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Is Retirement in the Bible?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 8, 2020 5:00 pm

Is Retirement in the Bible?

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 8, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu talks to special guest Joe Lineberry about what the Bible says on retirement.

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This is the Truth Network we say a lot of things with frequency with import. But sometimes we don't know what they mean like is retirement. In the Bible.

And, of course. So many Christians sanctified Christian radio guys like me CO course is not but it's really cool when we see that statement.

Retirement is not the Bible lived out displayed by a man.

I got I've known for a long time he's mentored me a ton of people at my church and he's got a math curriculum. He's traveled across the world reaching people in Eastern Europe in Ukraine. He's done a lot for the kingdom and he's in the studio right now. July very good to see my file. Thanks. Do I appreciate being here.

Very nice. This is long overdue. Man your time I hear is interesting, you know, when you mentioned you mention all the stuff you were doing and then you just kind of threw in there your retired and I thought this doesn't seem right. I mean your journalist ministry for the Lord, do more stuff. I'm fully engage in innovative and I'm younger than you. I'm not retired or is not doing in the kingdom.

But tell us little bit about what what drives your engine for people listen. Another while actually when I turned 55.

I had this thought that I don't know if it was the correct thought, but the thought was what if only live 10 more years. What am I gonna do with my last 10 years.

So at that point I decided to harassed my company Aion if I could not manage and go to four days a week and start spending more time doing I guess what I felt God was calling me to do it so so that actually I started nonroad I started retirement when I was 55 years out about it long before even the day came yeah and said so now, not now. I'm six and actually haven't died yet so still here's I'm still here so but it is still like okay what what am I going to do to make a difference in the last few years of my life.

However, many years.

That is, so that's that's really where I am now and so Aion helped fund my retirements. I appreciate that.

And so it it's it makes it really nice to be able to try to ask God will what's up, and what should I be doing co-owner want to catch what he just said because God is put some of you listening in professional careers and it could be bottle washer janitorial could be run massive companies, but the fact is, is you're being paid by a secular company. In a lot of cases to reach people to reach the world for Jesus immediate could you think of a better dream situation for believer Job would always look at it that way.

Well were that were definitely in a blessed situation).

I'm not sure other if other generations will be where we are now so so what are you doing with what God's given you and your library who now is fully retired.

I guess right this correct password passed 55 you are doing.

I am am hold my hand here all whole thing called the gift of numbers math curriculum. The other pet you've always had a passion for numbers and I have yes it's back is out so some by background before I retired. I was a CPA. Okay, so Rachel Rogers who is a six elementary school teacher in old Richmond.

She and I've banded together to write a book of a series of math books that teach math using literature per week with a fantasy literature so it's all about the world divide and even numbers so so we follow what's going on with the, the antics of the odd and even numbers but at the same time were teaching addition and recognition of odd and even numbers, subtraction, graphing, and believe it or not they do fractions in the second grade. These days, said as crazy so so that's what we're trying to teach and were teaching it through literature and then the sky just the second thing that we've been led to do is find donors who will donate the books to the public schools. So companies like the Vaught health and Don BB&T Delta dental Aion have all donated books in a soap were obviously looking for those who might do that at 7000 bashful players always start with Matthew speak like a foreign language and I'm not going right on with you at is it you're using math to touch kids in health and education also reach kids for Jesus and encourage them to grow to find God because all points to the greater redundant lowered we're trying to do that as well. Yes that is so cool, so your pitch for math and the numbers and all that and also teaching business principles in Ukraine want to get to Deborah tells how to Joe come to know Christ, tell us your little bit about your testimony. What what got you so on fire for for being someone who's in his prime years retirement but serving Christ in all his ways so actually it was back when I was in college and I started that took of I took of Old Testament course and and the taught by an agnostic, so frankly.

For the next sound for the next couple years in college I was likable who's God what's God coming did Jesus exist. What fluid what's real and inside it. It hit me around my junior year that that there were two reasons that I'm a very logical person. So start with that, there were two reasons that that I could believe that Jesus resurrected Jesus resurrected it was, slamdunk for me. So the and and they did for me at the time they needed to be things that were not necessarily in the Bible you know they couldn't be John's and Jesus is Lord possess the circular argument right so my the thing that hit me was the one. Something happened to the disciples. Jesus is crucified.

