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What is God doing in Utah?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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November 30, 2019 5:00 pm

What is God doing in Utah?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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November 30, 2019 5:00 pm

We've got one last podcast from Stu's trip to Utah for you folks! This time we find our heroes, that's Stu and KUTR manager Russ East of course, chatting with Mark, a Canadian missionary who has come to Utah to reach Mormon missionaries.


This is the Truth Network. What is the Lord doing in Utah. Beautiful snowcapped mountains, amazing people. The topography geographies just remarkable skiing, mountain climbing, a robust economy. I am here in the big blue house with longtime friend who also manages a Christian radio station here.

AMA 25.3 FM in their ad and some things there to Russ East Russ what Scott doing Utah my friend. Hey Stu, it's great to be with you and you know we are just seeing God be faithful to us. We been here for about 25 years and we just are excited for people like Mark who come is coming down here kicking Danielle away from Canada young man in his 20s come from Canada to be in the big blue house here in Utah. Mark is interested in bringing a mission team Utah for a week so I came down here.

The friend, to check it out see what Utah is all about and and people are leaving the Mormon church in droves. But sadly they're going to agnosticism. But we are trying to show them that Jesus loves them and wants to save them and give them forgiveness and give them new life that is markedly more market. I thought Mormon secretions were the same thing, not even not even close. Now just that there's many differences. I like giving us a view of who God is, in and and how you obtain salvation just to say a couple really quickly, but the others just thought there's a lot of start differences that's for sure. So while some looking across the road your theirs.

Weaver State University correct that's correct And this is the big blue house and his love that it says radio Christian radio AMA 20 yet yet does pass out cards and is a couple FM's with at 295, three another when they're working on with your out here just sharing the good news of Jesus to me that that's you, but we know why would a Canadian 11 directed by the Olympics.

Love your hockey we love all kinds of things you guys have another great neighbors in the north with other Mounties as well. Why would a guy like you and your pal here come down only from Canada down to Utah acted to hang out with Russ and these guys actually this journey is to reach the LDS Church of the Mormon people started on this year in January for my wife and I in particular, we had someone in America apartment complex. He was for the LDS faith in God. We were just able to walk them into a relationship with Jesus Christ in the just with that there is this real burning in my heart for these people. We dealt with the few missionaries on the way in and with dealing with them adjust.

I always say there's so close at the so far so like they have a lot of the same language language in Lingle, but a lot of words mean different things and and once you start to get to know that this is his real burden that I have for them. I love the fact that their friendly love the fact that they like to share their faith I think is very vital in and missing some parts of our of our of our own faith in so I love all that but it just a real burning just see them indoctrinated in. I guess deceiver to be the word in such Canada at the heart of coming down here to Utah was just really sure that the cost the true gospel in the and just the really hopefully even just learn more about them and just see yet to see. I guess this with what Utah is like.

So that's that's the main reason we came this type sunlight Canada.

It's a beautiful place yet it's correct You have a course County of the Canadian Rockies. You have beautiful mom for in Toronto all the towns Vancouver but you, Utah and you know you think of that passage in second Timothy FH chapter 3 where in the end times. There's like this form of godliness. They have a this massive group of people, wonderful people Hospital Congress and a lot of Mormon friends there a form of God is but is it deny the power thereof, there's there's not a power because they deny the crossing of the night across the there's not a cross anywhere.

Mormon Temple estate award no crosses and they have a whole different Jesus all that they say this in a visit meet you here this where the church of Jesus Christ. What's wrong that means no church at the Bible concept.

Jesus Christ is the King of Kings or wards in a Latter Day Saints willingness were in the end times I say think it's harmless, but what they mean by all those things is a completely different saying this idea that you gotta work your way in which they were seen as a loving way because you're here to reach embouchure like that couple in your part complex. You want to leave them to the truth that you can't write exactly the Jeep. Jesus paid it all right not definitely, and that's that's that's the main message you're trying to share is just the fact that the gist of the passages try to bring truth to the person but also just to share that, ideally, yet Jesus is sufficient time we had some interesting conversations and a few one went for like six hours and the I was just interesting to see what they believe in and didn't really hammer out some details in which we find a few people who've been open to at least say that some of the points maybe aren't valid and we've been challenge in some areas to actually like okay what okay they act to make a good point. Let's go back and look TO not be mixed, contextualized the Scripture itself, but it's interesting that you mention the Latter Day Saints think is even if and I think it's in Matthew 24 says that many false Christ will arise in the last days and and even just in the title of the church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and and that one always is, strikes me a little because it's it's almost sold latent trait so that would yeah be deftly just want to spread the love of Christ and the message of salvation to the people and that's what were going be going to do shortly. In the back at the Temple Square this will be our second time going the seagoing civil Square indigo rolled in a lot of books: pilgrimage role manipulation in the treasury they think there can earn their way to heaven and God you like more because with a dual you're going, engaging, having conversations you're not down there. Eight 9111 of the right.

