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Washing Feet in the Name of Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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February 15, 2020 5:00 pm

Washing Feet in the Name of Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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February 15, 2020 5:00 pm

This week Stu talks with Manny Ohonme of Samaritan’s Feet about his incredible mission.

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This is the Truth Network someone in the world, died today of a foot borne disease. Does that break your heart want to tell you. That breaks the heart of a guy named Manuel Hanni is due as of about it and he self 7 million+ people find shoes and find faith in Christ Manny I'm blown away already. Because I just walk through your massive warehouse. One of many warehouses here in Charlotte, North Carolina, Samaritan's feet. Wow so good to be here with you.

It's always great to see you, man.

Thanks for all you do. By using your loudspeaker to broadcast and tell the world about how good our God is one who is manual Hanni and and what is Samaritan's feet give us to give us the bio here you brownish our show many times you been our show live, you better show barefoot. Even our shooter got away you been all over the NBA got these MBA coaches you turn on TV like why is that major NBA coach of the Chicago Bulls were no shoes as a coach.

Kentucky were no shoes Goshen knows of there. There's a whole lot here would give us a quick brief bio for Alyssa Zevon but yet you know, for those of them know me, you can tell from my accident on the from Winston-Salem, from Nigeria, but the reality is just like my brother just told you over 1.5 billion people in the world I infected with disease because they have no shoes and answer.

Just think about the million to look up and after they become shoes on their feet and I was one of the skits not age of nine I was busy helping my mom so water sucked into the parking link is Nigeria. This group of missionaries came to come to Africa geographically sports the brothers little orange ball singles dating agent for Ms. Branham bounds we kick him to call this one basketball and this guy decided we can have a shooting competition and Dave from Wisconsin said the price of the winter will be a new pair of shoes every kid that they want to get paid, including myself. I was one of the few that got picked the best will my lap but that data show that shocked when I end up becoming the first person adjust my friend of my computer on a pure tennis shoes change my left the plane. Basketball eventually got a chance to get a stage of the United States do not run all the time and I say it is my brothers do you know that I got I've heard about New York, Los Angeles and Houston, Texas but I said I have five scholarship offers isotopic to school with the best looking brochure. I don't think any universe or North Dakota that I learned amended you have to be rich and believe it or not, but it was the best decision I made because I met my bride and married over to the reality is when my father passed away and go back to Niger to bury now. I walked into my home and I forgot out for the work was so hard I can use that bathroom had to go across the street to the park. We discussed the water in this mess on the student just like me and us when I was reminded how I feel when the mission to give my first purchase of what effect this document to help children like this and remind them of the God of the universe also has a plan for their life was five years we came back to America and eventually we left our company said in a position call Samaritan speak with division call to complete. Should the feet of 10 million business of adjusting to get issues to wash their feet like Jesus Christ would ask him was the worst since it happened was the entering and we can remind them that we serve the king to continue with the pain and has the possible unlock the faith that the future that God has for them in his name is Jesus Christ the King and is restarted without visible serve tenant else almost 7 have million kids and over 100/400 US community.

We are one of the top charities, especially helping children going back to school across events to title I schools across the US hold Michelle across the world main disk open to underprivileged folk that we work with but one point we also power and challenge leaders corporations that can use the platform to help you back and serve the community is how will people know that people care by since you show them and then I met somebody we grabbed his dirty feet clean when you have one who banded them and you can invite them in introducing the greatest can live that messes you up just as much as miss about children and I tell you what over 200,000 launch is now around the world. A part of this movement serving kids everything just like I'm speaking right here we have a partnership action with the US corporate for national commissions was serving children in honor of Dr. King and 24 cities all across the world this month and it's amazing what we doing to me that she was 100,000 United States a meal and around the world and you can help to something about that's the voice of many.

I am inspired this guy will wreck your life, you may wreck your day-to-day evening afternoon morning whatever you're hearing this the special interview and he's got a friend live forever in night all kinds of you lived on a mission church with him and not actually take my daughter. We did a Samaritan's feet with uncle Ron and Jackie there was a sailor pretty rough neighborhood and to see that kid those dirty feet. We watched him. We pull the bucket up.