Six weeks later there preaching the risen Christ and they all die for a per most of them die for it ends. And so will that that's up pretty decent historical evidence that something changed in their lives and in the resurrection is at least possible as a reason for that.

The second one reason that got that stuck out to me was, was the fact that James the half-brother of Jesus was a leader in the early turn soap kind of a possible theory that went around when I was in school was when Jesus was a regular old guy till he hit 30 and he got his messianic vision ran around preaching for three years so the for that for James and then Judy as well, to be in the early church. They had to.

They knew Jesus growing up right or anybody right so so they would if he picked on by me like all of the older brothers do right, they would've said loyalty can't be sinless. I remember what he did. Tony enough, but they didn't do that. They became leaders in the early church saying that this is the sinless Messiah Christ. And so for those two reasons.

I was not well enough. Jesus must've resurrected and then it was like well like is that if Jesus resurrected the 90s Lord I mean have you had you go any dirt other dragger confronted with the absolute truth. And then you get is a lesson, you gave your life to Laura that I did is awesome in college and everything changed. It did so guess it was at that point is like okay will God. How do you want me to live. Now is the illogic Gaia math Gaia numbers guy.

He's been in all kinds roles. I guess the CFO is CPA different write different companies would gods bless them immensely and that what he loves Jesus you just heard about his testimony. You've also introduces math curriculum that your put together and were talking about how we can give a Truth Network in the schools were try to find a way where you try to do that to try to convince data be a diner. I love it.

I.e. you got me LOL Richie's kids are young Asian right educate about Christian radio you're getting that insipid sponsor. This try to figure that out. In addition, that you're going over Ukraine tells about what got you America's all Scott Reed and Rick Reed and all these guys are fired up about what God is doing their seminary start up over there. There is a yeah this is people you go to write so that the thought that the theory the strategy is something called business is mission so so we go to teach local business owners about business strategies, finance, human resources, marketing and strategic leadership, and then they come to the US and stay in the houses of people here and learn more about what it how business is done in the US but there also put into Christian homes where they have a meal week with with Christians so so it's making so to start with. I would say one of the pastors and with the free crane was very skeptical. He was like a the business people overhear their hard time I do something quick, Bill Regan, but that after the last for five years and leave.

He's now come back to say it's working well. It is linen also dental Dennis is actually the one who heads up the hungry hold to get him in your article. Daddy Warbucks and his attorney Vito the Christmas program involved yeah yeah and I Dennis would love to tell you more when a heart forgot yesterday for what you're doing in your chosen one out there that looks either. There I retirement are more concerned about their 401(k) and the money to have the fun stuff to do what we challenge her when others believers with her their young whether I retired about about life invested for the kingdom from a guy like you. Would you say sent.

So, actually, where I would say is to think about it, is generosity. Think about that. What we're really doing is sending a thank you note to God for what he is done for us.

You know if if if if we were to talk to someone who had just almost died and that person, that person immediately there grateful for the person that save them now and then second they're like oh wow what's my purpose now. God I'm supposed to be dead.

I'm not dead. What should I be doing with the rest of my life. That's where we are spiritually we're dying or already dead.

Christ saved us will then it's logical that one. We should be grateful, totally grateful, and then second that we should we should say will now was my purpose because I was dead out God on nothing but dead. But now I've been saved. But why why Deke why did you save me is beautiful. It's almost like you quoted Galatians 225 crucified with Christ narrows. I live did not I write, but Christ lives in me life I now live. I live by faith in the son of God who loved me and gave himself for me, joy, love values at a date night, my is it how is my life.

A thank you note to the God who saved me exactly yeah bless your brother in the generous. Be generous. That's that's the call that God asked whether we really have money or not money he still wants you to be generous generosity. Yeah is a generous God. He is is why we're here right it is a were taken the message to kids with math Ukrainians and business February take stress exactly payment, Schmidt. Thank you.

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