a foretaste of glory divine, knowing that these people are singing worshiping Jesus they may just meet them and be less know that you had no assurance right there that they weren't going to start artillery shells and you know that the God was with us. So God was with you have in he's with these dear souls, in the end we are trying I'm Stu Epperson and for my pal Steve Noble and we are trying to help these people build a hospital.

It sounds simple, it's, you probably past three or four hospitals on your way into where you're going today as alliance of most of us have a relationship with the hospital being a basketball player. I have a baby a few more visitors like you that that I should have going, but with stitches and appointments and challenges, but you imagine not even having one in imagine not even have one to give. This is an epic moment. One of the most dangerous events in woman's health is giving birth to a baby right. It's a zenith of their life.

You know to be able to pass on life. It's a powerful thing. It's a God-given blessing. Thank God for women. Thank God for moms. Thank God for life right. But what if there is no hospital and they don't have one in this area of the new amounts of the persecution project foundation summarize this whole Medina song campaign for one listing because the people listening can do something about it right now like this is very real and this is tangible and were asking you to step outside of your life and what you got so much going on.

You've challenges but why your challenges isn't being bored and being bitten by a deadly venomous snake and your mom has it the IV drip hanging on a tree limb.

That's not one of our challenges here in the West read yet we don't understand what it's like they are to be in Sudan so go to Medina watch this video, you're gonna see what it's like for a woman in the knew the mountains what she faces on a daily basis you know what the struggles are and and add to that the fact that the government of North Sudan is against this region and the people.

The population and the added struggles that that has and then put yourself in their position and and just see the courage of this woman. I think you to be moved. If you go to that website to be moved to get involved to help the other women you can help at any level at any level you can give 100 bucks to give a thousand bucks you get 10,000 bucks you give 100. I mean every bit is going to go. We will try to get 86,000 if we can get to 10,000 just $10,000 in that number would just go to 10 grand. Right now it's at about 2500 dead yet. If someone just going to give 100 bucks to five bucks just even someone giving would stimulate the other people to give Mike Tina's M EDI NAS SON it's a is a big link there the sin that link for that link everybody email that link you social media. Let's build this hospital. Let's give life to women and it all starts watching this video because we see the video it'll wreck you that they may before the purchase price. It really before you even came on this radio with us to talk about this on that you know in in all of our wonderful host are promoting this from Steve Noble. All these guys you made us watch the video and I'm so glad you did not. I kinda wish I didn't have to watch it while the barbecue is in a downtown Winston-Salem farm yeah yeah you know what it was very healthy for me to see what's going on in the prioritize you. Mike my life and you know I'm not going to get arrested on. You get bombed because I love Jesus right, but not so the plight of our brethren and sisters in Christ and the Sudan prayer government of North sedans responsible for over 3 million deaths since 1989.

Just put that in perspective. 3 million of their own population and it's been in various areas south Sudan majority of it. Darfur now the knew the mountains blue Nile state. It's just a regime that is sent on destruction really and so this a great opportunity to encourage these believers build their faith up by partnering with them so that they know they're not forgotten you know that the church in the West remembers what they're going through that are praying for them. Let's pray for them. Yet he was 13. Remember those who are imprisoned know that could also include those for embattled for their faith and doctrine that you know you had an opportunity got a scholarship is a very bright man and I got a scholarship to go away earned him study somewhere else he chose to stay because he's a new book these fees from that region. He says, look, this is my land and my people and no other coming to this hospital from for days walking. There is no cost. They can come there and be treated for no cost is pretty amazing in and there's also nowhere else to go. There's nowhere else to go. So if you have Dyer go in a little dry. They walk into these are people who are industrious, gracious people day I was there with them. You know in Darfur.

The Sunnis there.

The D contriving all these wonderful folks, hard workers. Now I very industrious, very good with all the stuff in very good with cattle and living on the land and help grow their food yet another area so but but this is the Sudan. I'm Stu Epperson this is headlines with the persecution project foundation said mode using the mission of the ministry is just to give folks a context that maybe haven't met you before grass growing in our mission is active compassion for the persecuted. Now Jesus was moved with compassion, we saw the suffering of the people that they were people scattered like sheep without a shepherd. You know we want to be like that. We want to be followers of Jesus, so we want to be actively engaged on the ground showing compassion to the people who are persecuted for their Christian faith. And that's everything we do as a discipleship and evangelistic component to it. So even at this new the hospital were building helping to build. We have a discipleship program. We have a chaplaincy program so we have pastors coming in and heat their ministering to the patients are ministering to the staff there going in weekly and so it's really caring for the soul.

