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A Pilot and Public School Missionary

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 18, 2020 5:00 pm

A Pilot and Public School Missionary

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 18, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks with the multitasking man of God AJ James about his many missions for Christ.

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This is the Truth Network is a pilot he's a missionary. He's an evangelist. He's a man of God, he could probably fix anything you fix an airplane you can fix anything and you sit here with me while he's got a ministry called real talk, courage, kindness, integrity, love, he goes in the public schools they share Jesus in the airwaves, literally, up near and in public schools all over the place and he is Ajay James Agee, James man is good, heavy with acamprosate opportunity to meet your ears a background noise like as we're in this restaurant really cool restaurant concept called Dario native North Carolina. We do a thing called Wednesday in word and every week. Priest what happens in her chili buddy share the gospel. Pray for each other ensure testimonies and test appreciate about some guys and say what was at navigator the you mentioned Nathan. We had a God sale saved in the jail last Monday night based on Luke 23 and Psalm 22 was on Viva La Crosse and were in Luke 23. Now it was you were going to the Bible verse by verse men's group which messed up men like me and we get these powerpack guesstimate we get leaders like Priestley comes in. That's his name. Priest is actually like a priest, but he loves Jesus and uses his high priest, but the cool thing is, is he shared that testimony tied in with Christ. Onward La Crosse is amazing, but priest brought you Ajay is a guest and we had people from the store. That's why there's noise pianos were in a restaurant with we had to get to all he could bring her everywhere so that is the chances and I'll see you in heaven. One damn side about that but I want to catch you here and I did go in airplane mode since your pilot since is a little you ruts on this interview with the cool thing is we have a guy that made the movie.

I can only imagine without major political leaders were suborning Christians.

We had all kinds guys are here to interview because they're here and we'll get a chance to get back the radio station on your passion Ajay. How would you summarize it, say my passion is aviation but primarily is Jesus Christ. And this just amazing how I'm able to use the two and come together for his glory and this is totally privileged. I'm so unworthy to do this on slow country boy but just amazing say because my like myself to do something that I'm doing now tells how did you get an aviation to find out how you found Jesus would tell us that were well I had a really successful company in hardwood flooring and I was able to raise enough money to start flying and so forth.

I was also in the military part that became an aviation mechanic and the Lord sit down nicely for six years. I was flying for secular reasons and I would call me back to it. It was for his glory. This time in three months later he gave me my first airplane. Five years later, which is this year. He gave me my second airplane which is now twin engine and they were just hanging over things inside and tell how did you come to know Jesus Christ as your Savior Nero spread them everywhere you got this amazing brochure sure everybody a little book market got pictures of airplanes on the front but then your phone number your cell number on your thing which is chemical but then up the whole gospel. The Bible way to heaven.

How did Ajay find that the true pilot and Interface Jesus Christ. Well I was in a really really bad point in my life I was away from my kids. I was driving a tractor-trailer coast-to-coast my my marriage is literally on the brink of divorce I had lost basically all my money just had nothing left us at the bottom of the barrel when you get to the bottom there's no place to look, but and I remember the night I was driving across United States and in God just called on me and I had made a profession of faith as a little boy and I never walked to serve Jesus like I did. After that night and it was then he came calling in from the and it it's just been amazing. I just can't even explain the things that he's done for me and through me in these allow me to be a part of me asked about that a lot. I know a lot of men listen a lot of women who love their mentor listing and there's a common emptiness by the slide. It got to pursue the American dream.

I can make all that money you finish that residency in I'm not knocking any careers with we get so caught up in working working working in our families, neglected and then wind up having Medicare casino 20 years down the line because we know whatever their form tells what you stated young dads out there and old dads like me you gloated about challenge, about prioritizing God and that family you had to come God right up .2 well again I was out his will for so many years and I was able to do everything because Ajay accomplished that's that's the way I looked at and I was where I was, because what Ajay did and as again he came calling that night and that was just the seed that he planted not to say that from that moment all my life is completely different. It took a little while in the process of sanctification, but I started thinking about things, and in realizing where I was in life and and what it was that was keeping me from truly serving the Lord and ultimately it came down to the to my company and because of that, I gave the company up a six digit income close the doors and I started serving him full-time in this ministry and I'm I'm not Mr. Bill yet in five VB 5 years. March 31. So what I'm trying to say is it's all about faith and and that is easy preaching, hard living, but once I discovered that faith and I saw the first miracle and how he was helping me through everything that I was going through the passage you know what, and I can do this with his health and and then he would perform that miracle in and they just built one on top of the other and put me where I met this emission air Ajay James pilot providing travel for God's word.

A love that tells what that is. Basically this is a ministry of 501 that I started in 2015 again I got gave the airplane and I wanted to put it to good use.

So I decided to start praying about what I would have me to do with that plane and right off the bat was to help other missionaries and men of God. I've seen the burdens that these evangelistic missionaries and even pastors have when they're trying to get from one place to another when I have emergencies.

I've had pastors call me and say my mother is dying.

My kids are in college I need to get them home as quickly as possible. Can you help that type of thing and that's the service I want to try to revive just take a little bird psycho non-angel with wings right now that I'm very aware appreciate her new sweetest Telling your impression. What's most encouraging to you about Ajay and his partner in crime, evangelist Kevin, their selfless somebody has a need they find a way to meet God gives an airplane and he can be with it. We're talking about taking the over secretions or other Chris radios it got to go get there and you know and maybe a couple hours instead of all day and then but be able to serve the Lord and get back in. But this is just such a neat ministry and in you even expanding your ministry.

You and Kevin to go to public schools tells about that manifold brochure so many kids are struggling with self-conscious or stuck in their contraption and in the cyberspace that there find acceptance on how he likes to get on Instagram missing you. You hit the nail on the head right there. We want to teach these kids that their value is inside. It's not about what somebody sees her honey hearts they get on it grand.

We were just talking about with the lessons we have called custom-made 7.5 billion people in the world, yet nobody has their exact fingerprint. If you're that custom-made then you must have a custom purpose from God, and we can't go into schools and share God but we can certainly teach them the biblical basis the morals and ethics in the manners and respect that we read in the Bible and then if we can get the churches in and people around those schools involved. We can plant the seeds and I can lead them to Christ. Call real talk I love this. Some successes serving don't make money your life's goal. Custom-made discovered how unique you are. Cyber warning dangerous social media. A love that and love how your try Teresa Kitson course your your try to do this, your family, to help absolutely. I try my best to live what I teach about things yes or what you chose all listeners out there about whether there a pilot whether there in the schools of you got all these things going on which to challenge other one about what while these are growing darker in the more more puny Jesus would consider one about waking up in and get out there and doing what you can for the kingdom of God. Since I came to the Lord.

It is just like this.

Everything I have a serious everything I have is by his grace and I literally just want to see anything he gives me. How can I use this to further his kingdom. How can I use this to glorify.

That's why we this website here. Real is that a good place to go to find.real talk is pretty good manager is to know about stuff like that. I'm an immediate devilish pre-century look at is that with this guy. They tried to do in the prisons main highways and byways fatal preacher really got thank you for the privilege blessing man and everyone out there listening.

Whether you're a pilot with your writing in business class code 1st class you're there to share Jesus with someone there to take the gospel you may not have wings. We got two legs walk across the street walk across the country. Crosstown share Lord someone still be a witness.

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