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Buried Alive for Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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January 25, 2020 5:00 pm

Buried Alive for Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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January 25, 2020 5:00 pm

Irish pastor John Edwards talks with Stu about how he's buried himself alive to spread the word of Christ.

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This is good Truth Network you ever met a man who buried himself alive.

If you ever met a man who has the same name is one of the greatest preachers ever live John Edwards.

I can't leave him sitting next to writer yes Irish accent exciting swale that well you can I house you bought an island. You tend to get in Isaiah. I actually but yet it is the food that I've been I've been buried alive six times that on the 6 foot underground for three days each time, but I'm not just very just for doing the crazy thing.

I live stream from the grave ringing words of life to speak to the addicted to suicidal people to depressed people, by the grace of God to connection to social media and on secular and Christian media. We have already reached hundred and 50 million people around the planet to these crazy arenas as fast thinkers we just noise your hearing.

By the way were in a restaurant called Dario Macias of North Carolina instead of what you guys get the word together. We talked about the burial of Christ that he think of a better segue into your testimony. What will I know when I came into this morning as I will give it this morning that you come opposite with you talking about getting married this morning that while I'm in the right place. Well, so you're very alive. What is that look like well my casket is 8 foot long. It's a meter high and a meter wide is the mattress and it is God's gotta do they keep me warm as got them to choose the coat the surface of 9 inch and 9 inch diameter tubes as got at fiber-optic broadband and is and I got a carbon monoxide monitors for health and safety and its 6 foot underground on my I get back. My wife Lexi buries me sometimes enforced very enthusiastically and so she covers me is like a backyard know I do it in writing a play like I did at Baltimore. Outside, the biggest drug clinic in the world. I did it in Florida in the middle of that main methamphetamine smuggling place.

I got threatened there by Mexican cartels. I've done it in Belfast and in that part of ministry Belfast threatened to shoot me and I go to the darkest place I can find, because I'm in my experience the last 30 years. I find if I go to the darkest place I can find and make a stand there. Christ shines his light. The brightest Amanda breaching more people. So I've done is in really dangerous and radical places. This is question who is John Edwards I am an Irishman from Dublin Ireland on 65 years of age now. I was an addict for 24 years coming from a business family. I experiment with drugs when I was a young teenager and ended up for 24 years completely and totally addicted to come to hundred and 50 volume a day. I was on heroin. I'm forcing a hepatitis C, so I had a liver transplant for cancer twice.

I've had all kinds of operations to keep myself alive. But today, miraculously, I'm probably fitter than most 65 that you meet. I can still run. I can see our work out every week, but I believe God to help me to keep my health so that I can preach the gospel all over the world and we've just been coming over here to America because God's really burdened me with intercession and prayer to come over here. I'm going to go coast-to-coast from the East Coast to the West Coast and back again, declaring freedom for the captives.

As we work hand-in-hand with our fellow Christians here in the states. Together we can lift up the name of Jesus.

I believe we can get the gospel out to maybe over 100 million people in the states left the faith I have, I believe we can before I die.

I believe were going to reach at least 2 billion people in the planning by radical outreaches like it buried. I now I know I just made a prison cell that it's a full-size prison cell with two bunk two beds in it that I pull behind my truck back home and I declare freedom from inside the prisons that we interview people and live streaming in intra-lien County Kerry in Ireland. If you set is it a go in one morning, we led to hundred people to Jesus in one morning. It's unbelievable as it is like heaven opens over us like you can explain it in the English language.

Obviously it's like when you step out in faith and do something radical.

The power God just comes to recumbent over here.

I'm going to do something radical like this. I'm going to do it together with her American brothers and sisters, I will take you coast-to-coast across America's 72,000 people died last year and states from opioid overdose no. And that means that all the families of that the Jetta children, their babies, moms or dads their husbands or wives are broken over this nation and I don't have delusions of grandeur, but I believe that we can make a difference. I believe that we can make a difference. I believe that we can go across this country and we can reach millions of people well and he's doing just that, being buried alive. Having a a modular sale sale prison cell re-preaches the gospel from the transfer of power of Jesus Christ in your life and then how that so readily comes out of you to other people.

