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Best of Truth Talk Weekend: Bringing Jesus to a Culture That Has Never Had The Bible

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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December 28, 2019 5:00 pm

Best of Truth Talk Weekend: Bringing Jesus to a Culture That Has Never Had The Bible

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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December 28, 2019 5:00 pm

From our archive, Stu sits down with the patriarch of a family of missionaries who are traveling to Papua New Guinea for a long-term mission to bring the word of Christ to people who have never even had the Bible translated into their language.

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This is good Truth Network Jesus should go ye into all the world. What do you mean by that, like how many of you have taken him up on that. Yeah you you're there in Jerusalem serving the Lord at your county, your hometown and then he says ask 18 Judea, what's a little outside Jerusalem never get out out of the hood a little bit Indo in the maybe lots in a covert gum Job with any system, area, and the Jews is like whoa that's even farther were in the little Farland.

Then he says Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth. That's kinda like going far. Well, I got a guy would be right now name Nate who he and his or his wife Laura, their whole family there on their way to the other side intelligent take to fly to where you're going Nate on an airplane. About 23 hours flight time a few days 23 hours and try to calculate the number of beverage services, snacks, me how many peanuts then will they all of those but how many thanks and you have on a fly like that. Can you get up and move around the cabin little bit. Honestly, I have never mended your resume because light you know you guys have kids we have one daughter six months old six months old so you walk at baby 23 hours. That's like almost the length of a day and tell her what were you going this is exciting and I were going to Papa New Guinea Papa New Guinea is just above Australia. It is the link most language dense country in the world all kinds of language and if they now dig is it to detect crime her on her but didn't you say that there's over 800 languages are there is unbelievable and how we do speak at this point time this one while you're going over there how your wife same okay and you want to tell everyone a little bit about this because we talk. What shocked me and owner want to listen very closely is week I got a Bible sit right here. I got another in my bag. I got six in my office. I got Bibles everywhere love given Bibles where I go to the Bible store I go to the dollar store and I buy all your Bibles I gave you if you follow me around and I happen to be near him Bible store.

I got a nice you walk out to lunch with somebody and there's that there's a dollar store right there I going to file your Bibles.

Everyone up and how much they are Nate will give you just a wild guess in the dollar store amateur Bibles by dollars note Camillo bit.

Note $1.01 dollar just like everything else I try to offer more than a dollar. Once the dollars to relate literally. She's not just know you got this a dollar for dollar. She told me I said you're you're selling me a multi-multi million dollar book for a buck. I said I feel so I'm my conscious is rise with guilt right now. I just can't take it.

But here's what's there's some humor there but the cool thing is I've given is Bibles to people.

And who knows what God's doing gave one is that I was going to Lynchburg last week gave one the young man had a gas station. He was so excited to have a bottle. Guess what you got one now put a Christian radio card in there, but Nate is a true there's people to don't have the Bible in their own language that that book that that we can quote from an we don't read ever hardly like we should, is it true that they will have their own language. Yeah, there are about 4400 languages without scripture.

In 2000 languages where the language is completely unknown to the rest of the world. How does it make you feel.

Tell me what that does in your heart when you came upon that information yet something that my wife and I still talk about very frequently is just something we can turn our backs on you know there you you can drive down the road here and see a church on the left and drive down the road a little more. See church on the right you go there. There's no churches. These people are completely without hope, and unless someone goes and invests the at least five years just to learn the language, you know, barring the time it takes to plan a church unless someone goes to to invest that much time than their their hopeless then they have no hope. Except to an undying that hell someone asked this question Nate and I want you guys to keep Nate and Lori, his wife and her sweet little girl in your prayers as they embark off to Papa New Guinea. Tell us a little bit about what went in your call. You bump into someone maybe went to college with you haven't seen them in some time. Like what you do and are like all man a killer down the bank. I just got promoted in the big boom. You know my wife's teaching here at the school boo-boo and then they turn you Nate and Laura there you are, you know, at the restaurant whatever they say. So what are you doing, how do you explain to them in all our listeners in all young man in the prime of his life. You know you got the American dream and you make some cloying you know you get up embark on a profession in your you're on your way to a dagger Papa New Guinea. Tell us a little bit how you frame and how you articulate that to other people and it's also a great witness when you do talk about it so that's encouraging to go ahead. Yeah, I mean Luke 14 you have Christ more or less telling people to love him so much that it looks like a on-site East. He tells people to love him so much that their love for even their closest family members like their mother look like hate, and then the state uses it unless you hate your father, mother, brother and sister course he's not talking about hate like we would write acerbic vitriolic brutal you know generally come to hate but he's talking about the propriety things that were using break and then he goes on to say you know anyone who wants to be my disciple must pick up their cross and and follow me.

