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Life Changes Everything: Meet a Man Saved from Abortion by the Grace of God

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 7, 2019 5:00 pm

Life Changes Everything: Meet a Man Saved from Abortion by the Grace of God

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 7, 2019 5:00 pm

Stu interviews Corey Paul, the director of the film Life Changes Everything.

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This is good Truth Network amid the jingling of the wind chimes in the cold wind with a startling voice. I'm Stu Epperson that I am on Trade St. in Winston-Salem, NC sitting next to a living walking miracle with a couple other brothers here in Christ, Cory, I just had to whip my phone out and get this on tape because life changes everything. Why are those three words so important to your life. Cory so very important.

My mother was put in a position which had to choose between giving birth to me or her marriage and it was a Baptist pastor who sat down with her talk with her about and of the gospel, and also how she needed to keep keep me and so this was something that I found later in life that was very shocking. I learned this in my early teens, and so this is something that's my story. Part of my story and it kinda led towards producing a feature film called life changes everything that was that's inspired by these you know this event, but it's also an event that happens in a sadly thousands of times every day decisions that people are placed in a lot of times it's it's not a decision they're making is actually something that is being forced upon them, and so it's important to to you know be there for people that are in that position and you be prepared to to communicate a word of truth to them and also to encourage them to not abort to to choose life, selections, everything is is a film that's again inspired by that it's not available on most digital platforms. If you have your smart TV at home you can just type in life changes everything. And what a bond should you do and and several other digital platforms including Amazon while in on the negative side, abortion is killing millions and millions of babies a Holocaust on the positive side of life changes everything. On the positive side, somebody invented electricity because their mom kept someone admitted penicillin someone was born into a hyper intensive geopolitical culture in the Middle East over 2000 years ago, in a crisis pregnancy and that someone thanked God that his mom didn't abort God in his name was and she brought forth her firstborn son and wrapped him in swaddling clothes in light of the major late in the major right there. There's no room in the end for him but he change the world and he's the King of Kings and Lord of lords. The power of life, even in the Christmas story and yet you made a movie called life changes everything in your resonated with me as I'm a journalist. I will deftly deftly I am in everything God does through is through his people and through through humanity's a minute if if we are you really think about it and if you're taking life out before it has a chance your your your taking out the stencil and and in what God had planned for that life. So if you really want to look at abortion, it be the front line for four you know the enemy to you to try to stop what it is against doing that in the earth and in the world. So that's something to keep them on so your mom. She was young she was in a in a maybe not the best marriage and I guess so. She had chosen abortion prior to your you had a brother. It wasn't a choice of something that you know she was.

I discoursed into the story does have like set a happy ending my dad today is a an amazing anti-Christian man.

He's completely his life is completely changed how to that end all this is something that he came to Christ, he got sober over 30 years now sober and he helps he is contracting business up and in that in Ohio and he helps men who have are in the same situation.

So every day he's he's doing the AA meetings every day he's bringing them to church every day he's bringing them in of keeping you know giving them employment and also try to keep them on on the path toward sobbing, sober and and changing their life self. Just amazing story and that's another thing that in the film. I changed everything into they say write what you know and so it's been a week when you get on that the screenwriting journey, you kind of you realize everything that that all your characters have a little bit of your your life attached to them and so we really you know that this pistol core message in the story is forgiveness in Christ that core message in the in the film is is finding this right you know restitution and seeing this unfold between father-son relationship on the film. Cory is going try to put those together. What a story.

Life changed everything down of the movie right from Amazon. There get it in and showed your family and you'll see the movie made by the man here sitting with me on this cold day that the American flags going right over us the land of the free.

That's also killed 50+ million of our babies. Maybe we killed the cure to cancer the person that way. We've maybe the board of the person it's going to know solve all these challenges you know but courier here God is using you to champion this message to your movie life changes everything here.

Your dad, for all practical purposes, wanted you dead, you're in the way he's married this woman is caring you is a little baby.