Yeah, that's correct. No or nothing on making a scene or being respectful like it's still there their religion that still there buildings and stuff so it our going on there to be very respectful and engaging.

One thing Russ East shared is that just try to make sure we say we were not coming with the spirit of contention. That's it.

That's a big thing to LDS if if you don't mention that there kind of like being contentious were not going on there to be contentious, but were going on there still to be asking tough questions and and firm but also respectful and gentle because yeah this is there. This is their area. This is the this is their thing right so yeah that's what will be going to do readily understand. If Jesus Christ is in God and the Bible is in the true authoritative word of God, then were wasting our time, much as go home. You know me, that if the book of Mormon is true, the doctrine of covenants and the Pearl of great pricing and Joseph Smith, and although the properties gate which by the way, none of his properties came true. And she's a false prophet, you know. But if if he is right and other things right and will destroy Morrison today but the fact is we have the Lord Jesus Christ is not just the son of God, is God the son is not a created being like the Mormon church teaches he's not the half-brother of Lucifer, like the Mormon church teaches were not all going to become God's like the Mormon church teaches the Bible doesn't teach polytheism teaches monotheism in a teaches that the deep view of the Trinity, God the father, God the son, and Holy Spirit. Jesus is the son of God is also God the son and he's equal with God, you know, in essence, and it's just a powerful mystery, of course, and so these things are real but the ultimate issue comes down the gospel. How would you call people listing Mormon and non-Mormon heirs Baptist. There's Presbyterians never really have grasped the gospel that Jesus died for their sins. And yet we try to earn it.

So how would you chose to other just whether they're LDS or not, you know, we all need the gospel correct. Yeah, that's correct, and the yeah and even in the Scriptures like the LDS Scriptures that does Scriptures that say like you have to keep all the commandments continually in the D&C.

Otherwise you you will not worry Christ is so even that you no one. No one can do that. That's the such tremendous pressure right so and even in my own personal testimony of my was into all sorts of bad stuff before my life till before and half years ago and and one day I decide to really just say Jesus I need you to change because I have tried everything and that that would be my message of the gospel is that Jesus came fully God fully manages actually nothing that we can do to obtain self like obtain his favor because of sin, and he came in he paid the price for sin. All we have to do is believe and believe on him and that confessing with her mouth right so that's what we do is he's done all the work and I get to reap the benefit of the and we get to reap the benefit of the work that Jesus is done on the cross so that would be my hope and an end to what I would share with people as awesome as a Russ what you challenge this young man or young people out there about to come out to Utah to join us as we reach you know these dear folks here with the good news of Jesus which are challenge of this young man. I mean wise in your party in a frat house wising out. No ground and in doing.

He's here to share Christ is on mission. His focus what your counsel young blogger we say to him. Why would you say first of all thank you, thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to come down to a place that's maybe not as you know, it's not going to the Bahamas or something like that you know and but you know but it's it's a great mission field, and I appreciate his willingness to mark to come down here and check it out and in the sequencing of the Lord wants to do in the time in God's timing to is very important. You know, we just want I believe he's the right kind of person he's the right person to come down this church is solid but is also God's timing sorting away on him and were gonna trust him for things to come in the place by what you can reach more missionary where we are there everywhere in love, of any kind of time in gravel and taken want to share the good news of Jesus with right now for sure, even in Winnipeg Manitoba where I'm from, there's dealt with more than one pair of missionaries and that there is that there is a temple of Mormon award near where we lived and so gathered there.

They're all over the world and I think it Manitoba.

This the stats, it is about 5000 there so I mean there's 5000. They're just leaving the mission field aerate so next time you engage one of our Mormon friends would gospel remember how much you need the gospel number how much would Jesus Christ to save you from work like my friend Tony.

I was always as easy as I'm just a beggar showing other beggars where they can find bread hey man amen to that event will establish you as well. Thanks. The always a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow.

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