Joy was only Joy had a little set up. I had my set up and brand-new pair sneakers and Samaritan's feet and the whole time were praying for them were sharing the gospel with them. You have silly folks come to Christ through what is so Christlike about that me just this idea of washing feet.

What is what is it about that that God is just like that there's a secret sauce but it's it's all Holy Spirit sauce right brother talk is about that with Jesus Christ.

The greatest brand executive's because every time you see that act. You have that back to Christ because he said if you want to be great in life. You've got to understand and know what the means to be a servant, and when you serve others your life changes and those around the world changed and that's what's so powerful because Ethan the King of the universe can do this much much's these followers and when we do that world know because I know how will know that you belong to me.

When you love and what more powerful way to love people by humbling yourself washing somebody's been given the brain appears to something we did this project like in Burundi where we are distant tootsies to kill each other in Washita. The speed of which is matured and say hey every time you see the shoes remember that I made a commitment to my God and to you that want to lick it and it is just powerful thing when you wash me a spot about my sinecures of across United States with commute. We have police officers washing the feet of people brings people to gather any corporate executive governors of state presence of countries of humbled himself and the people that we idolize and be a played NFL players arming major league soccer players all these guys humbled himself and said, following the example of Mikey and Winn-Dixie that Bill be telling the children's children that Steve Smith watch Mike and Jonathan Stewart watch my feet might be tells wash my feet wash my feet wash my people the greatest Kelly King, the CEO of choice. Now baby and washed my feet telling the future generation that is a leader that I look up to sleep roles with me become a servant. Just like Christ on blue and those those are real names are real people, so you may have heard of big football fan or pro basketball or college baseball or even a banking but these are men and women who are hiring folks but they recognize the power of serving and somehow this guy here Manny through this portal. Through this the message of love John 13 what Jesus duly laid aside his his robe picked up a rag in these ragtag disciples who could even get along with each other as great as you hiring and giving of their Lord knows you are one of his mama come to Jesus changes that I want my boys to be up there right and what is yours do he see he knelt and he wash their feet and through this. The simple acts brothers active sacrifices, active service, active solidarity act of kindness active peace you're seeing folks come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, which is really the endgame that the feet leave the act of the feet lease of the heart right a call. It's so forceful because I think we have to get through this, the soul of the FBI wrote a book much longer call Tom's soul purpose and I think in terms of like at this something about the feet people realize that because I think in terms of that's one of the most delicate part of our bodies and people embarrassment was touched.

If we get a chance to actually touch somebody sweetie creates a powerful connection and people get disarmed asking this king serving you.

This will God loves you and he has a point. People love you get a chance to lead them to be in a prayer you get a chance to encourage them and take the next step with the power of this was seen leaders from General Motors and the corporate office to BB&T arrived and went to for across the country leaders are crossing from Republic, with all the major corporations. They leader say we want to be different. But how do you put a face to what a servant looks like when you touch the future future. Such young people as they affect their feet, allowing me what a blessing now you know that the remarkable miracle of God that a young Nigerian tribal kid becomes the first one is try to get a pair shoes goes on to play basketball, which we know guys of all that is on the on the hardtop was hit with more shoes and then goes back and now nearly Tina was pushing the 10,000,007 1/2 and you can get on their prey for listeners to support them was the website you will find out more to quickly people to pray for you quickly, you can go to Samaritan skedaddle. Today we went to 7 million people.

I believe Beverly on site and therefore she hears this and go online and give a pair shoes to help change pair shoes to a kid in a month it wasn't happen, whoever carries no shoes in a carrier national soft a washcloth, some so some water to wash those kids feet the problem will have had shoes available banged of shoes will get rid of those put some new ones on and they'll tell them the glorious story of a Savior who came into our mass came in our our dirty lost world to save sinners like me, a man, a man well guys keep serving them. And remember, service to others and emancipate humanity from the dungeon of self is Lord that's Manny God bless you brother, Samaritan's is a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better. What would you give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products.

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