How did you ever the world reconcile with your dad. After that, you know, how could that happen is that he's a different man today so very interesting and I think that the journey of forgiveness is something that we all know it's one thing to talk about. It's another thing to experience it through the power of Christ and actually you know have it haven't hit into our core. We we are at that place to forgive fully in one of the core moments that I can point back to in life where God just really opened my eyes to it was one day I was in my 20s I was going through some stuff at the house and I and my father's house and I was opening up the cabinets at night and I found him and remember what I was looking for but I found a Christmas card or a birthday card that was written by a six-year-old. My dad when he was six years old and he said you know God bless you mommy.

I love you and it hit me for the first time I didn't see him as my dad. I didn't see him as this person that's responsible and how could you, I saw him as a little child who who he lost his father when he was 11 years old he he he will guide and alcoholism at the age of 13, 14 didn't have somebody there to help guide and protect him and I saw him as this vulnerable child and it just hit me to my core. It was like this is forgiveness at seeing each other the way God sees us seeing seeing from that the whole story not just my version of the story you know if when I came along and so that that changed everything for me. My whole perspective changed. I saw him as is not only you know he's not just my dad. He's my brother in Christ. He's he's he was born into a world where where things are broken and and and he had a really messed up situation and so were all in that situation we see everybody what world we were all born in this brokenness were both born into situations that are broken and it's about we come to Christ and we find that forgiveness is about having that love and forgiveness to to shower upon others so that they can find their their hope in Christ in their forgiveness and that journey what incursions are and then your dad through all that, through a lot of prayer a lot of forgiveness. God use you and many others to bring in the Lord. No heat, so this is been a journey that he's been on and actually it it it occurred because II had been away for a while and it know my parents divorced when I was young and and I can no didn't see them very much and his is transformation actually happened in that period of time something is and now it's different when you talk a only a he's my dad is a really cool guy.

He's a great guy and I can't say enough positive things about a milky years were to young men and women out there who have deep gouging father wounds. Most of us do for honest about what you're worried about finding healing. Obviously, in the presence of the father that we father, but about at least being able to let that weight go even if your earthly father is gone, we still hold sway over you. Those ties are strong right of the ties with our our parents.

There's things that that we experience as children that's really hard to break from, but I think for me it was this coming to to the full realization that my father is in heaven. My father is we all come from this. The same source were all brothers. We all have the same father and realizing that this is who my father is right then and it helps to open your eyes to be able to see somebody I think Howard truly supposed to see each other, not, not, as you know your born of a different family or your your you know we truly are brothers we all come from the same source of this needs to be for me that that's what open my eyes and in and it really it's working those. You can't. You can't take it beyond that assists out renewing of the mind. It's is coming that full understanding and then you signing at all. Add to this, there was a specific moment tied in with the discovering of the card right. I just remember one night very clearly I was in my room and you know what time that you don't feel like you have these issues right and it just hit me all at once.

I'm in my early 20s and I'm sitting there and I'm pouring like tears are flowing and I'm hurt and I member, it's most likely took a couple water and imported out right.

As soon as the last drop came out. I remember having this very intense moment where I you know I let it all out there. How could you left and is very clear of the word from God saying I never left you in it and it was in that moment that everything like literally everything changed my perspective because it was I it was that understanding that my father never left me was always there. He's been there every step of the way it was my my inability to see which really ties into we really think about Christ on the cross please he's up there and he says father forgive them for they know not what they do. He's he's he sees it. Clearly they don't see it until we come to this truth were not seeing in and that's the moment of change that's so that's the voice of Cory Paul, the producer of life changes everything. An awesome movie that's available on Amazon and the website you will find you at you know to Facebook and and just type in my chains.

Everything find them there, be encouraged. Thank you so much Cory. Thank you.

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The gospel is about a crisis. The gospel is about Jesus Christ coming into our mess and that that nasty that nasty cattle stall that we call a major that we kinda glorify right we make it all nice and pretty and talk about how the cute little baby and the cows are our bellowing and you know it it's so well.

It was nasty.

It was a cattiness work work where animals eat larger well what else animals do what Christ coming in the mess of our life in Ocala Bessemer world, but coming and going to that cross living a perfect life and going across because you and I could not get all my buddy Riley yesterday how you get to heaven every other religious as you gotta do do do do you work work work work work your bones off get out there prove yourself, earn yourself, climb the ladder.

