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Christmas at the Billy Graham Library: From Christmas 2017

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 21, 2019 5:00 pm

Christmas at the Billy Graham Library: From Christmas 2017

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 21, 2019 5:00 pm

From our archive this week, a show from from Christmas 2017. Stu and guest Jim Kirkland talk about experiencing Christmas at the Billy Graham library.

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This is the Truth Network truth listeners Stu Epperson here and I am in a very special place. One of my favorite places to be anywhere anytime, but especially Christmas on the Billy Graham library with my friend Will Ferrell's third cousin were not going there. Jim Kirkland, an awesome man of God mentoring me Jim you leave for many hats. You been for years. The manager of 106.9 FM the light station the covers like 20 states out of Asheville and here you are here we are in this library and it sets and what don't go there, but talk to me about what God is doing to Billy Graham's ministry.

Why silly people are coming to Christ at Christmas right here. Well, there is if you have not had the opportunity to to visit. Please look at your calendar and look at making a trip to coming and experiencing Christmas at the library. It is happening from five to 9:30 PM Monday through Thursday and then until 10 PM on Friday really crowded here.

Tons of an end, but the beautiful thing is you get to mingle with a lot of people, but you get to the Billy Graham library very quickly. So don't let a line scare you but you have the opportunity to bring your family to see just a delightful scene at night with lights with the carriage rides live nativity the kids compact lamb cam on a five thing the camel this year but usually we have a camel there's one who's out there I overlooked. I keep Christ in Christmas tree bracelet and you seem responsive note cute cuddly fella, but it was expressionless, but you could tell his heart was in the right place right here. The Liber live animal and he's here to serve the sensor. You can grab eat some snacks at the Graham Brothers dairy bar in the library and just really taken the wonder of Christmas. That's all built around all the beauty of the majesty all the the the happenings and events are all centered on the reason for the season and that is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. So anywhere, especially if you're listening and in Charlotte for the triad or the triangle it's an easy trip will come from all over the place multiple states right you have big buses below from everywhere because they want to see the homeplace, the birthplace Billy Graham. They want to see the heritage Christmas there some special thing throughout the course of the year they'll be people from every state countries visiting here, you get to see basic info before you, the life of the Graham of the purpose is not the life of Billy Graham.

It is Billy Graham's calling for our service of our Savior, Billy Graham would be the first to say, look, this is not about me and I don't want this about me. This is about the one who is in me and the one who gives us eternal life, and ultimately our source for peace and hope Jesus Christ and you will see that over and over and over to the library but don't take it for me to experience it yourself. Bring your family. Bring your friends will be meaningful to you and could also be a catalyst for some meaningful conversations you want to share the gospel. Someone you can't you can't muster the courage we can bring them to a really cool archival really fun now is a museum at a place tons of neat things, especially Christmas time at all year-round. And it is that you have and share the gospel with just yet. How many times you hear the gospel they go to the to or from beginning to Jim in this Billy Graham library were in right now. It will be unavoidable and most importantly, it will be clear it will be with compassion and truth and is liable to bring up some some some some some thoughts and questions that your loved one.

Your colleague, whoever they may be in your life will will want to address and that may be an opportunity for you to have deeper conversation. Certainly this people right here on staff who are ready, eager to share with anybody the hope that sounded a relationship with Jesus Christ. So you see the gospel to hear the gospel to have opportunity to accept the gospel and there are people at all times throughout the library ready to assist in any way they can, and not answering questions somebody may have about Christ in a relationship with them so we got so just take just to did you traverse or were you walking this beautiful front door course there's there's some some really cool exhibits of antiquity outside that you know us some simulated houses an amazing prayer garden were some wonderful godly people, including the wife of Billy Graham is are you going to heaven. Truth is out there. You know her resting place is out there and you walk in this massive cross really silhouettes the whole entrance and this time it is a big Christmas tree. How neat that the two trees, one tree symbols Christ birth the other treated symbols. His death that something that you know in the greatest ornament was a Savior who hung on a tree for us and all the vision of just cast to I can be seen as the Graham I look it up on the website and you can see for yourself just the, the, the, the excellence of the most poorly the thought that went behind everything that is a part of the library and everything points ultimately to Jesus Christ you walk through that perspective is just an encouraging thing. If you're a believer. This will encourage you if you don't know Christ. You will hear the gospel because they got Billy Graham's messages throughout the years piping through constantly really really cool to hear that the CM in different places, internationally and stateside in Chicago always places that there's this massive bookstore with amazing resources. In fact, I was honored to have the my book in the Christmas book in their that that's first words of Jesus, thank you for for having that in her gym and hopefully that's been a blessing to people to connect the gray lacrosse form is a tremendous team at the library I take no credit there. My world is in the realm of audio media Scott Holmquist and his crew here at the library and everything they do ultimately they do with the ultimate goal of 24 Jesus Christ and they are the ones that do an exceptional job, prayerful job. I hear the Billy Graham library Justin and thinking about websites and such. I thank you for being so proactive in sharing the truth through the Billy Graham evangelistic Association's decision minute features which are the 62nd vignettes and pieces hear the voice you hear the voice of that minute right here Jim Kirk familiar legendary and we play that during tree thought we could all of our great shows on the Truth Network Oliver a lot of our affiliates. That feature to blessing me.

It is an honor to communicate God's word and honored to communicate the wonderful writing and crafting that the audio media services team does in the website. This is a website I am tickly when we talk about people in our lives who have questions, doubts about Jesus Christ, who he is and how to have a deeper relationship with them is a website called find peace with find peace with you'll hear it on every one of the decision minutes and that's a site where you can go right here, right now, you will immediately immediately see a link to learn who Jesus is for learning how to build relationship with Jesus Christ find peace with one little point of contention here. My colleague Mr. Singer and I are here with you in a bar. There's a bar the Billy Graham library Jim I we we really don't know how to how to handle what was can you can you give us some sanctimonious expiration of this easy. The.

The presence of things that we might want not want to partake in is not a bar make. This is a dairy bar was blocked by the menu up there site is you were Gary, so it's a good while. That's pretty good. No judging radio guys three radio guys walk into a bar to the porch light was very bar, figuratively speaking, is a very marginal ingredients. Yes, Isaac, and sounds and we will let grace in their delicious thank you for lunch and for greatness a Merry Christmas.

Pray for this ministry. Pray for these men is going out. This is everything we do and say friends in the legacy of Billy Graham is to remind us all to share the gospel. Every moment of every him and Franklin. To this day the gondola want to talk talking shows and they use the question is a point of entry to this. Jesus was matters in a day and that's what you'll come away with things are absolute. Thank you and honor and God bless you for what you Christmas was a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on this pillow. I love my pillow.

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You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have check amount supported our sponsors

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