And then he goes on and talks about what's required of someone who is going to pick up their cross, or in other words, died in themselves and yet they there's so much of this world has to offer.

At the end of this life and to stand for Christ, the judge and I want no, I wouldn't have done something that mattered. Yeah, you want to make your life, love that love a young man who I'm your what you 4556 6230 30 years old wow. What about think I shall encouraging to me, so you want to make your life count for Christ you're going over John, a 23 how many miles is that I was 23 hours flying to get you guys to Papa New Guinea, you probably have to pick up a couple hoppers.

Don't you want to get there to get to where you're gonna get some from North Carolina to LA to Sydney Australia to the capital and then into wherever were going and Papa New Guinea at some several thousand miles lower. What awaits you say what's what label which is also about what's waiting for you when you get there. Well when we get there.

Were gonna spend the first year in the national country learning national culture and language, and during that time will form a team and then will start scouting the tribes that are there that actually have been asking for missionaries on so will will eventually determine or land on the tribe that were gonna go into and then will spend in a five years learning language and and that the next five years, discipling and then five years phasing out while only two things we wrap up one what you challenge to a lot of the Western Christians are here this podcast is broadcast to speech program old you challenge them.

A number two how do we pray for me. I would say my prayer for the American church is to to to take your comforts lightly. Recognize that your comforts are very fleeting and you know what you have. Max maybe 90 years or something and and then it's all gone and you stand for Christ, the judge, and there are those completely without hope. Like you weren't talking about before you can go into the dollar store and buy a Bible widget we take the gospel for granted and we I think we lack awareness of of the lack of hope and lack of access that exist for about 40% of the world is my challenge to you, the listener would be yeah I would II would actually ask you to pray before God. God I I am surrendered to do whatever you want me to do go where an go wherever you want me to go and then just let God. Open doors and see where he takes you a minute. How do we pray for you Nate, Laura Claunch and her sweet little daughter clutches, CL oh and CH know your website. I guess you can support you that. But they can learn more about your your website can give that out over the Al Qaeda thought teach you clutches CL ONC is his website. You can probably email them from there. There legitimate wit with some great missions organizations that are codified and in an is that if they are raising support right so you're taken right if folks give you their helping advance the gospel to a group of people who've never heard the gospel of Jesus Christ and unreached people group with over 800 nearly 900 languages that are untranslatable. Yet in the Bible, but he's God's use in this manner God is like to change that. How can we pray for you as we wrap up two ways you can you can pray for us and that this life that awaits us is in II like into a roller coaster which you know might be a cliché, but there's just so much ahead of us that that we can see so much that might frighten us at times.

So many opportunities for us to stop trusting in God because we we fear the unknown. So I we need prayer and just trusting God's faithfulness as we look at ways brought us.

We know that he will be faithful because he always has been, and we look at his word were reminded of the same thing. Secondly, currently word were raising support so if you're listening in on just ask you to pray that that God provides for us in this time to that we could raise partners who not only going to give us give to us financially, but who are going to be a part of him being a part of reaching the unreached which we know will take us about 15 to 20 years and being in it for the long haul extra minutes.

You may not get on airplanes or 23 hours across the world. You may not go unreached people group and learn the language you can treasure the Bible, but you can certainly go by way of prayer and support for this guy before your head is filled night moms dads grandmas grandpa's single people before you next time you're together at a meal or put duct in the kids in a pray with them. Pray for the Claunch family.

Pray for Nate and Laura, their precious little girl as they go to Papa New Guinea. Thank you for profit and hearing Papa New Guinea, and in here and in incursion is my friend. God bless you where to keep you in our prayers and we want to get some updates from you and how God's to do it you using you as an in that Teresa group of folks thinking almost a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better. What would you give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products. I'm talking about my pillows. The mattress toppers the bedsheets and the body pillow all her products were in all you do is go to my and click on the new radio listener specials my

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You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have checked about supporting our sponsors

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