It is, but it but if you're a mom and you have no sterile environment to give birth. You should yes write him. It's rough and it's out there in the wild. You may not have a living baby bring up in the feared admission of the Lord ministering physically also. So is wonderful yes where we got it were build a hospital were providing basic stuff that you know basic my daughter, my precious daughter hope is born Indiana wife anyone antibiotic still because there was a result there's infection in a safe level for hospital in Greenville South Carolina. Yeah, there's still all kinds of things and go wrong.

This is a traumatic event to the birth of the baby and imagined just being out in the rough words crazy and bombs are dropping in.

It's just that it existed on sterile situation, but God using the Perseus project had seen his calling to see sing a duet right at him or partnering with you listeners has to bring Christ and his healing to the people of the mountains is the way Lambright was the non-again so that is the voice of Medina and there's a whole lot going on there headlines you are the persecution project foundation. I'm Stu Epperson. I monitored to be able to stand and speak for women in the Sudan, who have no voice command in there and there beaten their challenge there bombed and their their husbands just want to be able to take him to hospital to have their babies and they want to be able to had given good medical attention and end but that's not that's not something we might take for granted here in America but in the Sudan and the knew the mountains in this area where persecution project foundation is trying desperately to build a house hospital add there is no hospital in this area right and so it's it's very dangerous. There were at least you guys have started doing this in so many radio stations across the country and talkshow host like Steve Noble Michael Brown other godly voices are doing messaging Matt slick you Robbie Gilmore myself were trying to talk about try to tell me way. Listen help us build this hospital now.

Thank you that you know the nearest hospital outside of this one is is a few days drive away and not the other Arnone cars basically in the snow roads.

So imagine walking if you're deathly ill. Imagine walking for days to try to get to hospital going into labor. Labor nor labor have been on the recipient end of the bombing there and you can hear the ants enough coming is kind of slow our own sound to it and then the people they are used to it and that they old stop and look up, but when the sound changes the makes a sound when the tailgates lowered in this cargo plane and the people know it when when that sounded valiant at plane changes. They know the bombs are gonna be dropped and so then they run for the foxholes run for the caves and so that that's what we found ourselves in 2015, ants flew over and we had to run to a cave and on the bombs landed 1/4 mile away from us and shook the ground, but there are so many victims and those victims have to go to hospitals and I receive medical care and if there is in the hospital they can get it and a lot of these women who are pregnant know they miscarry and they they suffer as a result, so we are helping through Medina song to build this maternity ward yeah honestly right right to to passionate pleas of these two men on the radio you're hearing right now. If use watches video yeah you go to the website volumes Medina and EDI NAS S but these are these people are so gracious and in their their Christians. They love the Lord and they just are. Like hey can you help us you know, can we let her raise a godly generation to reach the rest of Africa that this video would be very good for small groups that have a small group meeting prayer time.

Whatever showed so this 13 minute video or even church service that trailer that's just a little over minute long. No deal voice for the for those who don't have a voice and how is working in the Sudan, working with these Christians were suffering being persecuted house that changed your life tell his mother that he is youth. You have been friends for a fun time that you want the people you're one of my heroes. You go over there.

You've taken your family are you, your wife is had all kinds of health she's made some amazing music.

It is gracious. She's got this beautiful voice but the Lord's delight your family and you seen the overflow from the Sudan workout.

I'm so encouraged by the faith of the Sudanese. They are sold out. These pastors will walk miles to have a chance to share the gospel with with another village and an available will reach out to the prisoners of war who who were attacking them, they'll go and visit them and share the gospel and then there willing to go to this hospital and administer as a chaplain may want to bills they can build a chaplaincy program you are dedicated to Christ, to make sure they get a good church and disciple of home again so they can rate relieve their country to Christ stressing out and I was over there. The Christians I met and I'm all about doctrinal purity. You may know it was that call. The truth never for nothing. We believe in. That absolutely but when I got over there. I these dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

They were like okay are you Calvinist or dispensational history.

The trip pre-wrath.