Every religion there's five pillars of Islam and Hinduism.

Gotta get Julian deities you got all the even the religions, even modern Orthodox religions.

You've got doing this massacre you cross yourself. You gotta be sure you go to church and if you go enough you get a high mass and high girl if you don't you be no ticked off the curb one true belief system in the whole world, and a Marianna Pantheon of of fake gods is one true God. He says this the God comes to us and he came to us in the form of human flesh. He became sin didn't become sinful, but he became sin for us to bring us to got to bring to heal that gaping wound. So while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. God invaded our space because we couldn't get up to him Cory in that awesome how the gospel is that why it's called good news deftly suffering people can have healing with the father like you're talking about your story in life changes everything your testimony that they could never have with her earthly father. Even if you have a perfectly she earthly father which you don't.

There is no relationship that even comes close to your heavenly father if you'll just let him in. Deftly they do that I am in the keys to coming to Christ in and to unite again with everything that you gotta be for me right my experience coming to the cross and coming prices is one of the sport of footed.

This eight.

It's intention right thing very intentional, having having that that same desire things I've efforts may put it this way, like an oyster hold somebody underwater and in and they're gasping for air and there there every intention is to get get air right when they have that kind of intention when you're coming to Christ that way you're ready and and so it sat inside, grabbing hold of the truth and and not letting go and and having that realization, that moment and again I always comes back to Chrysler crossing father forgive them. They don't know what they're doing. They don't see blind. And if you're blind you don't have that you see. Gotta have that is interesting.

Your whole story were or were about done with this this wonderful interview podcasts were inputted everywhere. If your mom you are even born in her womb. Your dad saying kill that kid.

Or else I'm leaving you for all prior versions, you're dead to me. If you'll get rid of the problem here in your data since come to Chrysler, brilliant, beautiful testimony, but your mom is of all the will to got T was just Baptist preacher and God's grace and God used at Baptist preacher is a lighthouse who could have said what the heck you know you're pregnant you're married to that crook.

You know that you know get get out here. No, don't come there are no don't know come to our church were not for your kind of people. But when he opened his arms to her and gave her life-changing counsel.

Most deftly actually had a chance to to meet him later on in life and I was actually pretty powerful moment.

I actually can really find words you know to meet somebody that you knew that was instrumental and in your birth so in your being here when you know he could've been busy right he could had a bad day and she showed up and he could've been like I don't have time for this. I could've been thinking about the guy who cut them off in the morning or you know, maybe bills are later who knows what what what the issue could be could've very easily brushed it off, but his one choices one decision to 22 to be open to to speak words of truth, the comforter to say hey I'm here with you matter what right if you need help in okay she's facing you know she's she's 20 some years old, she's looking my mother. My mother's death so she you know she didn't have a job. Might my father took care of all that. So you know she's looking at going out on the street. If I make this decision so I mean that it wasn't an easy decision to make.

So, pretty amazing.

Praise God and thank God for anyone out there that knows Jesus as your Savior. He's calling you right now. Are you answering and you're there because somebody else lead you to him and someone somehow someway. Your mama found that preacher and now you're here today and now what's crazy is you're not just here existing. What's crazy is is you are making a movie, you're making a movie about life when you're parents to the board you amazing.

So what a blessing and were out. Here's little bit loud there's lots of noise windchimes it's Wendy it's water but it's kinda cool to be outside and to be breathing in the breath of God's given us because you never know when your last breath is so whoever you are out there tells all about Jesus. And if you never received Christ you're blaming everyone you got a bad rap you not like maybe this personal record has it all together will effectively don't know they just look like it go find someone to love Jesus and just sit there and listen to him and asked him to show you how to be saved and to lead you there to Christ to find a church to teach the word of God that lists of Jesus Christ and that in in.

You are either a missionary or a mission field and him sit next to a guy who is a full-blown missionary and he said I think he's got wheels do you guys hear there's some tiered applies and the cool guys, praise Lord, thank you, man, devilish.

Thank you for blessing.

Please share this.

Where were you go this this interview does include could touch the rim of his father stand there with open arms. He wants to know when or how messed up your manager you are he is been chasing you staffing to stop in and let them wrap his arms around you. Let love

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