Well, when I was an addict.

I ended up homeless on the streets of London and I was in a desperate situation of literally almost ashamed to say, but I ended up begging on the streets. I come from a successful business family and I ended up totally broken and I've overdosed like 20 times I've been in Comus for two, three, four days of the time. Sometimes it's American I'm still alive.

Most of my friends are dead. I've been in mental institutions 10 times for addiction in Ireland back in the 60s and 70s was no place to detox your solicitor was a mental homes I've been in all these places I've been in padded cells and straitjackets. But during that time I began to call out to God, I given up on religion and I began to color to God for God, I'm Diane and I don't want to die if you're real please please help me I need you to touch my life. I one day in a hotel in Dublin. I was having one of those moments and I called her to God. I was a an American meeting called the full Gospel business men's Fellowship and I called out to God for everything that I'm worth and it was like the roof come of the building in the presence of the Holy Spirit come into the room and he completely filled me from the tip of my head to the soles of my feet and it was the most incredible experience I've ever had in my life. It was stronger than crack cocaine was stronger than heroin was stronger than any experience of ever had in my life totally radically transforming and shortly afterwards I stopped smoking cigarettes taking drugs and drinking alcohol on a McLean now for 30 years and got a beautiful wife now and she had four kids when I met her and so I took on four children overnight. Of the four grandbabies now we've opened many rehabilitation centers I've written three books I'm writing two books at the moment we've them. We've traveled all over the planet doing amazing things and we've opened homes in Africa. We've traveled in India, Australia and mostly what I love doing is working on the streets reaching people for the wrath reaching the moms and dads and beaten the addict on the streets about working with the positives. My wife and I over the years we've taken many people into our home. We detox some of other drugs, put them into a rehabilitation center and help them get their lives together. So my life is been transformed that that the presence of God is still so strong in me after all these years is on a day that I design a moment. I'm not thinking about God is the most beautiful experience when you're truly born again when the Holy Spirit comes into animation alive by the power of the spirit of God. It does something in you think is your reason for living and the reason for living is so strong in me that anything that hinders that weather be drugs or drink, or any kind of immorality they get pushed out of the way and I just want to live for Jesus. Now is the voice of John Edwards and Irishman who loves Jesus, who was transformed from addiction serious problems on the street to following Jesus and how you being buried alive, and he's doing all these these radical things to reach people because God's love for us is radical and it's amazing that he came to us and we just were just at a time you went by so fast exterior story. It's loud because we just came out of his mentor get 50 or so guys here worshiping the Lord to study the word of God. In Luke chapter 23 versus 52, 56, the burial of Jesus, help we are buried with Christ so that our our old man is dead.

Our sin is judged and forgiven. In the were raised to new life right your message the moms and dads out there other people stock or stock addiction. There why do there was deceived if you keep going back like a dog returns to his vomit should give them hope in Jesus quickly as he wrap up well keep praying. Children estimate my my father prayed for me for years and God answer my dads prayers and he saved my life and chain McKee praying for kids. I can get in are on Facebook live John at John Edwards walking free on Facebook a lot and I live stream and I bring help and support to people for free all over the planet. Okay, walking walking are on Facebook live John Edwards walking free press like and that and I be live streaming on it and I can talk to person you on Instagram on Instagram JE walking free, organic do you there and little video on that all young people. What a blessing it download listen, follow, and lead someone to Jesus today. That's why we're here to point him he's the only one that can set the captives free men. That's right, find some today and asked him are you born again asked him did anybody ever tell you that Jesus loves you and he was to change your life. Have the courage prayed that God give you boldness asked somebody that today was a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better. What would you give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products. I'm talking about my pillows. The mattress toppers the bedsheets and the body pillow all the products were in all you do is go to my and click on the new radio listener specials my Click on the new radio listener specials and you'll save big you will believe the savings just enter promo code truth when you get there, always polished with a 60 day moneyback guarantee and a 10 year warranty.

You can also call this toll-free number 800-944-5396 thank you my pillow for partnering with us to advance the good news the gospel and thinking all you guys that have checked about supporting our sponsors

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