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What is a Christian Politician?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 4, 2020 5:00 pm

What is a Christian Politician?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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This is the Truth Network when I say the word politician, what comes to mind are you turn already offer you to run as fast ways you can or are you just a dude because they see the word Christian politician. You think that might be an oxymoron wealth J what friends it might be was some people would not with the man with me right now this man loves Jesus and he is your servant. That's right, he's a public servant, and he serves the United States of America, Congress, and his name is Mark Walker Carson water Walker good happy with this year onů We can listen were glad to be with Glenn to talk about Jesus. But today, as well as politics, I guess it's okay to talk about both of them well I will see what happens. Your that you know we are that we would we do a visit Christian talk show and we are pointing people to Jesus. And it's interesting that we we don't get a polysilicon and endorsing candidates will write and all this you know the right to left this and that we do get into what's right and wrong and we do get excited when someone whatever party there with whatever affiliation, whatever level of the strata of politics are in the love Jesus like yourself. It's a tell us a little bit go backwards. Who is Mark Walker. Goodness gracious. I first asked me that. I think I'm just a small town preacher's kid that grew up in the Panhandle Florida moved to North Carolina 1991 and just began to read not want any part of ministry state involved in church but as far as moving forward in Patch position because I grew up in it.

I saw the kind of wear and tear and really moved on work in business, five or six years got been called into ministry went back to school a pastor for 16 years but about six or seven years ago God began to work in my heart to talk about on a national level. Some of the things that I believe is not Republican or Democrat base but more of a spiritual issue that we sing develop over the last several decades in this country really easy being a pastor and going into politics that didn't always happen that way but yours was really moving of God in your heart.

It sounds like you a burden for your country. Seeing the directions going in a how can we bring back a culture of life and things like that that there is no court, no question about that. I begin to think about is the way that that sometimes people ask me what did you go to Congress as a pastor, or did you did you leave the pastor, your faith behind us and know that it had of our faith really explains everything we are as a husband as a father as a servant of Jesus Christ, so that is something that that we've gone to Washington and not try to be necessary. A pastor there, but to be someone that the way that we look at this is God doesn't call us anywhere that were exempt from being a like for Jesus Christ with its Washington DC, where there is Texas California court where that's across the world and that's really what drives this not try to sound super spiritual, but that is what we try to do in Washington DC while somewhere and talk about that one. Talk about how you had opportunity to share the gospel with a highest-ranking official in our country and maybe arguing in the world I want to have a little fun though is politics because like I did. I grew up in the church myself. You pastor in the studio audience here you you been a pastor for all these years music minister at all different levels in a him actually a part of my ministry to you but you been a pastor went where I've certain of. You also been a pastor arrived on the church and in so we can we know each other forever and have a lot of fun.

History is taught in your colleague or your colleagues, Ted, Bud, who loves the Lord to use it as a friend and and he was tell me we're trying to church, church political issue and I got a thing and wait a second, Ted, is there some, some commonality here between politics and no Democrat Republicans arguing in in in the church.

There's a lot of politics to the Southern Baptist convention without we speak to that absolutely comments back to your instincts as usual's are spot on. I was recently speaking at the commencement speech at Elizabeth city State University, one of our historical black colleges universities here in North Carolina and I can open up with this as far as my background. I said if you can survive a Baptist business meeting, you can work with Nancy Pelosi of that's an essay on the radio but there is a unique experience when you're dealing with people from all walks of life, regardless of their political back ground with when you've been in the hospital room of someone of a family member that's getting ready to pass on to glory or to heaven or eat those kinds of moments equip you in a way to be able to talk about with definitively answers of what it is the belief that supersedes any kind, things political so that the politics on a lighter level. Obviously, the nuances of politics in the you know from the pastorate and on in the politics of me. Obviously that prepared you, but on a deeper level, it comes down to the souls of men and the saleswomen right with the souls of people and in caring for them and loving them in really trying to help it. There's no question in its and what I found was amazing in Washington DC, is how many members of Congress feel isolated it and really feel lonely in that environment and are continuing to look for hope just because we see them are arts that we sometimes our culture would put different people in different pedestals to be able to see the need and and the families and just the hurt and suffering even among members of Congress has been really been unique. It's one the reasons that I'm cochairman along with Sen. James Langford of our per caucus.

