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A Radical Call to Missions

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 11, 2020 5:00 pm

A Radical Call to Missions

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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This is the Truth Network friends I have been blessed and I just was in a room of two 3000 people who were really encouraged and blessed by a man of God who doesn't want any accolades in 18 praise, but he woke us up to how comfortable we get and Western culture, Western America.

He said some things were rules during the early can buy the Nick Nick and IK direct like St. Nick Logan and about how like a lot.

70% of active Christians in the world really active Christians are in some way persecuted or under pressure and in the American church were so comfortable but you stay stand front of a Lotta people in on you sure this meeting to go down the way to the seminary here north on here this for couple weeks and what's it like that of Yoda. Look in the eyes of all these folks and like you can hear a pin drop may hear the stories of brothers and sister in Christ. Our family members who are tortured and killed for their faith well the thing that believers in persecution and taught us is that in the Bible. Persecution is normal and the Western church has taken his cue from secular authorities and has determined that persecution is bad, and the persecutors, so we will do two things when persecution comes, will stop the persecution and we want to punish the persecutors and and wanting to get out persecution. There's nothing wrong with that. Jesus in the garden ask his father let the cup pass, but in the same breath he said, Lord, let your will be done, not my will be done but were just praying first half of that. Let this cup pass rescue me, get me out and to recognize I went all through the as the Soviet Union was falling, falling, and they beat into me as I asked him why haven't you written this stuff down, why haven't you made movies of your stories and they said listen this stuff happen to our great-great-grandparents, our grandparents, our parents persecution for us is like the sun coming up in the East. So why would we talk about something as common as the sun coming up in the East and then another thing that they taught us, which is cause for huge adjustment for Western Christians is that we now know the number one cause of persecution on the planet is people coming to Jesus where there's a large harvest. There's a large persecution where there is little harvest.

There's little persecution.

So what your listener should be asking is not why are those people over there suffering and persecuted should be asking why am I not what is a normal Christian. I love how you said that you also wrote a book called the insanity of God is, which tells little more about all this. I guess I would use and how would you summarize that book like appointment will we wrote the insanity of God just to tell God story and we learned so much from the Bible we the first half is like the Old Testament is like crucifixion and then the book pivots on the our 16-year-old son died eight days after his birthday on Easter Sunday morning and in the two month time we got kicked out of Somalia. Our son was killed from an asthma attack and we buried him in Kenya.

Roos mother died of cancer two months of the day of our son.

So that was some tough times and after finding healing for about a year we began to go to believers in persecution, asking them what we did know that was how do you make Jesus known in bad places so that we are not. If persecution comes or before who Jesus is not for who Nick is and secondly how do we plant house churches that will not only survive but thrive. That's why we went to Soviet Union us while we went to China this while we went to India. People want to feel pity for the persecuted and they'll save us all the time don't you don't you pity us never have. We felt so close to Jesus is when our faith is costing us something to listen to me carefully. Satan almost never uses overt persecution. If the covert persecution shuts us up what Satan wants to do is deny us access to Jesus. Failing that he wants to keep us from witnessing and if he can do that by the culture saying all Christianity is a private matter are sharing your faith is something you do in a church building our Bible study.

If you believe that student covertly.

Why would Satan have to beat you, put you in jail. What his goal is to shut you up, and he wants to do that without drawing any attention.

Overt persecution is a clear indication that Satan failed Jesus or the harvest is plenty and there's so much in the Scriptures, and there's so much I was so encouraged, but we know over 2 billion people have never heard the gospel on our planet and we have a lot of problems here and got some challenges. There's more depression medication going off the counters of our drugstores in America than in history, but the real problem is our world needs Jesus can use Challenger one about, waking up to save everybody because it really I am so screwed up. I probably sleep for three nights up here in the sky speak today, but we were with the 3000 Chinese last week in in Baltimore and challenge them to learn from Chinese in China, not from the typical Protestant in America because the Chinese in China are taking their faith and they will take it all over the world and which is which is worse, being commanded by Jesus to go to all the world and refusing to go are hearing that command and you can't go because the government has put you in jail and taking your passport so they that you can't get out of your country, but the thing I want your listeners to hear is that when we just take the time to cross the street and break bread share meals with our neighbors with our family members with with with the Hindus with Muslims and the temperature comes down and they share their stories, we share our story and it goes throughout the entire extended family. And here's the point. If you do the American thing and in persecution lead people to Christ. One by one by one. Satan picks them off one by one by one, but when Cornelius and his household beliefs, Philippian jailer and his household.

Please Christmas in his household beliefs.

Leah and her household beliefs, then the smallest unit.

I don't like that word at all. What else use but the smallest unit of faith that can both survive and thrive in persecution is when a family comes to Christ, so we've got open our homes to having meals with families and being in their homes for meals blessing the voice is brother Nick ripped in the book is the insanity of God. He challenges people all over America and the world to reach our rule. The good news of Christ.

He spent a lot of time with the persecuted church and just so happens that a guy who's been a great friend and very before is a missionary to North Africa who may be one of the few people in the room actually identified with your stories of all this I challenge you know in the in all that we got to do around the world. Derek I interviewed him to stay in regular and encourages EM serving their and what it what your closing word. Everybody just you know you both about waking up but to about you know more derricks out there. Maybe God is raising up more derricks to go or add or add a Mariah Johnson escape routes guys name who goes Indian going all these guys all over the world of William Carey.

So many of the what is the blood of the martyrs to see the church what your final parting words brother, Nick, will the blood of the martyrs is something Tertullian said she's not biblical God in writing by the bottle but the blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church where there is an active church that believes. But when you go to unreached peoples and you have say 100 people believe in Jesus and 90 of them are killed, the blood of the not martyrs is the death of the church but again you get back to where when families come to Christ and there down and out and up and out. That seems to be the quickest way to see the kingdom of God. Both begun and to explode and in acts chapter 2.

Acts chapter 4 after after chapter 4 look like there's over 10,000 people that believed and they were immediately gathered to homes breaking bread daily, I ask you, your listeners were those homes come from worded 10,000, 15,000 people meet, they they could just call you know they didn't have ink on the social tool to do but that is an indication of how many homes that Jesus and his disciples were in how may people in those homes, they healed fad touched set a kind word that when Pentecost came, the RA had these homes prepare that the church could just naturally normally meet in them.

So do now having people in your home sharing Christ through meals and other people's home is the quickest way to prepare for movement of God across the street and see how it works for you Americans are starving to be loved and to hear God story. A guy came up to me on a building site a couple months ago when he said that if I died tonight. I know go straight to hell I said is that where you want to go. He said no I don't want to go to hell I said then don't go. And I said if you don't want to go. Just come and will sell a wound talking to you while you don't have to go and I'm finding Americans.

Unlike my growing up with my parents lost Americans are not neglecting the church because of there's hypocrites in the church there actually terrified that God's going to strike him dead. If they go in his house. How much do they need a positive witness that God loves them and that we care enough about him that will break bread with them and have them in our homes. They that word.

Thanks for your ministry. Everyone pray for this guy never can read read his book the insanity of God, and let's all be St. Nick's out there spreading the good news is using challenging others to share the gospel, who's closer to Jesus today because I'm on the planet and who's taken the message the gospel out there because I'm in their life incursion like this guy has just encouraged a whole host of this morning.

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