Whatever know they were like your Christian you love Jesus. They not me, you know these people say we love you. Praise God for you, you, or maybe they thought me. I was was like I was the president's like it was like I was Barack Obama or I was Lebron James on some famous celebrity and my mom and nobody you know in that in that.

Can they were helping drill wells appeals. If you ever come to our world headquarters, a truth that we always pictures the water they were drinking beforehand. It's really tragic.

And these people were dying that we saw little kids take an empty coke bottle and filling up with nasty water. I would let my kids wash their feet in that right and this is how they were living in. So God was good we would drill wells we save lives. The Lord did some things in it led to the Muslim phases into the muscle had a drink to write to their coming to the same wells to drink and the Christians are like. Instead of saying you killed my family were to kill you. They said no comports with us. You know better. Jesus in the open, the Scriptures, Pastor Tito member and mood all these guys help Medina Medina's Christian teacher at a Christian school, but she also helps us at persecution project due our ministry to the women as we have these hygiene kits that we give to women so that they can be out worshiping the entire month, going to school the entire month working in the fields the entire month going to the wells that we repair the entire month so she's she's ministering to women, she's ministering the children and just a strong Christian woman. So this one is God is calling us all out. She sang at look at. Come help us do whatever he can write if you can't go 20,000 miles like Ed does all the time like you're trying to get me to go back right in the math night. I'd love to go if you can't.

If you can't physically do that get a visa. Whatever you can give God's given you whatever.

If you can't give you could write take a second and pray and don't it's not up to our clever, conniving to tell you how much to give Ascot that question is, is money anyway.

Maybe so we just came in to some money from an estate or something you did, it will. That's why you had a little extra bit of cash to give to this watch watch you come back to you and I'm a talking name and claim it when I was a power and giving God so loved the world he gave it when we give we are engaging in a insolvent godly Southern device on the bigger than us, like serving a so please help these people watch the video. Build a hospital give life to women we can do silly about it though, the poorest American is the wealthiest Sudanese Greg get a correct right know were also delivering medicine with them. Responsible for delivering 80% of the medicine there in the new commands over the past three or four years is so cool.

So a lot of this medicine goes to this hospital. Dr. Deb Dr. Ahmed ministry were talking with is deadline she's with the persecution project foundation, no stranger to this program to do all the wonderful stations that carry this from all over the place. The podcast everyone is finicky to carry this content but what they work collaboratively with Samaritans purse with open eyes, Samaritan's feet your boss framing a Holley eight he says he any of these thousand pairs of shoes to go there. We take 1/2 80% of Africans don't have footwear in their how there's always there's thousands will die this month from foot borne diseases, waterborne diseases and women will die giving birth because they don't have a hospital and that specifically will recall you today to watch this video Medina MEI NAS SON Click on the link.

Watch the video. Build a hospital it's already being built. We need your help to get this thing finished save lives, give life to women and which are challenged or one out there just just generally even not not even much I am the financial me that God takes care that part but your general challenge on you's loving and praying for supporting our Christian brothers and sisters who are being intensely persecuted and even executed bomb for their faith what your were I would say my word today is a word that I need to hear myself and that is walk in faith. You know it is all about the faith. What is God asking you to do in faith. Maybe it's give to this campaign.

Maybe it's to help these women walk in faith. I may not feel like you have any money to give the God will bless the efforts that you given faith but maybe it's that it's another thing Mavis praying you know walk in faith build up your prayer support for these people remember them daily just remembered up to pray for them for their protection for the provision for their faith for their encouragement enough for Dr. Ahmed, who daily.

If you see a picture of this man. He's he's really tall is very thin. He lives for the hospital he list for the care of these people and was even greater nightly undermining of longest only patients he sees every month. Now how many Dr. C 3000 patients a month yeah 3000 operations now sees 3000 patients right when paltry staff under resourced and he does the surgery a dozen surgeries in the in the in the maternity ward. I have built and ready to build it so these women can give birth has to these babies and we can raise of this next generation has put a lot of Jesus deadlines. Thank you. Read on the persecution project foundation thanks to Medina's 3800 number to PPF in color 888-201-5245 pretty good repeat that we 888-201-5245 awesome Medina song immediately. NAS watch the video. Build a hospital give life to women tablets yet appraiser the persecuted church in our world

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