So every Monday night we fly in. We meet from 630 to 7 PM, about 15 to 20 of us that little you're praying for different members pray for different needs.

Back home in the different districts is something we really enjoyed doing. How have you stayed close to Jesus. Let's get real, transparent, or would like to take that take the solids often are course.

Politically, it's easy to have those on you knowing the question in in you mention isolated and we we we we we make fun of politicians of the blood of our jokes. We have all kinds of American ghettos here.

This program today. Although there's a bunch of funny ones out there for her. And honestly, you know you want to Congress. Loving Jesus walking with him daily in his word how you keep your fire for Christ lit up there. How do you stay close to him and because everyone I talk to says a good got there is no corruption will clear a little too young to speak out.

You know how run off with your money or lobbyist, or have an affair on your wife and begin a how do you stay close what happens all the time and you see it and I think what we really do it the first 3 to 6 months is really defining moment for new member of Congress with the talk about an politics are you gonna set out your core values but also in areas of your testimony and your faith in you kind of answered the question you when you sit staying close to Jesus is the only way to survive and how you stay close to Jesus you stay in the word every single day is been our commitment to start our day in the word because we know that working to face things that are outside of our intellect or instinct await your recently in January, we were named the ranking member on intelligence and counterterrorism in and look at the different resumes are seven of us on their all of them have big IV degrees the runt in the letterhead undergraduate Notre Dame graduate SMU and then to get me studies degree and I just let out a church that never said yes that is not my claim to fame exactly right about, but the point is this is that God is so faithful in our lives that even things that don't make sense on paper. When we find that ability to be able to give him the glory for all of it, he allows us to go and do things in really broaden or augment the margins that we sometimes even placing herself even though God wants to do something much greater lives and then also ensuring your faith.

You know it's interesting because everyone asks you guys conjure up there, you know like your butt heads with all these big-time famous people. Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell always senators and congressmen all that and so you are weird recently together and I was at you rest your talk about how you had in Russia. The presidents are yes and I thought how mean he said tell me how he asked the president about his golf game or or even asked about some international political hot potato in but you told me something else happen to little and also a little prayer question for others. No question that have affected as II did turned on the president one time about the playground of golf.

I was getting ready travel at season felt guilty about that but something that was much greater.

It was the day before the national Day of prayer and as the as they are per caucus cochairman. I guess in some things that we've done it, but that from a pastoral standpoint, he invited me or for dinner. There's about six or seven of us there and we began talking about in the president was sharing about some interactions that he was had with the Pope and they were concerned about some of the fundamental rise of some of the more the radical religions. It was seen internationally, but I can't waited for the moment to end in and I said, Mr. Pres., I said, you see, that's the difference between Christianity and all other world religions. He said what's that acid will all these other world religions require you to do something to receive that connection to the father to God and I said but in Christian recall that the atonement because Jesus Christ has paid the price by going to the cross for that relationship with God the father. That is what we call our salvation and just the way that he looked in process and we discussed there and I can member even to this day by five years of spinning Congress a couple hours later, walking at the White House that night thinking you know is a small town preached you to get a chance to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the president at what higher honor is that that's why God put you there.

You look back.

That's why God raises up so we can make him known right. There's no question what else matters and in our prayer is that the president will trust the Lord to save our prayers did that that more politicians will come to Christ.

We know you're praying for revival of their no question we need to pray for you.

How we preview a quick tell our listeners to pray for God to continue to give us guidance were also praying that for people to surround the president listen he's can be wrong. He can be a really strong his personality sometimes but he's done a great job for religious freedom and liberty. We want to continue to put that that God brings up around people were praying for peace for rest and direction going forward TO Emerson and that is the voice of Congressman Mark Walker loves Jesus.

He's a politician pray for him forever. Always politicians and get off the right to left all the argumentation, the bitterness and let's get let's get around this, get to Jesus. We all need the Lord. We all need a Savior. Whatever your political party. When you do have an assignment area, Democrat or Republican man is to be do you know the sun is exactly rest set free by him things to establish a constant, always a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow.

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